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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Man Spraying Poison
- Rachel (28th Jun 2020  16:07:26)

I just opened my front door to find a strange man walking around spraying the plants in the cracks of the pavement with poison!
If he wants to do this in his own garden then so be it. I am upset because he has sprayed right outside my front door!!! I can't go out without stepping in a big puddle of poison. There was one lonely Broad leaved Plantain on my doorstep. He could have knocked my door and asked before poisoning everything.
I called to him and asked him not to do this near my door to which he replied "I was only being neighborly" Well he could have asked.
I do not condone the use of chemicals on so called weeds and insects.
I'm ever so upset.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- Robert (30th Jun 2020  06:55:40)

How devastating. It may take some time to get over this, but you'll get there.

Stay strong.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- Claire (30th Jun 2020  08:00:02)

I guess he was thinking that the council were taking too long to get around to it. The weeds in pavements do need to be controlled otherwise they become a trip hazard and allow frost damage to tarmac. It is a bit alarming he left a puddle of the herbicide , try not to walk in it before stepping on your grass as it will probably affect it.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- Tanya (30th Jun 2020  08:34:26)

Is there someone you can talk to?

There is help out there.

Thinking of you.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- liz (30th Jun 2020  08:51:21)

I would be pretty cross if some numpty sprayed weedkiller on my doorstep! I know weeds have to be contolled but the council know when, how and what to spray.... and not on doorsteps.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- Joe (30th Jun 2020  11:21:49)

I think the level of sarcasm on this thread is a bit uncalled for, after all it was Dave on a previous thread was upset about a neigbour and , there was no sarcasm on there. Is it because the name is Rachel and not Dave? Easier being a female name?

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- er (30th Jun 2020  13:36:26)

Yes of course joe, clearly a case of discrimination based upon misogynistic stereotypes, my god I bet you're fun at parties!

Actually blokes like a bit of a giggle as much as the ladies, despite the best efforts of the woke to completely eradicate this outdated characteristic amongst our male identifying comrades, ribbing seems sadly to persist, on the plus side it seems to quickly identifies the snowflakes, I think there's something primeval about it!

On topic, I'm (as far as possible) an organic gardener and sympathise with the sort of thing Rachel described, avoiding herbicides in favour of more organic processes (although modern herbicides for private use are supposedly not strictly poisons anymore, I still don't trust them) and I would be disappointed if a neighbour sprayed near my doorstep (if on communal or public land) without informing me first, because, if neighbours aren't informing you first, well you can't just have people spraying this stuff off their own back (outside of their property), what if somebody else does it and then another and nobody is communicating. I know in these times people are trying to be public spirited and I'm sure the intentions were good, but there need to be procedures!

But Rachel's description did make me giggle, Rachel have you considered building a drawbridge to get out:)

Sorry, couldn't resist, Rachel I'm with you on this, the others just don't understand yet!

And seriously Joe, get a life!

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- Confused (30th Jun 2020  13:48:36)

Was this man in your garden or does your door open on to the public foot path. If it does then the council normally spray weeds on pavements so he was only doing their job. If he was in your garden then he was trespassing.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- Joe (30th Jun 2020  14:24:23)

Respect to ER for also recognising the micsogeny, so easily excused by him/her as a " bit of a giggle"
Men do not poke fun directly at other males they do not know at parties as it could lead them into a physical confrontation. Maybe we should be more even handed and poke such rib tickling fun at all the males who post on here. True equality!

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- liz (30th Jun 2020  15:32:45)


You easily are.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- Rachel (30th Jun 2020  15:51:32)

My own fault, I should have kept my mouth shut !

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- Confused (30th Jun 2020  16:48:01)

Thank you Liz for that piece of wisdom. Quote spraying cracks in pavement. If that means public pavements then no problem because the council do that. It was not very clear as to where he was spraying . If he was spraying outside his property and carried on a little further the pavements and outside shops are very bad this year. It’s a shame it spoils the village.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- passfield resident (30th Jun 2020  16:59:27)

Anyone who posts anything on here opens themselves up to people who like to take cheapshots anonymously at other people, unfortunately. I think it's mostly people who don't have anyone willing to listen to them in person.

Re: Man Spraying Poison
- liz (30th Jun 2020  18:13:37)


You see - if a woman says something she thinks is funny ( even if its not ) it provokes a fraught response. If it's a man you get the "can't take a joke, shouldn't have joined' response.! QED.

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