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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Silent garden parking again
- Susan adams (5th Apr 2021 14:25:43)

Could the 3 houses at the top of silent garden road stop parking on the pavement. It is the same 3 houses all day and everyday.
Perhaps these people should consider others. Causing families with pushchairs to go in the road is dangerous.
There is plenty of visitors spaces that can be used around the estate.
It’s endless selfishness.

Re: Silent garden parking again
- M (5th Apr 2021 17:20:20)

I suggest you speak to the owners of the vehicles as posting on here is highly unlikely to have any affect.

Re: Silent garden parking again
- SG (6th Apr 2021 10:21:23)

The parking issues could have easily been avoided if the planning department and developers had had any sense or even rules. How a 4-bedroom house can be designed to have 1 parking space is just plain stupid. Simple adjustments to the layout at the top of Silent Gardens would have solved these problems. Hopefully someone will raise this with the developers/council so that they are forced to adjust this before the council takes over responsibility in a few years’ time.

Re: Silent garden parking again
- Jules (6th Apr 2021 11:34:48)

Expect this to be the first CPZ (controlled parking zone) in the village if you keep on about this.

Then expect the slippery slope to the whole area being controlled and all the park carparks being pay zones.

I wouldn't comment on this here.

Re: Silent garden parking again
- R (6th Apr 2021 11:53:55)

The council/developers failed to put give way signs at the junction into Silent Gardens and cars frequently turn right onto the Firs road without looking and generally think they have the right of way. An accident waiting to happen!

Re: Silent garden parking again
- er (6th Apr 2021 12:34:14)

Is Silent Garden a public road or a private development? Not sure but if it's private then there should be a managing company who you can speak to who run things, if not then it depends on the road markings whether council or police would be bothered! Also if it's council, it means anyone including commuters could park in the estate, for that reason I suspect it may be private.. In terms of not enough parking, get used to it, we all know large developments aim to squeeze as many homes into as small a space as possible for as much money as they can get, you can't expect much space for half a million or less, land is in short supply in southern England more than anywhere but Hong Kong etc, added to that the modern planning laws correctly frown upon individual car ownership which is selfish and unnecessary in 21st century rich country where our earnings are so high, parking space in these larger estates is correctly reduced to encourage the countless masses to walk, take the train or taxi, bus if really poor, we are all trying to save earth and need the majority to ditch their own cars in favour of communal transport, hence developers do not need to plan in wasteful and unnecessary car spaces in estates when we could have more homes, ditto gardens which are really wasteful undeveloped, potential housing plots, the poor need affordable homes in far greater numbers, what they actually don't need is gardens or cars, they have the Millennium Green, Radford Park or the rec for communal outdoor socialising, or hopefully will do soon, we are spoilt for outdoor space, we have a train station, we have a Sainsbury's, fast food vans come to us, ditto our flat screen TVs, our fashion wear, our dinner, our fags and booze, our pills there is really no excuse for most people still to be owning cars, latest planning in many forward thinking towns allows no parking in bigger developments, come on Hampshire, cars are not the future, we have everything we need in walking distance within our village, we don't need to travel, it should be a privilege not a right, to be earnt, let's build larger estates with no parking or gardens in Liphook and lead the way!.

Re: Silent garden parking again
- Jen (6th Apr 2021 12:40:52)

Unfortunately, modern housing developments tend to be very high density, with as many houses as possible crammed into the available space. The inevitable consequence is that space for car parking is given a low priority and the roads within the development are often ludicrously narrow, which sometimes leaves visitors with little option other than to park partially on the pavement in order to avoid blocking the road.

Re: Silent garden parking again
- Don (6th Apr 2021 13:03:06)

The original intention of the developers was to build just 40 - 50 large houses on this site similar to those in The Firs but the planners insisted on a 40% social housing mix and pretty much shackled the developer with what you now see.

Re: Silent garden parking again
- KT (7th Apr 2021 07:48:59)

'er', if you want people to read your reply, please use formatting. 'Wall of text' replies usually make most people (including me) avoid reading them.

Re: Silent garden parking again
- Jen (7th Apr 2021 09:33:29)

" Re: Silent garden parking again
- KT (7th Apr 2021 �07:48:59)

'er', if you want people to read your reply, please use formatting. 'Wall of text' replies usually make most people (including me) avoid reading them."

^^ I agree with you, KT! However, I forced myself to plough through er's post, as I suspected that I knew what it would say. I was right, it was giving the reasons why car parking spaces are not allocated in modern developments.

@Er, those reasons are all well and good, but only if there is a viable alternative means of transport. You can't effect the sorts of changes you advocate merely by reducing parking space - all that achieves is to move the problem elsewhere, with cars parked in other streets and/or on pavements.

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