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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Cycling on pavements
- S (19th May 2020 17:06:45)

Isn’t it a treat to get and about for a regular walk around our lovely village in this beautiful weather. We all greet each other in a friendly way and thank each other for keeping to the social distancing rules. Not such a nice experience this afternoon to be verbally abused by a woman cycling on the pavement with her children. Apparently I have said before as she had passed that you shouldn’t be cycling on pavements. I may well have said it because it’s true! I was a bit confused so didn’t say anything back to her and walked on to be then encountered by a man, presumably related, who was running. He said some sarcastic comment about it’s not a problem to be cycling on the pavement is it, though I hadn’t even said anything to the woman in the first place! For a start he made no effort to get 2 metres away and huffed and puffed his way past us and I was so taken aback and upset by this rather unfriendly encounter that I didn’t respond. Instead on my return home I looked up the rules! So to the woman I say yes it is right that you stopped for my children and I to get past as were pedestrians on the pavement and you should not have been on there in the first place, and to the man I say yes it is a problem to be cycling on the pavement because it is illegal!

I found this which you might like to consider

“Bicycles are considered vehicles under British law and is illegal to ride a bike on a pavement which has not been designated as a cycle way. The maximum penalty is £500, but it is often dealt with by a £50 fixed penalty notice. However, the law is not always enforced by police.27 Apr 2020“

We should all be able to enjoy and share our lovely outdoors, whether it’s on foot or bicycle, but let’s not break the law whilst doing it.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- Jay (19th May 2020 19:00:25)

So S, let’s get this straight, this poor rude woman’s children should be put at risk on the road to satisfy your hurt feelings at being insulted? Or to comply with a law that you said yourself is never enforced. I wonder why that is....
How many pedestrians are killed by cyclists? I think one was injured awhile back crossing the road looking at her phone. It was all over the newspapers. Oh and Jennifer saw one on Weavers Down;-)
How many cyclists are killed or severely injured by cars? A quick google reveals in 2018, 99 pedal cyclists were killed, 4,106 seriously injured and 13,345 slightly injured in Great Britain.
I’m not excusing someone being rude, there’s no need for that. However I think the bigger crime is condemning 5 year olds to massive risk of injury/death. So I don’t agree with the sentiments of the OP. I think children should be kept safe.
Cue anti-cycling rants from the resident trolls for days on end:)

Re: Cycling on pavements
- matt (19th May 2020 19:38:26)

Hey, kids are cool on pavements, but once your are in your teens get on the road, honestly grow a pair mummy said - I survived on a chopper throughout my teens in the 1970s without a helmet ffs, I'd say anyone over 12 get on the road, isn't there a test they take akin to my cycling proficiency that I passed and lived without wearing a helmet?

Re: Cycling on pavements
- D (19th May 2020 21:17:58)

Maybe there are so few accidents between pedestrians and cyclists because usually pedestrians are on the pavement and cyclists are on the road.

What is people's problem with obeying very simple safety laws these days?

Re: Cycling on pavements
- Ian (19th May 2020 23:52:00)

Road is for all vehicles and pavement is meant for those on 2 legs, in push chairs or wheelchairs and those on a lead. Basically if you are not comfortable or fully confident to cycle on the road in all levels of traffic you should NOT be cycling at all. Cycling on the pavement is potentially dangerous both to pedestrians and for the cyclist. People do not expect high speed bicycles to be approaching on a pavement as they reverse out of their driveways or when exiting their front gates. But people sometime are uneducated or bad parented or just plain inbred thick. You only need a trip to the local grubby sticky basket handle Sainsbury’s to see this. The lack of social distancing by some people in the isles putting others at potential risk. So best advice is to protect yourself from such people as you will encounter them in Liphook and everywhere in life. Don’t be a victim of their stupidity :)

Re: Cycling on pavements
- S (20th May 2020 08:59:00)

In response to Jay - what has the fact that the law is not often enforced got to do with it? It is still the law! Do you regularly go around breaking the law because you think there is little risk of you getting caught? I hope not. Also, where did you get that the children were 5 years old? They were much older than that. I don’t refute that the death of any cyclist on the road is an absolute tragedy and neither do I think these people were likely to kill me by being on the pavement! That is not the point here. What I object to is the fact they were rude and confrontational and treated me like it was me that was in the wrong. They were breaking the law, I wasn’t. Simple as that.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- Terry (20th May 2020 10:18:57)


Her children should already know how to ride a bike. The parents should also be teaching them road safety while riding and the basic laws of the road that they may need to know,for example how roundabouts work. This can not be taught on a pavement.

And also, her and her children are putting themselves and pedestrians at risk.

Think about the wider picture people.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- Jay (20th May 2020 11:03:08)

Thank you S for engaging in a polite manner. Ian I will just ignore, it doesn’t help to feed the trolls.
On the subject of laws, everybody breaks the law frequently and unintentionally. Have you never exceeded a 20mph speed limit in the village S? If so, I hope being the self-righteous person you are, that you submit your driving licence to the nearest police station for endorsement and fine, without delay. As you seem to want children to be fined for cycling on a pavement it would only be just.
If however, you don’t truly believe in a totalitarian police state, maybe you could see there is a benefit to society for smaller children to learn to cycle on pavements? I am not saying teenagers, they should be competent enough to safely navigate our roads. In most European countries the pavement is divided into pedestrian and cycle lanes, so people have learned to share. I only wish we could learn from them in our country, as that would encourage many more people and children to travel by bike instead of car. How many people take their children to school by car, when they live locally and could cycle, because of safety concerns?

Re: Cycling on pavements
- D (20th May 2020 13:20:31)

Jay, if you wish to change the law to allow the riding of bicycles on pedestrian pavements surely you would do better to speak to Mr Hinds. While you're there ask him if I can ride my motorbike on the pavement as well.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- P (20th May 2020 13:35:25)

Some people have to drive kids to school who are local coz some people have to work not like sum . By time school open most people only got so long to get to work by time walked home you are very late for work so shut up telling people to walk I bet you don't work and sponge of goverment I bet people don’t use correct crossing to cross road and cut corner and make car brake Don’t look where going and on bloody phone not looking what’s coming.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- Jay (20th May 2020 14:13:45)

D, I think you’ll find the govt is already putting significant sums into putting bikes on pavements, having seen the benefits to society of reduced pollution, improved health, and increased social distancing on public transport. No change to law required- just painted cycle lanes. I don’t think your motorbike will be allowed though:) If you’re bothered contact Damian Hinds yourself.
I only hope it will be done everywhere including here, not just London. Kids and cyclists would be safer removed from the traffic.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- er (20th May 2020 14:34:41)

Even if the law applies to under 10s they are below the age of prosecution and therefore as they can't be tried fairly they are considered innocent of any offence in the eyes of the law, this is why it is not illegal for children to ride on the pavement and police don't stop them. The advice to police is that if children under 16 are riding carefully on the pavement to avoid a busy road if they genuinely feel it would endanger them this should be considered reasonable and I think most reasonable people would agree with that, so live and let live. In fact the advice goes further, even if adults are using a footway to avoid a dangerous stretch and are doing so with appropriate care they should generally be left to it, unless they constitute a danger by their riding style.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- P (20th May 2020 16:08:28)

Here go again walkers moaning again just shut up think yo own everything

Re: Cycling on pavements
- D (20th May 2020 16:53:06)

Jay, I look forward to seeing cycle lanes the entire length of the A3 so that commuters who live in Pompey can ride their bikes to London. Excellent idea.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- Shirley (20th May 2020 19:29:43)

I believe it is illegal for cyclists on pavements, and yes they can’t prosecute the child, they can the parents, I know this as I was prosecuted for my son riding on the path

Re: Cycling on pavements
- D (20th May 2020 20:27:26)

Has anyone seen the shared pavement/cycle lanes by the pier in Brighton? Pedestrians are constantly inadvertently wandering into the cycle lane resulting in cyclists (some of whom pedal at a good speed) having to unexpectedly brake all of a sudden. You can imagine the resultant carnage. The worst thing is the conversation that follows, certainly doesn't ever sound like harmonious coexistence.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- Jay (20th May 2020 22:44:14)

Shirley, poor you -victim of overzealous enforcement! Gives policing a bad name. There are plenty of drug related activities going unpunished in Liphook so what a waste of taxpayer funded time and resources!
D, I understand your point, we are not used to pedestrians and bikes mixing in uk. However, I have worked and visited on holiday Holland and Germany, where the system works really well. It would take coherent planning and investment (not something our councils are famed for;) and a culture change, for it work in uk. But anything good to come out of Covid 19 should be embraced I think.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- Rob (21st May 2020 01:28:43)

Maybe this occurred on one of the shared Cycle / Pedestrian pavements in Liphook. Especially around the Sainsbury's area.

This of course doesn't give either user the right to be unreasonably aggressive, but negates a lot of the discussion on whether cyclists should be on the pavement.

Seems odd that no one else in this discussion seems to have noticed all the blue signs......

Re: Cycling on pavements
- S (21st May 2020 11:08:25)

Hi Rob, it wasn’t near Sainsbury’s. It was on Haslemere Road, just after the Malthouse Meadows turning, going towards the village centre. It’s a narrow pavement here where it would be impossible to get out of each other’s way at the best of times, let alone now when we’re supposed to be at least 2 metres away from anyone. I’d love to know how a shared pedestrian/cycle pavement would work here!
And Jay, when did I say I wanted the children to be fined? You are making assumptions, again! The children are innocent in this, it’s the parents who ought to know right from wrong and in doing so the children will also learn right from wrong.

Re: Cycling on pavements
- John (21st May 2020 13:07:21)

From reading all this rather pathetic whinging and dribble on an issue which is likely breaking the law or at very least is borderline dangerous and antisocial. I can see people have far too much free time on their hands paid for by the rest of us still working. Gay seems to know it all. He knows what the Government are doing? I bet he does :) People like him/her/other are people best ignored. Bullies and ‘know it alls’ don’t listen or like other’s views. They are only interested in what suits them and their own little agenda ? Have a little think about it. Sound familiar? There is still time time to change from being a total numpty :)

Re: Cycling on pavements
- steve (21st May 2020 20:15:55)

Bullies and 'Know it alls'? Pots and kettles comes to mind!

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