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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Failing Government
- David (24th May 2020 16:43:07)

Just a thought, I wonder if Damien Hinds calls for Dominic Cummings to resign or lose his job.

I myself have lost all trust in the failing Government who's organisational skills seem to be that of a troop of chimpanzees.

The COVID action plan has been farcical and again our failing Government have become a laughing stock for the rest of the world.

The buffoon Boris and the rest of his incompetent, dishonest troop should hang their heads in shame and resign.

Stay safe oh and "Stay Alert" whatever that means

Re: Failing Government
- Ian (24th May 2020 17:36:55)

Come on then David, put yourself up for the vote at the next opportunity but in the meantime how about coming up with a proposal on how you would have dealt with this crisis and on what basis you feel you know best?

On the subject of Dominic , he should have been fired, what an arrogant tw*t

Re: Failing Government
- M (24th May 2020 17:44:07)

"...…..Stay safe oh and "Stay Alert" whatever that means"

Oh David I think it's you who is coming across as the "Buffoon".

Stay Alert is pretty self explanatory now we've started to emerge from the original total lockdown.

Stay Alert to Covid-19, it's still out there and you need to take precautions. Those of us who are now out and about working, and not being paid to be at home doing nothing by Boris and his government, totally understand and appreciate the hard work they are doing under the worse national emergency since WW2.

I wish everyone would stop making Covid-19 a political football and let the government try and get us out of this horrendous situation with at least some form of an economy that can work.

Pretty easy to understand as far as I'm concerned...…......….unless of course you are a Buffoon?

Re: Failing Government
- Jen (24th May 2020 18:01:11)

It seems that we have all been mistaken and have misinterpreted the government instructions!

Boris Johnson has just confirmed that the "stay at home" rule wasn't actually ever a rule at all and we should all simply "act on our instincts."

Who knew?

Re: Failing Government
- Rob (24th May 2020 18:48:51)

A cruel analogy for the chimpanzees

Re: Failing Government
- Pj (24th May 2020 19:27:40)

Stay Alert" Is don’t get seen by police and public doing 260 miles

Re: Failing Government
- Martin (24th May 2020 20:30:16)

If our Boris truly admires Winston Churchill he certainly hasn’t learnt any leadership skills from the great man. Those that voted for this disgusting shower must now be totally embarrassed at the mess they have lumbered us with.

Re: Failing Government
- Katie (24th May 2020 20:41:40)

Cummings’ behaviour wouldn’t seem quite so duplicitous if his wife hadn’t written a particularly smug and misleading description of their Covid experience for The Spectator.

Everyone knows someone who has broken lockdown and probably in more irresponsible ways.

The thing that matters in THIS story is that any other aide would have been made to resign on the spot.

I don’t think anyone could argue that Boris is a great one for loyalty - he famously left his wife for another woman while she was being treated for cancer and has done over numerous colleagues on his way to number 10.

So at a time when things aren’t looking great for Boris - death rate high, multiple U-turns you do have to wonder what it is about Dominic Cummings that is making Boris channel another busty blonde and ‘Stand by His Man’.

I would genuinely love to know.

Re: Failing Government
- David (24th May 2020 22:07:00)

Ian I'm no politician and have never had any interest in politics as I was told as a child "they all lie". I think this debacle has highlighted politicians dishonest behaviours and that the elected Government are drawing their wages under false pretences.

M thanks for the jibe and one word for you "sheep"

Martin I couldn't agree more

Stay safe all apart from M you "stay alert" in the flock

Re: Failing Government
- Joyce (24th May 2020 22:15:00)

Off to visit friends and family tomorrow. PM said we should follow our instincts rather than the rules and that's what my instincts are telling me to do.

Re: Failing Government
- David (24th May 2020 22:33:47)

Rob you're right

I'm going to head to Monkey World first thing tomorrow and apologise to the Chimps for my insult.

Obviously if I run into the police I'll simply explain I'm using the "Cummings" rule of do what the F"$& you like!!

Stay safe, M stay alert, I think that means careful of the wolves

Re: Failing Government
- Ian (25th May 2020 09:50:06)

@ Martin. I think you will find a lot of people voted against Corbyn rather than for Johnson, a choice I am still happy with despite all the current PM failings. If you are looking for embarrassment then look to labour for choosing a leader who gave the country to a man like Johnson!

Re: Failing Government
- Katie (25th May 2020 19:09:44)

Having a few problems with my hearing. Can anyone recommend a good city to drive to to test it?

Hull? Norwich? Or should I just follow my instincts?

Many thanks

Re: Failing Government
- liz (25th May 2020 19:11:18)

I have no particular political allegiances but I think Dominic Cummings is a disgrace to both the nation and his party . He may have had reasons to do what he did but for the rest of the nation the message was clear 'Don't travel'. And in his position if would be far easier to find child care than for most.

Re: Failing Government
- Jane (25th May 2020 19:29:13)

Why hasn’t Penny joined this thread yet? Surprised she hasn’t jumped in with both feet declaring love and defending the self selfservatives? Demanding “now isn’t the time for political point scoring, let’s get on with it”

Re: Failing Government
- David Lambert (25th May 2020 19:37:40)

Well said Liz the man is a complete twat.

Re: Failing Government
- A.R (25th May 2020 20:30:57)

What a load of garbage Liz, people are travelling to work, postmen , dustmen , shop workers, deliveries from warehouses to get food to the supermarkets. People still sending paper bills out, trains running, buses running, bakers working, all food industries working, local food outlets working, lots of people looking after children working. The country did not stop, only part of it, and we need to get back to normality, let the kids have a life, I would sacrifice mine for theirs, I have lived. If you are scared stay indoors , I am not. I have realised that that this is now so political that as a Labour supporter for all my life I despise what they have become and how nasty their supporters are. I think this government have done all they could in the circumstances and history will see that , not the left wing and the medias take on it.

Re: Failing Government
- liz (25th May 2020 21:39:41)


So scary that some people don't get th key message. Thank heavens most people do. It's not difficult unless people take the mickey ( Mr Cummings? ) .

Re: Failing Government
- Pensioner (26th May 2020 09:43:58)

A R spot on life must go on. If some people are to afraid to leave home ok but don’t stop the country getting back on its feet. I am afraid you are dead right the labour lot would have made it much worse can you imagine comrade corbyn in charge he would have locked up all the Jews and blamed them and declared a communist state.

Re: Failing Government
- Jen (26th May 2020 15:21:56)

By his own admission his eyes were still experiencing the symptoms of COVID but rather then stay self isolating he drove to Barnard Castle on his wife's birthday and went for a short walk, against all the rules. I hope he didn't inadvertently wipe his eyes and touch a gate post. If he did then I pity the poor person who next touched the gate. I hope they are not dead now.

Re: Failing Government
- Joe (26th May 2020 16:22:19)

We only have his word that he had symptoms. The rules at that time ( which he helped devise ) were if you had symptoms or wife did then do not go out at all. I for one think he drove his wife and child there and returned to working in London. He has not been tested ( he describes himself as a keyworker). His story is not credible.

Re: Failing Government
- Diane (28th May 2020 18:40:23)

Let's face it he was going on a couple of weeks holiday and if any one found out he would do what him and the one he controls usually do Lie

Re: Failing Government
- George (29th May 2020 18:27:02)

Its noticible across many of the posts criticisising the government none mention the current Furlough scheme. This is without doubt the most generous and beneficial intervention ever introduced by any government which has literally given a financial safety net to millions of people.

Undoubtably this would not have been affordable if we had experienced a Labour Government over the last few years with their reckless spending habits. Yes this government (like many others across the world) has made its mistakes during this crisis but this extraordinary furlough scheme is a massive credit to this Goverment and a result of the careful financial prudence of previous governments since 2010

Re: Failing Government
- John Heywood (29th May 2020 19:14:07)

George. There’s none so blind as a Tory who will not see. Understanding cannot be forced on someone who chooses to be ignorant. Just ‘fess up this Government have made a complete farce of this disaster. Second highest death rate per capita in the world from the sixth biggest economy. All I ask is you open your eyes.

Re: Failing Government
- Terry (29th May 2020 19:22:46)


with all respect, the conservatives spending is harsh and cruel. Look at emergency service personnel, fire stations and police stations being shut down! The conservatives put the economy first not the people.

Re: Failing Government
- Joe (29th May 2020 20:41:20)

The Government are incurring massive debt we as a country are not in credit we still are repaying America for money borrowed from them to fund the 2nd world war. The furlouğh scheme will be paid for by higher personal taxation and higher council tax.

Re: Failing Government
- Ian (30th May 2020 13:36:01)

John, such a typical arrogant left wing response, if someone does not see your point of view you call them blind and ignorant. The left seem to have this illusion of superiority despite never winning elections, you spend all your time slagging off Tory supporters rather than actually coming up with an electable set of policies. The left need to get rid of their bitterness and stop accusing the majority who have rejected their beliefs of being ignorant or somehow morally and intellectually inferior.

Re: Failing Government
- John Heywood (30th May 2020 14:06:34)

Thanks for the arrogant right wing response. Take the blinkers off, open your eyes and see why our Covid response has become the laughing stock of the world. Johnson, Trump, Bolsonaro . Can you see a link ?

Re: Failing Government
- Jen (30th May 2020 16:18:53)

Joe, I think we finally finished paying off the WW2 loans in about 2006, just a year before the credit crunch hit! The current deficit is a legacy of the credit crunch and the labour governments of Blair and Brown.
To be fair to the Conservatives, they inherited a massive deficit from the Brown administration.

Re: Failing Government
- Economics (30th May 2020 16:30:46)

A footnote on public debt and the deficit. Public debt is not always a bad thing. Too much of it does tend to cripple an economy, but too little public debt can also cripple an economy as it doesn't provide enough liquidity to the financial markets.
Don't make the mistake of thinking that the UK government having zero public debt is a good thing. Of course a deficit means that debt is growing, but sometimes it has to grow to keep it at a relatively comfortable level.

Re: Failing Government
- John Heywood (30th May 2020 17:11:30)

You seem to have omitted the financial crisis caused by the banks. I hope you are fair and don’t use the Coronavirus to excuse the deficit in future.

Re: Failing Government
- M (30th May 2020 17:47:16)

As far as I can see this is the first time a government (of any persuasion) has actually had to borrow huge amounts of money for an issue not under their own making.
Every time a previous government has borrowed this much money it was to prop up a situation which was man made due to inappropriate policies and actions (economic stimulus, wars, bank failures etc. etc.)
For the first time a pandemic has caused our government to bail out the whole country, causing everyone of us to have to suffer financially for decades to come.
Our government has pumped billions into the economy so that hopefully we'll still have some sort of economy left at the end of this problem. The sooner we all get back to work (in a new way admittedly) the better.
The UK public has been looked after a hell of a lot better financially than just about anyone else in the world but still the (left wing?) media and electorate see fit to complain and accuse this government of inadequate effort and planning, forgetting they elected them in with a large majority just a few months ago!
Nothing is going to change in Westminster for 5 years so lets all knuckle down and get on with making things good again!

Re: Failing Government
- Ian (30th May 2020 19:15:34)

John, by a long mile, Corbyn, Abbott and Co were a laughing stock beyond compare, luckily most of the public were not as blind or as stupid as the left imagined and actually saw Labour for the nasty dishonest party it was and voted the right way at the last election. By the way I don’t think you will see much evidence of Tory leaning supporters on this site personally abusing labour voters, just the Labour Party and their policies! I think it is quite telling the sort of abusive posts aimed at those that disagree with the left!

Re: Failing Government
- John Heywood (30th May 2020 20:51:36)

Ian. You are right,. The Labour Party was hijacked by Momentum for the last however many years due to Ed Milliband’s decision to let people have a vote for who should be party leader for a £1. This led to Momentum & believe it or not Tory voters choosing the leader. But now,I hope that you can see the party has managed to regain control. I am sure that you are now going to tell me how our part time PM is wiping the floor with the new leader of the Labour Party. Sorry to be repetitive but please open your eyes.
PS. I haven’t voted for the Labour Party during the Corbin years.

Re: Failing Government
- A.R (30th May 2020 21:09:32)

Ian , I so totally agree with you, my upbringing was in a Labour household in the sixties and seventies which helped the working class workers . But Labour has become so bitter and jealous of what others have, that I now found their idealisms repulsive.

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