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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Nice weather and Corona
- George (28th Feb 2021  15:30:41)

Lots of people out and about today enjoying the weather and meeting up with much missed friends and family! Glad this pandemic has gone away!

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Sue (28th Feb 2021  16:28:18)

If by 'gone away' you mean 'came here', then I could almost agree with you.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- AF (28th Feb 2021  16:51:10)

I can tell from your post that we should all be inside in a state of abject fear but we need to get some facts.
The virus spreads best inside and outside its difficult to catch it. The people who will suffer badly with this virus have mostly been vaccinated. And lastly remember for the vast majority of people its not dangerous.
So get out and enjoy yourself. Oh and by the way when offered get the jab.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Sam (28th Feb 2021  16:54:07)

Gone away? Asks the 2500 family’s that lost someone last week and the 2400 family’s that will lose someone next week in the UK.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Jules (1st Mar 2021  08:21:13)

I guess this thread didn't need to be started and I wish it would end.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (1st Mar 2021  10:34:34)

There were a lot of people gathering/mixing together over the weekend and I guess no-one wants the government to be given a reason for introducing another lockdown later in the year if we relax too soon so i think reminding people that the lockdown and associated restrictions are still in place for the common good is not unwanted. It is clear that in addition to the Gareths of our community who don't think the restrictions apply to them there are also a lot of people that are not sure what they can and cannot do at the moment. For example my neighbors thought it was okay to have a garden party for 9 of their friends and family yesterday!!

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James H (1st Mar 2021  11:42:09)

Don, the instructions are clear, we've had them for what 2 months now? The 'I didn't know' excuse is just that an excuse and not a valid reason.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (1st Mar 2021  12:20:59)

I agree James, but people are still confused, maybe out of stupidity, ignorance, weariness etc. The fact was (and is) that locally more people are mixing together! I'm guessing the original poster was being ironic!

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Sam (1st Mar 2021  17:54:50)

Underneath all the opinions exists a reason for it, for example the people whom are against lock down are normally;

- Suffering in the pocket because of it.
- Have no life outside the Pub.
- Think Facebook etc is a factual resource.
- Know more about science than the lead scientists of dozens of countries
- Read tabloids

Some of them discuss real impacts but fail to weigh those impacts against the deaths from the virus, i.e the children need to go to school excuse etc but generally they still fit into the above categories.

As for whom was out this weekend, I seen a lot of people out and sticking to the rules, bit of fresh air is good for everyone, this isn't over yet but its definitely getting better, we can thank those that understood and played by the rules for the success, and we can ignore those whom are refusing to play by the rules, their pubs will be open soon, they will be happy soon as well with a daily mail in one hand, and pint in the other and some hard facts from social media to discuss.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- gareth j rees (1st Mar 2021  19:13:15)

Don: The Gareth of this world has never advocated breaking the law.

Is Liphook Talkback sponsored by the Daily Mail?

It really should be. It shares all of it's values.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (2nd Mar 2021  09:09:16)

Gareth - to quote you from the 13th Feb "Evidentially I see no reason why children cannot be mixing, playing at the rec, seeing friends, having fun" - as was stated then, "because it is against the law!" (for a little bit longer)

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- gareth j rees (2nd Mar 2021  09:39:58)

Don: None of my posts advocate breaking the law.

I disagree at the high cost children, the young and young families pay to protect the old.

Now. I know it's confusing for a lot of the elderly Liphook Talkback posters. I know you get very muddled. I urge you to call your nurse. Ask her to make you a nice lime cordial. And go and play some online bingo.

You're bound to feel less confused later.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (2nd Mar 2021  11:32:33)

Gareth, you are like Trump with the Capitol riots. Stoke up the disobedience and then step back and deny responsibility. Fortunately the local population can see through your BS.

BTW you really need some counselling on your obsession with knocking the elderly. All being well with you, at some point you will find yourself in the same age group and will no doubt be amused at the immature rantings of some younger generations who have a go at the older ones

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Suse (2nd Mar 2021  11:41:12)

@ Gareth,

How derogatory of you.
Are you aware you are actively discriminating and are ageist?

Well you are now.

Get an education and type creatively within the law.

I am alarmed that the editors think it acceptable to post such messages.
Doesn’t say much for the folks of Liphook.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (2nd Mar 2021  14:05:50)

Suse, I don't think there is an offence of discrimination against age. Gareth is clearly a plank but with freedom of speech he does have the right to be a plank, as we have the right to tell him he is a plank! Not very nice or polite i know but the world we live in has rough edges so we have to toughen up, not get offended too easily and continue to debate

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (2nd Mar 2021  14:15:03)


age is a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010. More information can be found on the website.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (2nd Mar 2021  15:29:50)

James, so other than being a plank (which is not against the law) what "criminal" offence has Gareth committed. Some people need to "man up" (not used in a gender related way but in the traditional old school Oxford English defined way "demonstrate toughness or courage when faced with a difficult situation")

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (2nd Mar 2021  17:17:36)


I am not sure why you are directing that question to me.

I simply stated that age is a protected characteristic.

I suggest you contact a professional.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Joe (2nd Mar 2021  22:30:39)

I really cannot stomach such patronising comments on here. Being younger than middle or older age does not equal being more intelligent or better educated. Gareth has a problem with a certain age group, James thinks no one is as educated as he is. I think that if both of them saw other people as equals instead of inferiors they may become better human beings.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (3rd Mar 2021  08:08:16)

Joe, what exactly have I said on this thread that implies I am more intelligent than others?

Don didn't know if age was a protected characteristic, I simply let them know it is under the EA2010

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (3rd Mar 2021  09:43:20)

James, to make myself clear, there is no age discrimination offence being committed on this thread.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Joe (3rd Mar 2021  09:48:23)

It is patronising to assume Don does not know age is a protected characteristic. He is quite correct also in that unpleasant non specific comments on a website do not constitute a race hate crime which is enshrined in law. Being generally obnoxious about the elderly is not illegal.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (3rd Mar 2021  10:56:06)


You said:
Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (2nd Mar 2021 �14:05:50)

Suse, I don't think there is an offence of discrimination against age.

Which I replied there is and that more info can be found on the gov website.

I have said nothing about race or hate crimes. I simply informed Don that age is a protected characteristic. It is not patronising to say that. At no point have I said anything on this thread is illegal, so I am not sure what your point is.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Joe (3rd Mar 2021  11:40:04)

James sorry to sound patronising but there is only protection in law if discrimination is against ONE named individual. For example if an employer decided to sack a specified person for being too old. There is no law against generally nasty comments which are not targeting ONE individual. Think of all the mysogeny in the world. The onus is on that individual to prove they personally have been discriminated against. The only criminal law in place is for targeted race hate crime or targeted homophobic crime. General agism or making mysogenic comments are not a crime. The elderly of Liphook have suffered no loss by the comments, where as someone discriminated against has sufferred loss or injury.
If you have ever read Jeremy Clarkson or Richard Littlejohn or heard Piers Morgan they make these kinds of comments all the time.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (3rd Mar 2021  13:59:36)


When did I say general ageism is against the law? All I said was Age is a protected characteristic. You are looking into it too much. Don, did not know if age is a protected characteristic, like sex, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and more.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Don (3rd Mar 2021  14:58:31)

James, I think you have a problem with your perception of how others view you and your posts.

I suggest you contact a professional

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (3rd Mar 2021  17:42:00)


Given that I was trying to help you I do not understand why you are becoming rude and disrespectful towards me.

We will not be corresponding any more.
Have a good day.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Sam (4th Mar 2021  00:31:04)

I see James is back and getting a rise out of everyone as usual, googled opinion and law court innocence your honor, are you this pugnacious in person without access to the internet?

You probably want to change your name as no one on here forgets it, oh hold on, you probably use 5 different names as it is.

I have left you some grammer mistakes in my post for your reply as thats your style as well.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (4th Mar 2021  15:04:20)

Sam, you are a funny fellow.

I haven't googled any opinions it is a fact that age is covered by the EA2010.

And again with the personal attacks, that's your goto, isn't it Sam.

I have not used different names either. Why would I?

Lastly, I do not believe I have ever corrected someone's grammar on this site so I am not sure what your point is there.

Something I have realised with you Sam is that you like to personally attack people, so I won't take it personally.

Have a good evening.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Helen (6th Mar 2021  11:11:56)

James, I laughed out loud when I saw this word in a magazine, and thought of you, a new word for our vocabulary- Youngsplainer! Described you to a T ( a letter in the alphabet).

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Ian (6th Mar 2021  13:31:57)

Helen, I’m sure James will want to correct you as the proper terminology in youthsplaining!!! ;-)

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (6th Mar 2021  18:11:24)

Helen, I totally agree that word does describe me very well!

The example on the urban dictionary explains why...

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Sam (6th Mar 2021  21:04:16)

I was bang on about James requirement to google everything and that all his opinions are just robotic internet searches, Urban Dictionary is the first result for that word, James hasn’t seen it before, it’s just search n troll.

PS James, this site is littered with you personally attacking people, welcome on board mate.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- James (6th Mar 2021  22:58:01)

Sam, youthsplaining is not in the Oxford dictionary; as far as I am aware the only definition of it is on the urban dictionary as the other searches come up with cancel culture.

Can you respond to the questions on my previous message. In particular explaining your reasons for saying that I use numerous names on this site, a false allegation.

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Isn (6th Mar 2021  23:13:30)

From urban dictionary “youthsplaining the explanation of something by a youth, typically to a boomer, in a manner regarded as patronising or condescending” says it all really

Re: Nice weather and Corona
- Charlie (7th Mar 2021  11:30:34)

As in most threads on this board people have widely opposing views, which at times can lead to feisty discussions.

However there appears to be one area where many have found common ground, this being irritation at the mainly patronising comments from one know it all poster.

Well done young man for uniting the people of Liphook.

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