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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- K (25th Mar 2020 08:57:50)

Is there such a group set up in Liphook?
I am in Quarantine for 3 months unable to leave the house even for Groceries and more importantly Medication. I'm at high risk of serious COVID-19 illness and received communication on Monday to adhere to the 3 month quarantine as I'm Vulnerable.

Thank you

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Liphook Millennium Centre (25th Mar 2020 09:07:55)

We are working on this at the moment please go to I am currently setting up a section on the website devoted to information for the village.

I should be able to publish it today, We are asking for volunteers to get in touch and for those in need to get in touch using separate forms. We will then match people based on their location.


Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- C (25th Mar 2020 09:12:41)

I think this is where the newly launched NHS Volunteers will be able to help?

I have just registered and others can do so here:

It looks as through all volunteers will have a criminal records check. Anyone who holds a recent DBS check (last 12 months) may be especially welcomed.

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Liphook Millennium Centre (25th Mar 2020 10:29:02)

The website has a section called COVID-19 SUPPORT, (in red at the top right of the page) my aim will be to centralise information. I will pass on any information to this thread on talkback as well. I am putting this together on behalf of the Parish council. I am working from home which also has its challenges, but I will do my best.

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Kate (25th Mar 2020 14:09:17)

Hi K, the Lloyds pharmacy were able to deliver my medication, I just gave them a call a couple of days before I needed it, they were really helpful.

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Rachel (25th Mar 2020 14:19:17)

Because Iv'e had a Liver transplant and have to take immunosuppresants for the rest of my life, I have been getting texts from the NHS saying I have to stay indoors along with a whole host of restrictions!
I received a letter today because I am in the most vulnerable group with lots more information.
Im trying to pick up a prescription, and admit I did pop over to try to collect it. They were not letting anyone in. I explained my predicament and asked if they could deliver my prescription. I was told to phone.
I have been phoning non stop for hours but to no avail.
I'm not sure what to do as I do not want to risk going out again.

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Claire (25th Mar 2020 15:04:00)

I would encourage anyone , especially those with a recent DBS to volunteer for goodSAM .
They are organising practical support for the most vulnerable, transport for those who have recovered and need discharge from hospital, transport of items between NHS sites and a friendly ear service for those not coping well with the isolation
Something for everyone!

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Eric Benson (26th Mar 2020 12:40:42)

What plans does BLPC have to offer help and support within the village? Today’s Liphook Herald (Gabrielle where are you when we need you?) has lots of examples of what local parishes are offering by way of support to the vulnerable and other risk groups, Liphook’s plans are noticeable by their absence. The website says
“COVID-19 News and Support - Helping you with up to date information, if you need help please contact us” but nothing else…

Why has the parish office shut for the duration? It should be possible for BLPC’s chairman and clerk and other parish councillors who are not in isolation as in a vulnerable group onn a rota basis to be there in normal working hours - answering phones, emails etc. and co-ordinating local help schemes, even if the doors are shut to the public

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Gabriela (26th Mar 2020 17:43:49)

Hi Rachel : I just saw your post . I work for Lloyds . Our lines are so busy at the moment , they keep ringing . If you send me your surname to my email address , we might be able to help you and sort something out .
Kind regards

I have sent your email direct to Rachel to keep it protected.

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- D (26th Mar 2020 17:59:50)

In times of crises natural leaders come to the fore. Regarding Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council, if they have shut up shop for the duration, do we really need them?

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- peter terry (27th Mar 2020 10:16:41)

i to agree there shoud be contact with b.l.p.c.there is plenty of space in there to have one person in on a rota east hants council are doing it so why not are local council

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Rachel (27th Mar 2020 13:20:39)

Thank you so much for helping.
With much gratitude xxx

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- JM (27th Mar 2020 13:36:19)

BL Parish council is open for calls but these will be diverted to a mobile number. Staff are working on rota basis. Both council website and LMC website are updated with current information. Councillors, where able to, have volunteered themselves.

Re: Coronavirus community support Liphook?
- Elizabeth (27th Mar 2020 23:52:33)

There are several Face book pages too for those on FB. Corona Virus Community Support Hampshire is the one I am signed up to and offer help to people nearby.

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