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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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humming noise
- anon (14th May 2020 11:42:48)

Is anyone else noticing a very low pitched, slightly pulsating noise in the Tower rd, Tower Close area of Liphook.
Seems to be worse during the day and evening, and to be almost a vibration in the head rather than a sound heard though the ears.
Our house has it in every room, and even slightly outside.
Not anything to do with water pipes, we've looked into that.

Re: humming noise
- liz (14th May 2020 12:28:17)

Have you got a very large wasps' nest somewhere- perhaps in the loft?

Re: humming noise
- Jay (14th May 2020 12:59:17)

It’s the Liphook hum. Been around forever. A few theories exist; power line oscillation in certain winds my particular favourite

Re: humming noise
- anon (14th May 2020 13:06:26)

Thank you Liz.
No, this noise has been noticed over several years at times, but has become far worse now.
But it isn't a buzzing noise, it's more like distant machinery, and is almost felt rather than heard. At times it feels like quite a powerful vibration in the skull bones which pulsates strongly
I have wondered if it is related to mobile phone masts, and that this might account for the fact that it tends to be worse from around 7:00am until late at night.

Re: humming noise
- liz (14th May 2020 14:15:04)

I heard the Liphook hum was water or sewage pumps although I lived in central Liphook for several years and never heard it. The stories pre-date phone masts.

Re: humming noise
- Trevor (14th May 2020 18:00:02)

Yes at night I have noticed this hum. I put it down to tyre noise on the new road surface on the A3. Hum seems to be worse in warmer weather.

Re: humming noise
- PR (14th May 2020 18:33:34)

You get this in Headley Down too ~ but only since the mobile phone mast arrived ~ best described as a lorry in low gear, labouring up a hill ~ drives us all up the wall .... but of course denied by all the authorities

Re: humming noise
- er (14th May 2020 18:37:05)

As there are still often tank and weapons practice both to the northwest and northeast of Liphook often at night, it's possible some of the people hearing noises and rumblings are hearing the tank rumble or big guns, I often catch it, not saying it's that just a suggestion, it's more of a loud hum than vibration where I am, war weapons don't make any attempt to be quiet or muffle sound it's all about raw power. I've heard quite a few people have phoned Longmoor Camp about it over the years! Of course it's possible they're trying out those new sonic weapons we hear about in international circles, but they'd never admit it if they were ha ha! Still we build houses here and the newcomers come and have no idea we are surrounded by military target zones!

Re: humming noise
- Von Trumphosen (16th May 2020 09:57:37)

It’s aliens

Re: humming noise
- Rachel (16th May 2020 12:53:31)

It's driving me nuts!

Re: humming noise
- Russ (16th May 2020 14:42:16)

Just a thought I suffer very bad tinnitus ringing in my ears. So bad I would not hear the humming. But it can also be humming it drives you mad.

Re: humming noise
- M (16th May 2020 16:07:29)

If it's around the Tower Road/Close area it could be the chiller equipment for the Co-op.
They are quite loud and sound louder at night.

Re: humming noise
- With_Respect (17th May 2020 15:51:51)

Oh thank god others are hearing this. I thought I was losing my mind. Have heard it before but recently very noticeable.

Re: humming noise
- Di (17th May 2020 17:22:36)

The Liphook hum is real. I used to live in Haslemere Road and would often hear it at night. Completely different sound to the army blowing up their stuff. Was often made fun off in our house as I was the only one that could hear it and was told that I was hearing things, which I was a hum.

Re: humming noise
- anon (17th May 2020 19:13:04)

I don't think it is traffic related because it has been worse recently when there has been hardly any A3 traffic. It's not power or phone wires vibrating in wind because it is present on perfectly still days.
It may be chiller fans, or mobile phone masts.
Some research revealed something interesting: Radiation from phone masts and similar sources can produce in some people the effect of a sound which is actually not heard by others. This is a common point in many comments about this sort of problem.
The hearing bones are stimulated by the electromagnetic or microwave emissions and cause some people to 'hear' sounds which are not actually present and measurable.
I think this is the gist what the research was saying, but I don't know much about the subject, other than that it is very trying if you are affected by it.
Any expert help on this?

Re: humming noise
- liz (18th May 2020 07:08:03)

No expert except to say that the humming noise in Liphook pre-dates phone masts.

Re: humming noise
- anon (18th May 2020 09:27:42)

Rachel and 'with_respect' and others: Thank you for your replies. Without revealing your exact location, could you say if you are near the Tower road/Close area. Are you hearing a low pitched pulsating sound/vibration?
The reason I ask is that I think I'll approach EHDC when the virus situation settles a bit, and ask them if they can help identify and trace the source of this problem.
What I'm experiencing is not just a constant hum, but sounds a little like the noise a concrete mixer makes at a distance, it definitely pulses like something rotating creating a churning effect.
Thank you

Re: humming noise
- Resident (18th May 2020 10:15:34)

I think you will find it’s the freezers at the co op shop.

Re: humming noise
- Simon (18th May 2020 11:00:38)

I used to live in Tunbridge Crescent but moved to Hindhead a few months ago. I definitely recall the hum - the description of it being a heavy lorry going up a hill is spot on, and I found it worse at night.

Re: humming noise
- Stephen (18th May 2020 12:15:19)

I live in Canada Way and can hear what is a very low pulsing hum, but only in the front part of the house.

It is not related to fridges/freezers or any electrical equipment in the house - I checked.

The sound is a really low frequency and seems to hum on and off every couple of seconds.

Re: humming noise
- PR (18th May 2020 13:00:51)

Thank you for endorsing my comment Simon, albeit I live in Headley Down, the noise is as I tried to explain, and yes, always worse at night.

Re: humming noise
- Rachel (18th May 2020 16:34:04)

I live closer to the train station, so the other end!
I know they have been building new warehouses near the station and thought it was something to do with that!

Re: humming noise
- With_Respect (18th May 2020 19:12:59)

Anon, I hear exactly what you describe. We are near Links pub.

Re: humming noise
- er (18th May 2020 22:16:53)

Tower Road, Headley Down, Canada Way, The Links... there is no way you are all hearing the same thing.

Leaving aside noisy fridges or air conditioning, faulty transmitters, overactive transistors, aliens, tanks, radiation, EMF, newly surfaced roads, tinnitus, mass hysteria, paranoia, anxiety, telephone masts, 5G, coronavirus or the government, all that's left is the Russians, so it must be them, which proves that Donald trump was right all along!

Or you could just be hyper sensitive to low frequency sounds, google it, there was a woman in Ropley had it. Link:

Re: humming noise
- Jimmy (19th May 2020 21:27:24)

Yes everybody it is the same noise you hear I reported it to the council
Many years ago. They sent out to officers late at night which is when I was hearing it at its worst but their equipment was for measuring loud
Music so it didn't register I explained that I worked with vibrating equipment and this was a low frequency vibration they said it could be to do with the tunnel (hindhead) and went never heard from them again. I still hear the same noise still now

Re: humming noise
- Nat (19th May 2020 23:32:40)


Re: humming noise
- anon (20th May 2020 09:18:42)

Thanks everybody for your helpful comments.
I'll leave it at that.

Re: humming noise
- Terry (5th Jun 2020 20:52:50)

Out with the camera late Thursday night . I witnessed this humming/ slight ringing high frequency type noise. It could clearly be heard last night on lower A3 end of London Road. Is this possibly a water pressure related noise maybe caused by pumping of mains water causing a humming high pitch sound? Faint but clearly heard when traffic is quiet. Can see why it can be annoying to people as it disturbs the night time silence.

Re: humming noise
- anon (5th Jun 2020 22:33:42)

Just drawn back into this thread by the last comment, thank you for that one. The noise or pulsing vibration seems to vary, but can be really disturbing, generating a feeling within the head which makes it difficult to concentrate on anything at times.
We had our house water supply checked by a Water Company Engineer, and he said that the pressure in Tower Road water main was acceptable at about 5.5 bars.
He didn't feel that excessive water pressure was responsible in itself.

I seem to recall having this problem some years ago, and I think that it stopped after some works were carried to the water supply for some unconnected reason.
But, the fact that so many hear it around this area seems to prove that it's not imaginary.
I've just been listening carefully in order to try and describe it accurately.
If you can think of a cement mixer churning away some way from your location, so that it creates a continuous drone or low level hum, but this is mixed in with a pulsing sound/feeling that at its worse sets up a real vibration in the skull. I think this conveys what we hear and feel.

Re: humming noise
- JBS (6th Jun 2020 15:23:52)

I have often heard a similar noise from electricity transformers when I have been passing them. The ambient noise level in daytime tends to mask this, but at night and during quieter periods the sound is plainly there. It is not a constant tone, but changes frequency slightly depending on the demand for power.

The best local example, I have found is the Network Rail substation at Langley Bridge near Rake. The road is generally quiet and currently there are only four trains hourly to drown out the noise.

Re: humming noise
- julian (9th Jun 2020 13:23:57)

I think we all need to meet one night and go on a Liphook hum hunt.

Re: humming noise
- EB (23rd Jul 2020 06:24:03)


I too can hear this low frequency pulsating hum.

I’ve lived in Paddock Way for years and I thought I was going crazy!! We did the normal household checks, neighbours etc. Contacted authorities, water, electricity but no one took me seriously. I eventually put it down to tinnitus and tried my hardest to ignore it. Interestingly though since the waste truck has done its rounds here this week the sound it definitely quieter??

It’s so annoying that not everyone can hear it.....

Re: humming noise
- L (23rd Jul 2020 15:37:01)

I have been hearing it, on and off, for a few years. Particularly noticeable at night when there is less noise from other things. Feels like an underlying pressure, just on the edge of hearing.
I’m on the Chiltlee Manor Estate.

Re: humming noise
- Resident (23rd Jul 2020 18:51:05)

At Chiltlee Manor last night wasn't a humming noise it was the new resident at no 27 playing bass music which was blaring until midnight..hey ho some of us have to go to work early !

Re: humming noise
- Fred_Scuttle (14th Sep 2021 11:52:10)

I live in Headley and I can hear a low frequency humming noise that goes on and off. I've heard it for about 2 years now. It's worse at night and goes on and off regularly but becomes less frequent in the morning and almost ceases by lunchtime/early afternoon. It starts up again late afternoon/ early evening but is infrequent at those times. At the weekend the local area had a power cut in the middle of the night and I still heard it. Also, I can hear it when I sit in the car in my drive. I can also hear it in a neighbour's house.

I've ruled out electricity due to the power cut but we do have solar panels so not sure if they could be the cause of it. I did go up into the loft and it's barely audible there. At some stage I plan to drive down the road and sit in my car to check to see if I can hear it there too.

Re: humming noise
- PR (14th Sep 2021 18:47:44)

Fred Scuttle

Look back at my post on this thread dated 14th May 2020

Anything sound familiar ~ no pun intended ?

Re: humming noise
- Helen (14th Sep 2021 19:00:39)

I have an old style electric meter and at night it hums away as my bedroom is above it. Quite a loud hum but no vibration sound.

Re: humming noise
- P (15th Sep 2021 10:28:40)

We are in Milland and we hear it here too. As anon described last year, it is quite disturbing because it feels like it vibrates inside your skull. We thought it may be a generator from one of the huge mansions but it must be something else if people in Milland, liphook, and headley are hearing it.

Re: humming noise
- Paul (15th Sep 2021 19:42:16)

Pour a large Gin and Tonic, silence is golden...

Re: humming noise
- FredScuttle (18th Sep 2021 13:06:27)


Very interesting. Where is the mobile phone mast in Headley Down? Beech Hill Road area? Do you know when the mast was installed? I suppose if I'm nearer to it then it should be louder.

I drove down the bottom of our road yesterday, parked the car and turned the engine off. I could hear it there too. I was thinking that it is a vibration in the ground as I can hear it throughout the house but hardly at all in the attic. Maybe the loft insulation muffles it.

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