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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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175 more houses
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Nov 2020 16:38:28)

Brilliant news (or not)

Re: 175 more houses
- A (20th Nov 2020 18:12:33)

Hmm....not good. The spiel is 'interesting' too ...since when did Liphook have a quaint high street and a cinema?!

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (20th Nov 2020 18:40:40)

Well Dawn NO very disappointed pushed through against public opinion. They should have put the option 4 link Road around the site to give it two exits and divert traffic away from the Square. Let Down Badly by EHDC yet again.

Re: 175 more houses
- Polly (20th Nov 2020 19:59:42)

This was always in the plan even when we lived in Lark Rise so it’s not a surprise. It was to be constructed in 2 phases. This is the 2nd.

Re: 175 more houses
- Joe (20th Nov 2020 23:19:02)

Yes this was always planned to be built in two phases. I doubt they have sold all of the first phase yet!

Re: 175 more houses
- Grant (21st Nov 2020 02:55:12)

Old news Dawn.
Outline consent granted way back.

Re: 175 more houses
- igs (21st Nov 2020 12:36:56)

Dawn, I have lived adjoining this field for over 20 years and have always known these houses were going to be built, in fact there are less than was predicted. Looking forward to the new houses in Passfield though, any more news on those?

Re: 175 more houses
- passfield resident (21st Nov 2020 13:31:08)

Outrageous that the developer can say on their website that Liphook has a cinema-it even describes it. How do they get away with outright lies?

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (21st Nov 2020 14:58:08)

Passfield Resident that’s how they get away with everything. EHDC believe everything they say they don’t listen to the community. The people of Liphook tell them time and time again what is needed but falls on deaf ears. So the Developers have a field day do as they please. It’s time EHDC Planning got tough with Developers and told them what we want If this type of Planning goes on all over Liphook then we are doomed. Say goodbye to Lovely Liphook.

Re: 175 more houses
- AF (21st Nov 2020 18:18:07)

Anyone want to take a wager with me that the developer contributions will be used either in Liphook or something that benifits Liphook.
My bet is that its not spent in Liphook, i believe one lot of money from Liphook was used to build affordable housing in Gosport.

Re: 175 more houses
- steve (21st Nov 2020 20:10:59)

Ehdc are required to determine planning applications in accordance with the current rules and planning policies. Their scope for getting tougher with developers is very limited.
If they step over the line they are immediately vulnerable to an appeal which will cost a considerable amount of money. If anything, those rules are more likely to change in favour of more development going forward. Only central government is in a position to bring about substantive changes.

Re: 175 more houses
- John (21st Nov 2020 21:22:33)

You ain’t from round here boy!

Re: 175 more houses
- Joe (21st Nov 2020 21:39:58)

Dissapointed, it is usually only one person on here who has decided that a ring road as well as 600 more houses is the salvation of Liphook not the "Whole community.
Stop exaggerating please.

Re: 175 more houses
- D (21st Nov 2020 22:04:39)

I'm no expert on these matters but with the increased revenue from all these new houses shouldn't our council tax be going down?

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (21st Nov 2020 22:38:13)

Steve EHDC have plenty of scope to implement more infrastructure they seem to not want to carry out what they are supposed to do.They should be instructing Developers to put roads in to take all the traffic generated from all the houses being built.They have the power to tell Developers to go away and redo their plans to include infrastructure. John you are about right we all need to start complaining to the EHDC .And Yes Where Does All the Money go from the Developers . Not to Liphook That’s for Sure.

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (22nd Nov 2020 11:10:44)

So Joe HCC when they did their survey many years ago and said Liphook was at capacity vehicle wise in the Square especially at School time were telling porkies . Joe you are in the minority there are one or two people in influencing positions that have put a stop to the badly needed. Infrastructure in Liphook . SNDP have not helped by splitting the Parrish in two thus having to have all the development in one half CRAZY. And that half is on the wrong side of the Square All Traffic having to pass through the Square to access the A3 CRAZY again.But the people who no best are in power and telling us that we don’t no what we are talking about.?.?? .You only have to talk to people that have lived here for many years to get your answer.

Re: 175 more houses
- Joe (22nd Nov 2020 18:29:49)

I have only ever noticed one person on this talkback site proclaiming the whole conmunity wants 600 more houses built. How am I in the minority? It has been at least 12 years since the first application to build on Bohunt was refused. We need to use our cars less at school time to make any difference to traffic in the square.

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (23rd Nov 2020 11:00:43)

Well Joe where do we start. HCC Highways did a survey to locate possible ring Roads they gave us 5 .The most likely ones being 4&5 HEADLEY Road to LONGMOOR Road and LONGMOOR Road to PORTSMOUTH Road.EHDC have let us down the HEADLEY LONGMOOR Road one.So nothing has been built so we are standing at square one.Your suggestion to limit the traffic through the Square I agree with but how are you going to stop people using their cars and also all the Through traffic.If you can thenI will bow down to your super powers .EHDC have put The CHICKEN FARM as their No one site after refusing it years ago because of access and other issues that tells you how bad the PLANNING DEPARTMENT is. If that gets the go ahead it will open the floodgates for that area and all that traffic has to go through the SQUARE. There is a perfectly good site at Hewshott Lane pennally Farm witch will take all of our housing quota for years and it’s right next to the A3.None of us wants more houses but that’s not going to happen as things stand our quota will be going up year on year on. We MUST plan for the Future if we are going to save our Square.At all of the meetings carried out by EHDC and The NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN over the years ASKING where houses should be put in the future BOHUNT MANOR came top by miles and this is the land that HCC recommend for the LONGMOOR PORTSMOUTH Road LINK so where do we from here.I love LIPHOOK it breaks my heart to see such poor Planning for the FUTURE.

Re: 175 more houses
- Bubble146 (23rd Nov 2020 11:36:57)

Old news, as has been stated before, Liphook has enough houses applications allocated to us to meet the 2028 allocation.

Thus the Bohunt/ any other 600 house development in in addition to this target.

AF - Could not agree more, significant development already planned and approved in the village, no infrastructure or facilities planned from EHDC, yet Petersfield seems to continue improve, cannot be anything to do with the majority of the council live in the area, do not see them hitting their 2028 target yet.

At the Millennium Hall Public meeting, this was highlighted to the head of planning. The majority of these houses where yet to be built, so no one had any idea what the effect of the infrastructure would be.

Incidentally, the next item on the agenda after this meeting years ago was the the aircraft flight path for Farnbourgh. We where all so busy talking about housing application, we all missed the increased flights aver the village. Did we see an additional revenue stream from that?

Re: 175 more houses
- lorac (23rd Nov 2020 11:58:29)

I agree with aa and the lies about Liphook having a quaint high street( wherever that is!!) and a cinema!! The mind boggles. Let us show new residents our so called cinema and we'd be laughed into next week. I wonder if Redrow Development have had lessons from Trump about how to lie your face off and make profit as well.

As for the, quote, "quaint High Street" where is it? We do have a quaint Square which syphons traffic in several directions and does not encourage shoppers to linger, especially when school is
out. Here, we really need a pelican crossing to manage those periods when streams of school kids are able to hold traffic up for several minutes. Is anybody likely to do a 30 minute walk from the 2nd Oak park development to the station for commuting? Not likely, so more traffic has to go through the Square.

Re: 175 more houses
- Joe (23rd Nov 2020 14:50:41)

Also, dissapointed, East Hampshire councillors have no power to tell the SDNPA that they have to allow huge housing estates just because a developer has bought some land within the Park. They are a seperate planning authority and usually allow small new developments.

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (23rd Nov 2020 17:12:09)

Joe tell us something we all don’t know you just cherrypicked to suit yourself.You don’t come up with any solutions to reduce traffic through the Square except tell parents to walk their children to school. No chance if the Chicken Farm goes ahead.If you have some major Solutions take them to EHDC I am sure they will welcome them.

Re: 175 more houses
- D (23rd Nov 2020 18:15:29)

To be fair to Joe the cause of Liphook traffic problems is parents driving their children to school. (Howls of "where is your evidence"?!) My evidence is these traffic problems disappear in school holidays. Joe is right, make the little fatties walk to school like we all used to and help the childhood obesity problem at the same time. But I suppose making a child walk to school is classed as child abuse these days.

Re: 175 more houses
- Joe (23rd Nov 2020 18:36:19)

I am guessing that the above poster has not lived in an area with real traffic problems. If he had, then the traffic in Liphook would not be such a major concern.
Also just some advice for him, it is Hampshire Highways dept at the County Council not the local district COuncil who deal with traffic and transport in the area.I do not see that I have to supply answers on here for a slight traffic build up at school times in Liphook.

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (23rd Nov 2020 19:38:44)

There you go again I told you it was HCC Highways.We don’t want city traffic in Liphook if we can avoid it that’s what we are trying to plan for. The Square is a Conservation Area and MUST be protected any serious suggestions would be appreciated not just flippant remarks.

Re: 175 more houses
- Anon (23rd Nov 2020 22:48:49)

I remember Liphook pre bypass in the 1980’s, solid line of traffic on the A3 at rush hours, from bramshott all the way through to just beyond the black fox where it goes back to two lanes, it was horrendous. Now that was traffic!
Traffic at school time is bad but I’d say it’s no way near as bad as it used to be.
Possible solutions?
No right turn for cars exiting bohunt school during drop off and pick up.
Underpass instead of zebra crossing.
Relocate bohunt school to Penally farm

Re: 175 more houses
- D (24th Nov 2020 08:01:18)

Given the close proximity of these new houses to the A3 couldn't there be a direct road to the A3? It would then probably be quicker to routes via the Haslemere and Headley roads rather than getting caught up in the school traffic.

Re: 175 more houses
- Ian (24th Nov 2020 10:23:50)

D, are you seriously suggesting highways create a new A3 junction just for these houses?

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (24th Nov 2020 11:16:39)

Good points D& ANON . D you are quite right 300 Houses at OAK Park One EXIT at Longmoor Road that leads directly to the A3. If EHDC had done there job probably and made them put in the link Road to HEADLEY Road as HCC suggested then all the traffic coming in and out of HEADLEY Road could have accessed the A 3 to go north and south and HASLEMERE without going through the Square.A MAJOR cock up by EHDC.Then if the option 5 Longmoor Road to Portsmouth Road were to be built again with Developers help BOHUNT School could close it’s entry in Longmoor Road all Traffic for Bohunt School would not have to come through the SQUARE.Yes ANON BOHUNT SCHOOL should have been built on the old HOSPITAL Site BRAMSHOTT PLACE again all the community told the powers to be it fell on deaf ears.Yes you are right Traffic was a nightmare back then but it took 40 years to get the bypass so what will LIPHOOK be like in 40 years that’s what we need to think about.

Re: 175 more houses
- Joe (24th Nov 2020 13:44:34)

In 40 years time we will all be living on the closest habitable planet because we have ruined this one with car pollution.

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (24th Nov 2020 14:28:18)

Could be right Joe anything can happen. But perhaps you haven’t any children ‘ grandchildren or great grandkids to think about who all live in Liphook and would like to stay here because they love Liphook.

Re: 175 more houses
- D (24th Nov 2020 15:24:55)

Disappointed, I think work on Bohunt began before the hospital closed. The building work began around 1976/1977 so the planning stage would have been a few years earlier. Had a school not been built there I'm sure it would be a housing estate by now as has been the fate of many farms around here since that time, just as we are still seeing today.

Re: 175 more houses
- steve miller (24th Nov 2020 18:22:32)

A few observations on this thread: -
I was interested to see comments regarding traffic levels around 1980 as by coincidence I used to commute a couple of times a week from Southsea to North Cheam in that era, little knowing that my family would actually settle in Liphook about 8 years later. For what it is worth I don’t actually recall the delays driving through Liphook to have been that much of an issue. Hindhead and Guildford were much bigger problems. Even in 1989/90 whilst I was commuting from Liphook to Guildford, I didn’t used to suffer from much if any delay driving back into the village in the late afternoon or evening. Of course, Bohunt school was a lot smaller in those days and all the southbound traffic was stuck at the Hindhead lights!
Moving back to more recent times and the planning process for the Lowsley farm development (I can’t bring myself to call it Oak Park). Although the issue of increased traffic in the square was certainly raised during the consultation for outline planning for phase one (155 houses currently being built by Taylor Wimpey), Hampshire Highways team never considered traffic through the square to be a significant factor in their advice to EHDC at that time (circa 2011) although the developers traffic predictions were rather dubious in the eyes of many objectors! In any event the idea of a ring road never really came up until the outline application for a further 175 houses in phase 2 was submitted in 2014. By this time Taylor Wimpey had purchased the phase 1 site from Easterton and even if the link road between Headley Road and Longmoor Road had emerged as a real runner in 2014, it is difficult to see why Taylor Wimpey would have agreed as they already had outline planning for phase one without such a link road. I cannot see that either EDHC or HCC would have had any real leverage to insist on such a road being shoe horned into the phase one works at that point.
The initial application for phase 2 was actually turned down by EHDC and one of the grounds for refusal was indeed the impact of additional traffic from the combined phase one and phase 2 houses on the roads leading into the square. Easterton appealed that refusal and it was in this period that HCC apparently commissioned a consultant (W S Atkins) to examine options for relieving traffic pressures in the centre of the village. The links from Headley Road to Longmoor Road and from Longmoor Road to Portsmouth road were two of the options considered by that report despite the first of these having already become very unlikely because of the effective sterilisation of part of the potential corridor by the phase 1 permission.
In the event the conclusions of the Atkins report were very anodyne and HCC have at no time expressed any interest in actually doing anything!
At the end of all this EHDC backed down on their refusal of planning permission for phase 2 presumably because they had been advised that they would most probably lose on appeal which would have cost all of us council tax payers a significant sum. The issue of excess traffic in the square was ultimately glossed over.
I do agree with ‘dissapointed’ that a link road from Longmoor Road would be worth pursuing and also that this South West quadrant of the village would be the most logical place for future expansion, which will undoubtably happen, although I really cannot see either this road or the housing in this area being progressed within the next 10 years because of the strong vested interests ranged against it. I probably won’t be around to see it but I wouldn’t be averse to a small wager that an aerial photo 25 years from now will show both parts to have been completed.

Re: 175 more houses
- Disappointed (24th Nov 2020 18:57:07)

Thanks MR Miller for your very interesting post . I am so glad that we have the A3 bypass can you imagine all that Traffic coming though the Square . I think I will sign off you have said it all.

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