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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Sam (22nd Feb 2021  23:24:33)

Hello folks, I just wondered if anyone happens to know why the recycling area in Sainsbury’s carpark is not in use and whether this is a temporary thing? I meant to find someone to ask when I was in the shop today but I forgot! In the meantime do you know of anywhere else locally that one can take plastics such as yogurt pots, ice cream tubs etc that can’t go in our household recycling bins? Many thanks in advance.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Confused (23rd Feb 2021  10:41:01)

I thought there was only two refuse bins one for recycling black green for waste. The stuff you mentioned surly go’s in the recycling bin or if not in the rubbish bin.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- C (23rd Feb 2021  11:57:56)

The household recycling collection is for plastic bottles only, no other plastic should be put in the black recycling bin.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Editor (23rd Feb 2021  12:13:09)

Full details of what can go in recycling can be found here -'t%20go%20in%20your%20bins.pdf

More than just bottles, but no mention either way for yoghurt pots.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- MJR (23rd Feb 2021  12:57:32)

At the Sainsburys recycling area there are large skips that take glass bottles, cardboard, paper and plastics such as yoghurt containers, etc not allowed in the household wheelie bins.
I don't know why it is currently closed.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Sam (23rd Feb 2021  13:29:32)

You’re right C, they only want plastic bottles in our kerbside recycling bins. To Confused - no you can’t put yogurt pots etc in our recycling bins and I do not want to put them in the rubbish bin. On the recycling section on the main website there is a drop down list of items and it tells you how you can dispose of them. Sadly they don’t take yogurt pots etc as it’s something to do with the mixture of plastics so they suggest putting them in your rubbish bin. I hate throwing away plastic so luckily there is a receptacle in the Sainsbury’s recycling area that specifically takes yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, plastic food packaging etc so I collect those things separately and take them there. But now that seems to be out of order. I’m just trying to avoid single use plastics going to landfill or incineration, as should everyone.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Marge (23rd Feb 2021  17:38:33)

I have heard and read via other sources that they may be changing the people who collect it but have a period before the change over takes place so to avoid the bins being filled and no one taking responsibility to empty them, they have sealed it off for now.

As the notes on the barriers say they are 'sorry for the inconvenience'.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Dee Kellow (23rd Feb 2021  17:52:03)

l queried this on Friday with a member of staff as he was cordening it off. Sainsburys have changed contractor and the new one is not starting for 6. or 7 weeks. No idea where our nearest alternative is.
Put mine back in the garage for another time. Doe anyone still take the plastic milk bottle tops for a charity. ?

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Paul Robinson (23rd Feb 2021  19:30:36)

Please feel free to bring your plastic milk bottle tops to the Liphook Day Centre on Tuesdays between 10.00 am and 1.00 pm, We have a bucket dedicated to this collection

Thank you

Liphook day centre

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- ANNE HALL (23rd Feb 2021  20:53:16)

At Liphook Peak Day Centre they have started to collect clean green and blue milk bottle tops to help raise funds for the Air Ambulance details can be found on the Liphook Day Centre Facebook page.
At present the Centre is only open on Tuesday mornings from 11a.m;.-1p.m for the sale of eggs but am sure it is take them there at that time if you are able to.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Sam (23rd Feb 2021  22:46:10)

Thank you for the information Marge and Dee. Nice to know the facility is not disappearing for good and will hopefully be back before too long.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Jimmy (24th Feb 2021  07:10:14)

Do the day care centre still take empty cat food pouches

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Sue (26th Feb 2021  16:45:54)

We all want to do the right thing, our bit for the environment.
The waste products come with the manufacturer's label saying that the waste is recyclable.
Yet our local authority refuses to play game. For example, Liphook is not too rural for organic waste curb-side collection.
If it's recycled elsewhere and we pay our frequently upped local tax, then why so much recyclable waste is refused and sent for landfill?
Landfill is the worst option.
We suffer from a picky well-funded local authority and our NIMBY attitude towards recycling projects (i.e. incinerators and bio-reactors).
Please educate us.

Re: Sainsbury’s recycling area
- Penny Williamson (27th Feb 2021  11:27:37)

I understand that in Hampshire non recyclable waste is burnt to produce power and very little if any goes to landfill. In Surrey all non-recyclable waste goes to landfill. Here is a list of what can and cannot be recycled and the reasons why.

What can I recycle?
Yes please - newspapers, magazines, junk mail, computer paper, envelopes (including windowed envelopes), catalogues and directories, paper bags.

No thanks - shredded paper, gift wrap, plastic-coated (laminated) paper, paper towels, tissues and napkins, wallpaper.

Yes please - cereal packets, food boxes, greetings cards, kitchen and toilet roll holders, corrugated card.

No thanks - any plastic or foam packaging left inside cardboard boxes (please dispose of this in your green bin), pizza boxes (due to food debris).

Plastic bottles
Yes please - food and drink bottles (e.g. milk, cooking oil, squash and fizzy drinks), detergent bottles (e.g. washing up liquid, cleaning fluids, bleach and fabric softener), toiletries (e.g. shampoo, shower gel and liquid soap), bottle tops.

No thanks - bottles containing liquid, spray and pump dispensers.

Tins and cans
Yes please - food tins including pet food tins, drinks cans, sweet and biscuit tins.

No thanks - paint tins, partially full food/pet food tins or dirty tins, other metals or metal packaging.

Yes please - food e.g. cream and oil, deodorant, hairspray.

No thanks - lids, full or partially full aerosols.

Other things you can’t put in your recycling bin

Other plastic packaging - e.g. yogurt, margarine or ice cream tubs, carrier bags/bin liners, polystyrene, cellophane, food trays etc.
Cartons - e.g. fruit juice, soup and milk cartons, Tetrapak.
Domestic waste
Shredded paper
Gift wrap
Garden waste
Textiles - e.g. clothes, shoes, linen etc.
Glass Bottles or jars
Why can't I recycle plastic packaging?
Plastic pots, tubs and trays are made up of a wider variety of polymers – e.g. PS, PP, PET, PVC, and LDPE. This range of polymers cannot be successfully sorted in our Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) without investing significantly in new equipment, which at this stage would be too expensive.

Will you start taking different types of recycling?
What we can recycle as a council is specified to us by Hampshire County Council. Waste and recycling from East Hampshire go to facilities in Alton or Portsmouth (depending on where in the district it’s collected from). The material is sorted and sent to be recycled into new products.

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