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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Lisa G (14th Nov 2020 10:24:20)

I have recently moved to Liphook and I am seriously thinking that both fish a chip shops are dodging tax. The reason for this is that both require cash only. In the current climate where every other take away establishment requires card payments, why on earth would a chip shop be wanting cash only?

The one on Headley Road asked me to go out and get a face covering, so I did, went back in and stood approx 1.5 metre from the counter that was covered with a full Perspex screen, placed my order and was then asked to pay in cash. That cash has changed hands numerous times before being handed to the man on the till under a small gap in the Perspex. I then watched them handled the cash, give back change, prepare the food and hand it to customers, with the same pair of plastic gloves on.

In the current conditions the owners need to start considering using cashless payment for the protection of their employees and their customers, rather than not declaring for tax purposes.

We have not had fish & chips since before the first lockdown, but I will now drive elsewhere when we would like them again.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Michael (14th Nov 2020 11:07:14)

Keep driving, Lisa

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Geoff (14th Nov 2020 11:07:35)

“I have recently moved to Liphook and I am seriously thinking that both fish a chip shops are dodging tax”.

I am seriously thinking “I hope you have a decent lawyer”.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- paul (14th Nov 2020 12:12:33)

If you want proper fish and chips, and not some poor quality offering, go to Frankie's at Grayshott or Bordon. They take card payments, and cash.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Penny Williamson (14th Nov 2020 12:16:02)

Well said Geoff. The OP could be facing a Libel Charge.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- L.W (14th Nov 2020 15:10:09)

Actually I think you will find anyone can report any company if they feel they are evading taxes. Take a look at Report Tax Evasion.

Does seem a bit strange in the current climate and I agree about the handling of cash. Grayshott has a good fish & chip shop.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- AF (14th Nov 2020 16:52:47)

Regardless of tax the fact is that you cannot catch COVID19 through cash. It does not survive on paper which is why postal deliveries are safe.

If you are taken in by all this hype about COVID carry some hand gel with you and or wash your hands when you get home.

Don't be scared eat more fish and chips I WILL.

This is not true. Coins are metal and notes are now plastic. Covid is able to survive on both. I can only assume those shops do not want to pay the credit card processing fees.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Penny Williamson (14th Nov 2020 18:36:01)

L.W There is world of difference in reporting someone to the appropriate authority whom you believe has been illegally avoiding paying tax ie tax evasion (I use the word illegally advisedly as there are a legal way of avoiding paying tax namely tax avoidance) and posting on this Forum accusing someone of doing so without demonstrating irrefutable proof.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- passfield resident (14th Nov 2020 19:07:14)

Lisa-I have used one of the chip shops for years and know the people who run it. They aren't dodging tax-they are good people and you are out of order.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- James (14th Nov 2020 20:04:36)


Please fact check yourself before posting. Spreading misinformation is dangerous. Covid can live on money (coins and notes) which is why contactless is being advised so much.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Ovinia (14th Nov 2020 20:45:08)

Hi Lisa,
Small businesses pay through the nose for the ability to use card services and have to chose between employing staff and paying for a card machine. While being a cash only business may feel odd and inconvenient to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dodging taxes. It usually means they’re just doing their best to cut overheads and stay afloat.
Enjoy your fish and chips!

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- XJ (14th Nov 2020 20:46:02)

But did you enjoy the fish and chips? Taste, like tax, is entirely a personal matter but which was better?

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- D (14th Nov 2020 23:39:21)

You mean there are people who pay a few quid for chips with a CARD? Unbelievable.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Gr (15th Nov 2020 11:11:57)

I don’t think station road shop has ever taken cards.

Please do not make claims like this it hurts business and is not welcome !!

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- D (15th Nov 2020 16:06:57)

Aren't there THREE chippies in Liphook? Station Road, Headley Road and Midhurst Road?

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Sarah (15th Nov 2020 18:52:05)


I’ve lived here since 2004 and the Headley Road fish and chip shop as far as I can remember has never taken card payments and it has changed hands several times over the years. It’s just something you learn to get used to. Unusual, but after 16 years and numerous owners, it’s just the way it is and you will get used to it.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Chris (15th Nov 2020 21:22:18)

Lisa G
In agreement with Sarah. Have lived in the Liphook area since 2005 and the Headley Road Chip Shop has never used card payments, I don't know about the other chip shop but I suspect its the same.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Finchie (16th Nov 2020 00:34:41)

Very good point. You should have to pay by credit card, just like you do on Amazon, and they have just paid 14% tax on profits of £100 million of profit and sales of £3 billion in the UK.

Hope you boycott Amazon as well as the chippies ?!

Hope you all had a great weekend ?

Cheers, Finchie

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- JH (17th Nov 2020 12:47:45)

What amazing powers of deduction! - If a Fish and Chip shop doesn't take credit cards, they must be breaking the law!
I suggest you apply to HMRC immediately for a position as a tax-evasion supersleuth.
If you don't like how they run their shop, go elsewhere. Their tax matters are absolutely none of your business.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Neil (20th Nov 2020 21:40:40)

Another vote for Frankies in Grayshott, not the cheapest and a bit of a drive but one of the best in the area. I find our local ones poor in comparison and have given both the benefit of the doubt several times.

Re: Both Fish & Chip Shops
- Mrs Tanya C Wilkinson (23rd Nov 2020 21:48:43)

Lets hope the owners of both shops, see your comments and take legal action on your comments for defamation, I suggest you actually find out the processing charges of cards, and see how much they lose in charges, charges that would then have to be added to the cost of food, putting out of some peoples reach, a small treat. A lot of small businesses can ill afford these charges especially in the current climate.

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