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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Compulsory Masks
- Jane (24th Jul 2020  09:20:29)

This is already not happening :(

Almost no customer in CO-OP wearing one this morning, and some of them openingly discussing with staff that they wont be wearing one, for various reasons all of which illogical !

"The goverment has no business making me wear a mask" they say before they buckle their seatbelt, drive the speed limit to a restaurant built to safety codes, eat the food in a health inspected kitchen and receive the heimlich maneuver from a waiter who learned it from a mandatory workplace poster!

If all thought lockdown was bad then you wait till winter.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- B (24th Jul 2020  10:30:22)

This is too little too late. It’s closing the stable door long after the horse has bolted. Making it compulsory to wear a mask 5 months after the outbreak shows you how incompetent Dominic Cummings and his cabinet really are. I will not be wearing a mask for this reason.

I hope everyone who voted for this shower of degenerates are taking a long hard look at what you’ve done, good bye beloved NHS.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Ann (24th Jul 2020  11:00:51)

B - I just hope you enjoy the second lock down. Wearing a mask will hopefully stop the spread of this awful virus. Act like a proper adult.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Ellie (24th Jul 2020  11:07:36)

Dear B,

I didn't realise anyone could be quite so selfish. You do know that you don't wear them for you, you wear them for other people? Yes it might be too late, but better late than never and it may stop it coming back.

I'm not entirely sure what the problem is with wearing one. It might help, it might not, what have you lost by wearing it for 10 mins in a shop?

Re: Compulsory Masks
- James (24th Jul 2020  12:13:46)

B - what a strange logic. If you love the NHS, why are you not prepared to help them with this simple request to wear a face covering? Consider this country without the NHS. No way would the vast majority of us be able to afford to be put on a ventilator - or pay for simple meds to make our end reasonably pain free. Not to wear one because you don't like the present government is naive beyond belief

Re: Compulsory Masks
- B (24th Jul 2020  12:26:24)

I can’t see how it’s selfish. I’ve not worn a mask for the entirety of this crisis, wearing one now will make zero difference. We are due a second spike simply because Cummings and Johnson have absolutely no idea what they are doing, we have ministers telling us to wear a mask and then being pictured not wearing one!

How can wearing a mask in a shop save your life if you don’t have to wear one in a restaurant or pub? Where is the consistency? It’s a total shambles and too little too late. Don’t shoot the messenger, write to Mr Hinds and ask why they decided to implement this law now and not 5 months ago.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- liz (24th Jul 2020  12:55:24)


Although I may agree with your views on Boris and, particularly Dominic Cummings, your reasons for not wearing a mask do not make sense. Yes we probably should have been wearing them before but it is important now as lockdown lifts and we all come more in contact with each other in enclosed spaces. Everyone is entitled, to a point, to take a view on how much they protect themselves, but this is primarily about protecting others.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- D (24th Jul 2020  13:42:35)

There is always a very small minority who are just incapable of obeying very simple instructions. I'm sure we all knew someone like that at school.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- rolli (24th Jul 2020  13:56:29)

New deaths due to Covid 19 looking back from yesterday

Thursday 23rd - 53
Thursday 16th - 66
Thursday 9th - 85
Thursday 2nd - 89

Thursday 25th - 149
Thursday 18th - 137
Thursday 11th - 152
Thursday 4th - 177

Thursday 28th - 416
Thursday 21st - 338
Thursday 14th - 428
Thursday 7th - 540

Thursday 30th - 674
Thursday 23rd - 727
Thursday 16th - 1029
Thursday 9th - 1100
Thursday 2 - 652

Don't despair, things are getting better! Control the fear, be rational

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Pete (24th Jul 2020  14:32:43)

B- totally agree the whole thing has been a shambles perpetrated by people who have had one eye on the situation and one eye on their own popularity / ego, therefore not being willing or able to make the tough decisions. That said I would have to take the view of Liz on this one.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Penny Williamson (24th Jul 2020  14:41:53)

I have just been to Sainsburys and everyone including staff were wearing masks. @B Hindsight is a wonderful thing - could Corbyn or Swinston have done any better? Assuredly we would have had one of them as PM if the Conservatives had lost the election or worse still a coalition which never works - look at the last one.. I am not a great fan of Johnson or Cummings but the thought of a Corbyn led government, ably or perhaps not so ably, assisted by Abbott and Mcdonald does not bear thinking about.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Stanley (24th Jul 2020  15:46:04)

B, I can’t agree with you about not wearing a face mask. We all should be wearing them.
I do agree with you about Dom and Bo though, they have been an utter disaster and wait for things to deteriorate even further.
If anyone takes you up on phoning our local MP. Could they ask why both local MP’s voted down an amendment to the Government Trade Bill earlier this week.
The amendment was to protect the NHS from any control from outside the UK in a future post Brexit trade deal.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- liz (24th Jul 2020  15:49:04)

Hindsight or not we didn't do well compared to the rest of Europe or the rest of the UK for that matter.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- er (24th Jul 2020  16:38:47)

rolli, yes the deaths did come down massively but there is a second world spike coming in most countries, in many it's already there, but they cannot afford to lockdown again, masks are therefore part of stage 2 strategy and we need all plebs to get onboard.

Barcelona and surrounding resorts it's up to nearly pre lockdown levels again having previously been successful in getting it right down.

Now they've opened up to the holiday makers (many of them Brits) going out there to get blind drunk, party and swap bodily fluids and burnt skin, then come back on packed planes to their homes up and down the country!

We're going to need bigger masks!

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Joe (24th Jul 2020  18:21:13)

I agree we should try and reduce risk this way but I too was in sainsburys today about 3.30 not all staff were wearing masks.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- John (24th Jul 2020  19:18:16)

Rolli, no one here is crying in fear, it’s just a discussion, you like popping up with these no need for fear, everyone calm down stuff..

You calm down

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Joe (25th Jul 2020  07:46:41)

Shop staff are not required to wear a mask. Customers are in the shop for a limited time so 15mins in a mask shouldn't be a hardship but 9 hours in a mask on your shift is a totally different prospect.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Joe (25th Jul 2020  09:01:25)

People are in the queue alone for longer than 15 mins sometimes it is impossible to do a weekly shop and pay in sainsburys in 15 mins. Sainsburys staff are still talking in groups not 3ft apart and no masks. A social distance is required if no mask on.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Penny Williamson (25th Jul 2020  09:28:45)

I agree Joe - 9 hours is a long time to wear a mask even with breaks so I totally understand the wearing of them by members of staff not being compulsory. However when I was in Sainsburys on Thursday morning all the staff I saw were wearing masks as were all the customers. I was very impressed and although I don't like wearing one I can see the logic as long as people are careful how they remove them and wash the linen masks every time they are worn.. I feel so sorry for care workers and staff in the NHS with all the PPE they have to wear for hours and sometimes in overheated conditions.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Jane (25th Jul 2020  10:50:15)


Don't kid yourself that this virus is on the decline.

Daily deaths yesterday up to 123.

We all need to take responsibility now to stop a second wave.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- rolli (25th Jul 2020  11:35:55)

@Jane, well there is certainly no decline in the pessimism of many that seem to relish in "The End is Nigh" mentality.

There is a tremendous amount of negative speculation about how bad things could possibly get and I am certainly not complacent. I think a lot of the public and the government have made a complete hash of dealing with this crisis, urban dwellers in particular could drag the rest of the country into a second wave if the worse case speculated happens.

But it is a STATISTICAL FACT that across England, week on week, the number of deaths is falling.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- er (25th Jul 2020  13:16:23)

Yesterday, the World health organisation reported the largest single daily rise in global coronavirus infections at 284,196 for the day.

It is likely that these are heavily underestimated as for example, India is believed to have millions of undetected infections and deaths but is only effectively counting the big cities and much of Africa and other areas aren't effectively counting.

The US still has the highest numbers of new infections recorded at 2,600 new cases per hour.

France has today banned it's citizens from going to Barcelona or the surrounding regions of Catalonia due to the high numbers of new outbreaks, something Britain is reluctant to do for economic and political reasons between the two countries. So our planes will be full of tourists today and for the foreseeable future.

it is anticipate that when schools reopen in September and all the kids return from holidays and the parents return to work, there will be UK Wave 2, so we need to practice good habits before then or there will be a second lockdown and mass UK deaths, because anyone in the know says this is very far from over!

This is not negative news, it is world news, go check!

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Jane (25th Jul 2020  13:21:15)

Congratulations Rolli you are adept at using the internet to locate publicly available statistics.

Those great figures are a result of many positive actions to control the virus, one of which will be the wearing of masks. As I seen no masks being worn in our local CO-OP and those not wearing them saying openly they wouldn’t, wasnt it fair of me to suggest that if we don’t continue with the many positive actions then the virus could take a hold again and winter could see a negative return?

Yet for some reason you decided not to contribute to the idea of masks, instead copied, and pasted something, we all already know, telling us not to worry not to panic etc.

What is your actual contribution to a post with the title of compulsory masks then? Do you have an opinion or are you going to look something up on the internet and say something barely relevant to the discussion and insert the word “Fact” in some sentences to carry your sideline points?

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Brian Cranston-Moran (25th Jul 2020  15:14:09)

Yes this gov has left it late like always but better late than never. I do not wish this virus on any one but those who do not wear one, then serve you right if you get it could mean Death.Is Risk better than wearing one, DO NOT BE SO SELFISH.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Zoe (25th Jul 2020  15:15:35)

No mask on your face,
You big disgrace.
Spreading your germs all over the place.
With social media in place.
We will, we will shame you.

Personally I think it's 5 months too late.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- rolli (25th Jul 2020  15:27:08)

Jane, just adding a bit of positive news to balance what has become an increasingly pessimistic and often ill informed forum. Of course if you just want to focus on the doom and gloom then go ahead, I choose a more positive and hopeful outlook.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Carole (25th Jul 2020  19:53:21)

This thread seems to be very anti government, but would the other parties have done any better?

Why are people so anti masks, if you work in the nhs we have to wear then for the length of our shift, could be 10 hours, so for goodness sake what is half and hour to do a weekly shop! Please stop being selfish, and childish wear your masks. We are going to head for another spike of the awful virus, I just hope the ones refusing don’t lose their lives or loved ones to covid 19.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- S.Hopper (25th Jul 2020  20:33:12)

Joe- you say on the 24th you were in shopping and not all staff had masks on, well apart from the staff that have been proved medically exempt (yes the staff have to prove it, unlike the customers who can just walk in unchallenged) the staff have to wear masks by order of the management or face disciplinary procedures and if you have them already on your record, it can lead to dismissal, so I don't think anyone would risk it, do you? Also about staff having conversations in groups of less then 2meters and made up of 3 ppl or more. Have you ever tried talking work projects, instructions etc on a shop floor, from your comments I would say no. So please tell us why should they not do it when they witness multiple customers doing it on a daily basis when seeing someone they know, to then have a long discussion about their kids at school, college, uni, not going on holiday, the bad points of home schooling etc, they don't care about masks, social distancing or the other people queuing outside in all weathers, who are waiting for them to come out.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Mary (26th Jul 2020  00:13:05)

If you don’t like wearing a mask, see how you like wearing a ventilator tube.

I don’t want your spit all over my salads.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Ian (26th Jul 2020  09:14:33)

Mary, even without a pandemic I wouldn’t want someone spitting on my salad thanks

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Zoe (26th Jul 2020  09:15:31)

Mary that is not true.

Ventilators have been a critical tool for clinicians treating patients with severe cases of the infection. These breathing machines force oxygen into failing lungs. They require deep sedation, however, because a tube has to be inserted deep into a person's throat. Death has been common in COVID-19 patients that are on ventilators.

About 45 percent of patients that require a ventilator for any respiratory distress will die while on the machine. However, that increases to 80 percent when only COVID-19 patients are considered.

Read the full article here.

People really need to start researching more and stop watching to the fake news stories.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Penny Williamson (26th Jul 2020  09:31:23)

Zoe I think you are being a little "picky". When I read Mary's post I took it to mean how much better to wear a mask rather than end up in hospital on ventilation. I don't think she meant that those very sick patients in ICU "put on" ventilators as it is common knowledge that a tube has to be inserted in the throat while the patient is under heavy sedation.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Zoe (26th Jul 2020  10:09:54)

Did the people picking and packaging the salad wear a mask?
Who knows!
Has the salad been washed of the chemicals and germs from when it was growing?
Who knows!

Are we more likely to catch other gems from our shop brought salads that will make us ill?
Who knows!

Are you going to wear a mask for the rest of your life and live in fear for the rest of your life?
Who knows!

There are viruses , germs and chemicals around us every day.

Stop spreading fear.
Stop living in fear.
Stop shaming and blaming others.

At present we have to wear a mask. This to shall pass over time.
It's not everyone else's fault that you are all frustrated and angry. Find other ways to vent your anger and frustration. Stop taking it out on everyone else.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Ann (26th Jul 2020  12:38:45)

Zoe calm down dear :) It’s you who is getting all stressed and all flustered. Don’t push you views onto others like a bully. People are allowed to hold and expressive different views. Nobody likes a know it all. Be nice to others and try to see things from their point of view. You may not agree or care about wearing a face covering but most others around do. Please do you bit to help protect others and hopefully give people a bit more confidence when they enter shops.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Zoe (26th Jul 2020  14:23:30)

calm down dear :) It’s you who is getting all stressed and all flustered.

I'm not stressed or flustered.

Don’t push you views onto others like a bully.

I think you have just done this to me Ann. Just because you don't agree with me. It doesn't mean I'm being a bully.

People are allowed to hold and express different views.

Unless it me. Then I'm not allowed to express and have a different view, because others don't like or agree with my point of view. The truth usually upsets those blinded to it.

Nobody likes a know it all.

Since when has researching facts made someone a know it all. People only say this when they wish to insulate others because they have nothing constructive to say.

Be nice to others and try to see things from their point of view.

You need to practice what you preach Ann.

You may not agree or care about wearing a face covering but most others around do.

I wear a facemask. At no time have I said I don't wear a facemask. I just think the ruling should have been made 5 months ago.

Please do you bit to help protect others and hopefully give people a bit more confidence when they enter shops.

I asked people to stop blaming and shaming . To stop living in fear. To stop taking their frustration and anger out on others. This will help make life easier when we shop and in general.
I have not once said I don't do my bit to protect others.

How others interpret what I write is up to them. I am allowed a point of view just the same as everyone else. You may or may not agree that is fine , that's your point of view. The same as Insulting me because you have no real argument is your point of view.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Penny Williamson (26th Jul 2020  15:16:38)

Agree with Ann. Zoe you are one who seems to be stressed. Ann's post was perfectly reasonable. I don't like wearing a mask and whether or not this should have been made mandatory 5 months ago will be debated probably for years. I agree with Liz now that Lockdown is being eased and people are gradually returning to some sort of normality, it does make sense to wear a mask in shops, enclosed spaces and public transport. This also may stop other germs/viruses being transmitted such as the common cold and flu. This has nothing to do with fear, it is common sense.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Joe (26th Jul 2020  19:35:11)

In answer to Mr/Ms Hopper it was not instructions being passed from a supervisor
Yes I have worked on the shop floor and do know the difference. Surely if staff are
Chit chatting in a social way instead of working they are not doing the job they are being paid for. Even Sainsburys employees have breaks in which to pass the time of day with their co workers. I re iterate not all employees were wearing masks so perhaps if that is against company policy the supervisors should be on the case.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- (26th Jul 2020  22:54:03)


How do you know those member of staff weren’t wearing a mask due to medical reasons.

As I saw most of them in all departments were wearing them.
Also I believe if they work on the tills they don’t have to wear them.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Joe (27th Jul 2020  11:52:36)

The staff not wearing masks for medical reasons are supplied with a lanyard to say so. This was not evident. The social chatting was.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- B (27th Jul 2020  19:07:13)

So Joe the staff are given a lanyard to say they are exempt are they!? Can you please say where you got this incorrect information from or are you a member of Sainsburys Liphook staff? As I have two members of my family that work there and these lanyard don't exist as far as they are aware!

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Joe (27th Jul 2020  22:52:59)

I did not say the employers provided it. There is a medical card available, for people with exemptions to carry around with them. This card is supplied by medical Centres, this info is online. Some employers supply lanyards, i presume that there are no employees with exemptions or they would carry a medical card. I
do not know why this is so contentious. Employers should be monitoring their staff policies not me.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Ian (28th Jul 2020  08:49:41)

Am I missing something here? I’ve scoured the Internet and it seems clear that staff in supermarkets are not legally required to wear masks, only shoppers

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Rita (28th Jul 2020  10:04:23)

Hi Ian.
Yes you are right but some supermarkets are making staff wear them on the shop floor. You don't have to wear them if you are serving behind a screen.

To those who can wear a mask, wear it. Its the least you can do when retail staff have worked through the lockdown to ensure you have been able to do your shopping.

People like B (love the way you don't use your real name) are being totally selfish by not wearing a mask. You are putting vulnerable people in danger. My partners cancer treatment has been delayed through this virus.

If people continue to be selfish rules will stay in place even longer. Continue to stay safe everyone. Xx

Re: Compulsory Masks
- k (29th Jul 2020  10:46:37)

How dissappointed I am to read this thread - How ignorant can people be! -Asking you to wear a mask to protect people isn't asking a lot - personally I do all I can to keep me & my family safe including 88 year old mother in law with severe Heart condition - Thank you for your lack of consideration - I personally will NOT be shopping in CO- OP or other liphook shops if you are the sort of people I am likely to meet.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- B (29th Jul 2020  18:53:55)

Hi Rita,

Since December when the CWP decided to let the WHO know there may be a “problem” I’ve been doing my research. It’s all out there if you can be bothered to read about Covid and it does take a lot of Googling to understand the medical terms.

A pandemic like Covid doesn’t just happen overnight this has been a long slow burn, some experts say it’s been happily spread around the globe between April 2019 to September 2019. It’s transmission rate is approximately 0.1% *citation needed this translated means that 99.9% of the population will not catch the virus, if they do then in most cases it’s just a heavy cold/flu this doesn’t mean it’s not deadly and the daily death rates the press band about make people believe it’s a life or death situation.

Now we move on to how this virus is spread. It’s a contact virus, this means it’s not airborne, you can catch it by breathing but you have to be in near direct contact with an infected person who directly coughs/sneezes in your face. So government guideline on social distancing is good advice, being crammed in public transportation, indoor concerts, cinemas. Basically any enclosed space. Very bad!. How most people catch it is by someone who is infected coughing into their hands and touching something (depending on the surface will depend on how long the virus stays active, metal is a great one for this, so is plastic) Then someone else touching said surface then touching their mouth eyes or nose (see mass transit for classic super spreaders)

Do NOT USE ANTI BACTERIAL GEL OR HAND WASH. This is pointless you may as well use sawdust. This is a virus and the makeup of a virus cell structure is fatty which is why you should use soap and water or an antiviral gel or hand wash. Wash your hands regularly and after every trip outside the house.

Also, do NOT leave your house if you have a runny nose or a cough or start to feel a cold coming on you could be one of the small percentage of people that carry the virus but show no symptoms, also don’t take everything the media throw at you as gods gospel truth, they are only there to put the fear of god into you. Do your research and you can live a fairly normal life without face masks that, as I originally posted is way too little way too late.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Ian (30th Jul 2020  00:04:36)

There seems a wanna B virus experts on here.
Never trust fully what you read on social media and the internet as it’s possibility fake news. Just ask Mr Trump :) Also keep it brief as i nearly fell nearly asleep reading all that patronising hot air.
Just wear a face covering like a good little him/her or whatever. It will likely be a big improvement :)

Re: Compulsory Masks
- John (30th Jul 2020  08:24:19)

Yeah watch out for people whom think “Research” Just means they have access to the internet,

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Zoe (30th Jul 2020  08:33:05)

No one seems to know how to use their common sense or even how to wear a mask.

why are people taking their masks off to cough and sneeze instead of sneezing or coughing in them?
Yes this happens I've seen it.

Are they throwing the masks away as soon as they leave the shop or washing them. are they re using them on their next shop but haven't washed them or used a fresh mask.

If you cough and sneeze in your mask in a shop , when do you change it?

Are people carrying spare masks with them?

There are many reasons why someone may cough and sneeze not every reason is covid-19 related.

It's hayfever season , people suffer from allergies, people suffer with GERD and others digestive problems that all cause coughing and sneezing.
It's also how our bodies release negative energy and stress.

Why do people only seem to think that covid-19 is the only virus about?

People seem to have conveniently forgotten that there are other germs and viruses about us all the time.

A healthy immune system, washing hands and face, staying away from others is really the only solution at present. Wear a mask so you can protect others from your germs and viruses , just remember covid-19 isn't the only viruses and germs out there.

Just out of interest how many people who work in the supermarkets throughout the covid-19 period have either died or been ill with covid-19 and have had a test to prove it.

Just a few of my thoughts. Interpret them how you wish.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- B (30th Jul 2020  09:45:09)

Hi Ian, John,

A wanna B virus expert I am not, educated, informed I am. There are far more serious virus out there. You better hope that Ebola doesn’t leave West Africa. A nasty hemorrhagic Virus that has a communicable transfer rate of 95%. This means that 95% of people who come into contact with an infected person will catch it. The death rate of Ebola is approximately 98%. This means out of the 95% who catch it 98% will die in a particularly horrid and painful way.

Instead of thumbing your nose take your time to educate yourselves on this virus and stop listening to sound bites from politicians who have replaced all the leading communicable disease specialist who advocated wearing masks from day 1 have now been replaced by scientists who will say yes sir no three bags full sir to Mr Cummings (who you’ll remember stated that if a bunch of old people die so what. I want heard immunity)

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Wendy (30th Jul 2020  13:41:47)

Won't wear a mask
But I bet you'd wear a ventilator

Re: Compulsory Masks
- G (30th Jul 2020  13:59:00)

Anyone who has to tell you how educated and informed they are usually aren't as educated and informed as they think they are.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Joe (30th Jul 2020  15:37:32)

We have had the highest death rate on Europe from coronavirus and probably will have a second spike.

The lasting effects of the illness can be devastating. It could be years before a vaccine is ready.

The hard working hospital staff need us to follow the rules

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Clare (30th Jul 2020  17:10:42)

I know it’s not pleasant having to wear a mask ( I have to wear one for 11 hrs a day at work) if you find them claustrophobic just practice wearing one at home for short periods. You should not have any of the skin breakdown that occurs with persistent wearing of one such as bleeding / bruising on the bridge of your nose, or chafing behind the ears or under your chin.if it feels a little tender, just apply a dot of Vaseline to the bridge of your nose before you put on your mask.

Please wear your masks . I wear mine gladly ( tho’ at times painfully) to keep people’s friends and family safer.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Wendy (30th Jul 2020  20:12:55)

Well said Clare and THANK YOU đź’ž

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Aly (31st Jul 2020  06:30:16)

Masks are great, they reduce your risk of Corona, also Ive made my own, I have some really nice ones. Also, if you’re in the shops and see some 1 you don't want to talk to....... So if any 1 wants a free mask I can make you 1.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Penny Williamson (31st Jul 2020  09:09:13)

Thank you Clare - very well said

Re: Compulsory Masks
- er (31st Jul 2020  13:13:05)

Just a tip, if you buy a thick fabric one wash it before first use it gets rid of all the small fibres that you don't really want to be breathing in, especially if you have breathing issues, if you do I find the paper ones better (just a personal preference). Agree with all that people said, it's so bloomin obvious really, in a very basic explanation it stops you sneezing on somebody, it's not meant to be an air purifier, just a first line of defence barrier.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Jane (31st Jul 2020  23:49:32)

The Goverment and scientists are now saying we are reaching the limit of lockdown, i.e its starting to rise again so current = normal. Please just behave, just wear the masks and wash your hands etc.

PS, Rolli before you jump in with your copy n paste "I have access to the internet and I know how to copy n paste", please understand that am not panicking here! Everything is calm... its just a local chat, no need to wade in frecked out telling us all to chill etc... just wash your hands and wear the mask and it will all be fine. x

Re: Compulsory Masks
- rolli (1st Aug 2020  12:12:11)

Actually Jane I think we should be concerned as deaths are beginning to creep up, of course you would know this if you checked your facts. The biggest challenge we are now facing is cultural; clearly the way certain sections of society are living their lives in the homes is having a far bigger negative impact on suppressing this virus than the face mask issue

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Rita (2nd Aug 2020  10:44:42)

Dear b
My opinion of you has not changed, you are still a selfish individual. I think that wearing masks should have happened at the beginning of this. But like I said if people do not follow simple rules then they will stay in place longer

People who don't wear masks without a medical condition are a slap in the face to the NHS and to all the retail staff who have worked this, without having the benefits of 'working from home'. We all have families and have had to endure abuse from certain individuals that can't follow simple instructions.

If you like I do have a cancer patient at home and work full time in retail then perhaps you would think differently.
Please stay safe everyone. Xx

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Rob (2nd Aug 2020  23:42:23)

Also going back to the original co op bit, I was in the shop today and in the car park were discarded face masks scattered around the car park. Take them home or put them in a bin.

Re: Compulsory Masks
- Jane Adams (3rd Aug 2020  00:00:02)

Ah yes there it is, one of the classic's "if you checked your facts"
which facts? to what is that a response too? had anything i said have anything to do with that response?... no .......Is someone talking to themselves now after the copy n paste game dried up?

Amen :)

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