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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Petersfield Pedestrians Centre
- Not Happy (17th Oct 2020  14:49:33)

Why is Petersfield spending thousands on pedestrianisation of the Centre of Petersfield. We in Liphook can Not get any money spent on infrastructure ie Roads around our Conservation Square . There is totally no reason to spend money in Petersfield they have all the Infrastructure they need. Where does all the money that the developers give to EHDC from Liphook go looks like Petersfield. It’s about time Liphook had their fair share come on EHDC give Liphook a fair crack of the whip.

Re: Petersfield Pedestrians Centre
- Adrian (17th Oct 2020  17:19:18)

Because Petersfield is a posher place and not a poor man’s Bordon. Petersfield has a Waitrose and decent well stocked supermarkets where one can buy yellow bananas and chewable steak.

Re: Petersfield Pedestrians Centre
- Ian (17th Oct 2020  17:26:10)

Oh, it’s so unfair, Liphook is so hard done by!! Let’s boycott Petersfield and see if we can contribute to making our country even more divided

Re: Petersfield Pedestrians Centre
- er (17th Oct 2020  17:43:31)

Overall I think Petersfield people care more, wouldn't tolerate it, they are a proper town with a proper town square, council offices, 2 swimming pools (one open air), a lake (not just a duck pond), a drive through, a Waitrose, a proper high street etc, we just sort of sprawl and produce dead end housing estate more like Leigh Park.

Re: Petersfield Pedestrians Centre
- Lewis (18th Oct 2020  00:45:54)

Some years back the developers of Oak Park put in a proposal to do something similar in the square in Liphook. That application was turned down under pressure from local people who did not want the "Square" pedestrianised in any way. The developers of oak park were obliged to fulfil the highways part of their 106 planning obligation so they were asked to pay for a report on possible bypass routes. These routes were all dependant on another developer building enough houses in liphook to pay for the bypass road. So far, no developer has wanted to build a bypass road in Liphook badly enough. The pedestrianisation in Petersfield has been paid for by a developer. The people of Petersfield accepted the plan and did not hold out for a bypass.

Re: Petersfield Pedestrians Centre
- Keith (18th Oct 2020  07:18:29)

I'm a bit puzzled where this pedestrianisation in the centre of Petersfield you refer to actually is......?

The only road closed to traffic (except for buses and cycles although I've lost count of the number of cars and vans I have seen ignoring the signs and driving through it) is the short length of road between the Square Brewery and Petersfield Carpets - all other roads remain open to traffic.

Yes, there are barriers to widen the pavement in places (although those in Lavant Street were installed and then removed after pressure from shopkeepers) and as a result, the parking spaces outside what was Laura Ashley in the Square and also outside the post office have been blocked off with barriers but these barriers are in place solely to give more room on the pavements during the Covid19 pandemic - once the pandemic is over, they will be removed again (and many in Petersfield will be glad to see them go). To the best of my knowledge, no S106 money has been spent on these barriers, so it has come out of the council tax payers pocket and not some Liphook developer.

Any other road closures recently have been transient as part of the SSE scheme to relay cables between the sub-station in Bedford Road and the National Grid in Fernhurst.

So, have I missed some mysterious pedestrian paradise that others have spotted?

Re: Petersfield Pedestrians Centre
- Not Happy (18th Oct 2020  18:23:28)

I must correct Lewis the developers of oak park did Not want to pedestrianised the Square they wanted to open it up by taking out the flower bed at the top of Longmoor Road and the one opposite on the corner of London Road. Take back the corner between longmoor Road and Headley Road .Round off the corner outside the Lazy Lizard. To make more room for Traffic. That’s why the community was up in arms.The planning meeting at Penns Place for oak park attended by my self and a great many liphook people was when the 5 suggested relief roads were put forward by HCC Highways. A great surprise to the committee and the public it had to be discussed by the committee first.All the people that were down to speak had more time to amend their speech.Many members wanted to postpone voting to make a decision on the option 4 Road Headley Road to Longmoor Road going through the development but the Chairman said no they must decide now.But they did say that the land for the road must be identified before any building began but that never happened.So Ehdc let us down again no Road Wimpy got away with it again . And they certainly didn’t pay for the Road Surveys So again were does all the money go that the developers put into the community chest for the past decades.Liphook certainly doesn’t get it.Keith Petersfield has a By Pass the same as Liphook but the difference is they don’t have 6 Roads coming through their centre Conservation Area .These Roads have been deemed above capacity by the last 3 Road Reports from HCC so the Levels of pollution in the Square is well above what it should be. There doesn’t seem to be any forward planning by EHDC to get relief roads around our Square Developers must be made to put in the Infrastructure I believe the only one so far to come forward with some sort of infrastructure is the Bohunt Manor Northcote Development but EHDC seem not to want to no. Instead they wanted to make our Radford Park into a sangs not for our benefit but because of the 5 mile radius rule they could let the Chicken Farm go Ahead because they cannot supply their own sangs .It was a good thing the community came together to stop our Parrish Council going for it. So where do we go from here I think we need to challenge the decisions EHDC make on our behalf if they are detrimental to our community.We are quite a large Town by population we should be getting Town Infrastructure. As for pedestrianisation of Petersfield Centre it was in the Herald some months ago.

Re: Petersfield Pedestrians Centre
- Lewis (18th Oct 2020  20:30:12)

The alterations to the square included putting some cobblestones back and taking away pavement. The theory was that traffic would slow down if the drivers saw pedestrians in the same space. The chicken farm development is set to go ahead as EHDC have put it into their local plan for the future. Parish councils do not decide planning applications EHDC does or the SDNPA does if it is a large application in their area of jurisdiction.
Keith appears to know what is happening in Petersfield.

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