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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Ice Cream Van
- mbc (22nd May 2020  16:51:46)

Can you believe it. Where’s the social distancing there? One way of spreading the virus. How many people does he come into contact with on his rounds?

Re: Ice Cream Van
- J (22nd May 2020  17:18:54)

Less than 5;000 cases per 1 million people in UK so don’t think you need to worry about an ice cream van.

Re: Ice Cream Van
- Astonishing (22nd May 2020  18:01:32)

What’s the difference from the kebab van the pizza van coffee van in the station. All the takeaways come on we need to get cracking again.

Re: Ice Cream Van
- D (22nd May 2020  18:15:51)

If you can’t spread the virus you can always spread the fear!

Re: Ice Cream Van
- John (22nd May 2020  19:15:59)

Less than 5000 cases per 1 million people in UK? is nonsense its 3,747 cases per million, and 536 Deaths per million.

For comparison currently the deaths per million are;
Spain = 598
Italy = 539
UK = 536*
France = 432
Germany = 99
* Today's numbers, we are rapidly overtaking everyone

We are;
- No1 in Europe Deaths
- Soon to overtake Spain (within 10 days) as No1 in cases in W Europe
- Had a few weeks notice
- An Island, yes you cant walk here so it could have been controlled!
- A shocking embarrassment.

Re: Ice Cream Van
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (22nd May 2020  20:02:09)


I can't fault your facts but a few hundred deaths per million is VERY LOW, i will continue to ignore all the media driven hysteria, i am using trains tubes and tomorrow buses and i won't be wearing a mask.
If i see the ice cream van i will be having a 99.

Re: Ice Cream Van
- J (22nd May 2020  21:14:57)

I said less than 5,000 cases per million so if it’s 3,900 it’s even better so how is it nonsense ?

Re: Ice Cream Van
- Frank (22nd May 2020  23:16:49)

Its surprising how many people claim its fake and media driven, yet most countries in the world are taking the same measures, if the majority of civilization are recommending lock down how can it be that a few anonymous people in liphook know better?

Given a choice its 3 people here in this forum ranting "end the lockdown" v 200 countries and many more scientific bodies.... grow a pair and go away and or Google some of the god fearing idiots whom said I wont wear i mask or it wont affect me, then died.

Yes its not insane.... but its not insane because we locked down, Had we not every family and 1 in 10 homes would have had a death already.

Follow the advice of 90% of the world, not the idiots whom claim to be a "researcher" as they have access to the internet for they wont be the qualified professionals working on your body when your affected and circling the drain!

as for ice cream... single man band and cold goods, they are legally free to sell it but i would dodge it.

Stop being like the yanks, currently the 4 worst affected country's in the world have one thing in common.... they are lead by idiots


Re: Ice Cream Van
- J (22nd May 2020  23:52:02)

I said I don’t think you have to worry about an ice cream van. Nothing about ending lockdown. This just shows how fake news starts and gets twisted in the first place.

Re: Ice Cream Van
- Helen (23rd May 2020  00:00:37)

People like Adrian will go on the train and go on the bus in London. They will travel on public transport without a mask. Even the blonde fat controller that nearly died advises people to wear face coverings on public transport in London! So people like Adrian will possibly spread it back to the infamous yellow bananas lovers in Liphook :)

Re: Ice Cream Van
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (23rd May 2020  00:01:29)


You are completely wrong.

The death rate for Covid 19 is under 1% so 1 in a 100 households would have a death. That is assuming that 100% of people caught the virus very unlikely.

The worst case scenario produced by very knowledgeable scientists was 500,000 deaths if nothing was done.

The lockdown has wrecked the economy and it will not bounce back thats what worries me. The wrecked economy will affect 100% of the population.

Re: Ice Cream Van
- Confused (23rd May 2020  11:17:54)

Lockdown very confusing you can go out all day, you can visit relatives,you can go to work, go shopping. You can do all this and more as long as you stay 2mts apart. Boris says stay alert so what is the problem people seem to be very worried for no good reason. If we just get on with our life’s and stop worrying, worrying gets you into an early grave.

Re: Ice Cream Van
- Joe (23rd May 2020  12:40:58)

It is not confusing at all. The government recognise we have to go out to buy food if we cannot get online deliveries. We are meant to work only if that work cannot be done at home, eg gardeners window cleaners etc and safety measures are in place. We are not meant to decide the rules ourselves. The virus is easily spread so we are having to isolate from family and friends who do not live in the same household but if we social distance we can meet at a distance with one other person at present. The government legally have to review this every three weeks so
next sunday could mean more changes.

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