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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Back firing red and white heap
- AJ (30th Jul 2020 17:03:33)

Would the retard who drives ( probably not the best description)this heap either refrain from doing so like a complete xxxx or expect to be reported to the authorities next time. Your display at 5pm today was noted by several people on Headley Road.
Grow up or face the consequences you muppet!!

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (30th Jul 2020 19:41:28)


'retard' is a derogatory term you should not use it like the n-word and f-slur.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Craig (30th Jul 2020 20:18:20)

I think he meant say would the person who has retarded their ignition....

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Adrian (30th Jul 2020 21:17:46)

The retard needs a little less retard. James you whinging sounds like a typical Snowflake or do you drive this little red and white car?

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (30th Jul 2020 23:48:30)


It is still not acceptable to use that word, no matter the context.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Pete (31st Jul 2020 07:27:16)

Retarded definition: Less advanced in mental, physical or social development than is usual for ones age.
Sounds about right to me.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- D (31st Jul 2020 08:52:32)

"Retard" is the opposite of "advance". As has already been alluded to, to advance and retard the ignition timing in an engine. It is not an offensive word, but it has been made offensive by people like you, James.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- er (31st Jul 2020 13:02:18)

This thread perfectly sums up why old English folk can so annoying and condescending and there are so many complaints and protests about them. (there if you wanna be rude let's get rude ha ha, you can take it you say).

A straightforward objection to our young lads having a bit of fun on a budget, which many of us young lads did on a budget, turns into a sanctimonious and rude insulting slanging match from the get go.

Retards (no i don't believe it's got anything to do with the ignition system in this context either!) old jalopies, wrecks and adding in the other post, numpties, act your age (yeah they are!), Halfords Hooligans with bean carts, skips etc.

Interestingly then, the suggestion is that if these were rich old people in Lambos we'd all be swooning and begging for more!

Then someone calling James a snowflake when you are all getting upset and emotional about cars.

(Incidentally other thread made me giggle when OP called it a banging exhaust as in street lingo that means a really great exhaust!)

All of these things make you look a bit past it and irritable, hold on there's a word for that........

But I'll try to raise the tone and ask, how is the community engaging with these young men and providing a lawful outlet for their engineering enthusiasm to ensure they succeed in life as paragons of industry reflecting positively upon our community? OK I've lost you! Good luck with your cameras and prosecutions and insults, but it only polarises and convinces them they're right!

Go on, must be annoying living on a main road, but showing your age and vocabulary limitations isn't the answer, you all moved onto a main road (didn't you factor that in when you saw how cheap the house was going?), the word that comes to mind is...

But don't worry, council has static vehicle noise cameras now, very high tech perhaps you lot wouldn't understand the technology, but maybe asking for one of them would be the way to go, first practical suggestion ha ha!

Like James no doubt, I'm with you on the noise front for the sake of the mothers and babies etc, but not the lazy vulgarity to these improvising youngsters who like me, started life on a budget and couldn't afford a Lambo to impress!

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- D (31st Jul 2020 14:47:33)

The amount of anthropologists whom frequent this website is incredible.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- AJ (31st Jul 2020 14:51:11)

er- the word we are looking for to describe your post would be condescending...
The point of my original post was to draw attention to the way that the vehicle was being driven. If the 'r' word who owns it wants to reduce its performance and make it sound like a party popper, then good luck to him/her but do it while driving safely, not the way they did yesterday!! they will end up seriously injuring somebody or even worse. ER if you want to stick up for 'r' words killing and maiming people on the roads of Liphook carry on but at least do it understanding what you are being seen to support!! Lads having fun on a budget is great but not at the cost of anyone else!!
enjoy your weekend

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (31st Jul 2020 17:18:27)

I do love talkback

Adrian, I am not whinging, I simply stated that the r-word is derogatory and should not be used, the people whinging are the OP's. No, I do not own the vehicle. I am 17, I do not drive.

Pete, well done. That is the definition of it. However the word is considered hate speech as it offends people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Furthermore, because the word has a casual description of anything with negative flaws it has become offensive. And that is the case above.

D, read the paragraph above, you are incorrect. Do your research. Not sure how I have made it offensive, I do not use the word due to its derogatory terms.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Joe (31st Jul 2020 17:52:51)

Why assume that some one driving a car around to impress really has that effect on intelligent people? We do not need to swoon over any car. Better things to do. The old banger is probably illegal so report it.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- D (31st Jul 2020 19:32:47)

James, the people whom you refer to would have been referred to as "mentally retarded" before the age of political correctness but it was never used lightly and certainly never in a derogatory manner. But I doubt your teachers were even born then were they? Maybe you should talk to people who were around at the time.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Ian (31st Jul 2020 20:01:39)

James, you need to man up and stop being so easily offended

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (1st Aug 2020 03:01:07)

D, Forget about being PC. It's as simple as respecting people. The r-word is derogatory therefore it should not be used. Not hard to understand especially if a 17yr old can understand it.

Ian, where did I say I was offended? I didn't. That was your perception of what I am writing. Hopefully this will help you understand why the r-word and other words can be perceived as being disrespectful and derogatory.

I'm loving this :)

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Tiff (1st Aug 2020 03:40:48)

seeing as cars used to have advance and retard control quite a fitting name But youngsters would know that I can think of a lot more offensive words than retard but not publishable

At 17 you have a lot to learn how the world works. You’re going to be offended everyday by the sounds of it Welcome to the real world its a hard nasty place better get used too it. No rose tinted specs anymore.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- George (1st Aug 2020 13:09:37)

We saw another couple of r.....s passing Tower Rd junction of London Rd yesterday and this morning. Old Black Golf and Blue Nissan. Also there is an old Mazda MX5 whose driver who is on something or drunk judging by his regular wheel spinning and dangerous driving .The little red and white must be a newbie as we have not seen this r..... lover yet.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Terry (1st Aug 2020 15:08:56)

I'm not sure why there is an argument about the r-word. It should not be used. End of. Shut up, and accept it. It is derogatory and hurts people.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- D (1st Aug 2020 15:51:24)

Personally I think it's fuss over nothing. No one would moan if coronavirus was being retarded would they? As I said earlier in a post that didn't get deleted, it's an inoffensive word that because of current day political correctness has been made offensive. Maybe the oversensitive brigade would like to publish a list of words they find offensive so we can all avoid thinking them. Talk about Orwell's Thought Police.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (1st Aug 2020 17:29:06)


I object to that. We don't know a lot of things. Just because you are probably older than me doesn't mean you know more about me. Are you aware that Yemen is suffering the worst humanitarian crisis as said by the UN? Or that in multiple countries being attracted to the same sex can get you killed? Or that Poland is planning to leave an European convention on tackling violence against women? Or that Antonio Guterres has described Hate Speech as a Wildfire? The list continues. I will never admit that I know everything because I don't. No, one does. And you appear to not be reading by posts, as I said I am personally not offended, but go up to Hollywater School in September and use that word there.

You have literally just said that the word is offensive. The r-word is no longer used in medical settings, that is because it is offensive. It use to be in the DSM it is no longer. It use to be the International Classification of Diseases it is no longer. That is because it is offensive like you just said it was. It is not hard to understand. It is simple stuff.

Still Loving This 😘

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Tif (1st Aug 2020 19:43:24)

ok how about twit numbnuts
Brainless moron
R sole
Wayne anchor
Bar steward
Village idiot
Thick as two short planks
Bird brain

Which is more offensive now?

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (1st Aug 2020 21:06:34)

Oops... Someone is angry and doesn't like the truth.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- D (1st Aug 2020 21:43:10)

James, you clearly think you know far better than everyone else so I see no point in continuing the conversation any further. We could add "Noddy Know-all" to that list.

I won't be rude like you are because for all I know you might be having treatment which would explain everything.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (2nd Aug 2020 12:27:31)


I haven't been rude at all. You have made an absurd claim without any evidence to back it up. I am also not the one defending the use of the r-word a word that is offensive to people with disabilities and causes a stigma.

Furthermore D, I am not receiving treatment mentally speaking I am healthy and physically speaking I am healthy too. Thank You for caring for my health <3

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Tiff (2nd Aug 2020 20:36:20)

love it youngsters dont seem to know when somebody is taking the p made me chuckle all day

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- D (2nd Aug 2020 21:57:41)

Hello Tiff. I feel sorry for them to be honest, they get their heads filled with daft ideas at school and when they start work it is so different to what their teachers led them to believe they just go to pieces. I get called a retard (and worse) regularly at work but there is no malice or offence, it is part of the everyday banter between me and my workmates which binds us together as an effective team. I'm sure James will be an excellent team player with an attitude like his when he leaves school.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Roger The Saurus (2nd Aug 2020 22:52:48)

I ‘m nearly 70 years old and must say that l’m on James side on this .
Retard is an outdated derogatory word meant to be insulting like spa*tic, ph*id and the myriad names we called other Races.
They are from the past and that’s where they belong .

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (2nd Aug 2020 23:49:05)


What daft things have I been taught at school? I am fortunate enough to have an education so are you.

Just because you don't find it offensive like I don't, doesn't mean it is acceptable. I don't find the n-word offensive but other people do, do I use it absolutely not. I do find the f-slur offensive due to its history, do other people find it offensive maybe, maybe not.

When we use offensive words, it offends people. Now unless you intellectually challenged this shouldn't be hard to understand. Don't use words that offend people. Like Terry said earlier. It is as basic as respecting people, something we are all taught to do, yet some people forget them lessons.

If you defend the use of any derogatory language, you are being disrespectful and hurting other communities.

Something we are taught is British values, one of those values is respecting others not harming them.

You said you feel sorry for the younger generations, why? I can think of a few things, climate change, discrimination, sexism, cuts to vital services such as Police, Mental Health Services and youth funding. I don't want you to feel sorry for the younger generations because to be honest, if you cared you would be doing something and you only bring your own bags to the shop so you don't have to spend 10p.

When I replied with my first post, I wasn't expecting a debate over it. I should of put my expectations way lower. I was expecting for you to shut up, learn from your mistakes and move on.

If you are so concerned about my generation, what are you doing about it?

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- AJ (3rd Aug 2020 07:45:58)

Totally agree. Banter is part of the fabric of life and social interaction. Those who can’t deal with for what it is are socially retarded.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Joe (3rd Aug 2020 08:37:43)

I agree with you in principle James but there are a lot of posters on here who are over 50 and education did not use to teach personal good behaviour and social issues. Bullying in schools was just accepted as part of normal life. There were no teaching assistants to help those who were not keeping up, there was a class to where slower learners were relegated and sometimes pupils never left that class in years. Also pupils with any kind of disability were not sent to school or went elsewhere. Headmasters used corporal punishment on even young children.

My father used derogatory language all the time and it is only recently that racism has become a crime. I am glad that we have supposedly moved on from that but a lot of people are still stuck in the past.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Rolli (3rd Aug 2020 09:13:48)

Oh Joe, what a cliche loaded response, the fact the younger generations are so dismissive of the past makes their future so dangerous and uncertain, need to wake up!

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Terry (3rd Aug 2020 12:28:35)


There comes a time when banter turns into hate speech. Which is not acceptable.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- Joe (3rd Aug 2020 14:34:46)

I was merely explaining what education and life was like Rolli, as James assumes I think, that the Political Correctness now taught has always been around
What is cliqued about that?

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- D (3rd Aug 2020 19:33:57)

When I was at school in the 1970s, my school used to raise a lot of money for a charity called The Spastics Society. We formed close ties with local homes set up for mainly children with cerebral palsy. At Christmas we used to send cards to each other with stamps printed with "in aid of spastics". I still have some of these stamps should anyone wish me to "back up my absurd claim". As a school we were proud that we were doing something for children less fortunate than ourselves, and we all knew we could easily have been one of those children, like we could have easily been one of the thalidomide children. We new how lucky we were.

As times changed and the word "spastic" became offensive, The Spastics Society changed it's name to "Scope". In our puritanical quest to rid the world of everything offensive ask yourself this:- Should the charity Scope, as a matter of ideological principal in not wishing to be associated with offensive words, give back all donations they received under the now offensive name of The Spastics Society?

No, of course they shouldn't. Good example of be careful what you wish for.

Re: Back firing red and white heap
- James (3rd Aug 2020 22:28:12)


While I am aware of this, I find no issue in you telling me again. I can not experience the older education system only the current which does have flaws too. So I always have my eyes open when it comes to the history of our education system. So thank you Joe.


I am not sure what point you were trying make, if it was the history of our education system you missed the mark. Do you not think, that by yourself and others using terminology that is offensive to the people you would call 'spastics' has reversed the efforts you put in, in your younger ages to help this community?

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