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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Julie (7th Jan 2021 13:41:42)

I have asked Sainsbury’s THREE times to provide sanitiser on the exit - and this morning they still hadn’t done so.
With 1 in 50 of us now having Covid, the chances are that someone already shopping in Sainsbury’s will have it.
Sometimes, even using self checkouts you have to use the keypad or touch the screen, and Sainsbury’s don’t sanitise these after each customer.
Therefore, they should provide customers with a hand sanitiser station on exit.
This morning I used the sanitiser in the entrance and said to the assistant that it needed a refill, she replied “Oh no it’s fine, you just have to press it in a certain way for the sanisitiser to work properly!” ???
Sainsbury’s are happy to take our money - they should demonstrate a proper duty of care to their customers and staff. It’s not good enough - please add your voice to mine.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Charlie (7th Jan 2021 14:41:42)

Or if you are that concerned you could carry your own sanitiser with you. Pocket sized bottles are available.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Anon (7th Jan 2021 14:50:33)

I must admit I think that cleaning your hands immediately after leaving a shop is just as important as when you go in and have noticed very few places allow for this.

I generally take my own everywhere, but it would be handy, if only to remind people, if more places had it on the way out.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Julie (7th Jan 2021 15:30:39)

I do - but I shouldn’t have to.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- 79year Old (7th Jan 2021 16:19:47)

For goodness sake take control of your own life’s. Don’t expect someone else to wipe your B??? Stop blaming everyone else. Every one are having a bad time especially business so we must all pull together.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Joe (7th Jan 2021 16:45:47)

I think you should just shop online or click or collect then you have no need to worry about hand sanitiser. Or, do what I do and shop where it suits you better. I imagine you have a car.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Paul Robinson (7th Jan 2021 17:32:05)

I am not what you would call a regular shopper at Sainsbury's but I always use the sanitizer at the special station in the foyer before entering the store.

And, if I need to, I use the sanitising spray and a couple of sheets of paper towel to wipe the basket or trolley handle.

What's the problem?

Paul Robinson

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Sue (7th Jan 2021 19:48:07)

A supermarket is a self-service shop, the customer must touch many different surfaces in-store. Their hands might have picked up bugs in the process. Returning to the private car/home would mean using the same hands to touch private surfaces like keys, door and handles, they could spread the bug in their own property before they can sanitise.
The sensible and helpful system is hand sanitising at entrance and at exit of the shop, before the customer had to touch private surfaces.
It's quite simple really:
There are shops who'd be courteous enough to supply sanitation upon exit and entrance.
Other shops do the very bare minimum.
Sainsburys Liphook does the very bare legal minimum, and even that only after a fashion. The sanitation facility is inappropriate, battered and creating a bottle-neck old-up. They could up their game sanitising more than one shopper at a time and build a sturdier better facilities. They could, but...

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Joe (7th Jan 2021 20:44:17)

What about disposable gloves take a pair with you like the masks? The other option is home deliveries.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- V (7th Jan 2021 21:05:33)

You have choices.

Carry on shopping at sainsbury's, bring your own sanitiser, shop elsewhere, send someone else there to do the shop. shop online, ask someone to shop online for you, grow your own food.

You control your own destiny... grow wings and fly high... or stay, do nothing but moan.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- R (7th Jan 2021 22:59:34)

Well said V to much moaning going on.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- James (7th Jan 2021 23:16:52)

For one simple and fair comment this is getting a lot of negative comments.

Sainsburys has suffered no loss from this pandemic at all, I do not see how having another hand sanitiser station at the exit is unreasonable not to mention it will stop single use plastics being thrown away, in the long term saving you money and helping the climate and pollution.

Online slots should also be prioritised for people who are shielding, if you are able to go to the shop you should try to if it's safe.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Peter (8th Jan 2021 09:27:49)

Your money is already in the till just before you exit so they simply don’t care, spending a tiny amount on an exit station has probably been classified as waste and loss by some number cruncher thus it’s not done.

They don’t even want to provide or pay for the station on entry.. they are just doing so as it’s law.

It’s a business... it just wants your money

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- With_Respect (8th Jan 2021 20:28:16)

Always carry hand sanitizer, that way you’re covered.

My problem on Monday last was the person who had just shopped and then helpfully returned her ‘soiled’ trolley back to the sanitized ones.

And no one from Sainsbury’s was around to watch out for that sort of thing.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Jayne (9th Jan 2021 11:32:20)

On the few occasions I've had to venture into a supermarket lately - not only Sainsbury's incidentally - I've witnessed young kids running amok with no parent in sight let alone keeping them under control.

If you genuinely have no other option than to take your kids with you to a supermarket in lockdown then for goodness make sure they stay near you.

It's not an opportunity for a family trip out!! This virus is spreading like wildfire. Please act responsibly.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- C (9th Jan 2021 12:08:39)

I don't think Salisbury's are cleaning the trolleys are they, so not possible to mix clean and used ones. We need to clean the handles ourselves with the spray and paper towels at the entrance.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- With_Respect (9th Jan 2021 13:12:22)

Wow, thanks C. I didn’t know that. All the other supermarkets clean their trolleys.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Susie (9th Jan 2021 16:12:28)

No they don’t all clean their trollers or baskets for that matter.

You are provided with cleaning products at the store entrance,certainly in the case of Tesco,Aldi,Lidl and Sainsburys.

Not everyone does take the opportunity,in fact many people walk straight in,using their mobile phone and without any mask,never mind cleaning the basket.
Saw it yesterday in Haslemere at the Esso garage / shop.!

Clearly whoever thinks Sainsburys Liphook is the only shop not to bother doesn’t shop anywhere else!

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- (9th Jan 2021 17:19:06)

Excuse me people. But the trollies do get cleaned. And don’t get mixed up. As a member of staff I myself was out there the other day cleaning the them. Also another member collecting from various bays around the car park.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Daisy (9th Jan 2021 17:20:05)

Susie if you are so concerned about it what is stopping you from bringing your own hand sanitiser in with you for you to use after you have finished shopping. I always do.
What is wrong with having to clean your own basket or trolley?
If you are that concerned why dont you shop on line. People like you have obviously nothing better to do with your time.
What about the poor staff that have to deal with people like you, moaning. They have families, they have worked right through the lockdowns so that you can continue to shop. How about thinking of them instead of making everything about you.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Al (9th Jan 2021 19:09:09)

Long before any 1 heard of covid, I have always carried hand sanitiser in my bag and cleaned hands immediately when I came out the shop. Been doing it for years and years, after a infection control course. It's easy to take your own tbh. And when corona virus is gone, I hope people will continue to use hygiene rules. You never know where people's hands have been.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Susie (9th Jan 2021 19:41:46)


As you no nothing about me,when hurling personal insults,and making many judgements, all of which are incorrect.
FYI trolls are wide spread on here,this includes you.
How small minded of you.

Let me start;

I work shifts in a hospital and have done for many years
It’s very tiring,frustrating and challenging,and yes I get paid for my work,but not for the stress.
It’s impossible to get anybody to deliver unless you are already registered.
it’s people like you that make me sad and fed up.
You have no idea, and think it ok to lecture me.
People like you have caused this with an “I’m alright “attitude.

Get over yourself Daisy,and stay well !!

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- AF (9th Jan 2021 21:24:20)

Despite all the hysteria about COVID please remember the chance of being seriously ill or dying is very low only 0.5% of people die and with the treatments they have now that figure is probably lower.
I know we're in lockdown but the only reason is because the hospitals are getting busy, but most of the COVID patients in there will recover.
Also we do have the vaccine so within a few months this will all be over, but for goodness sake when offered take the vaccine.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Daisy (9th Jan 2021 21:45:41)

Susie let me assure you that as a key worker i too have
long shifts doing my job. I do understand how stressful things are. I have had friends who have been very poorly with covid 19.
But i cannot understand why you are demanding a second cleaning station at sainsburys.
Staff have been cleaning customers trollies and baskets
Keeping them seperate. They were doing this again this week.
What is the problem with you just bringing your own hand sanitiser in with you.
I have not seeen any other shops that have a second cleaning station at the exit.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Daisy (9th Jan 2021 21:54:18)

Whoops my apologies to you susie i have just realised that i was supposed to be replying to julie the original author of this post.
My mistake for using the wrong name. Again i apologise i certainly did not mean to come across as being a troll.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Joe (9th Jan 2021 22:48:46)

The reported figure of 80 thousand deaths from covid is incorrect then is it? We will not all be vaccinated any time soon either and it is so far only the 50 and over who are down to be vaccinated. It is unlikely they will have enough vaccines or enough staff to do the vaccinations. The vaccinations do not mean you will not catch it, only that it is unlikely to be serious.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- er (10th Jan 2021 01:31:08)

The idea that supermarkets shouldn't bother providing hand sanitiser on exit because everyone can be expected to bring their own with them is a recipe for disaster, it's about as naïve as saying we shouldn't lock our doors because nobody should steal. Supermarkets are doing well in these appalling times, they should go way over and above to protect their customers and society as a whole. Sure they're doing a lot already but I'm specifically explaining why the sanitisers on exit should be provided, this is not a time for relying on everybody's great individual foresight and planning solutions on an ad hoc basis in the real world we live in, get real, it matters not whether everyone should have always gone everywhere with hand sanitiser, it matters only that not everyone will!

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Mark (11th Jan 2021 14:23:55)

Go to Tesco.

Hand sanitizer after self serve checkouts provided. Good monitoring on entry too by staff posted at entrance.

Much better offers too than Sainsburys,just saying!

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- David (11th Jan 2021 17:05:26)

I think the Asst Manager at Sainsburys needs some education/advice regarding COVID 2 metre distancing and general gentlemanly behaviour.

He clearly didn't care about either as he barged past my wife earlier today, as a manager surely he's meant to be an example to staff.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- joe (11th Jan 2021 17:22:43)

It is not just indoors that people do not give 6 ft clearance, when out for a walk they will not even move over on a narrow footpath hog the middle and expect me to walk past almost touching them. Please be more aware everywhere of the space required.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Sam (11th Jan 2021 20:17:49)

Morrisons will bar customers who refuse to wear face coverings from its shops amid rising coronavirus infections. From Monday, shoppers who refuse to wear face masks offered by staff will not be allowed inside, unless they are medically exempt.Vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi said the government is "concerned" shops are not enforcing rules strictly enough.

So its coming, it will become Law and then all the van loads of zero mask bravehearts* wont be allowed into the shops.

*Nearly every workvan is the same, so weak as indivduals they dont want to look like a chicken in front of their mates so all of them dont wear masks together, seen it a dozen times now, surely all 5 builders in one van arent all medically exempt?

Its always the same toughguys everytime, wont be so tough when they are cryin at their relatives graves

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- James (11th Jan 2021 21:17:15)

I see in the news Sainsbury’s will finally enforce mask wearing. About time! I have seen the same young couple twice now wondering around the store without masks. If they are so medically vulnerable to justify not wearing masks maybe they should stay out busy supermarkets during a pandemic . Local IQ/ education at its finest I presume :)

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- paul (11th Jan 2021 22:29:04)

I support all Sainsbury's staff during the Pandemic restrictions since last March. They have worked tirelessly in-front of customers that may be Covid carrying. They smile, greet on entrance, and are a credit to themselves. They do a professional job, that we customers need. They don't get hand clapped, a medal, or possibly a pay rise, but in a pandemic they serve us very well indeed. Well done to you all!

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- er (11th Jan 2021 22:57:49)

James, shocked if you really think the exemption to masks is for medically vulnerable people who should stay out of the supermarket, when the law allows them to shop so they need to eat. The criteria for not wearing a mask is government sanctioned I would guess not based upon medical vulnerability but other reasons like mental health (I guess like claustrophobia) or asthma/ lung issues in fact I don't know the full criteria as I'm not one, but they are allowed by the rules to shop without a mask, like children (for whom it could be distressing) I think there are lanyards people can get from their GPs to wear and the staff will recognise these.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Penny Williamson (12th Jan 2021 14:59:05)

I think that if a person has a genuine reason for not wearing a mask then they should be exempt, but I also think that there are people who take advantage of this. I have not met anyone who actually likes wearing a mask, but there is no doubt masks do help and I wish they had been made mandatory sooner. We in this country are not used to wearing them whereas people in other countries such as Singapore and China have worn them for some time, before Covid-19. Singapore to date has had 58,929 infections, 58,517 recovered and 29 deaths. Even taking into account its relatively small population compared to the UK and other countries such as the USA, their handling of the pandemic and peoples’ compliance with the rules and guidelines demonstrates that Covid-19 can be controlled. Singapore experienced a spike in the number of new cases between April and June 2020. As a result, the government introduced "circuit breaker" measures to restrict movement and gatherings of people, as well as enforcing strict rules regarding mask-wearing and social distancing to which its citizens rigidly adhered and as a result daily life in Singapore is almost back to normal, with leisure activities such as dining out, shopping, and entertainment almost completely open to the public. This is in stark contrast to how some people have behaved in this country during the past year and are still doing so – illegal raves, congregating at beauty spots with absolutely no social distancing, parties, etc, etc. Now everyone is paying the price and blaming authorities and everyone else is no excuse – people must take responsibility for their own actions, show consideration for others and use their common sense. Paul, I agree wholeheartedly that the staff in Sainsburys have done and are still doing a great job. We the customers should give them a big THANK YOU.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Joe (12th Jan 2021 16:59:36)

I am sure if there is a genuine exemption there will have to be a way to prove it such as lanyards etc.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Penny Williamson (12th Jan 2021 17:42:08)

It appears that anyone can buy a lanyard - if so what would be the point? However please correct me if I am wrong.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Sam (15th Jan 2021 16:53:34)

News Today

New laws for shoppers and staff are to be introduced after "significant evidence" coronavirus is being spread in supermarkets, the first minister has said. Welsh Government's Covid briefing on Friday, Mr Drakeford said the Test, Trace, Protect scheme had shown there was "no doubt at all" transmission was taking place in supermarkets.

During lockdown... we are all getting it in the supermarket!

Has Sainsburys added a cleaning station on the exit yet? NO why its not the law and all they care about is your MONEY.

We are going to the supermarket and we cant even clean our hands after we have been inside!!! its a total disgrace! its just lip service to the law as opposed to the announcement they play over and over "Here at Sainsburys we are doing everything we can to help during the corona virus.... blah blah

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- (15th Jan 2021 21:54:35)


As it has been mentioned before, if you are that bloody worried about it take your own in with you. A lot of others do !!

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Donald (16th Jan 2021 06:48:01)

I agree with Sam, only with a lot less exclamation marks!!!!!!!

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- D (16th Jan 2021 08:37:11)

I have no problem with carrying a small bottle of hand gel and packet of antiseptic wipes. To ask Sainsbury's staff to clean your trolley when you've finished with it is as bad as expecting them to wipe your a*** after you've used their toilets. It's time we took the responsibility to do things for ourselves instead of expecting other people to.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Penny Williamson (16th Jan 2021 10:17:02)

I went to Sainsburys on Thursday. I chose to go late to avoid crowds so I went about 8pm and Sainsburys was practically empty, a few shoppers, staff and shelf stackers who are always very respectful. The shelves were very well stocked and no shortages of anything that I could see. I know that it is not always possible or convenient, especially for people who have young families, to shop so late, however it felt very comfortable. There is a sanitiser at the entrance and I carry my own sanitiser to use on exit. What is wrong with that and what is wrong with people? It's not onerous or difficult. I have to agree with D although I would not have put it quite like that. We have become a Nanny State where some people seem incapable of taking responsibility for themselves. It seems to me extraordinary that on one hand you have people complaining about no sanitisers at the exit of Sainsburys and at the other end of the scale some people blatantly ignoring all the guidelines. As to the comment "we are all getting it in the supermarket" that is a very questionable generalisation. I think the reason for the very high infection rate and sadly deaths at the moment is because of families and friends mixing at Christmas and the New Year and again ignoring guidelines.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Sanity (16th Jan 2021 10:55:53)

Yes D and Penny people have gone mad what would they say if Sainsbury’s decided to close the shop with all this stupid hassle going on. Take control of your own lives if you’re that paranoid then stay indoors and lock the doors you will probably die of boredom.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- D (16th Jan 2021 11:06:28)

I agree with Penny absolutely. My neighbours on both sides and opposite regularly have a constant stream of visitors/daughter's boyfriends/relatives/drinking pals they can't see in the pub/work colleagues, etc. One is in a job where he/she should definitely know better than to allow this. I'm not at all surprised infections are as high as they are. There is just no social responsibility these days. I personally think it has came about since it became illegal to smack your own children. Without that consequence of bad behaviour children for two generations now have grown up being able to push the boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour without fear of repercussions. We now see a generation of adults whining because they are evidently incapable of cleaning their own hands.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Mark (16th Jan 2021 12:30:18)

Go to Tesco @ Bordon,where they do provide sanitiser after the checkouts!

Much better service and managed very well.
Staff are well trained,polite and helpful.Managing the entrance and pleasant.
Offers are better and store well stocked.

As for J.S.forget it ! esp the Liphook branch just the same old same old.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- James (16th Jan 2021 12:55:59)


A majority of people do get it from supermarkets. PHE released the data, it is not a generalization it is a fact.

Supermarkets need to do more to protect their customers. guidance states that handwashing facilities (i.e hand sanister) should be available at the entrance, and provide reminders to use them on entrance AND EXIT, so Sainsbury's should have a hand sanitiser station on the exit for customers.

Providing hand sanitiser at the exit also stops the use of single-use hand gels helping the environment.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Pensioner (16th Jan 2021 14:38:13)

Just been to Sainsbury’s could not fault it. All the trolleys sanitised very helpful staff shelf’s full. I think we should think ourselves lucky having a supermarket in our village. I did my shopping with no problems self checkout loaded in my car home washed my hands had a cup of tea don’t no what all the fuss is about.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Penny Williamson (16th Jan 2021 15:54:59)

Latest Data from PHE. Please read the following particularly the last paragraph.
“Supermarkets are the most common places that people have visited in the days leading up to a positive coronavirus test reported to the Test and Trace app in England, new data suggests.
Public Health England (PHE) collated the data using the NHS Test and Trace app - meaning that the figures were based on members of the public who had the app and had tested positive for COVID-19.
PHE said the data did not prove where people were contracting coronavirus.”
So perhaps the answer is for people to limit their visits to supermarkets where it is possible, wear masks and social distance. Respect, consideration and commonsense.
Thank you Pensioner for your positive post. I am sure Sainsburys and their employees are very grateful for someone occasionally to thank them, instead of the constant flow of negative criticism.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Steve (16th Jan 2021 17:03:41)

Visited the store today and they have certainly improved their processes - security guard on door checking for mask use, and I saw the manager question a couple why they were shopping together before asking one of them to leave the store. That's exactly how it should be.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Joe (16th Jan 2021 21:05:11)


The lack of a sanitation area on the exit is called VALID criticism not negative criticism here, no one is having a go at staff. We are all saying the same thing.

The store doesn’t want Corona coming in, put it’s clear it doesn’t care if you pick it up and take it out with you.. as another user said it’s all about the money for Sainburys their help in this difficult time is not help, it’s reluctantly doing what the law tells them to do.

If it wasn’t law to provide hand sanitizer they wouldn’t, if it wasn’t law to provide security they wouldn’t, same for two meter markings.

It’s utterly logical to provide hand gel on exist as well as entry, that would show the organisation actually cares about something other than our wallets

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- James (16th Jan 2021 22:07:09)


It is logical that supermarkets are where people catch it. My reasons for this conclusion are as follows:

⚫Busy places, no/minimal social distancing and no one-way system - the aisles in Sainsbury's are very narrow (think of the biscuit aisle etc)
⚫No hand sanitiser on exit
⚫No hand sanitiser before self-checkout
⚫Most common places visit before a positive test
⚫No screen between checkouts and main path leading to queues on the path during peak times

Sainsbury's have suffered no loss from this pandemic, it is not unfair to demand proper safeguards to protect everyone from COVID.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- S (16th Jan 2021 22:52:00)

Oh come on Sainsbury's staff do their best they are helpful and they wear masks the shelves are full it's not there fault if shelves are not full it's a suppliers problem we are going through difficult times all of us
So give them a break go and shop somewhere else if you don't like
it. They do their best give them some support.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- D (17th Jan 2021 08:29:57)

I find it utterly disgusting that at a time when thousands of people are dying every day in our country from a terrible disease, there are people in Liphook bickering over the provision of something that costs only pence if you supply it yourself. It's a bit like refusing to help the crew of the Titanic lower the lifeboats because it's not your job.


Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Penny Williamson (17th Jan 2021 10:22:44)

Well said D and S. James you definitely should be ashamed of yourself. What part of PHE's statement do you not understand ie "PHE said the data did not prove where people were contracting coronavirus.”

I echo the statement that if you don't like Sainsburys go somewhere else and instead of blaming Sainsburys how about blaming all those people who have consistently ignored guidelines since the beginning of the pandemic, crowded beaches and beauty spots in the summer, raves, gambling parties and ordinary parties, weddings and protests that had to be disbanded by overstretched police all because they ignored the rules and don't forget household mixing which is still happening.

People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop expecting everyone else to do so. Joe I actually went into Tesco's today. No better run than Sainsburys except that it was much more crowded and yes there was sanitiser at the exit and guess what, I did not see anyone use it. Joe I suggest you shop there or take your own sanitiser if you go to Sainsburys and stop complaining. It really doesn't help.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Maccer (17th Jan 2021 12:45:03)

Bravo to Sainsbury's staff for reminding couples walking round the store together that they don't need to be joined at hip and to stick to the rules. What I can't stand is those couples who think they can flout the rules by walking round the store separately!! Surely one of you can stay at home!

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- James (17th Jan 2021 16:17:58)


Just because they can not prove where transmission is happening does not mean its not happening. I am not sure why I should be ashamed of myself for using common sense. I personally believe you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting someone who promotes child abuse.

Sainsbury's have done the minimum in terms of COVID measures to protect there staff and customers.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- Joe (17th Jan 2021 17:15:28)

Penny there are 2 Joes posting on here and I echo your sentiments that people ignoring the lockdown having illegal parties etc are spreading the virus far more
but I am sure transmission is everywhere including supermarkets. I hope that we do not make life difficult for staff they have a hard enough job at the moment.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- passfield resident (17th Jan 2021 18:22:11)

James-can you explain your reference to child abuse?

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- James (17th Jan 2021 18:39:52)

Passfield resident, I encourage you to look at D's posts not only on this thread but other threads too. D (who Penny supports) believes it is okay to hit children - that's child abuse.

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- D (17th Jan 2021 18:44:35)

People still not taking this seriously despite the horrid statistics. Just today two local mums and their kids along with friends decided to have a get together at the recreation ground to celebrate one of the kids birthday. Utterly shameless as they even put the pictures on Facebook! Tempted to name and shame them but won’t for the sake of the kids

Re: Sainsbury’s Lack of Covid Care!!
- steve (17th Jan 2021 20:07:26)

Reading this thread it might be assumed that Liphook in general and Sainsburys in particular is a hotspot for covid infections. In fact the latest statistics on the government's website show that with a current 7 day rolling average of 246 positive results per 100000 population, the Liphook area is well below the national average and also rather better than Haslemere West and Borden despite those areas having the supposed benefit of having a Tesco store!
What does this prove? Well absolutely nothing, just like all of the other posts.

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Liphook Tree Surgeons offer a full range of arboricultural services from planting right through to felling and stump grinding.

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Drainage and camera surveys

Liphook Carpet Warehouse - Station Road, GU30 7DR

Wills, LPAs & Probate Employment Law Dispute Resolution Company & Commercial Solicitors

D P M Leadwork Ltd provide a wide range of domestic and commercial lead roofing and roof tiling services in Liphook, Hampshire and surrounding areas.

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