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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Knock and Run
- Avenger (17th Oct 2020 20:17:40)

To the parents in this village do you know were your children are? There are a group of little scumbags who decided to play knock and run, its time that the parents of this village decided to do some parenting and tell their children that this is not a good idea and there will be consequences if it continues. Also to those who decided to do this to my home I have a camera you complete cretins and I know who you are.

Re: Knock and Run
- James (17th Oct 2020 22:11:55)

Is this not a bit overdramatic? I'm sure when you were younger you did this game... Didn't you??? Yes its a stupid game but its a bit for fun for some younger people.

Re: Knock and Run
- Realistic Resident (17th Oct 2020 22:26:58)

Well if you know who they are why aren’t you around their house telling their parents?

Oh, that’s be right., you actually lied about your ‘camera’ or you have no idea who the hell they are, or, more realistic, you’re too scared to go and confront them, you prefer to be a keyboard warrior!

Yes knock and run is flippin annoying and anti social but don’t bleat about it on here and not following up your ‘threat’ of a camera and say you know who they are!

Re: Knock and Run
- Avenger (17th Oct 2020 23:26:59)

Actually I did go to confront them, but they ran like hell. Also I did not 'play' this game when I was younger because it is the reserve of the scum of the earth, children on their way to prison at some point.

To the Realistic Resident I take it that if this was your child then, you’d think it was fine behaviour ? Throwing things at peoples houses is disgusting and I can clearly see that this village is becoming more and more scummy by the week, its such a shame.

Re: Knock and Run
- Poppy (18th Oct 2020 09:35:08)

Avenger you never said they were throwing things at your house in your first post you only stated that they were playing knock and run. Maybe the youth of today have seen all the negative posts about them on here and just wanted to prove everyone right. I would also just like to I add I know numerous adults that played knock and run as children and have yet to go to prison like you said!

Re: Knock and Run
- Ian (18th Oct 2020 10:47:14)

Avenger, you’re very intense, I suspect there is more to this than actually appears, seems likes a cry for some sort of help? Your post otherwise lacks credibility?!?

Re: Knock and Run
- d (18th Oct 2020 11:08:55)

As expected James leads the defence of local; youth. I wonder if he or his cohorts consider the effect this mischief might have on the aged or infirm,

Re: Knock and Run
- AF (18th Oct 2020 14:19:32)

I tend to agree with James. I played knock and run and am not a scum bag and have never been to prison.
Avenger you need to calm down. The young have had a pretty bad time recently you need to give them a break.

Re: Knock and Run
- Jack (18th Oct 2020 16:45:32)

I played it too as a child.... great fun.... but we called it ‘Knock down ginger’!!!😆

Re: Knock and Run
- James (18th Oct 2020 17:05:38)


Someone has got to defend the young people. I don't see you doing it.

Re: Knock and Run
- Di (18th Oct 2020 19:22:30)

I played knock down ginger as a kid, I have two PhD’s and a doctorate, never been to prison, also not scum. Playing that game as a kid was a dangerous thing because if you got caught by the recipient you’d get marched straight home handed to your parents then receive a good hiding.

It’s an age old game my parents played it, my son played it, and no doubt my grandchildren will play it. It’s not a sign of anti social behaviour, that will progress into criminal behaviour, it’s kids being annoying.

If you know who they are then speak to the parents, hopefully they won’t get a good hiding, but be told that they shouldn’t be playing it since they don’t know if the person they are knocking on is elderly, or lives on their own and can get frightened by it.

Re: Knock and Run
- D (19th Oct 2020 07:53:28)

You do your generation no favours at all, James.

Re: Knock and Run
- James (19th Oct 2020 08:42:17)


First of you know nothing about me. Secondly I personally think I do, I volunteer every week, I am currently looking at starting a campaign to end discrimination in sport, and much more. I think its the other way round.

Re: Knock and Run
- De (19th Oct 2020 21:54:41)

did you all play knock & run at a stupid time of night! Because I heard kids banging on someones door next to me shouting and screaming like they do most weekends round here! Ok have a bit of fun but also have a bit of respect

Re: Knock and Run
- De (19th Oct 2020 22:57:32)

also currently over the millennium Green shouting screaming chucking stuff around its a poxy Monday night kids have to get up for school,adults up for work! Loved living here but currently hate it!

Re: Knock and Run
- M (20th Oct 2020 15:53:39)

Not had any issues where we live.
My suggestion would be to keep calling 101 and report every incident so there's a lot of the problem. The more people that report a problem the more likely well get at least a drive by by the Police.
Keep reporting it and if possible get some sort of recording you can pass on.

Re: Knock and Run
- James (21st Oct 2020 17:22:35)

Still waiting for D's response...

Re: Knock and Run
- John (21st Oct 2020 19:43:16)

Hear we go again, is James the new persona of Adrian Banana face? Certainly likes a wind up and has a massive opinion of himself.

Re: Knock and Run
- James (21st Oct 2020 20:42:37)

John I just don't like it when the conversation isn't finished. I personally believe that D owes me an apology for being disrespectful and for saying something that they can not sustain. D decided to target me on this thread not the other way round.

Re: Knock and Run
- rolli (22nd Oct 2020 09:29:27)

James, I think you come across as an arrogant individual with an overinflated sense of your own intellect and you also have an awfully large dose of self righteousness. Just because you do not like it when others observe and highlight these failings in your character does not then mean you are entitled to any apology or respect. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the fire.

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