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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Covid testing
- Shauna Horsley (15th Sep 2020 15:58:37)

My daughter was experiencing Covid symptoms on Sunday, Key Worker in local school kitchen, she tried all day Monday for a test, none were available, she was self isolating with her two children, missing more schooling. Monday evening she was allocated a test in Newport, Isle of Wight, at 9am Tuesday morning......Ferries to the Isle of Wight require passengers to leave their vehicles and the cost would have been £100+, she had her registration for a test so went to Guildford at 9am this morning expecting them to understand the impossibility of her attending the allocated slot on the IOW, she was turned away. Still no local tests available today, very disappointed with the systems in place, hope there are not many other local residents sharing this frustrating situation.

Re: Covid testing
- Zoe (15th Sep 2020 16:38:18)

Why not do the home test option for yourself and family.

I did as part of my work as a keyworker when they first came out. I never had covid-19. I was asked by my surgery to take the test as a randomly selected patient.

It's easy to do and less hassle.

I had results back by email and letter.

Re: Covid testing
- LGR (15th Sep 2020 17:30:03)

If her test was at the IOW, they weren't going to have a slot for her at Guildford?..

Re: Covid testing
- Brian (15th Sep 2020 18:33:16)

I am told that one needs to treat it like booking a doctor’s appointment. The tests are released at the same time in the morning (I don’t know the time) and they go quickly. They have also removed the home test option.

A colleague was asked to go to Coventry for her test. She has all the classic symptoms and can not drive. It has spread amongst her friends but not one has been able to get a test.

My niece recently travelled abroad and when she came back presented with some symptoms (but not clear cut). She tried to get a test but failed. One of her fellow travellers did get a test and it was positive.

I am hearing of people in similar situations paying for private tests. Great if you can afford it.

The lack of testing is going to have consequences. Outbreaks are going to go unnoticed until it is too late.

Re: Covid testing
- SGM (15th Sep 2020 20:32:24)

I was told they were testing in the Penns place car park in Petersfield a few weeks ago.

Re: Covid testing
- passfield resident (15th Sep 2020 20:46:00)

Virtually everything this government has done re Covid has been a day late and a dollar short. We are unfortunate in having a government put together to get Brexit done which isn't capable of handling this crisis. The cabinet is full of second rate, self serving politicians while some of the more capable Conservative politicians have been sidelined because they didn't toe the line on Brexit. They have continually lied about being led by the science-some of the very capable scientists involved in advising them must despair over the way the government has bumbled on.

Re: Covid testing
- Elizabeth (15th Sep 2020 21:40:19)

I was in Guildford last weekend when a mobile testing unit turned up and installed itself in our car park. I asked how we were supposed to know it was there if the people that worked in the building didn't even know they were coming. They said it had been posted on social media! I'm not sure how people were to know. I rang my son who had a nasty cold/cough and he rocked up, had a test and it was back the next day - negative. (Thank goodness.)

Keep an eye on social media?? WHich one? How often?

Someone I heard on the radio said they turned up at a local test centre instead of Innverness and were seen.

I think it is very hit and miss.

I hope you feel better soon.

Re: Covid testing
- KP (15th Sep 2020 22:03:25)

Can a high risk COPD person get one at local liphook surgery if symptoms were to arise ? Or does everyone need to travel to test centres, might ring surgeries in liphook to find out

Re: Covid testing
- Sue (16th Sep 2020 09:33:44)

Unfortunately there are no home testing kits available anywhere at the moment. I tried to get one a couple of days ago.

Re: Covid testing
- Debbie (18th Sep 2020 00:28:51)

We managed to get a home testing kit today (Thursday )we are very lucky as had been trying Since Monday night .
It’s been ridiculous since Monday night to ordering any tests whether it was driving to a test place or having one come through the door . The post it tests were taken off for now from Monday I think it was then put back on today (Thursday ) for a little while .
We had been trying a different postcode to get a qr code since Monday and had my friends try and also my husband none of Us were getting anywhere till Wednesday I managed to book Aberdeen with a diff postcode got to the test centre in Guildford ( empty ) but was turned away ( being someone was holding up a Sign saying QR Guildford code needed .
We were really sick and tired of it all by then but we didn’t give up I tried lots of times again and places were coming up for Guildford and the site crashed and then another testing site and that was crashing and wouldn’t let me book same for others too trying to help me they couldn’t get anywhere either .
Obviously the website can’t handle the amount of people on it at one time .
Plus test centres are empty .
Atleast we got them coming through our door now .

I was trying every other ten to 20 mins each time or kept refreshing the page . Sometimes the site would loose the info and you would need to put it info in again .
It is a pain And shouldn’t he like this for us at all .
Don’t give up 5 days it took for us .

Best times were at 4 am etc too . But you can go on anytime and It’s just pot luck really in what you get with your postcode .
Hopefully we do the tests right and don’t get inconclusive tests that be my worse nightmare 🙈.
It’s best to go on as much as you can and go on as many devices and maybe ask others to do it for you being more People doing it more chance you got .
Good luck to anyone needing a test it’s really hard and time consuming I’m hoping it sort itself out but 111 did tell me on Wednesday that more tests are being released but not the posting tests but I was on there today ( Thursday ) and to my surprise got a post test . It gives you the option if any under the drive through bit .
Just thought I add that the postcode business doesn’t work from Monday night as by Wednesday we had got one and couldn’t use it at Guildford need the one matching Guildford don’t want people going down there for no reason and wasting time unless government will change that as it’s useless when the test centres are empty .
Keep safe Everyone

Re: Covid testing
- AA (18th Sep 2020 09:03:37)

One of my children was up with a temperature last night and I got online to book a test first thing. He has just started a new school and him being off again for a long period of we couldn't get a test is not ideal with him settle in.

My preference was a drive in test but obviously you take what you can. It probably took me less than half an hour of trying over and over and the option for a home test finally popped up so I took it. Either I've been really lucky or the promised tests have come in so keep trying... Not great really, it would have been nice to have the option of going to a testing area but what can you do?

Administering the test is certainly going to be fun...

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