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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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New food van in Liphook
- Dave (9th Jan 2021 22:20:40)

Just have the privilege of tasting the new Bring and Braai South African Wood Fired Braai (Barbecue) food from their van that will be in Liphook on Fridays. Food was great and the service was pleasant and friendly. There gonna be in Liphook Fridays in the lay-by next to the A3 exit. Food was well cooked and delicious plus they have a kids menu! Reasonably priced and all served in non plastic boxes so you can feel good about your Friday night treat and the environment! Well worth a visit and sample I would say, nice treat on a lockdown Friday evening :)

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Concerned (10th Jan 2021 11:44:49)

Do we really. Need another food van. We have 10 takeaways in the village all struggling to survive. These vans don’t pay rent or rates and they take away customers from our. struggling shops. The Kebab van in the lay-by there 24/7 not included in the 10 pays no rent or rates . I can understand food. Vans in lay-bys on main roads but not in a village where shops struggle.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Dave (12th Jan 2021 15:17:23)

I went last week getting a bit tired of the expensive pizza. This new van is finger licking good :)

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Sue (12th Jan 2021 16:34:47)

Laybys are for motorists passing through the stretch of road. They don't come for free and any lack of them would mean even more dangerous roads.
There are available business premises in the village.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Concerned (12th Jan 2021 17:22:01)

Sorry Dave I’m not a. fan of Pizzas either. But you do have 9 other takeaways to choose from. Sue spot on lay-bys are for parking to shop or rest in as said ok on main roads for rest periods but NOT in a village. The KEBAB van takes up two parking spots 24/7 so not only taking away trade from shops that pay rent and rates but also parking spaces where people could park to use the shops. If we want to keep the shops that we have we must use them or lose them. I’m all for traders in the right place markets main road lay-bys outdoor functions ect but not taking away trade from business that pay very high rents rates it is just not fair. If they want to trade in the village there are premises available.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- James (12th Jan 2021 19:02:04)


Liphook has numerous car parks that are very rarely at maximum capacity.

I do not see any harm with this food van, it promotes competition and it is only here on Friday's.

As for the Kebab Van, it is taxed and has been here for about 7 years, I strongly doubt it is going anywhere soon.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Helen (13th Jan 2021 09:41:08)

Seems to be there only on a Friday so not competition full time. The virus is so virulent at present that I would not queue up for any take away food. It is a further way to spread the virus standing in a queue.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Concern (13th Jan 2021 11:17:49)

James it’s the principle of trading in a lay-by in the village. If other traders decide to decamp to lay-bys to save money which they are quite with in their rights to do we would have empty premises and full lay-bys.

Not a problem you say I suppose it’s not but not quite what the village wants. You say he’s been there 7 years if other traders put vans in that lay-by and filled it up what is the point of having a lay-by.

Yes it’s very difficult to run a business from a premise with all the over heads that is some of the problem I think it’s time there was a big overhaul of rent and rates for commercial premises. The KEBAB van is taking advantage of a loophole if all traders did the same it would be a total mess.

As for car parks in normal times they are all pretty full with all the commuters parking all over the place which again restricts shoppers.

James if you haven’t run a business you have a lot to learn best of luck.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Sue (13th Jan 2021 13:34:28)

Takeaway vans in laybys are p****. They look naff (and a poorly regulated hygiene-wise food provider), plenty of that in Bordon. Bordon is best at being a Bordon, no competition. What is the point of having a Liphook if you want takeaway vans in laybys?

The parking situation in the village is dreadful! People get unpleasant, violent, asbo etc' over parking in Liphook. No wonder why business premises struggle...

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Paul (13th Jan 2021 14:37:09)

Where is this food van? If it’s parked where the pizza van parks this is not a Lay-by it’s a public road. These people will need a license to operate so best check with East Hampshire County Council if you haves any concerns.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Sam (13th Jan 2021 22:47:21)

I LOVE the takeway vans, they are obviously all licenced and all are legal to do what they are doing in public, its about time we get more of them to add some variety to the same old same old boring selection we have!

The pizza van has a real wood fire and looks amazing, far better than some of the interiors of some of our inbuilding takeaways some of which havent been decorated in years!

Close the boring takeaways in buildings and bring us a new lovely van each night!! yumBO :)

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Observed (14th Jan 2021 09:52:11)

Just a thought with all these takeaways and food vans is it no wonder the nation is obese. What has happened to cooking a proper meal so much time on people’s hands at the moment a good time to start cooking again. It seems people have got lazy gone are the days of children coming home to a lovely cooked meal. Cottage Pie with lots of vegetables. With all the modern cooking aids such as slow cookers it makes cooking much easier. Some children don’t know what vegetables are such a shame. We need to get back to good old English food best in the world.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- joe (14th Jan 2021 10:14:31)

Children have more money for themselves these days, that is why we see them buying crisps, snack bars and fizzy drinks for themselves in the supermarket. If you want a healthy cuisine then look to the Mediterranean traditional diet, or the traditional Japanese, diet, not one of stodgy steamed treacle puddings, or fish and chips. Vegetables are good though in whichever cuisine!

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Observed (14th Jan 2021 11:07:40)

English cuisine every time. Went to France couple years ago the worst food I have ever had offal and pizzas terrible. Did you see any obese people just after the war no. Mum cooked great meals with what she could lay her hands on. Yes that included meat of some sort don’t ask. But we weren’t fat.

Yes Mediterranean is good but you need to have a mix ENGLISH food is good cooked the correct way. Watched a programme the other night a young person didn’t no what a turnip was or a swede posh name for a turnip says it all.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- joe (14th Jan 2021 12:34:47)

ok Pizzas are not a traditional Mediterranean diet. It is basically melted cheese on dough which is all cheese on toast is. The reason we are more obese now is not good/bad diet totally, it is that everyone drives Everywhere, there is no rationing, I did not have my own car until I had left home well into my twenties, I walked or ran to catch a bus. Children and adults are more sedentary everywhere.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Donald (14th Jan 2021 13:11:24)

Pizza is not Mediterranean!?
I feel pity for people who eat the very VERY poor type of "pizza" that can be likened to "cheese & dough" like "cheese on toast". That's not a pizza.

I urge those people to pay for a good pizza such as Guido's. A good pizza costs. If it comes out of a van and it's very cheap, well, that's all that it is.

And yes, poor health is much about the physical exercise, not just about the diet.

We all pay ££££ via the NHS etc for other peoples' bad health choices. We have the right to express our objections.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Joe (14th Jan 2021 15:12:43)

Donald having looked it up on wikipedia the origins of Pizza are supposed to have been the flatbreads of the middle East to which Roman soldiers added their own toppings when they returned home to italy. The taste of anything good is enhanced
by superior ingredients so I look forward to eating at Guido's!

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Starvin Marvin (14th Jan 2021 17:56:47)


Seems to me like you had some nice food and recommended it. And then all hell broke loose.

I knew about the pizza van (very good), but not the Friday night one. Looks like they are a legit quality operation

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I’ll give it a try, nice to have different options

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Donald (14th Jan 2021 18:35:30)

Yes Joe/joe,
We are aware of flat bread origins in the middle east (which is also a Mediterranean region). We can trace strands of all things to an earlier origin elsewhere. Example: We talk about Britain as the origin of the Steam Power in the past millennium, that doesn't clash with knowing the ancient Greeks were dabbling in steam-powered systems.
Same goes to what we call Pizza and Pasta. They have ancient strands elsewhere, but they are very much Italian things, an Italian development if you wish.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- David (14th Jan 2021 22:12:06)


Who wants posh cheese on toast with a few herbs, the odd expensive mushroom and "waffer thin" ham, oohh but its stone baked so add a tenner to the price.

Not me, large Cod and Chips loads of salt and vinegar a big dollop of Heinz and a strong brew.

But each to their own, the world would be grey if we were all the same.

Stay safe and keep your distance queueing in the rain for your posh cheese on toast

Re: New food van in Liphook
- James (15th Jan 2021 10:17:49)

Thanks for the heads up I will be keeping a lookout later when I drive past this evening. Will be fascinating to all the overweight unhealthy eaters of Liphook who can’t cook :)

Re: New food van in Liphook
- W (15th Jan 2021 12:16:21)

James, well done for generalising everyone at the van is an unhealthy eater.
Maybe they just fancied a treat once in a while, maybe they have been healthy and exercising at home. Nothing wrong with a pizza or other fast food every once in a while.
Maybe best if you keep your opinions to yourself!

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Joe (15th Jan 2021 13:27:10)

Dave I will get shot down in flames but fish and chips was an eastern european dish bought over to this country by jewish refugees fleeing from Russian persecution.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Donald (15th Jan 2021 15:00:33)

Hi again Joe.
Fish & chips originated in Spain, brought to London by Spanish Jews, distributed to the rest of the UK by Italians. No doubt the dish had been altered every time it changed hands.

W: Generalisations are (all) essential for any conversation.
They need to be dished and received with some sense and sensibility. Seem you've missed out on that.
You're all the same! We (all) know that there will (always) be exceptions to all rules... with exceptions to this rule too.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- W (15th Jan 2021 16:10:39)

Gordon, thanks for the correction, I’m always happy to learn.
The point I was really making was there is no harm in fast food in moderation and in reply to the post from James it was unfair to say that everyone there is overweight.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- David (15th Jan 2021 16:38:38)


Thanks for the education.

I didn't know where fish and chips originated, I know chips come from spuds and fish comes from the sea.

I do know its FISH & CHIP FRIDAY whoop whoop, kettles on and heinz is ready.

Have a great evening/weekend eating whatever you like and stay safe everyone.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Lu (17th Jan 2021 12:12:02)

Im down for this and somthing new, yes we have alot of takeaways but most are duplicates of the same thing. Best of luck to the new van ill pop by and give it a go.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Interesting (17th Jan 2021 15:53:29)

Just thought I’d have a count up. 2 fish chip . 3 Chinese. 1 Thai . 2 Indian. 1 pizza. 2 coffee shops variety of food. 4 food vans . Close by the Spread eagle Liss full pub menu delivered to liphook Sunday roast as well. We really are spoiled in liphook for a village/small town. My opinion only I think 4 food vans is a bit much especially as one is permanent.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Richard (17th Jan 2021 16:55:52)

Fish and chips is a hot dish consisting of fried fish in batter, served with chips.

The dish originated in England, where these two components had been introduced from separate immigrant cultures

it is not known who created the culinary fusion that became the emblematic British meal

So Fish 'N' Chips is British.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Joe (17th Jan 2021 17:08:51)

I understand those cafe owners being fed up about more competition but if the food vans did not make any money they would soon disappear. I knew about the Pizza Van kebab van and now South African what is the 4th?

Re: New food van in Liphook
- LGR (17th Jan 2021 17:18:51)

No need to complain about a bit of variety..
The food at Bring and Braai was amazing.

Re: New food van in Liphook
- Interesting (17th Jan 2021 17:34:35)

Joe the van that comes to the working mans club roasts I think.

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