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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Not enough isolation
- Care Consultant (25th Mar 2020 17:25:17)

Dear all,
I am an intensive care consultant who lives in the village. (I am not the only one).
I am right at the coal face.

On my travels to and from work I am very disappointed with local compliance at isolation.
Builders chatting together on a building site. Groups of people having a little gathering.
I cannot see what isn't visible from the road.

I have seen all the data from our government and other countries. I have seen what isolation can do to pandemics from all this information. It isn't made up.

Please heed the advice. This is no joke. I am going to see people die on a daily basis. It needn't be this bad.

If you want to see why it works, and maybe to explain to children, etc. please look at this wonderful resource:

If you don't think it applies to you and you don't make a difference you are wrong.

I am going to remember 2020 for all the wrong reasons. Please don't make my nightmares worse.

The link looks like it is behind a paywall, it is not. You can read a few articles on their site for free.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Paul (25th Mar 2020 17:46:04)

In the name of truth and clarity what is your position and name? and where do you live? where did you see them talking and exactly how far apart were they standing? do you have any evidence?

Perhaps you should retrain and join the Liphook Sphincter Police force?

Liphooker's are doing an excellent totally sterling job of sacrificing their daily routine and incomes in order to isolate themselves. I feel certain that they are very concerned about the prospect of even tighter controls because of misinformation and un-evidenced claims such as your alarmist post.

You carry the greatest threat of being a carrier, so perhaps you should wear a hazard sign on your person, and post your house as a high risk zone?

All this said, Thank you for the work that you are doing and be safe.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Terry (25th Mar 2020 18:15:49)

Paul why do you need to know personal information of the original poster?

I was coming back from a run the other day and I can say that some groups are not social distancing at all. Open your eyes, just because you see one part of Liphook doesn't mean it is all like that.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Care Consultant (25th Mar 2020 18:21:44)

Dear Paul

Your vitriolic response regrettably typifies social attitude. It saddens me greatly. It is not the sort of reply one would hope for. The truth is not alarmist.

I shall say no more on the matter.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Ian (25th Mar 2020 18:50:52)

We really do not know if “care consultant” is who they say they are or whoever. The problem is that quite anonymously, fact or fiction can be posted on the site with absolutely no burden of proof required.

The current social contact measures are probably needed, at the moment it does not matter that the future cost both economic and emotional is probably catastrophic for this country, but without doubt the Internet is a resource that is being abused on a massive scale and moving forward we will need measures put in place to ensure reliability, honesty, responsibility and accountability of what is posted on forums such as this. BTW, the title care consultant could mean anything, I also know of a Sainsbury’s employee who refers to themselves as a key worker, interpretation is an interesting thing

Re: Not enough isolation
- Sarah (25th Mar 2020 19:22:26)

I witnessed a group of about 10 on millennium green today, certainly not socially distancing

Re: Not enough isolation
- Jim Bob (25th Mar 2020 20:03:44)

And I quote “I am an intensive care consultant”
So presumably a doctor rather than a shop assistant.
And may just know what he/she is talking about.
Unless of course we’re saying they are simply a liar.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Rita whitlock (26th Mar 2020 10:27:17)

Dear Ian and Paul.
I have on me a letter that I have to carry on me that allows me to travel to and from work. I work at sainsburys so indeed I am a key worker. I provide a service.

I cannot stay at home despite having a partner who has cancer, I like many other key workers including our wonderful NHS staff are risking our health to provide this service.

Please just a bit of respect to every one would be nice.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Mary (26th Mar 2020 12:12:00)

Some people do not have enough to do, except compose ‘smart ass’ put downs to those who take valuable time to give warnings to try to help those who will not be helped.

Think before you speak. And hope the rest of us survive until happier times. Thank you, care consultant. The majority of us hear your words and empathise with your position, dealing with the soul destroying work you do.

You are appreciated.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Paul (26th Mar 2020 14:33:02)


There is nothing smart or malicious about seeking the truth. It is a basic human Right.

I apologise if my comments were not clear or have been misconstrued.

I did not say nor did I mean to imply that it was correct to be seen standing in close proximity in public. The suggested distance is 6 feet, the same depth that they bury people!

There are tens of thousands of people live in the Liphook area and 99% of the public are taking a sensible and precautionary approach to the [governments] advice.

My point is if there are tighter control measures put in place because of a few moans, then the 99% will have a right to feel aggrieved about the catalyst for such measures.

Who has spotted the direct correlation between the high mortality rate and the areas that have rolled out 5G? as confirmed by the numbers of deaths in London, Portsmouth, Guildford and Southampton. of and of course Wuhan the alleged original source of the outbreak.

Lets demand the survival statistics of entering hospital with pneumonia symptoms.

Wake up!

Re: Not enough isolation
- JOE (26th Mar 2020 14:56:28)

Paul, you are skating on thin ice. You are forgetting that those areas also have high populations. The virus has nothing to do with 1 2 3 4 or 5g it is as usual humans eating wild infected animals. Look how BSE in cows started manking feeding cows on sheeps brains. Infection set in.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Mary (26th Mar 2020 15:01:43)

Paul, I think enough of us, including the original poster, have been offended by the accusatory and aggressive nature of your reply. So maybe just re-read your words before your next quick response.

Why anyone should have to supply proof of their credentials and of their comments about seeing non-compliance is beyond me. I see people in the street not complying as I pass to get essential items of food. I am sure they would be delighted if I took a photo of them and posted it here to prove what I say for your benefit.

Especially were I an exhausted care consultant returning to the hospital for yet another stint on the frontline.

So, maybe, just a little thought and empathy before your next masterpiece. By the way, Boris only has one ‘r’.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Resident (26th Mar 2020 15:31:27)

I see as I drove by today to Sainsburys people queuing for the chemist right back up into Midhurst Road Car Park. My wife who also had to venture out she was told it has been like that all day is there a major problem.

Re: Not enough isolation
- liz (26th Mar 2020 15:42:44)


You wouldn't know the truth if it fell on your head.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Paul (26th Mar 2020 15:46:29)

You are entitled to read and respond as you wish and feel appropriate that is your right.

However, I am just curious to know whether you inadverntently my sincere gratitude for the work that you do, portrayed in the last sentence of my initial response post, or you chose to ignore it to bolster your response?

The fact remains that most liphookers including me and my family are hunkered down and away from others including relatives during these unprecedented and surreal times which are required to free humanity. More to come over the next 2 months 🙏

To those of you that may have been offended by my original post, again I apologise that was not my motivation, Intension or desire.

It is not me that you will feel "offended" you when you find out the truth of what is really going on" remember this post.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Simon (26th Mar 2020 16:04:36)

Clearly not enough people in Liphook and elsewhere give a damn about the situation, still ignoring the rules. Thankfully the government has today made new public health regulations strengthening police enforcement powers in England - let's hope they use them.

As a reminder you should only leave your home for the following very limited purposes:

-shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible
-one form of exercise a day - for example, a run, walk or cycle - alone or with members of their household
-any medical need, to provide care or to help a vulnerable person
-travelling to and from work, but only where they cannot work from home

Re: Not enough isolation
- JOE (26th Mar 2020 18:02:25)

Paul, if you are hunkered down with your family presumably you have stopped working as a non tax paying casual gardener. As you clearly have an internet connection and mobile phone which you use a lot why blame the phone companies for the virus? Without the phone companies you could not get free advertising on this website.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Eleanor (26th Mar 2020 19:09:16)

Like it or not, supermarket staff are keyworkers, no interpretation required - we have been defined by the Government.
I have permission to send my children to school through this crisis but instead I work nightshifts and homeschool my children during the day. I have a letter allowing me to travel should I need to provide it to the authorities.
It's not something I would ever glorify. Working in a public environment is exhausting and demanding at the moment. I would much rather be safe at home, protecting myself and my family.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Duncan (26th Mar 2020 20:00:46)

Is popping to haslemere to give a quote for some gardening on the list of acceptable reasons to be out?
If you post on talkback under multiple names people will notice, especially if one is often spouting internet conspiracies or selling furniture.

Re: Not enough isolation
- Hal (26th Mar 2020 21:54:36)

Sorry if I'm a bit slow on the uptake here, but is someone here really suggesting that the Coronovirus is being spread to people via the mobile phone network?? Sounds a bit like something Donald Trump might come up with..

Re: Not enough isolation
- Another Paul (not THAT one) (27th Mar 2020 09:23:39)

Interesting original post. I want to preserve some anonymity on a forum, but I'm an NHS clinical director at a site far from here, but I live locally.

We've been preparing for Covid19 since January, as we are a surge centre (for when the local hospitals are overrun). As of yesterday, we were expanding ID and Resp care right throughout the main site - i.e. confirmed and presumed Covid cases. We have pts ranging from 2yrs to 85+ currently. ED have been streaming at the front door into Resp and Non-Resp for over a month now, we are essentially a 'dirty site'. Staff are already staying in a nearby commandeered hotel so that they can stay away from their families if they want and also work in certain clearly defined areas even if they are ill (or have been ill, awaiting testing).

I was on my shift yesterday and drove up (2 hours each way). I was shocked at the amount of traffic on the motorways - it felt like an early Sunday morning, not what I'd expected. There was so much traffic on the M25 yesterday evening near Heathrow that the speed limit was down to 60mph.

I kept thinking - how can all these people be working as Key Workers as per the national definition? I saw one couple singing in their car towing a caravan - doesn't strike me as essential? I'm not judging - just observing.

Personally, I think we are seeing more people relaxing against the restrictions meaning more and more people are out - when they shouldn't be. I'm off today, I'll definitely get outside for a quick run away from everyone for health reasons only, but I won't be going shopping and I'll be straight back home to make do with what I have in terms of food and supplies. That's what we are all being asked to do - make do.

My partner are I are both working in the NHS on this - by choice. We are just doing our job and don't need accolades - just stay home, stay away from each other, and abide by the guidance because it's there for YOUR benefit.

Stay safe people.

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