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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Lazy lizard
- Edward (3rd Jan 2021  13:18:52)

I would like lto think people are taking the whole COVID 19 serious but I have seen lack off social distancing the the tea rooms. I have also seen lack of not mixing households with the people tho run the shop and customers. I am very disappointed to see this happening.

Please stay safe everyone


Re: Lazy lizard
- Confused (3rd Jan 2021  16:15:46)

Very confused as a costumer all I have seen is a very high standard of commitment in following the rules. The only people standing together are family’s I think they are doing a wonderful job in serving the community.

Re: Lazy lizard
- Edward (3rd Jan 2021  17:24:40)

Don’t get me wrong they do help the community. First lockdown they was great but think the whole virus isn’t being taken seriously,.
I’m not sure how many “family” members there are but in the tea rooms I see other local business man in there who isn’t a family member not only in the store but without a face covering.

Re: Lazy lizard
- Keith Thomas (3rd Jan 2021  17:46:48)

The Lazy Lizard have gone above and beyond during this crisis, and have also provided great community support.
Obviously the OP must have based their comments on something, but I frequent Lazy Lizard often and have never seen anything but full commitment to the Government guidelines.

Re: Lazy lizard
- MR (3rd Jan 2021  19:04:27)

I don't think that you have to be a family member or related to work in a workplace!! You're allowed to work with anyone.

It's also really difficult to decide that people that are mixing together and visiting the cafe aren't allowed to - there are so many bubbles.

I agree with Keith - the Lazy Lizard have been absolutely amazing and their community spirit and care of people during Covid has been incredible.

I'm sure if you talked to them, Edward, of your worries they'd be happy to set the record straight...

Re: Lazy lizard
- Russ Ellis (3rd Jan 2021  20:21:24)

Totally agree with Keith and confused they have gone the extra mile for the community. If the op had some problems he should have taken them up with the proprietor who I am sure would be only to pleased to sort it out. Hope this doesn’t stop them doing such a wonderful job.

Re: Lazy lizard
- David (5th Jan 2021  00:38:17)

Hi Edward

I'm not sure what you have seen or when you have seen it.
as the owner of the lazy lizard I can assure we as a small family run business we are doing what the rules are asking us to do.
we have to wear masks when customers are in the shop but when on our own we don't have to but 99% of the time we have them on all day, yes all day even when in the hot kitchen working away cooking food for our loyal happy customers.
I'm not sure who this other business man that you have seen in the shop without a mask on but we cant make people wear a mask but if you come into the shop we always ask you to put one on, as you would know some people are exempt.

As for classing us as supper spreaders I'm horrified how you can say this , we have gone above and beyond to help stop the spread of covid to the point we put our own self's at risk to give the good people of liphook a small amount of normality in this strange times.
I gave up my Christmas day with my children because my youngest daughter that lives with her mother had just recovered from covid but she was still waiting for a negative result just so I knew I wouldn't get it and pass it on, but its ok because when this all ends I can have my Christmas day when we can get together again. This would have been the first time myself and my daughter could have spent the day together for months because she is a carer and has full commitment to her job and was devastated she had covid in the first mother is currently on a covid ward in hospital after getting it in hospital after having a stroke. We have had this to worry about over Christmas as well. I would like to say luckily she is ok but she is still on the covid ward and not out of the woods yet.

you have absolutely no idea what I have given up to keep some normality and keep my business open for all to enjoy since last march.

I spent 3 months shopping for people that where told to stay at home and couldn't go out also delivering meals on wheels to people in need and not for profit in was done at a loss but to help some in need of that little people contact. I stopped this partly because we only had a few people needing it because they where more confident to go out and shop for themselves but mainly because I found one of the lady's I took Sunday lunch to dead on her bedroom floor, this was a very difficult day and week ahead for me.

so many business are failing because of this pandemic are we are all trying our best to keep afloat and you come on to this site to make slanderous comments that can be so damaging to small business like myself without even popping into the shop to voice your concerns.
it was 2 days before Christmas we had Jeremy hunt in our shop having some lunch which he spent over an hour there having food drinks and a chat , I'm sure if we weren't complying to the rules he would have been the first to head for the door calling ehdc and getting us fined.

All I ask is think before you do damage to someone's business.

I would like to thank all that have come a defended us with your positive comments THANK YOU. happy new year and stay safe.

we are always happy to help if you have a problem with anything you think we are doing wrong, just pop into the shop and say.

many thanks David.

Re: Lazy lizard
- Keith Thomas (5th Jan 2021  09:07:14)

So Edward,

On the basis of David’s heartfelt reply, I think you owe him and Lazy Lizard an apology. Our small village is defined by its amazing community spirit and we desperately need businesses like David’s who go above and beyond to do their bit towards it.
Your hollow accusations which you made no attempt at validating are bad enough but to tag them as “superspreaders” is completely out of order.

We all wait to hear your response.

And David, don’t let this ridiculous post do anything to hinder the amazing job you do. We are all behind you!

Re: Lazy lizard
- Russ Ellis (5th Jan 2021  11:40:50)

Totally agree Kieth take no notice David. Edward do as Kieth says be a man and. go in and have a chat with David that is what you should have done in the first place. We have such a wonderful community in Liphook don’t let’s spoil it.

Re: Lazy lizard
- Suze (5th Jan 2021  11:49:59)


Worrying that seem to be serving in your cafe 2 days before Xmas,as you state,

We were in Tier 3 at that time,.......,and all cafes were open as takeaway only,or delivery.

Stating that Jeremy Hunt was in your cafe for over an hour is hugely irresponsible and illegal.

What were you doing opening,for dine in ?

and so much COVID in your family.?

Poor practice and illegal practice,no wonder the country’s in lockdown!

Re: Lazy lizard
- HJ (5th Jan 2021  11:59:26)

Well, well Edward I think it’s clear what kind of person you are, slandering innocent businesses who have given up everything to protect against a virus with a 99.6% survival rate - if you don’t like it and can’t support hard working people doing everything they can, then stay in your house for the foreseeable.

The lazy lizard I’m sure have gone above and beyond to ensure safety - they cannot control what people chose to do in terms of saying whether they are from the same household or not. I personally think the whole situation is over exaggerated and do as I please, when the government pay my bills then they can tell me who I can and can’t have in my own house.

All the best, HJ

Re: Lazy lizard
- Mark (5th Jan 2021  12:50:04)


Well the Government just told you what to do yesterday.

& Yes it includes you !.....&.people are watching

Why should we all follow the rules and standby when people like you display such an arrogant attitude,I will not hesitate to report anyone I see breaking the rules.

Deal with it.

Re: Lazy lizard
- David (5th Jan 2021  13:05:38)

Hi suzie.

In response to your comments. Not sure if you live in liphook but we didn't go into teir 4 until boxing day and was still in teir 2 until then. So nothing done wrong there, all above board and legitimate.

As for suggesting theres been a lot of spreading covid, I've not had contact with my mother for almost 1 year and I did say she got it in hospital.
I've had no contact with my daughter for some time because she lives with her mother. My daughter only goes to work and back home again every day because she works in a nursing home and we believe it's one of her work colleagues that passed it on to her.

I hope this clears things up for you.

Thank you to everyone, I'm not taking to much notice but its things like this that can damage I business I no time.

Re: Lazy lizard
- Anon (5th Jan 2021  13:07:07)

Liphook was never in tier 3, we went from tier 2 straight to tier 4 on Boxing Day. Two days before we were still tier 2

Re: Lazy lizard
- Charlie (5th Jan 2021  13:25:56)


Please do check your facts before making allegations that a business behaved illegally or irresponsibly.

Liphook was in tier 2 at the time mentioned, which means customers could be seated and served at tables inside.

It is most irresponsible of you to make inaccurate comments, that can potentially damage a business.

Re: Lazy lizard
- BobTheBuilder (5th Jan 2021  15:03:12)

I can’t believe what I am reading...... I can’t believe that the editor is not monitoring the slanderous false accusations..... what is wrong with you lot..... you should all be ashamed for trying to get The Lazy lizard Closed...this is someone’s livelihood.
The owner has given you an explanation as to what he’s been up to, he didn’t have to.
Have a think please before all you keyboard warriors.
I am not a relative, friend of the lazy lizard.... just a customer
Be safe everyone

Re: Lazy lizard
- Jimmy (5th Jan 2021  20:13:56)

Hi I don't want to knock anything the lazy lizard has done over the last year but when i went through the square at 11.30 on Sunday morning there was a group of men between 6 to 8 drinking their coffee from takeaway cups and having a chat.we were in tier 4 was this wrong.

Re: Lazy lizard
- H (5th Jan 2021  21:50:37)

Oh do me a favour.
Drive through the village during school pick up time and you'll see parents standing around in groups having a catch up, blocking the paths with their buggies, kids having to walk into the road to get past !
THIS is the issue with bloody schools , parents mixing!!

And you're moaning about a local business.
Beggars belief!!!

Re: Lazy lizard
- David B (6th Jan 2021  23:48:48)

Aside from what I hope are at worst innocent but mis-informed observations from a couple of people. What is great to see is the level of support from the community for a local business that is going above and beyond during what is a very difficult time for small and large businesses across the country.

David I hope your mum is back in her home soon and you get the opportunity to catch up with your daughter when her health and local restrictions permit

Re: Lazy lizard
- Resident (9th Jan 2021  12:02:19)

Just to even things up walking through liphook just seen about four people outside the other coffee shop standing very close together talking just saying.

Re: Lazy lizard
- Phill (11th Jan 2021  11:53:30)

Well done David,
Keep up the good work- here's to a better 2021. All we can do is offer our services as safely as possible. What our customers/clients do outside our establishments is up to them, but the vast majority are being careful and respectful.
Lovely job on the Christmas decorations by the way- brightened up the square no end.
Phill (SWVC)

Re: Lazy lizard
- Liz (11th Jan 2021  20:28:42)

I am horrified at what Iam reading .....The lazy Lizard have and continue to be a great asset to our village and have really stepped up to support our community and vulnerable .
Thank you Lazy Lizard for everything you are doing .

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