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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- John (12th Oct 2020 09:45:57)

I am saddened to hear that a bench, dedicated to Nigel Marr (former chairman at Liphook United Football Club}, was vandalised at the weekend.

The football club paid for the bench to be installed there as a mark of respect to the great man and his passion for the club. It will now need repairing which I am sure the club can arrange but it's just not the point.

In the highly unlikely event that the culprits read this post then please have the decency to come forward and offer to pay for the repair and submit an apology too.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- Liphook Millennium Centre (12th Oct 2020 10:54:54)

Also broken bottles (beer & Vodka) drainpipe kicked down at the LMC / Scout Hall (we watched the CCTV) were these the same vandals I wonder?

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- Ann (12th Oct 2020 11:04:14)

Hopefully the CCTV will show who the culprits are - then name and shame.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- Very sad (12th Oct 2020 11:28:06)

What ever is the matter with our young people in the village.Why must they vandalise everything smash bottles ect. If you have them on camera report them to the police.Its time they were named and shamed.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- John (12th Oct 2020 14:22:26)

Sadly there is no CCTV at the recreation ground. The bench will be repaired and will be as good as new very soon I hope.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- rolli (12th Oct 2020 14:27:37)

@very sad, I assume you meant to say SOME young people rather that OUR young people?

A safe assumption I guess but an assumption nevertherless.

However, probably best to avoid a generalisation that will definitely fuel the already generational divide in our village

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- George (12th Oct 2020 16:21:10)

Can you hear the collective sigh Rolli? Don't deviate from the anti social problems so many communities are facing. Such behaviour is unacceptable, be it old or young, one or 100 people.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- Bob (12th Oct 2020 18:43:13)

I agree with George's response to rolli. The fact is that this age group is becoming increasingly antisocial, be it 50, 5 or 0.5 percent of them. They make the village a rough place to live in, they degrade our quality of life.
We pay their way in life, we have a say on the matter,
Next we will hear all about "we get given nothing better to do", victimised one way or another, COVID excuses or whatever "reasoning" for vandalism... The fact is a terrible rise in youth ASBO.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- John (12th Oct 2020 21:00:25)

They have started frequenting the bench under the tree outside the library, clearly not smart enough to see the CCTV behind a window pointing right at the bench

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- Nik (12th Oct 2020 21:10:05)

Rather than name and shame it should be name and beat the s...out of them

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- James (13th Oct 2020 16:24:41)

How do we know it was a young person who vandalised the bench? You are all assuming.

What happened to the bench is disgraceful and should never have happened. I hope the people responsible are dealt with in the correct manner.

Don't make the generation divide any bigger than what it already is.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- Helen (13th Oct 2020 18:58:07)

James I have only ever seen young people in the rec hanging around in groups who are not dog walking, playing sport, or with their children etc.

When I think of young I am thinking of an age range between 15-23? Obviously at my age anyone who looks younger than me is young!

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- John (14th Oct 2020 09:30:44)

Latest update: 2 fine members of the Liphook community took it upon themselves to remove the bench, repair it and then re-install it. This is what community is all about, big thanks to Dave and Mark for this.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- James (14th Oct 2020 21:30:50)

Helen, do you mean young people socialising?

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- John (14th Oct 2020 23:25:30)

James - what exacty is your problem, your always on the wind up here, accepted there is no evidence that it was young people on the bench but there is plently of evidence amongst those near and around the rec that before the bench was vandalised it was fine, then evidence as we could hear it that young people where at the location and on the piss, a massive group of them and then shortly later the bench was found vandalised with the evidence of the party all around it.

Further more and despite it being a separate incident the LMC have CCTV of young people vandalising there property..

Yes it wont hold up in court that it can be proven the bench was young people... but guess what... it was young people.

Stop playing the victim, this isnt a young v old thing. Young people have been seen on the piss and littering the rec dozens of times, weekly now. So its not hard to suggest its them.

Come back at me with your "but we have nothing to do around here... X has a skatepark, Y has a youth club, so where just gonna wreak the place.. crap"

Their isnt any pensioners hanging about your home, getting drunk, leaving litter, smashing property, shouting abuse is there? You dont see rebelous old people moaning that there is nothing for them in liphook (which there isnt really) but at least when they have a garden centre to attend they dont roll in and destroy the place!

Some.. not all kids around here are ruining it for everyone, including the other kids

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- James (15th Oct 2020 07:52:33)

John, first of calm down. Your attitude is passive aggressive and there is no need for it. If you can not handle a conversation in which this is then maybe you shouldn't be hitting that 'Submit Message' button.

Now that is out of the way, you are correct what happened at the LMC was young people, however what happened at LUFC no-one knows. If it won't hold up in court why even bother saying it? It is an opinion.

Truth is i'm not playing the victim have I? What have I said to victimise myself on this thread? Nothing. I haven't played the young vs old thing, what I have said is that if the older generations just presume it was the younger generations that will cause a conflict, that is a fact. You got it, 'suggest its them' thats a tad better.

X = Liphook?
Y = Liphook?
We do have both...

Pensioners irrelevant and has nothing to do with my previous statements.

There we go, SOME not ALL. I think that is something you need to think about before stereotyping a whole generation.

Look forward to your response.

Re: Vandalised bench at the recreation ground
- Original poster John (15th Oct 2020 09:39:07)

I posted the the original story about the bench and am really pleased that it is now repaired.
Out of respect for the person for whom the memorial bench was installed can we leave this thread where it is now please?

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