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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Lockdown visitors to home
- With_Respect (10th Jan 2021  17:23:07)

I’m confused. Can anyone confirm how many people are in one bubble?

My neighbours across the road have one set of parents visit, so I thought they were their bubble. But yesterday a family of four plus today a separate family of two all came to visit for hours. All invited into their tiny one-room semi-detached house. Outside they all stand far within a 2 metre distance so not actually socially distanced. They are a family of four. Plus the visitors bring dogs, bicycles and scooters.

So, is it one person from another household per household? Or one person per person? E.g., 4 persons in one house get one visitor each so that’s 4 visitors?

Are my neighbors breaking the rules inviting 3 separate sets of people into their house or not?

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- James (10th Jan 2021  17:45:33)

Yes they are breaking the rules.

You can find the lockdown rules here:

You can report them on the Hampshire Constabulary website

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- Intensive Care (10th Jan 2021  18:53:13)

I work in intensive care.
It is beyond horrific what we are dealing with as an out fall from this sort of behaviour. We aren’t even seeing the consequence of jollities yet either. The staff are barely prepared for this on any level.

People like this have blood on their hands. They care so little about the knock on effects of their actions. Just call 101 please.

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- David (10th Jan 2021  19:52:38)

Intensive Care, thanks so much for what you're doing for others

I totally agree with you

Stay safe and strong you're a Legend

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- With_Respect (10th Jan 2021  19:54:02)

Many thanks James and Intensive Care for your confirmation. I did think they were being selfish and arrogant but put it down to my becoming old and grumpy.

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- James (10th Jan 2021  21:43:36)

No worries. has all the information you need, however it can be confusing so there is no problem in asking.

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- Paul (11th Jan 2021  09:36:24)

While out by myself yesterday for 1 hour of exercise - fully compliant - I saw so many walkers and families breaking the rules in the local area.

Around Tullecombe Woods there were plenty of people meeting from multiple families - arriving in 2 or more cars, clearly grandparents meeting with children and grandchildren. The NT Car Park at Durford Woods was full. Yes some people are following the rules, but it's clear many more are not.

At Rogate Bike Park (which is closed), there was an entire extended family (about 11 people?) again of grand parents, children, grand children and dogs having a picnic on the benches just off Rake Road and Bull Hill - without a care in the world.

As someone who also works directly on the front-line in the NHS I can tell you unless you see what's happening in wards, A&E, ICU you are insulated from the reality of Covid19. Even I personally hate the lockdown measures and get confused around the guidance, but one thing is clear - unless we all sort ourselves out by fully abiding by the social distancing rules - and take up a vaccine when offered - we won't be getting out of this anytime soon. Every time another extended family meets up like this - because 'they are careful' or 'I won't catch it' or 'its a scamdemic' you are basically ensuring the rest of us are staying in lockdown even longer.

Stay safe.

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- Penny Williamson (11th Jan 2021  09:58:36)

With _Respect No you are not being old and grumpy. As Intensive Care said – these people do indeed have blood on their hands. Professor Chris Whitty was talking this morning on Radio 4 and I have the utmost respect for this man as he talks with complete clarity and commonsense. One of the things he urged people to do was to take responsibility and unless it was absolutely necessary do not go out but Stay at Home. He went on to say that the people who do not adhere to the Guidelines and the Guidelines now could not be much clearer, are the ones responsible for spreading of the virus which has now spiralled out of control. People are only too quick to blame the Government, Scientists, anyone but themselves and this was clearly demonstrated in With _Respect’s post when she/he described the behaviour of one of her neighbours. The virus is highly contagious now even more so and is spread by human contact which is much more likely to spread indoors. Even outdoors social distancing must be adhered to and contact with other humans should be very limited. What is it about this advice that people do not understand or worse still, if they understand choose to ignore it. Thank you NHS and Intensive Care Staff for all you are doing against almost impossible odds.

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- jenny duval (12th Jan 2021  14:45:44)

how people can disrespect the amazing work ALL hospital staff are doing leaves me totally speechless - they should spend a day on a Covid ward.........

Re: Lockdown visitors to home
- Intensive Care (14th Jan 2021  13:43:47)

If you have any disbeliever acquaintances I can easily facilitate a visit I reckon!

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