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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Gwenda (2nd Apr 2021 †17:14:47)

One hundred years this month the Women's Institute held their first meeting in Liphook. This was only six years since the WI arrived in Britain and so Liphook was quite early on the scene. This first meeting was very well supported and this has been the case for the past hundred years. There will be celebrations during the year, beginning this month with the unveiling of a banner in Portsmouth Road. Covid regulations permitting further events are planned, including a coffee morning in the summer to which all are welcome to see what the WI is all about. Keep watching for further details.

- Dave (2nd Apr 2021 †18:38:16)

Without wanting to be provocative one could say that in this day and age there perhaps should no longer be a place in society for the WI? Gentlemen’s clubs and other similar institutions are now seen to be sexist and outdated and no longer relevant to an inclusive 21st century society , surely the same can be said in reverse? I have always found it odd that Scouts/Cubs welcome girls although boys are barred from Brownies and Guides! No doubt the WI have a proud history and have done a lot of good but clearly, no longer in its current form, should a gender based organisation be part of our society. Equality is a two way street

- Rachel Rabbit (2nd Apr 2021 †19:18:19)

Keep up the good work xxx

- AF (3rd Apr 2021 †10:55:22)


Why don't you try and join, they may let you in.

- Dave (3rd Apr 2021 †11:31:59)

AF, to be honest with you I am quite happy for the girls to have their own exclusive clubs provided they are happy for me to have my exclusive clubs like the good old days at Comrades! Problem is they want it both ways, be allowed in/join everywhere but women only when it suits them!

- Helen (3rd Apr 2021 †18:43:10)

There are still plenty of men only organisations.

- er (3rd Apr 2021 †20:35:46)

Really Helen? I would say tell us all what and where, but on second thoughts if there are some men's clubs they'd probably be subjected to a campaign by some women demanding to join who suddenly developed a keen interest in snooker or whatever, be called exclusive and discriminatory and be forced to cave in, completely the opposite view that society takes to women only groups!

- D (3rd Apr 2021 †22:53:35)

I agree with Dave, we had the Sex Discrimination Act to ensure fairness between men and women and then women moaned when their state pension age was bought in line with men. God knows why it took over thirty years to achieve.

- helen (3rd Apr 2021 †23:38:03)

Ok here are just a few without having done further research- Men 's Sheds, The Masons- who do not have mixed meetings, they have a Ladies night, where wives and partners are sometimes allowed, and some branches have a 'womens' section, but it is separate from the men's meetings. Some religions do not allow women into their services- the orthodox Jewish religion women are upstairs watching separately from behind a screen, the Muslim religion does not allow women into the mosque for a mixed service, there is a separate women's only service which takes place at a different time led by women. There are still private member's clubs in London which are men only.

- passfield resident (4th Apr 2021 †14:21:42)

Helen-you are probably wasting your time and energy arguing with some of the troglodytes who post on here.

- D (4th Apr 2021 †17:22:28)

Passfield resident, I think I make a very valid point. There is also the current dispute concerning female checkout staff who sit down all day campaigning to be on the same pay as their male warehouse colleagues who sweat buckets doing heavy manual labour all day. We must be realistic, it's a bit like an air hostess whining because she is not on the same pay as the pilot. I really don't think referring to people you don't agree with as "troglodytes" is going to achieve anything.

- Helen (4th Apr 2021 †20:36:16)

D, your point is invalid, as these days it takes 5 years training and probably a degree or equivalant to be a pilot, so no cabin crew( who are male and female) would think they deserve pay parity, the supermarket dispute is different because most checkout staff have to multitask and stack shelves and shift heavy pallets around etc, a lot of checkout staff are male anyway, and not all warehouse staff are men- you are way behind the times.

- passfield resident (4th Apr 2021 †20:55:07)

I don't think the sexist rubbish you spout will achieve anything, either.

- D (6th Apr 2021 †08:20:55)

Passfield Resident and Helen, I apologize if the issue of women having to work as long as men has caused any distress.

- Helen (6th Apr 2021 †09:03:29)

Women have always had an unpaid job if they are with a partner doing all the washing ironing cooking cleaning and childcare. This is these days in addition to a full time job. Then staying home in the evening if they also have no babysitter to join husband/partner in the pub. D if you, all your life have done 50 per cent of domestic chores then I apologise but I doubt you ever have. It was you who seemed to link the W I to state pension age, no one else.

- Peter (6th Apr 2021 †11:12:54)

Hello Gwenda

I was so interested to read your posting.

My late aunt was a member of the Liphook WI for many years, she also worked for a while at the Greengrocers near Lloyds Bank.

I only have very fond memories of going to some of your meetings as a small child, having been mostly brought up by my aunt, Everyone was so kind to me.

Ignore the negative comments, the W I to me is a little bit like the Shipping Forecast and The Archers, irreplaceable, and will always be one of the few good things I recall from my childhood.

- D (6th Apr 2021 †12:58:09)

Helen, my comments are only in support of Dave's opinion that equality should be a two way street, I used the updating of women's retirement age as an example of this. I did not in any way connect it with the Women's Institution. As for my comments about the pay difference dispute between mostly female checkout staff and mostly male warehouse staff, this is a current ongoing dispute concerning one of our major supermarkets. It is not a product of my "sexist drivel."

- Don (6th Apr 2021 †14:22:10)

Helen, you clearly need emancipation. I am a happily married middle aged man and in full time work but still do my own ironing, washing, do the dishes, help the kids with their homework and cook (albeit mostly at weekends). Likewise my wife cuts the lawn, cleans the cars and has been known to down a few pints with the lads and ladies down the pub. You have a very outdated set of attitudes and its time to stop playing the victim of male oppression!

- passfield resident (6th Apr 2021 †16:50:58)

D- nothing you could say on here could cause me distress.

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