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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Why are people out
- GT (24th Mar 2020 12:01:24)

Why are people still out and about ? I know people need shop etc but why are the Liphook in Bloom team out ? The more people stay at home the quicker we get over this deathly viras. PLEASE PLEASE follow the Government guidelines. I for one dont want this to last for weeks on end .

Re: Why are people out
- LIPHOOK IN BLOOM (24th Mar 2020 12:35:31)

Liphook in Bloom were indeed out for a short while this morning. Two of us only, keeping the recommended distance apart and ensuring that we did not come into close contact with passers-by. In these difficult times we chose to use our 'one period of outdoor exercise' to tidy the beds in the Square in the hope that the bright spring bulbs would bring some cheer to the community whilst 'lock-down' continues.

Re: Why are people out
- Pauline Murdoch (24th Mar 2020 12:37:28)

Well done Liphook in Bloom

Re: Why are people out
- E (24th Mar 2020 12:52:53)

GT it seems you are very worried but two ladies planting some bulbs to make us happier miles apart from everybody is OK by me well done LIB .6

Re: Why are people out
- sarah (24th Mar 2020 12:59:14)

Hooray for Liphook in Bloom. There efforts are really appreciated

Re: Why are people out
- gareth j rees (24th Mar 2020 13:08:49)

thanks liphook in bloom

you guys do an amazing job

and liphook in bloom are absolutely following the government advice on social distancing and exercise

Re: Why are people out
- K (24th Mar 2020 13:18:14)

All hail Liphook in bloom
The message is quite clear - stay indoors!! You are not an essential service.

Re: Why are people out
- K (24th Mar 2020 13:21:21)

People need to understand. It is more than clear

No, Liphook in bloom should not be out. You are not allowed out UNLESS its with a member of your household for 1 session of exercise a day.
Why do people think it doesn't apply to them.

Re: Why are people out
- E (24th Mar 2020 13:36:29)

LiB were not out two people they could have been related planting some bulbs away from every body just for a few minutes taking their exercise. No different from people walking their dogs.

Re: Why are people out
- Joanna Finch (24th Mar 2020 13:47:04)

Let’s keep some perspective and positivity ... if these ladies choose to spend their exercise allowance keeping Liphook flower beds maintained voluntarily, while adhering to the social distancing advice, then I applaud them !!!
I can only hope you observed them from the confines of your own home ?!

Re: Why are people out
- JOE (24th Mar 2020 13:49:07)

Walking a dog is more essential than community gardening. Also when walking the dog I stay as far away as possible from others more than 6 feet apart. The message was very clear stay at home. Lockdown could last for months othwise. Also if we are meant to stay indoors a flowerbed is not going to get seen by the community. If you want to do community work then help needy people who are not getting food.

Re: Why are people out
- Joanna Finch (24th Mar 2020 14:11:29)

Shame you feel the need to tell those of us who are already helping those vulnerable people with their food ordering and delivery, what to do.

Re: Why are people out
- Mr P (24th Mar 2020 14:55:15)

Surely doing some weeding and planting can be your 1 hour exercise. It benefits them and the village.
Maintain your separation and it's the same as walking or cycling.

Re: Why are people out
- Old Resident (24th Mar 2020 15:10:46)

Well Joe walking the dog is not essential far from it. So it’s ok for people to cram into trains and the underground to earn their big salaries and then come back to Liphook and use all the shops etc . But two local ladies who I know do an amazing amount of volunteering all the time they can not plant a few bulbs away from everyone.I suppose you are out delivering food and supplies while walking the dog well done.

Re: Why are people out
- K (24th Mar 2020 15:26:35)

It really is quite simple and applies to everyone. STAY AT HOME.
No ifs and buts. People are dying. The disease in some people is asymptomatic, they are yet to know their fate, you carry it and pass it on. That friend you were gardening with today could be on a Ventilator next week. What is so difficult to understand! You stay with family MEMBERS in the household only! You go out with ONE other family household member if absolutely necessary. DRILL THAT MESSAGE HOME WILL YOU

Re: Why are people out
- AA (24th Mar 2020 16:52:53)

Actually the official guidance says you can only gather with one other person UNLESS it's a family member you live with or for unavoidable work. In other words it's permitted to meet with one other non household member if you keep your distance which is exactly what they were doing! If the people are family you live with you can go out in a bigger group e.g. a mother and children. So it's not very simple is it, because clearly lots of people are misinterpreting the rules!

Of course being more strict is sensible and good but it doesn't sound like these people did anything wrong according to the government. I think it was Gove who said earlier working on an allotment is permitted as exercise so this is similar.

Personally I've not left the house for ten days so I'm all for being more restrictive but finding all this attacking of people rather depressing...

Re: Why are people out
- JOE (24th Mar 2020 17:24:09)

walking the dog away from all other people is all I do. Planting bulbs in the busy
Centre of Liphook is far less essential. And yes at the moment I am making sure 2
elderly single neighbours have enough food.

Re: Why are people out
- War babies (24th Mar 2020 17:34:20)

My self and my other half have been in our back garden digging for victory as we did in the war.All the veggies in strawberries coming on tattles in so all I can say we made it in two wars I’m sure we will survive. Haven’t seen a sole for days so please all keep safe.

Re: Why are people out
- Al (25th Mar 2020 04:24:38)

I'm out 10 hours a day because I have to go to work. I'd much rather be sat in my garden though.

Re: Why are people out
- K (25th Mar 2020 19:33:30)

Worker at NHS NIGHTINGALE, the new hospital in London being built including 2 morgues. Show this to people who aren't taking the Virus seriously

You don't know you have it! STAY AT HOME.

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