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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Lost tortoise in the square
- Karin (20th Jun 2020 15:45:54)

Lost our tortoise, last seen in the Square around 15:00.

Please call 01428 723 859

07764 703 271

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- aa (21st Jun 2020 15:09:33)

Was it found?

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Karin (21st Jun 2020 17:17:27)

Sadly no

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- er (21st Jun 2020 17:55:16)

When you say last seen in the Square at around 3pm, i guess that's quite a wide area for a tortoise, can you be more specific, I doubt he crossed the road or there'd have been a traffic jam someone would have seen something. Hope you find the little guy, probably under some leaves or something, maybe got trapped in one of the building sites?

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Karin (22nd Jun 2020 08:21:39)

Really appreciate your input. Thank you.

We live at Nr 14, The Square, the house with the huge wisteria on the front. Sadly the gate was left open and she wandered out. The photo posted of her was taken in front of the old Inwood Stoves shop.

We have looked everywhere, and put 60 posters up round the village. We will of course keep looking, as you say they are great at hiding.

She is greatly missed. Belong to my grand children. We also have her sister, the two of them have never been parted.

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- sm (23rd Jun 2020 19:22:31)

how big is the tortoise

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Karin (24th Jun 2020 13:10:00)

Sue is about the size of an adults hand. Her shell is quite pronounced. She is very friendly, used to a lot of handling.

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Karin (24th Jun 2020 17:05:57)

I have now posted a picture on Liphook Community Board on Facebook.

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Loz (24th Jun 2020 20:37:09)

Can you let me know where you have checked and where you check each day as I will keep an eye out when walking

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Karin (24th Jun 2020 21:05:14)

We check daily,

Construction Site,
Behind Redlocks Hairdresser
Green Dragon car park
Lloyd’s Bank car park
Pond area in Queen Street
And around The Square

Thank you for being helpful

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- k (25th Jun 2020 11:28:33)

I'll keep my eyes open too - Hope you find tortoise

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- passfield resident (25th Jun 2020 13:58:38)

Chiltlee Manor has an overgrown composting and garden waste area close to the road-that would be a good hiding place.

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Rob (25th Jun 2020 20:38:07)

Hi if you don't find it and decide you want another one please let me know as I have 2 and both girls and don't get on that well together

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Diane (26th Jun 2020 10:34:20)

It is so hot at the moment and she may well have hunkered down somewhere cool. They do dig in. She will start moving again when the weather cools down but keep looking .good luck hope you find her.

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Mr b (26th Jun 2020 22:42:48)

Rob we would gladly rehome one of your Tortoises if need be.

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Karin (27th Jun 2020 07:29:24)

Hi Rob, that is so very kind of you to offer one of your tortoises. We are not in a space at the moment to think about replacing Sue. We still hope and pray we will find her. But thank you for your very kind though. Karin

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Tash (27th Jun 2020 16:02:47)

We have also been keeping an eye out when we go out . Fingers x you find her soon .

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Rachel (28th Jun 2020 16:15:22)

I am so sorry Sue has gone "walkabout."
You will be surprised at how far a Tortoise can travel! They can cover quite some ground and she maybe further away than anticipated.
I really really hope Sue is found very soon, safe and well and no worse for her summer adventure xxx

Re: Lost tortoise in the square
- Karin (1st Jul 2020 09:47:30)

REWARD of £50 to anybody who finds Sue the tortoise.

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