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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Byways again
- Alan (5th Jan 2021 15:41:56)

If anyone knows the young lads who appear from a Gunns Farm direction on their dirt bikes, you could point out a few home truths to them. Riding across the fields - trespass. Riding on byways without tax or insurance - illegal. Riding on footpaths - illegal. Destroying ancient byway by riding straight down one bank and up the other from field to field - illegal. Disturbing wildlife on a byway (their crossing point is right between two active fox earths) - illegal.

One day they will be adults with their own kids. Wouldn't it be nice if the area was still here for the next generation to enjoy as it has been for hundreds of years? Just two boys are wrecking this byway for the many of us who use this, particularly in these stressful times of lockdown. Let's do something for our community and dissuade them.

Re: Byways again
- Geordie (20th Jan 2021 19:14:58)

Could Charlie the black dog have a word with his young master who 'walks' him across the fields by letting him run wild beside his dirt bike? Tell his master to stop crossing the BOAT on his bike and wrecking the area for everybody else. What a selfish person! Bad enough he's trespassing the fields, but why wreck the landscape? Ten yards down he could cross through the field openings. Have a word if you know him. Photos were taken whilst loading straw this afternoon.

Re: Byways again
- C (2nd Mar 2021 17:01:31)

Seen this not so young man several times recently. Riding through the woods on footpaths near the bomb pits then up the side of the large field before dipping down through the hedgerow into Muddy Lane.

First part of the number plate is Y148 - you know who you are!

Re: Byways again
- Jonjo (2nd Mar 2021 20:28:35)

Please report this to the police on 101. The more reports they get, the more policing we'll get. They are getting lots of reports for this area now

Re: Byways again
- Carole (13th Mar 2021 15:49:13)

What a lot of people don’t realise is that Highfield estate own a lot of the fields and woodlands around the Sussex border path, running from Hollycombe out towards the black fox pub.

The track at the hollycombe end starts as a byway but just past north lodge is down graded to restricted byway. Meaning no motorised vehicles except those with access to back gates or fields.

4x4s and motorbikes still regularly use the track ‘illegally’ as is the use of the so called bomb pits (highfield estate land). Unfortunately the many coming from way outside the area have now spoilt it for the few. Changes are afoot apparently.

Re: Byways again
- C (13th Mar 2021 16:52:00)

“Changes are afoot apparently.”

Let’s hope it’s soon. The footpaths through the woods are being damaged more and more by motorbikes, quad bikes and 4 x 4s.

Re: Byways again
- AF (14th Mar 2021 22:20:37)


I have no idea what these so called changes are, but perhaps the land owners will close of all access to stop the idiots, then you won't be able to use the land.

Re: Byways again
- G (15th Mar 2021 12:39:59)

If and when that happens AF, it will be very sad, but no-one should have a go at the landlord. The brain dead idiots on motorbikes and the thoughtless 4x4 pack are too arrogant to put two and two together to think the restriction might be anything to do with them, but what about the ridiculous amount of people still walking across the recently cultivated fields and climbing through the new fence off North Lane? Can you not see that the land has been prepared for sowing the new crop? You have absolutely no right to walk there, regardless of how many centuries your family might have been doing so. It is private! Sadly, the ignorant actions of the few have ruined it for the majority.

Re: Byways again
- er (15th Mar 2021 15:03:00)

Just a quick look at the E Hants Definitive Rights of way map and the track almost opposite Chiltley Lane is coloured brown (with double spaced green dots spaced evenly above and below), according to their own key, brown stands for byway open to all traffic, (not sure what the green dots denote though, but they aren't the bridleway or footpath keys), so I would be interested to know if the physical signs correspond with BOAT or Restricted Byway, not having been along there myself recently and in view of comments above.

I also have an Ordnance Survey Maps of the early 2000's and they both show this route to be a BOAT all the way along to Portsmouth Road.

If a route is designated BOAT on the county definitive map it is enshrined in law and cannot be changed or restricted by the landowner without permission.

On private land not designated a right of way it is up to the landlord what lawful acts they allow or permit or tolerate! They are then responsible for enforcing by proper signs, fencing, legal action etc if they want to deter trespassers as much as the law allows them to, obviously with being a landowner comes private rights, but nothing must interfere with the public right of way on a BOAT or other Right of Way, this includes the rightful unfettered passage of all licenced motor vehicles to lawfully use a BOAT as a quiet road for passage, but the same as on a road this would not include anything you couldn't do on a road, so no hanging about carrying out sports driving, in fact on a BOAT motorised vehicles have full right of passage but must give extra consideration or give way to walkers, bikes and horses as these are quiet lanes. Hope this helps all, happy walking, riding or driving, it's about having fun, give and take and mutual respect!

Re: Byways again
- James (15th Mar 2021 15:29:20)

Probably best to go and look for yourself 'er' rather than quote theory. The area in question is 2 private fields, private woodland. 2 BOATS, a footpath and a Restricted Byway so all sorts of rules applying

Re: Byways again
- Carole (16th Mar 2021 12:59:50)

G, you are correct,the muddy lane opposite chiltley lane is a byway and goes out to wheatsheaf common nearly opposite the Links. It does not proceed to the Sussex border path which was down graded to restricted not public byway long time ago. The land that the motorbikes and 4 by4s are using and wrecking belongs to Highfield School estate. The fields also belong to the estate. Any concerns,etc ring Highfield school estates office, very helpful.

Re: Byways again
- C (6th Apr 2021 13:08:53)

Two middle aged men seen over the Easter weekend unloading dirt bikes near the driveway to North Lodge Farm from a trailer behind a silver BMW. If anyone knows the owner of YL18 .... , please remind them they cannot ride in this area.

Re: Byways again
- james (6th Apr 2021 14:09:51)

What a pointless post C. Did you report this?

Re: Byways again
- Carole (6th Apr 2021 14:16:26)

If you have the registration of vehicle please report to the police or phone no into highfield estate office. Both are aware of the problem in this area so all reports are logged.
Just past North lodge the track changed to Restricted byway, so NO motorised vehicles other than those who have access rights

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