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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Anon (16th May 2020 18:24:33)

So annoyed that my church going neighbours who stand out each Thursday applauding our magnificent NHS workers still ignore social distancing on a regular basis to have ‘drinkies’ with numerous visitors to their home. And yes it is obviously social meeting, not essential and these are not vulnerable people. Absolute hypocrites

Re: Hypocrisy
- wolfie smith (16th May 2020 20:17:09)

if you're sure it's drinks then you should report them

most people are doing the right thing and if they're not they should be called out

i think you should only clap the NHS on a thursday if you can prove you don't vote tory

10 years of idealogical austerity left the NHS in this mess in the first place

that's hypocrisy

Re: Hypocrisy
- Polly (16th May 2020 22:34:30)

Anon I think we share the same neighbours as we have exactly the same issue........Last week they had visitors that were family members that do not live at the address and they stayed overnight. It’s so blatant 😤

Re: Hypocrisy
- Donna (17th May 2020 19:35:16)

Hypocrisy, maybe.
Irony, yes.
If you believe they are on the wrong, you should either raise it directly with them or with the authorities, rather than dumping it onto the chat.

Re: Hypocrisy
- Donna (17th May 2020 19:43:15)

wolfie smith:
Tory were unkind to the NHS, no less so than Labour. See how the Blairites have drowned the NHS into infinite red-tape, un-achievable target race, bureaucracy, top-heavy management, an expensive towering management structure, box-ticking, form-filling and elaborate outdated communication system, failed computing system and overly wasteful "generosity". Poor NHS has had it from both sides of the centre parties. And it does show, badly.

Re: Hypocrisy
- Anon (17th May 2020 20:59:04)

Donna, just using forum to rant! Photo’s taken and reported to authorities but As tempted as I am to name and Shane I don’t believe in public witch-hunt. Still fuming at their hypocrisy though! They have such a self righteous look on their faces when applauding the NHS, yet their selfish actions endanger the rest of us. Rant over!!!

Re: Hypocrisy
- wolfie smith (17th May 2020 21:53:14)


in the last labour government there was a manifesto committment to 24 hour doctors appointments and operations within 8 weeks

gordon brown at the 2010 general election said the banking sector debt should be paid back over 20 years

cameron said it should be over one general election term

if you voted tory

you voted for austerity, public sector pay freezes, no nurses, benefit cuts and therefore food banks

so please don't clap the nhs

stay indoors

Re: Hypocrisy
- Anon (17th May 2020 23:28:09)

Wolfe, why is the left wing so dull and boring, this post is nothing to do with politics so sod off

Re: Hypocrisy
- wolfie smith (18th May 2020 08:16:00)


you're as brave as a lion aren't you

posting anonymously about your neighbours and telling people to sod off

what a .............

Re: Hypocrisy
- anon (18th May 2020 10:46:07)

Wolfie - anon so I do not name and shame the neighbour on a public forum.

Typical left wing narrow mindness and ignorance on your part.

Re: Hypocrisy
- er (19th May 2020 11:59:22)

anon, your neighbours religious practices should not be used against them. It has nothing to do with your criticism of their alleged social gatherings, it doesn't even support a claim of potential hypocrisy against them since any Christian will accept that they are a sinner more than anyone else, that is in fact the whole premise of being a Christian, the acceptance of their sinful nature and need for redemption through sacrifice (of Christ).

Another thing about Christians is that unlike everyone else they are often too meek to respond to criticism and see it as a necessary burden in this life (another yolk to bear Christ apparently heaped upon them, although Christ wasn't meek so I think they've misinterpreted somewhere!), I'm not a churchgoer but I felt obliged to clarify that misconception on their behalf!

Hope that explains why hypocrisy doesn't come into it, next time leave their religion out of it, you can criticise without mentioning their faith!

Re: Hypocrisy
- Anon (19th May 2020 15:54:37)

Actually er, it is relevant in this case, you do not know these people who are not in anyway meek or mild and often proclaim to all and sundry they live their lives to good Christian values and have an active presence in the community- which makes their blatant disregard of current social distancing rules so hypocritical !

Re: Hypocrisy
- wolfie smith (19th May 2020 19:08:09)


why don't you try and be socially media distant

instead of 2m

why not try 4ever

Re: Hypocrisy
- A.R (19th May 2020 19:49:02)

Oh Wolfie, give us your name and stop with the plagiarism, you are now defunct along with the Labour party who I voted for forty years , and will NEVER ever do so again. What the hell is your problem? The government are trying to the best they can regardless of politics. Why can the left wing of our society be of help and not a hindrance? They have not learnt any lessons through Brexit or Covid. I despair at the left wing behaviour in all this.

Re: Hypocrisy
- Pete (20th May 2020 07:45:03)

A.R What a load of tosh. People like you are the problem with politics. you say you will will never ever vote labour again, well that's a very grown up attitude isn't it. People change and parties change for good and bad.To totally write off a party forever is just stupid and childish. We are all so obsessed with left and right that we end up ignoring the inadequacies of both. Would Labour the Lib's or the Greens have done any better in this situation I don't know but I'm certain they couldn't have done any worse.

Re: Hypocrisy
- ian (20th May 2020 11:07:45)

Wolfie, I see you have Stalin's sense of freedom of speech

Re: Hypocrisy
- JOE (20th May 2020 14:15:03)

We have the largest death rate in europe from covid. Doing their best? I would hate
To see the worst we can manage!

Re: Hypocrisy
- wolfie smith (20th May 2020 16:22:06)

what is staggering about you lot is that you think that 24 hours doctors appointments and keynsian economics is somehow left wing !!!!!!!!

you lot voted for boris

and he was away for 8 weeks of his first 12 weeks and doesn't work weekends

you're all middle aged and elderly

lets see what happens when the second wave of covid comes

do you know what gordon brown would have done as prime minister? he'd have been all over the detail working 18 hour days surrounded by the right ministers not the guys who'll agree with him


Re: Hypocrisy
- Ian (20th May 2020 16:30:20)

So getting back to the original post then! Whilst there have been many official failings, actions by members of the public such as those made by the neighbours in the original post have also considerably effected the high death toll!

Re: Hypocrisy
- D (20th May 2020 17:25:05)

Wolfie Smith, the only reason we had "24 hour appointments" as you call them is because in order to adhere to Tony Blair's target of everyone being able to see their GP within 24 hours, one could only make an appointment on the morning of the day one wanted it.

If I wanted an appointment for next Wednesday I couldn't make it now, I would have to wait until next Wednesday to make the appointment.

Even if my GP TOLD me to come back next Wednesday, I couldn't make the appointment there and then, I would have to make the appointment next Wednesday.

Bit of a farce, don't you think? Maybe you don't remember that but there again I'm middle aged so I do.

I also remember the Wolfie Smith portrayed in a terrible 70s situation comedy. He was a lazy, left wing communist who wore a Che Guevara T-shirt and did everything to avoid getting a job. You would have idolized him.

Re: Hypocrisy
- Ian (20th May 2020 20:10:52)

You can be assured that as bad as things have been in recent times under the Tories, if there had been a Labour Government for the last few years things would be considerably more dire. Labour are, and have always been financially incompetent, even when the roller coaster of the world economic cycle was in their favour. God knows how long we are going to be paying for the economic fallout from this crisis but you can be absolutely certain that if Labour had been in Government we would be facing an economic black hole that would last the lifetime of our grandchildren. Oh yes, I also remember Citizen Smith, a lazy left wing shirker! If I recall correctly the series wasn’t that funny either, especially in light of the disaster at that time which was Wilson, Callaghan and Healey !!!!

Re: Hypocrisy
- Pete (21st May 2020 07:55:11)

D: More claptrap being spouted. The policy was to see "A" doctor within 24 hrs not your own doctor which is still the case subject to a triage phone call. The way surgeries deal with appointments is their own decision. It is your right wing way of thinking that means doctors surgeries have to be run as a business as opposed to a service, coupled with idiots coming into the surgeries demanding to see doctors with very minor ailments and requesting prescriptions for paracetamol, so they don't have to pay 50p at Sainsbury's. Liphook & Liss surgery has over 12000 patients with 9 doctors that's over 1300 patients per doctor which is why if its that important you will get to see "a" doctor the same day not necessarily your own.

Re: Hypocrisy
- Pete (21st May 2020 08:19:38)

Come on then Ian lets have some facts and figures to back up the claims in your last post, just one caveat your not allowed to use any lies fed to you by the Sun or the Daily Fail.
Something tells me although you abhor the original Wolfie Smith you would treat the narrow minded right wing bigot of the same era known as Alf Garnet with irreverence.

Re: Hypocrisy
- Ian (21st May 2020 09:20:21)


Liam Byrne - Chief secretary to the Treasury - last Labour Government - " I am afraid there is no money"

The thing with satire is that it needs to be funny to work, "Til death us do part" was funny, "Citizen Smith" wasn't? However as many (not all) on the left are notoriously humourless I know you probably won't understand this!

On the subject of humour it is odd that Labour and the left wing are such a joke yet are not at all funny!

Re: Hypocrisy
- D (21st May 2020 11:16:32)

Pete, the claptrap I am spouting is what used to happen in Liphook Surgery, it was commonplace. When this was bought to Tony Blair's attention on BBC1's "Any Questions", he said himself it was an absurd practice. Is your rudeness a replacement for your lack of intellect and civilized discussion? I have this image of you as a knuckle dragging neanderthal carrying a wooden club.

Re: Hypocrisy
- Pete (21st May 2020 12:43:20)

Oh dear D what rudeness would that be I am stating facts of how Liphook and Liss surgery works.
You really dont want to know the image I have of you.

Re: Hypocrisy
- Pete (21st May 2020 13:08:54)

Ian: A quote from an outgoing party member at a time that due to the world financial situation would have been the same whoever was in charge hardly a comprehensive breakdown of Labour's failures. Whilst you are trying to find the facts and figures maybe you could also look into the mismanagement of finances since the Conservatives came back into power.

Re: Hypocrisy
- ian (21st May 2020 15:29:01)

Perhaps Pete you can find some facts and figures to highlight Labours fiscal competence? Figures can be spun and manipulated to your political view as you well know, the fact is that every Labour Government this country has ever had has left the country in a financial mess, you don't need figures to show that, just political maturity and common sense. I'm actually not a great supporter of this government either but given the alternatives recently, they are best of the bunch, but I do concede, the bar was set VERY low at the last election.

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