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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Jen (24th May 2020 22:42:25)

Re: Petition
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (25th May 2020 05:13:40)

We have an economy in meltdown, Unemployment rocketing.
We surely have more important things to deal with than this silly pointless petition.

Re: Petition
- liz (25th May 2020 06:47:32)

Good to see you are up with events YBA!

Re: Petition
- Tyrone Barlows (25th May 2020 14:25:37)

I agree with Adrian. Yes much more important issues. Like what about the bananas? They only had green bendy ones again yesterday! Plus I’m down to my last million... in interest :)

Re: Petition
- D (25th May 2020 18:30:19)

Having just seen his speech I think a Booker Prize might be in order.

Re: Petition
- John (25th May 2020 21:40:14)

Ah yes there is it..... the classic "Surely we have more important things to be doing" argument. Its a rare one but it manifests itself more often when the user is a bit thick, does not like your opinion but cant form a decent return.

Thanks for providing two great examples of this weakness.... much enjoyed.

Re: Petition
- Ian (25th May 2020 22:00:24)

Personal insults during a legitimate debate also a sign of being a bit thick!

Re: Petition
- jen (26th May 2020 15:38:16)

Stopping the key health messages being undermined, preventing a second wave and saving lives all seem pretty important to me.

Yes there other important issues but while he remains in place and unapologetic there will only be this story so those other issues will have to wait. The sooner he goes the sooner this whole sorry saga can be put to bed.

The number of names on the petition tripled since he did his garden party piece.

Re: Petition
- Rob (26th May 2020 17:11:45)

He didn't do anything wrong, read the rules, not someone in the media's made up twaddle.
It's like the whole only allowed out once a day for 1 hour. That was all made up nonsense too, the law as written in the act of parliament is THE law.

Re: Petition
- Katie (26th May 2020 17:30:55)

I would encourage people to email Damian Hinds as well as signing the petition.

Ian, you may describe this as trivial politicising but I respectfully disagree.

Boris Johnson yesterday gave Dominic Cummings a platform to defend his reprehensible behaviour from the Rose Garden of 10 Downing Street no less.

Dominic Cummings is not PM, not a politician, not a civil servant. He is not in any way elected. He is not a public servant. He is employed as a consultant Strategist by Boris Johnson to advise him on the best way to maintain his position as PM.

When Dominic Cummings claimed he needed childcare to continue to work to help with the Corona crisis, he lied. That is not in his job remit, nor is it his area of expertise. He should not be attending or influencing SAGE meetings. The amount of power he holds over the PM is alarming and unprecedented for an advisor.

The fact that Boris Johnson is so dependent on him completely undermines democracy.

It doesn’t matter whether you are true blue, hard left, a green eco warrior or swing wildly across the political rainbow - no one voted for Dominic Cummings.

Re: Petition
- Katie (26th May 2020 17:36:48)

Apologies, Ian.

I meant to reply to Adrian.

Re: Petition
- Terry (26th May 2020 19:01:44)


I won't be signing the petition or emailing Damian Hinds. Here are a few reasons why:

1) I simply don't care
2) He legally done nothing wrong
3) He has been through enough with the media interrogating him quite harshly I should it looked like he was about to cry at one point
4) It's none of my business, yes he's in politics but that's personal life not open life
5) We should be focusing on more important things
6) I don't care what you think or what you might know, show me the facts and back it up then maybe I might change my opinion but at the moment all I see is some lady who is fed up with being at home and pretending she understands politics.

Re: Petition
- Frank (26th May 2020 20:30:08)

A few weeks ago we mocked the US for being in the stupid position of having to get doctors on the news to say "Dont inject disinfectant" Now we have opticans in our own UK news having to say, "if your vision is impaired, dont drive 30 miles with your family in the car"

And Terry, using the "we have more important things to be getting on with" arguement really is the lowest of the pointless wastes of letters ever.

Re: Petition
- Katie (26th May 2020 20:49:38)

Terry -

1) Everything I wrote above is in the public domain. Please feel free to use Google.

2) If you don’t care about democracy I can’t help you.

3) Being respectful towards other people costs nothing.

Re: Petition
- passfield resident (27th May 2020 10:01:30)

Well said Katie

Re: Petition
- Terry (27th May 2020 14:09:21)

Frank, I believe you mean waste instead of "wastes"


Your absolutely right, everything is on the Internet and with a Google search I formed my own opinion that this matter is not a priority and that the government does have better things to be getting on with. Fire Cummings, why? He legally done nothing wrong, he interpreted the guidelines in his own way and felt at that was the best thing to do at the time. While I do not agree with his actions, he still acted in that way, and I have to respect that. Please don't give me permission to use Google, that is something that you have no authority over.
When did I say I didn't care about democracy, this is my point. You interpreted my post in a way that I do not care about democracy, this is what Cummings did with the guidelines. And your right again, respect does cost nothing. I believe I have respected you and if you feel disrespected then please quote me and I if I feel I am in the wrong I will correct myself.

"Dominic Cummings is not PM, not a politician, not a civil servant. He is not in any way elected. He is not a public servant. He is employed as a consultant Strategist by Boris Johnson to advise him on the best way to maintain his position as PM." Then why do you think you have the right to say that this man should be fired if he's not government.

Re: Petition
- Liphook Resident (27th May 2020 14:43:55)

I think Y B A and Terry have got it about right A one Woman crusade against the Government . Everyone gets it wrong sometimes even you and me but so do all the politicians .You have to go with the government of the day like it or lump it. Every body had their chance at the elections the country chose to go with the Conservatives Labour were a disaster all because of Mr Corbyn with his communist leanings and racist ways. We must all just get on with it. The country comes first all get back to work and see what happens.

Re: Petition
- Hal (27th May 2020 16:06:08)

Terry, I believe you mean you're instead of "your".
If you are going to point out errors in grammar, at least get the basics correct yourself..!!

Re: Petition
- er (27th May 2020 17:31:39)

Hal, I believe you meant:

Terry, I believe you mean "you're" instead of "your".

Or perhaps a comma would have worked ha ha!

As for the petition, Cummings did not break the law! That's been made clear by the PM, in fact it's been argued by the media and lawyers that the law wasn't even applicable or enforceable, it was all just advice and left to our good judgement, the police were wrong to hand out the majority of tickets unless people had been repeatedly warned and posed an immediate and clear risk to health of people nearby, and you could always travel to put your child's need first. Not Cummings fault blame the lawyers who wrote this twaddle!

So to clarify, he didn't do anything wrong, just because we thought he did (but we were mistaken) doesn't mean he should be sacked, that's crazy!

And as for this general dislike of Cummings, of course every government has unelected advisers, remember Mandelson, there are hundreds of them, sometimes highly qualified who do a lot of running the country, always have been, my god if we REALLY left it to the bellicose MPs can you imagine the chaos...….

The rest is political, which is divisive right now, Labour with an ever willing media are stirring this up to get at their political opponents and it's naughty of them, not really the time for it!

Re: Petition
- Terry (27th May 2020 17:39:37)

Hal, oops! My error. If the Editor could correct it that would be amazing!

Re: Petition
- D (27th May 2020 18:51:05)

Katie, I agree with you completely. I used to feel the same way about Alastair Campbell but at least he didn't give his own press conferences like some narcissistic tin pot dictator. Please don't be offended by the rude offensive comments posted on this website. If their standard of written English is a reflection of their intellect then their combined brain power wouldn't light a six watt bulb.

Re: Petition
- Terry (27th May 2020 19:36:04)


Do you think Cummings really wanted to do that press conference? No, if you watched it you would of been able to see that in his body language.

Please expand more on the 'dictatorship' that has me intrigued in your opinion!

You are incorrect on the light bulb theory, the human body actually produces enough energy to power a 100 Watt light bulb not 6 Watts.

Fun fact: Energy can be stored, whereas power can not.

Re: Petition
- Jen (27th May 2020 19:48:42)

850,000 people have signed

Re: Petition
- passfield resident (27th May 2020 19:49:07)

Quite right D. Terry's post contains a whole string of grammatical mistakes (I counted seven). Correcting other people's grammar when yours is hopeless takes us back to the double standards this thread is all about.

Re: Petition
- er (27th May 2020 20:39:40)

passfield resident and the rest, how is it double standards, when he obeyed the law, he didn't break the rules, you and 850,000 believed he broke the rules but he didn't, so you didn't understand the rules and he did, that's why he is a government adviser and the rest of you aren't and why he shouldn't be hounded out of his job by a baying mob who didn't bother to read and understand the rules like he did, he was quite right to drive to protect a child for goodness sake!!!

Re: Petition
- Joe (27th May 2020 20:43:35)

I do believe telling Katie she ix a bored woman who has no understanding of politics is very rude. Especially these dsys it is not the 1970s .1

Re: Petition
- D (27th May 2020 20:52:58)

So where do you insert the bulb, Terry?

Re: Petition
- Terry (27th May 2020 21:39:49)

I was simply pointing it out. If you point the 7 errors out then I'm sure the Editor would be kind enough to rectify them.

Re: Petition
- Terry (28th May 2020 11:28:59)


If you would like more information on how much energy the body produces and how it can light a 100watts bulb I recommend you find a relevant article online, or go to a library when they are open again.

Re: Petition
- D (28th May 2020 17:10:49)

I was hoping you might be able to explain it for us. Other than turning mechanical energy into electrical (dynamo on a bicycle for example) I really don't see how the human body could illuminate a 100watt lightbulb.

Re: Petition
- liz (28th May 2020 17:21:03)


Durham police think he broke the rules.

Re: Petition
- Diane (28th May 2020 18:34:17)

Poor Jen what a can of Tory minded worms you unleashed.How about this scenario. Unelected man in power running the county needs holiday. Decides to pop up to his part share second home with his wife and small see the family.Sets off late evening on long journey even though rules say don't leave home.Nanny has been furloughed for 2 weeks. A couple of special dates to be celebrated. Places to visit and woods to be walked. If found out lie lie lie and it will soon go away. Move on

Re: Petition
- Terry (28th May 2020 19:11:25)


The same way it would illuminate a 6watt bulb. If you would like I am more than happy to make a new thread about this, so you can wrap your brain around it.

Re: Petition
- John Haywood (28th May 2020 20:32:24)

There are none so blind as a Tory who will not see. Understanding cannot be forced on someone who chooses to be ignorant.

Re: Petition
- Ian (28th May 2020 21:44:48)

You got to laugh at the embittered left looking for every opportunity to snipe and gripe at Tories. The fact is that the blunders being made by the current regime in this unique and difficult crisis are minimal compared to the utter mess the left would have made if in power. However I suppose they were so damaged and humiliated by the country’s complete rejection of Labour we need to just humour them and let them score their puerile little points.

Re: Petition
- Gordy (28th May 2020 22:24:38)

Isn't Cummings the Tory equivalent of Alistair Campbell?

Re: Petition
- D (28th May 2020 22:49:07)

Excellent idea, Terry. Go for it.

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (29th May 2020 14:34:43)

Dominic Cummings is more equivalent to Harry H Corbetts hand with Sooty. The puppet can’t work without the puppet master giving him a hand. Same with Pinocchio, he wouldn’t be able to lie without Geppetto pulling his strings.

Re: Petition
- Gordy (29th May 2020 15:24:15)

John Heywood - really? Where's the evidence? Boris clearly values Cummings and relies on his council in exactly the same way as Blair did with Campbell. Where's the evidence that Boris is Cummings' puppet though? It's an incredible master plan by Cummings if you're right, mwhahahaha!

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (29th May 2020 18:22:31)

After watching BJ at the Parliamentary Liaison Committee and then at the Coronavirus Update yesterday. You see emperors new clothes. I see the emperors in the altogether. This is why I refer you to my post yesterday.

Re: Petition
- A.R (29th May 2020 19:13:48)

To all those condemning the government and Cummings, You have so much bile and vitriol in you it is breath taking. They are human beings in a nightmare scenario trying to please everyone. What is in your hearts that makes you want to break a human soul and their life, what will you get from it I wonder. I voted Labour most of my life but I believe I have enough decency in me to admire their efforts.
To Jen , whose scalp will you try to skin next ? One thing I have learnt in all this is that some in our society will not accept democracy but feel they have the right to tear apart others that do.
I am glad I am not you, even with my the pain I am suffering at the moment.

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (30th May 2020 18:54:36)

I think you have mistakenly taken anger and fear as bile and vitriol. This Govt seems hell bent on preserving their competency on trying to appease the nation when in fact we are way behind the curve with 99% of the world I hate to keep referring to my original point but open your eyes and don’t just follow Govt spin.

Re: Petition
- Jen (30th May 2020 19:26:53)

Wow - over a million people have signed !!!!

Re: Petition
- Ian (30th May 2020 19:50:42)

My goodness me John, you’ve opened my eyes to how dull, monotonous and repetitive the left can be! Look forward to your next highly intellectual and original reply.

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (30th May 2020 20:26:15)

Can you believe that amongst the million there are Tories .Obviously left wing Tories and left wing papers like the Mail, Telegraph and Times. I’m led to believe the Express is holding firm though.

Re: Petition
- Penny Williamson (30th May 2020 20:27:15)

I have voted Conservative all my life but I am shocked at the way Boris Johnson has behaved over the "Dominic Cummings Affair". I supported Boris and really believed that he was a man of integrity and strength. Now he has shown himself to have "feet of clay". He has boxed himself into a corner. If he now sacks Dominic Cummings he will appear weak and a man who "flip flops" and if he continues to support him he will appear to be untrustworthy, part of the elite of which he assured us he was not and one of the "do as I say and not as I do" brigade. This is not about bile and vitriol - I feel nothing like that - just incredibly disappointed and disillusioned. Thousands of people have made huge sacrifices during Lockdown - we read and hear about the tragic stories day after day so I don't need to elaborate and Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings have shown themselves to be supremely indifferent to those people by their actions which speak so much louder than words. Even more worrying Boris has demonstrated palpably that he is the puppet and Dominic Cummings is the puppet master - the man who is really running the country - heaven help us!

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (30th May 2020 22:09:53)

Thank you for saying how it is. I’m no left wing militant as Ian et al spout and you can see by their posts how blinkered they are. I have only asked that people look at the facts with open eyes and see what a mess BJ and his lapdog cabinet have made of this pandemic.

Re: Petition
- Julian (31st May 2020 14:45:57)

I know it's old news and tittle tattle,
but I saw DCs' photo on the door step with his son I think in the Evening Standard at the time he did it. Why wasn't it raised then?
DC was brought in by BJ to ensure Brexit was delivered and we are coming again to an important stage of negotiation. All the opposition parties have been written to by Monsieur Barnier. And journalists I have heard with my own ears, who I think should be reporting news are trying to steer policy towards a 6 month delay as part of their never ending strategy of derailing Brexit.
Then you have Corbyn's call for "resistance" where bit by bit the Conservative party is gaslighted in order to reduce confidence in government, BJ, MG, and PP.
Keep strong BJ et al

Re: Petition
- Jennifer (31st May 2020 15:17:17)

I think this whole debacle over Dominic Cummings has finally removed the wool that Boris Johnson (aided and advised, of course, by Dominic Cummings) had pulled over the eyes of a great many loyal tory voters.

We now all see Boris Johnson for what he truly is: duplicitous, devious, self-seeking, self-promoting, a popularity junkie and, above all, inept and incompetent and unsuited to a leadership role. Who among us would vote for him now if there were an election today, I wonder?

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (31st May 2020 19:13:44)

You are absolutely right. This is all I have been trying to say. Open your eyes and see.

Re: Petition
- Ian (1st Jun 2020 11:02:35)

No matter how open your eyes are, if you are looking through red tinted glasses you won’t see the true picture

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 11:38:48)

It doesn’t matter what colour tinted glasses your looking through. If you don’t open your eyes you can not see

Re: Petition
- R (1st Jun 2020 12:26:22)

Jenifer and John our eyes are open and Jenifer not all of us only the labour followers with their heads in the sand trying to remove a conservative Government just like the unions. Look at the Teachers Union diabolical all unions should be curbed they should be brought to account all they want. to do is bring down a Conservative Government to hell with the people.You only have to look at history Labour Governments ruin the country and the economy.

Re: Petition
- Jen (1st Jun 2020 12:39:50)

Wow - another 100,000 people have signed !!!

Feelings across the nation are still running high.

Re: Petition
- Ian (1st Jun 2020 12:51:34)

John, my final word on the matter as your repetition has got boring.

My eyes are open, what unbelievable arrogance on your part though to accuse people that do not see what you want them to see as being blind

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 13:45:30)

You’re right. I don’t think even Dom’s optician could make you see. I can see your loathing of Labour is only beaten by your obeisance to the Tory party.

Re: Petition
- Terry (1st Jun 2020 15:35:56)

John you are the most immature and disrespectful person on this talkback.

Talkback should be updated with a 'code of conduct' to prevent disrespectful replies.

Re: Petition
- Me (1st Jun 2020 16:41:26)

Yes Terry that’s labour for you.

Re: Petition
- A.R (1st Jun 2020 16:46:14)

I suspect our John Heywood is not from these parts. I would say he hijacks conversations with this topic. There is a John Heywood on Facebook who seems to post garbage and outlandish posts against the government and Brexit.
To put it mildly if this is him he really is obsessed with wanting to bring Boris and Cummings down. A very unhealthy attitude to all this I think.

Re: Petition
- Rölli (1st Jun 2020 16:46:25)

John, what a lovely ambassador for the Labour Party you are!! Keep it up mate and all you kindred folk supporting the Labour Party. Attitudes like yours will ensure we'll stuck with the Tories for another decade

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 16:54:13)

Interesting point, but you only note the disrespect coming in one direction. Tune in at 5 if you want disrespect and lies. But watch it with open eyes and a open mind

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 17:33:08)

Oh dear. I have appeared to awoken the Tory Trolls. Just a couple of points.
One- Everyone agrees that NZ has been one of the most successful countries dealing with Covid. This is a Modern Labour Government. Now the Corbyn era has passed. We are now into a Keir Starmer New Labour Party and he is taking the hibernating Boris apart at PMQ’s.

Two - The domnishambles that is Brexit being run by an unelected individual ( Does this ring a bell)
EU Combined Population 747 million
Deaths 34500
UK - Combined Population 68 million
Deaths 37000

Re: Petition
- Jennifer (1st Jun 2020 17:36:24)

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not a labour supporter and never have been.

I quite liked Theresa May and David Cameron and had a lot of respect for them, but I think that Boris Johnson is a terrible prime minister! The "Cummings Affair" has been the final nail in the coffin as far as I am concerned.

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 18:26:24)

Point 3 - Just watched the Covid update. Waiting now for the trolls to tell us the world beating test and trace system BJ said would be effective today is a great success.

Re: Petition
- M (1st Jun 2020 18:41:44)

@ Jen

This petition is a waste of time and effort.

Dominic Cummings can only be "sacked" by Boris Johnson, he is employed as an adviser to Boris and nothing else.

It makes no difference if you get 10 million people to tick a box on a website, Dominic Cummings will still be an advisor to Boris Johnson until Boris decides otherwise.

Stop wasting your time on things you can have no influence over and concentrate on things you can change.

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 18:56:44)

Totally agree with you. But be careful those trolls who cannot see are determined to beat and tramp you down. Like me you may have noticed none of them can give any reasoning why BJ and DC shouldn’t be criticised

Re: Petition
- Me (1st Jun 2020 19:03:54)

Funny old thing emigrants travel through all the EU countries then they get to the channel then they risk their lives to get to the UK. They don’t want to stay in France or any other EU country. You all paint Great Britain as a crap country but we seem to fit the bill for emigrants.

Re: Petition
- M (1st Jun 2020 19:12:51)

@ John Heywood

Boris Johnson and the conservative government were elected with a large majority only a few months ago.

You can rant and rave to your hearts delight, and also get as many ticks on a website as you can, but it will change nothing.

Boris Johnson does not need to call a general election for nearly 5 years so carry on with your pointless argument.

The present government are here for a good few years, covid-19 or no covid-19, no matter what your, or others, opinion is.

Re: Petition
- Keith Budden (1st Jun 2020 19:42:28)

John - not sure where you got your figures but the total EU death toll is around 125,000

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 21:49:53)


First of all I assume you mean immigrants. Perhaps they’ve seen the old tosh the Mail, Telegraph, Express and Times spout. They will be given a house, widescreen tv, computers, BMW’s etc. Have you not noticed the despair of people losing their jobs, not qualifying for furlough scheme and having to go on Universal Credit , not knowing how they’ll survive. Surely if it was the Nirvana the right wing press would have you believe. We would all go on benefits

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 22:14:15)


You seem to think that having a lazy liar being hand fed policy by some unelected guru for the next 5 years is something to rejoice about. This man who has sired so many children in and out of wedlock, left his wife in hospital suffering from cancer to run off with his latest flame. But due respect to his ex who said that ‘ she was glad to get that cancerous growth off her back ‘ BJ’s city backers have millions stacked on leaving the EU without a deal, that’ll be interesting to see the outcome. We still haven’t seen the Russia Report six months after the election. Is it because of all the oligarchs money funding the Tory Party. Biggest pandemic in 100 years and he missed the first 5 COBRA meetings but managed to pop outside Number 10 to have his photo taken with a Chinese dragon. I could go on , but I think Hans Christian Andersen’s / Danny Kaye. The Emperors New Clothes. I see the Emperor in the altogether .

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (1st Jun 2020 22:24:40)


I think you will find the UK numbers are included in your total but even so the startling difference between 27 EU countries and the UK is a cause for concern. We seem to be totally at odds with most of the world. I personally find it embarrassing that our leader is seen in the Trump, Johnson, Bolsinaro, Putin quartet. But then most of the Blinkered Tories don’t see it.

Re: Petition
- Me (2nd Jun 2020 09:13:42)

John thanks for correcting my spelling I just don’t have your brain power. Now John Heywood I wonder what your day job is if you have one are you employed or run your own business or perhaps a student or god for bid on the dole.

You seem to have a lot of spare time on your hands to tell us All how to run the country.Perhaps you could tell us how you would run the country if you were in charge . If you are employed I wonder what your employer thinks of your views, if your a student then the country is keeping you , if your on the dole the country is keeping you.

But if you are self employed and running your own business I take my hat off to you. Have a nice day.

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (2nd Jun 2020 11:50:16)

I wasn’t correcting your spelling. I was trying to ascertain whether you were relating to people arriving or leaving the country.
I am not trying to tell anyone how the country should be run. I am trying to point out how badly it’s being run. If you can point to any of my posts that show how the country should be run.. Please do furnish me.
My personal details are my personal details. But I will say l am British, work full time and pay all my taxes . This gives me every right to criticise this shambles of a Govt.
Mistakes on the way
Pritti Patel’s flight arriving quarantine measures. Changing before it starts .
Rees-Mogg’s kilometre long line of MP’s queuing to vote.
Matt Hancock’s test and trace , a great success, but can’t supply any data. The tests carried out include the tests they’ve posted out that day. Swabs that are carried out on one patient simultaneously are counted as multiple tests.
Jen, keep pushing for the petition. I will finish this last post with what I said in my first post. ‘There are none so blind as a Tory who will not see, understanding cannot be forced on someone who chooses to be ignorant ‘. John Heywood ( 1497-1580 ) has left the building

Re: Petition
- Rölli (2nd Jun 2020 12:00:52)

John is a troll, he loves to spout on about his superior intellect and moral superiority, but he is just a troll.

Actually he might be a Tory plant, spouting such utter left wing nonsense that it encourages those disgruntled with the Tories to see just how ridiculous the left is (and in Johns case, obnoxious) so they end up staying Tory.

BTW, as a true Troll he's probably loving all this attention so from now on DON'T FEED THE TROLL

Re: Petition
- A.R (2nd Jun 2020 13:54:05)

Hurray, he's gone back under his bridge from whence he came. Probably back on his Facebook to post more ridiculous garbage. He really does have a bee in his bonnet bordering on the edge of insanity. Why so much hate towards the Tories, all he has done is proved the point the only remaining Labour supporters have truly lost the plot . Glad I got out in time, as t they do not stand for what they once did.
See Jen what you started ? I hope you are not like him, but I have my doubts.

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (2nd Jun 2020 14:38:19)

Sorry but I have to return to defend Jen. The last two posts show the opposition to any alternative view from the right.
My posts are my posts and nothing to do with Jen . It was me that joined the thread. Jen has a perfect right to support a petition she believes will benefit the country. Have a go at me by all means but Jen doesn’t deserve the rudeness and spite directed at me. If the last poster AR? Had a shred of decency he would apologise to Jen straight away.

Re: Petition
- liz (2nd Jun 2020 14:40:44)

Well I am not a troll but I'm afraid a lot, if not most, of what John says is correct. Our current government is a shambles, they are not being honest and if I was cynical I would say they are trying to bury the inexcusable Dominic Cummings fiasco under headlines of the reopening of sports events etc. Anyone who saw BJ's performance in front of the Commons Liaison Committee could surely not have any faith in this man to run a bath never mind a country - whatever their political allegiances. Even our own MP says that Dominic Cummings broke the spirit of the regulations and that their cannot be one rule for some and another rule for others.

Re: Petition
- Gordy (2nd Jun 2020 15:53:56)

This is all just a continuation of Brexit. Remainers looking for any agenda against Boris / Cummings - who'd have thunk it?

In my opinion, the use of this as political ammunition is utterly appalling. Mistakes have absolutely been made but we're attacking a govt based largely on hindsight. I sincerely doubt whether we'd be any better or worse off under labour.

And as for the suggestion I've seen elsewhere on here that the govt is effectively doing this on purpose, well that beggars belief for any rationally minded person. Whatever you think of Boris, he isn't a Hitler or a Stalin.

Re: Petition
- Joe (2nd Jun 2020 16:31:12)

Questioning what the latest government spin is does not indicate a faithfully left wing anti Tory. It shows an enquiring mind. The government are not following medical advice at the moment the scientists and members of the cabinet have been stopped from answering semsible questions. We have the worst death rate in Europe. The least we can do is ask why.

Re: Petition
- liz (2nd Jun 2020 16:50:31)


If you think this has anything at all to do with Brexit you have very limited horizons.

Re: Petition
- Rölli (2nd Jun 2020 17:38:58)

John, thought you said you had finished, more left wing lies!

Re: Petition
- Rölli (2nd Jun 2020 17:39:49)

Oops, sorry, forgot, DO NOT FEED THE TROLL

Re: Petition
- Rölli (2nd Jun 2020 17:44:49)

I think Terry hit the nail on the head about John.

No-one should be criticised for challenging this or any government. However, reading all the posts here John was the first to start calling those of a different opinion ignorant, blind etc. He invalidates any political point he wishes to make by his personal abuse and unpleasant manner.

Re: Petition
- John Heywood (2nd Jun 2020 18:32:37)

I only returned to this thread because some posters were tarring Jen who is totally innocent with the same brush as me. This was unjustified and uncalled for. I was hoping AR would be man enough to apologise to Jen. Evidently not. Sorry seems the hardest word for a Tory to say..
Sorry editor I meant to leave but feel guilty to Jen for having dragged her into the Tory bull pit with me.

Re: Petition
- Gordy (2nd Jun 2020 19:27:21)

Excellent liz, looks like I hit the nail on the head there. Of course loads of this is Brexit related. If you don't think there are people trying to settle Brexit related political scores using this covid-19 mess than you are naive in the extreme. Do you even read a newspaper - doesn't matter which? If not, have a Google of "Brexit and Covid" and scroll through.

Re: Petition
- liz (3rd Jun 2020 07:52:20)


Don't be obtuse. My point was that the Dominic Cummings issue was not Brexit related but no doubt Cummings supporters will say it is - anything to divert the argument from its core. As for naive? Possibly, but my job involves reading a broad range of international political, social and economic news feeds. Not sure a subscription to the Daily Mail would help - but then perhaps that's what I am missing!

Re: Petition
- Gordy (3rd Jun 2020 08:31:59)

And my point, liz, was of course it absolutely is 100% related to Brexit in many instances. It's politics, plenty of people out there looking for political revenge on him whether you're a Cummings supporter or not. I'm neither by the way and as I said previously I'm sick and tired of an unprecedented natural disaster being used as a political points scoring system.

Re: Petition
- liz (3rd Jun 2020 09:45:03)


In many instances possibly. In most instances no. People on both sides of the Brexit divide were incensed by Cummings' double standards - particularly when so many people had endured real suffering to abide by the rules.

It is not just a point of principle - people had followed government advice but if a senior advisor is seen to act on his own 'interpretation' then others will see this as an excuse to do likewise with a potentially very serious outcome.

Re: Petition
- E (3rd Jun 2020 12:21:30)

It’s time to stop. All the arguing it will not solve anything. People and Politicians have made huge mistakes in our history but life goes on. Please shut your laptops up go to work and get this great country of ours back on it’s feet.

Re: Petition
- liz (3rd Jun 2020 14:08:43)


There are big issues out there and public opinion does have an impact. Sticking your head in the sand is the worst thing to do. Although of course it is the easy option.

Re: Petition
- E (3rd Jun 2020 15:24:15)

No Liz you have to much time on your hands.

Re: Petition
- liz (4th Jun 2020 06:26:32)


I work full time but they do say that if you want a job done give it to a busy person!

Re: Petition
- John (4th Jun 2020 09:31:23)


How absolutely dare you suggest people stop discussion and free speech. Your statement is what we would expect of a Neanderthal whom hasn’t grasped the time in civilisation they exist! It’s 2020! people have had the right to discuss and express since long before any of us had entered this world.

If you have nothing constructive to add then be silent, don’t embarrass yourself anymore with the “shut up and get on with it argument” The expressions within this post are not illegal, Nor is making them doing so at any cost to any progress on the issues.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it, and or be constructive

Re: Petition
- E (4th Jun 2020 10:12:15)

Ok Liz you work full time well done. I see your job is reading Political Social and Economic news feeds for. a lot of international papers then you take a swipe at the Daily Mail perhaps you should read Mr Littlejohn more often. Yes a busy person gets involved in many things but not necessarily very good at all of them you contribute to many threads and I notice you are way off the mark in many.I stand by my post this thread has as most of them become political time to stop.

Re: Petition
- liz (4th Jun 2020 11:08:32)


It was a political thread to start with or didn't you notice! I see that you are happy to tell people to "put down their laptops" but are quite prepared to continue yourself. As for agreeing with me .. you say I am way off mark. Maybe, but if Littlejohn is your main source - I'm not surprised we differ.

Re: Petition
- E (4th Jun 2020 12:11:42)

There you go again having a go at the mail but all the papers are the same if you don’t read them all in your job then you only have one view. I no this thread is political but it’s one sided all against the government. We have this Government for another 5 years so surely we should all pull together for the. Country not keep trying to bring it down. We are coming out of the E U so now is the time to come together and work our socks off for the good of the people.That is what I meant by stopping this arguing .I know it falls on deaf ears with the opposition but I suppose that’s life. That’s my lot have a nice day.

Re: Petition
- liz (4th Jun 2020 13:53:40)

As a point of order the next UK General Election is scheduled just under 4 years from now not 5.

Re: Petition
- Katie (4th Jun 2020 15:50:57)

I respectfully disagree.

All newspapers are not the same.

The Daily Mail has topped the list of the Independent Press Standards Organisation for upheld complaints, forced retractions and inaccuracies for the past three years.

You are advising people to read the UK’s defending champions of the gold medal in fake news.

I’m sure this reply probably makes me a Tory-hating, vegan, unemployed, millennial-loving, avocado-eating, aggressive-lefty, ranty, crusading, mouthy, but actually knows nothing WOMAN.

But hey-ho.

I do love an avocado.

Re: Petition
- Rölli (4th Jun 2020 17:05:53)

I lean towards the right although at the moment I think they are all a useless bunch of idiots.

However, the press is almost as bad and top of the list has got to be the Mail.

BBC news is equally as bad.

The problem is we now have news and opinion overload! We are literally bombarded from all media directions by countless outlets whose priority is rarely to be accurate.

Challenging times ahead

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