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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Long covid
- Alison (26th Sep 2020 20:19:05)

I contracted COVID-19 skiing end of Feb 2020. 56 and went from being really fit for my age to struggling to make a 5 minute walk round the recreation ground and waking in the night from suffocating. Nearly 7 months on and I’ve been fortunate enough to make a 90% recovery with lung function although there is probably some permanent damage, if I’m honest. Am one of the lucky ones to avoid hospital and worse. Please don’t think this is a hard done by story, the reality is that this pandemic takes no prisoners, It’s a lottery as to whether you avoid, survive or die. There are thousands of unrecognised cases like me - no tests for the months we were ill (Facebook group long COVID 19). Reality is that we face another 6 months of restrictions to protect our loved ones, but I think it’s worth it. I know I may get a lot of flack for putting this out, but truly believe it’s the right thing to do.

Re: Long covid
- John (26th Sep 2020 21:43:09)

Alison, thank you for your input and story.... very welcome, thanks for sharing this.

Hope you make a 100% recovery x

Re: Long covid
- D (26th Sep 2020 21:54:04)

It's nice to hear first hand experience from someone who has actually had it and knows what they are talking about rather than the know-alls who's only knowledge is what they read in the paper. Thankyou, Alison.

Re: Long covid
- passfield resident (26th Sep 2020 22:45:54)

Alison-if you get any flack, ignore it. Good luck with your recovery

Re: Long covid
- Nicole (27th Sep 2020 08:41:15)

Alison, well done for being so honest.
I've had Covid19.
I have pre existing conditions including an autoimmune disease which over the years has caused chronic lung disease. My treatment for what the drs believed to be a flare up of my lung condition, was prednisone steroids. Usually when these are thrown at me, I improve within days. I was on them from April to August until finally I was able to see my Respiratory consultant last month. Xrays, scans and lung function tests showed I had suffered further scarring with further Atelectasis (collapsed airways). At the time of the flare up, testing was fairly new & I was sent to Guildford for a covid test some 5 weeks after the initial symptoms began, it came back negative of course. I now have oxygen at home & regularly see a Respiratory physio. Antigen testing showed I do have anti bodies for it but as we all know, that doesn't mean you can't catch it again.
At the time of the flare up I was in bed for 3 weeks, my limbs were heavy and the fever came on suddenly. I was taken off my immune suppression medication and I'm feeling the effects of that now, even though I've been back on them for a few weeks now. My life has changed dramatically, so have the lives of those I live with. We are extremely cautious about that virus entering our home, I don't go out ,only to appointments but my family are back at work and school. I'm also now on medication for anxiety. Alison, thanks for having the courage to speak out I've avoided doing so because I haven't the energy to fight people, but hopefully now more people with long covid or those who have fully recovered from the virus, will read your post and feel more confident to do so themselves. Sending you my best wishes and editor can pass on my email address if you wish to have a chat over the phone.
Please, let's not turn this thread into a debate where it usually ends up in a slanging match. Also as a side note, perhaps the next time you fancy lighting up a bonfire as my neighbours regularly do, please think of those of us who are chronically sick with Respiratory disease and/ or long covid. Our lives would be so much better with access to fresh air. Thank-you.

Re: Long covid
- Penny Williamson (27th Sep 2020 09:14:32)

Alison Thank you so much for your post and I am very sorry that you are experiencing the awful side effects of Long Covid. This is not the first time I have heard about Long Covid. It seems to be a little like ME with the person feeling ill and suffering fatigue for months after the infection seems to have cleared up. As you so rightly say it is a lottery and this disease should not be taken lightly. If people behave responsibly and follow the simple guidelines ie social distancing, not congregating in large crowds either inside or outdoors, wear masks and use hand sanitisers we can get through this. It is all about consideration and respect.

Re: Long covid
- Ian (27th Sep 2020 11:12:25)

Lots of very similar posts across the Internet at the moment, a familiar story across the area. In fact on the Billingshurst community website and almost identical post. Challenging times we are living in!

Re: Long covid
- Sarah (27th Sep 2020 20:50:50)

Yep I've seen this almost exact comment on other message boards. They stand out as they are 'weirdly' written, pushing the covid narrative.

Who is posting them?

Re: Long covid
- D (27th Sep 2020 21:25:11)

It looks genuine enough to me. Weirdly written? I don't think so. I know one person in Liphook who died of this and another who was lucky and pulled through. I recognise a lot of what Alison wrote as it's very similar to what the second person I refer to told me.

Re: Long covid
- Sarah (28th Sep 2020 09:53:21)

It is weirdly written and what's more the same stories get pushed at the
same time across social media. You also get more of these Covid stories when the government is in trouble pushing its narrative.

I thought the stories of government propaganda from the 'Behavioural Insights Team' and '77th Brigade' working social media were nonsense but you can't help seeing patterns.

It's quite fascinating to watch as the government's Covid narrative starts crumbling when hard statistics are used rather then anecdotal stories.

Re: Long covid
- Local Resident (28th Sep 2020 09:53:51)

Are you guys saying the OP is actually one of those baffling, quasi-troll type posts about the pandemic that are everywhere at the moment?

If it isn't - I hope the OP bests what I know to be a horrible and pervasive condition.

If it is - I think we ought to be told. OP?

Re: Long covid
- rolli (28th Sep 2020 10:17:32)

I think the message is absolutely valid so its sort of irrelevant if this is just one of those apparently "personal" experiences that then appear identically to the letter on other forums. Useful public awareness message

Re: Long covid
- k (28th Sep 2020 10:30:26)

I applaud Allison or her bravery - for trying to get thorough to people that this virus can be very debilitating.I hope you keep well & improve - I have recently lost a very much loved Uncle, who served all his life in the Navy to protect this country to COVID I can't help but be disappointed that there are still people not taking this seriously & are still prepared to put other people at risk for their own selfish needs.

Re: Long covid
- D (28th Sep 2020 10:59:10)

I don't find it surprising that several people whom have suffered the same disease report similar experiences.

Re: Long covid
- passfield resident (28th Sep 2020 11:40:26)

These threads always seem to turn nasty quite quickly-why people need to question the motives of someone who posts about being very ill is beyond me-whatever you think, why not give someone the benefit of the doubt?

Re: Long covid
- John (29th Sep 2020 01:09:42)

Oh dear, looks like the anti vaccers have got to this post and turned it up side down with all their “research” which just amounts to them having an internet connection.
Wonder what’s next? Are they going to produce a photo of the 1g masts that caused the Spanish flu all this years ago?

Re: Long covid
- Rachael (29th Sep 2020 08:23:58)

Puzzled! Cannot see any nastiness on this thread or anyone disputing the OP point that this is a very nasty virus. Some people seem to be trying make dissent when there is none

Re: Long covid
- Jane (29th Sep 2020 09:26:39)

It's all turning into a big Benny Hill sketch.....vaccines for what...covid19, now we have long long until we get short-to-long covid, then medium-to-long covid and so on. It's getting weird and farcical now. Sweden was just fine without these stupid lockups!

Re: Long covid
- John (29th Sep 2020 11:15:41)

Yup Sweden was fine.... 90000 cases 6000 deaths in a population only 15% of the UK... totally FINE!

What other Facebook research gold are you going to come up with next, that 1 person died of COVID in Sweden but they counted it 6000 times.

Grab my popcorn and watch the wackos take over this one

Re: Long covid
- Penny Williamson (29th Sep 2020 12:02:33)

@Sarah I am not surprised that people are loth to post their experiences, particulary sad ones, on this site when posters such as yourself seem to be inferring that they are, at best knowingly posting inaccuracies and at worst, lies. I read nothing in Alison’s post that I would describe as weird. She was just describing her experiences after she contracted Covid and I for one feel immensely sorry for her. You say that similar stories are being posted on social media implying this is “fake” news, but has it not occurred to you that this will happen more and more frequently as the pandemic continues and the long term after effects are felt by more and more people.
@Local Resident I would advise the OP not to respond as she won’t be believed by the sceptics and conspiracy theorists.
@Passfield Resident I wouldn’t say that this Thread is becoming nasty, just unpleasant but In Sarah’s case her posts are verging on the “nasty” for reasons given above. Howewer I agree totally with the rest of your post.
@Jane I am so exasperated when people talk about Sweden’s wonderful track record on Covid: These are the facts:
Sweden has the highest number of deaths per capita in the whole of Europe, far higher than their Nordic neighbours, Denmark, Norway and Finland. They have a land mass of 173,000 square miles with a population of approximately 10 million. By comparison the UK has a land mass of 94,000 square miles with a population of approximately 66 million. This virus is spread through close contact between human beings – do the maths.

Re: Long covid
- AF (29th Sep 2020 15:18:22)

I'm not a COVID sceptic, i fully accept that COVID19 is real and can kill people who catch it, and some who recover suffer after effects which is now being called Long Covid.
However, we need to accept the fact that for the vast majority of people this virus is nothing worse that a cold or flu, for 80% of the people who get it will suffer very little or no symptoms. The main people who are badly affected are the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, which is why during the first wave the care homes were affected so badly.
What is needed is for the resources and energy to be concentrated in the areas of high risk which is the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. The rest should be allowed to get on with their lives and get this country functioning again, these lockdown measures are more damaging than the virus itself.
We need to let the people who have still got jobs get back to them, open up the pubs fully, open up theatres, live music and sports stadiums, people who wish to attend events will know the risks and have to make a judgment. We are adults and are capable of doing this.
People are mentioning Sweden, good or bad remember of the European countries their economy has stood up best to this virus because they didn't lockdown.
But i realize i am a voice in the wilderness and will be criticized but i do know that by Christmas we will have millions of people unemployed and the economy in tatters and we will have massive tax hikes and cuts in public services(Merry Christmas).

Re: Long covid
- I (29th Sep 2020 16:40:24)

Of course if you are old you are not going to be as concerned about an economy that is going to be knackered for 30 years. Likewise you will not be that worried that Brexit will also shaft the economy.

Re: Long covid
- Sarah 2 (29th Sep 2020 18:13:56)

‘I’ - that is such a biased, sweeping, ageist (trolling?) statement. My parents are in their seventies and are concerned about every impact on the economy, for their children and grandchildren.

Re: Long covid
- John (29th Sep 2020 19:27:47)

Where are you getting your info Penny? the Daily Mail?

The highest deaths against population in Europe currently are;

1. San Marino*
2. Belguim
3. Andorra*
4. Spain
5. UK
6. Italy
7. Sweden

How could you have gotten your Facts so wrong? from 1st to 7th? dear me... fake news Penny

*Countries the size of guildford

Re: Long covid
- James (29th Sep 2020 20:57:11)


Your stats are by population, Penny's are by capita.

Re: Long covid
- Anon (29th Sep 2020 21:31:03)

SAN Marino total deaths 42
Deaths per million 1237
Great example of how useful and informative and completely pointless tables can be.
It’s possible penny and John are looking at different tables, there are lots and they’re all a bit different.
I hope the two posters sharing their stories of long covid get better soon, it must be awful.
As for the anti vaccination/5g caused it all/poison in the water/gesara law brigade, you’ll know it when they post, it’s unmistakable.

Re: Long covid
- D (29th Sep 2020 21:46:31)

I, if the younger generation are that concerned about the economy they wouldn't have accepted furlough payments courtesy of the tax payer (of which many pensioners are).

AF, given today's figures I can't see anything re-opening any time soon. My guess is tomorrow Bojo will announce the closure of the pubs. If I'm right you can buy me a pint, (ah, could be a problem there).

Re: Long covid
- Penny Williamson (29th Sep 2020 22:12:20)

Depends on where and when you look at the stats. I stand corrected as on 27 September Belgium had the highest death rate from Covid per capita and Sweden is now 5th. However I stand by my statements that 1) Sweden has more deaths from Covid per capita than its Nordic neighbours who did go into lockdown and 2) that the more people there are in an area socialising without observing the Guidelines, the more quickly Covid will spread. Oh and for the record I don't read the Daily Mail.

Re: Long covid
- John (29th Sep 2020 23:31:45)


Both are deaths against the country population, ie per million and per capita, which ever table you use it still presents stats which define the same order.

Ie Sweden 7th in per million is still Sweden 7th per capita... go back to school

Re: Long covid
- Local Resident (30th Sep 2020 08:17:22)

No response from the OP, despite being asked to verify and despite posting several days ago,

So we might begin to assume it is not a genuine post.

Genuine in the sense that it is a locally generated post by a local person?

If it is not these things, then I think alarm bells should perhaps ring for the editors of Liphook Talkback?

I mean - worse things happen at sea, as they say, but I am sure I am not alone in getting increasingly freaked out by the deluge of Covid fake news/weirdness coming at me from all sides. Next thing will be phishing phone calls from Nigerian princes,, giving me the opportunity to invest in a Covid cure...


Re: Long covid
- James (30th Sep 2020 09:21:44)

How do you expect the OP to prove her story? People have reported having symptoms long after contracting covid. I read a report about how a teenager got it and suffered from extreme headaches and fatigue long after contracting it. I am more than happy to try and find that report for you if you want.

Re: Long covid
- passfield resident (30th Sep 2020 09:59:22)

Local Resident-if your'e "freaked out" by the original post in this thread then you've got more to worry about than Covid-perhaps you should give your delicate sensibilities a rest by staying off the internet for a bit, otherwise you'll end up thinking the Earth is really still flat, Elvis is still alive and the moon landings were faked.

Re: Long covid
- D (30th Sep 2020 12:17:22)

It's disappointing that a well meaning post intended to do nothing more than help people is being dismissed by a very small minority as some sort of conspiracy. Given that coronavirus is a national crisis of course similar posts to this will be found on other websites.

Re: Long covid
- Sue (5th Oct 2020 09:43:49)

I've been watching 'UK Column' on Youtube (search for it) over the past few months. They do a live show Monday Wednesday and Friday at 1pm.

The tell a very different story to the BBC.

I'm not sure what to think but It is fascinating and addictive to watch.

Re: Long covid
- Clare (5th Oct 2020 14:45:25)

I just caught that live 'UK Column News' broadcast on youtube just out of interest. That is amazing. Is it true? Really what is going on in this country?

Re: Long covid
- Jane (7th Oct 2020 12:34:40)

Trump tests positive on Friday; out on Monday. Some pandemic!

What a joke!

Re: Long covid
- Sam (7th Oct 2020 15:18:02)

It's a new form: 'short covid'......maybe... 'weekend covid'.....

Re: Long covid
- A.R (7th Oct 2020 18:22:40)

The lesson here is the media turned this into a circus and scared everyone witless, so the government panicked , as did other countries bar Sweden. This is NOT a killer disease for the majority, and those that are terrified need to realise this. There are some nasty things out there but this is not one of them. It is a paradise for hypochondriacs . Look what we have turned the world into, it is heart breaking for the young, and old who need to spend time with their families. Old people die, that is the way of things, but let them leave happy.

Re: Long covid
- James (7th Oct 2020 21:12:43)


What a stupid post. This is a killer disease not only for the elderly but for the people who already have illnesses.

As for old people dying there is a big difference between dying naturally and dying by a disease such as Covid.

Stop being ignorant. It is currently a small price being paid to keep people safe from Covid a disease we still know very little about.

Re: Long covid
- D (8th Oct 2020 08:07:14)

A.R. S.E. England currently has a very low infection rate but it doesn't mean we should drop our guard. We can be rid of this virus by Christmas if only people did as they are told. But as you have shown people always think they know better.

Re: Long covid
- Penny Williamson (8th Oct 2020 09:49:56)

Well said D and James. It is people like A.R. who are spreading the disease. Ill informed and ignorant. Thank goodness the majority of people don't believe this sort of rubbish - if they did millions would die like they did in the Spanish Flu outbreak after WW1. In addition no one, not even the scientists, know the long term effect Covid could have on those who have caught it, whether severely or mildly. It is unknown territory.

Re: Long covid
- A.R (8th Oct 2020 10:27:08)

Well , to the three replies after my post, you have fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Yes covid is another virus, so will never be gone , just like flu and other bronchial conditions that people get every year. We learn to live and manage them, not to cause the destruction and fabric of life.

James, it is very naive to think old people die naturally, a small proportion do if you are lucky, but I am afraid the majority will face the ending with cancer , heart attacks and disease, dementia and it's complications. The life span of a human has become way over the age for many where life is bearable. Why this need for our species to go on with no meaning of life?

As usual though if you do not agree then you become the monster that exacerbates the problem and become the target.

Re: Long covid
- Susie (8th Oct 2020 12:30:40)

@ James

define 'dying naturally ' ?

Most elderly people will be taking prescription drugs,either as a preventive medicine or a treatment,with many others self medicating with over the counter drugs.

Are you then saying these people will die 'naturally'?....
Your comments lack the real detailed knowledge of disease and disease epidemiology,relative to the ageing process.
Those with prescription drugs have been diagnosed,deemed at risk or are in the process of treatment etc etc.

Your comments are empty and demonstrate a lack of real insight.

Re: Long covid
- James (8th Oct 2020 14:22:09)

I will address this to A.R and Susie as you both have very similar questions.

The first bit I will be addressing is from A.R who states: " it is very naive to think old people die naturally, a small proportion do if you are lucky, but I am afraid the majority will face the ending with cancer , heart attacks and disease, dementia and it's complications."

Let's look at this. Cancer is normally caused naturally by cancerous cells in your body. Unless you are unlucky and have got it from something else such as smoking. That person will die naturally from cancer. Heart attacks, common health problem especially within the UK. Heart attacks are normally naturally caused by an individual's health and fitness levels. Dying from a heart attack is dying naturally. As for disease we can use an example such as coronary heart disease in which case the last statement is the same for this one. You mentioned dementia which once again is natural and something you do not catch.

You also said: "Why this need for our species to go on with no meaning of life?"

So your way of thinking is that people with serious disabilties that may prevent them from having a 'normal' day-to-day life shouldn't live?

As for your last statement I don't become a 'monster' and I don't make the problem worse if I don't agree. It is called having a debate. Something people like you fail to understand.

Susie, your statement has no real question behind it. Yes most people in the older generations do take medication, for example Vitamin C, Zinc and Calcium supplements. Some may take drugs such as Paracetamol or Iburpofen to help with pains that they may have from injuries they have suffered from when they were younger.

As for your last statement please provide feedback into how I can give you a better insight.

Re: Long covid
- Liz (16th Oct 2020 14:53:12)

I was just watching UK Column on youtube as recommended in this thread. They are indeed raking up all sorts of interesting facts about what is going in parliament.

I'm completely gobsmacked over the 'Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill' that is currently going through parliament. The effect of which they point out is to allow government agencies e.g. the gambling commission, food standards agency etc... to be above the law and commit crime. What sort of crime.....anything up to murder apparently!

Re: Long covid
- D (16th Oct 2020 18:17:18)

Proponents of this "letting people die naturally" philosophy will be refusing vaccination when one becomes available then?

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