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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Residents parking
- B (11th Mar 2020 09:58:08)

Just out of curiosity....the ‘Residents parking only’ signs along Victoria Way - they look like the type used within private business- or privately-maintained premises. I thought, in council-maintained enforceable zones, that there is usually a permit scheme with permit stickers, and the official signs look very different.
Is there an official residents parking scheme in place in Victoria Way?

Re: Residents parking
- Dave (11th Mar 2020 14:50:21)

No, its just the residents trying it on! there are no parking restrictions and it is a fully adopted road so feel free to park there as you wish. Once again local residents thinking they have exclusive entitlement of the road outside their homes as well. (that being said, who are the numpties that park right on the junction with Longmoor Road, that is just stupid.

Re: Residents parking
- JOE (11th Mar 2020 16:06:46)

I had a rude note left on my car once when I parked there accusing me of trespassing!. I thought it was an adopted road as well.

Re: Residents parking
- John (11th Mar 2020 21:27:17)

Thanks for the Tip guys, might do a bit of completely legal parking down there, I’ll set my camera up and see if I can get a silly resident arrested for vandalism on a legally parked car :)

Re: Residents parking
- VicLiver (11th Mar 2020 22:05:17)

There’s a lot of very poor legal parking down there. People are parking right at the junction obstructing access and blocking the pavement. I understand the residents’ ire.

Re: Residents parking
- Bob Smith (12th Mar 2020 15:30:29)

Is it legal to park so close to a junction?
Sometimes one whole side of the road is blocked and if someone turns in from Longmoor road you end up having to reverse around two tight corners, even more fun if it’s at school let-out time and you have hoards of Bohunters crossing behind you.....😒

Re: Residents parking
- Jen (13th Mar 2020 12:20:48)

I've noticed similar signs up on the entrance to at least one of the side roads off Midhurst Rd. I can't recall if it was Court Close, Field Place or Fletchers Field but it was one of those. I don't think any of those are private roads - or are they? Can anyone confirm?

Re: Residents parking
- Alan (13th Mar 2020 12:29:43)

You can check individual road status at

Select East Hants as the district.

Re: Residents parking
- S (13th Mar 2020 14:56:41)

The Maltings is the one that annoys me, I have had to back out onto the Haslemere road to let people with the right of way pass because a lot thoughtless Tw@*s that park right up the edge of the junction. I must add most if not all of them don't even live in the Maltings anyway.

I am considering buying an old TANK or Volvo and just pushing the whole lot out of my way as I go through ;-). They will soon get the idea and not park there.

Re: Residents parking
- Al (14th Mar 2020 11:29:48)

What about all those cars parked along Headley Road that holds up the traffic especially at peak times

Re: Residents parking
- Julie (14th Mar 2020 22:32:14)

Agreed, Headley Road is a nightmare

Re: Residents parking
- Life Resident (15th Mar 2020 14:12:21)

No problem with on street parking . Headley Road is fine it’s the motorist that is the problem driving too fast. If you go to any town you have on street parking take wey hill Haslemere parking all the way up.

We should have more on street parking all round Liphook to slow the traffic down more patience is needed. The speeding in the 20 m.p h limit is appalling as the 30 m.p h limit motorists just seem to forget their in a built up area.

Perhaps we should have more traffic calming like in Midhurst Road by the fire station were you have to stop and take your turn it works in selbourne. But of course it would be great to have ring roads so we could pedestrianised our conservation area and save Liphook’s heart.

Re: Residents parking
- A (10th Jun 2021 07:51:04)

So are the yellow lines down Victoria way actually legal. They just appeared one day without any signs forewarning. Just seems ridiculous. You buy a house next to a school you have to be prepared for parking to happen there. I appreciate some people park badly but again that's the minority.

Re: Residents parking
- Oldie (10th Jun 2021 10:07:24)

Spot on live resident more on street parking would help the shops . The ring road behind Bohunt School that H C C recommended would solve the problem at Bohunt shut the entrance in Longmoor road open up entrance at the rear off the new ring road for all traffic and buses then all access to Bohunt school would be from Portsmouth road and Longmoor road down at the new roundabout problem solved. Then we could make the conservation square a pedestrian area local traffic only. Get the other ring roads that HCC recommended done then perhaps we could get our village back.

Re: Residents parking
- Don (10th Jun 2021 10:29:33)

I'm sure the residents didn't paint the yellow lines; so yes they probably are legal.

The problem with school run parking is that people have generally become less considerate of others now than they were in the past. There is a prevailing attitude of self entitlement and this is seen quite often where parents park across peoples driveways because "there was no-where else to park" or "it was only for a moment"

In my experience we have become a selfish, self focussed society and as a result are likely to see more tension and more legislation in our lives

Re: Residents parking
- VW (10th Jun 2021 12:10:39)

A - Public notices were put up at the start of the year on both Victoria Way and Longmoor Road letting residents know yellow lines were coming. These were probably requested because, as Don points out, people were parking inconsiderately and dangerously. Cars and vans were often parked right up to the junction forcing vehicles onto the wrong side of the road. Bohunt students also have a habit of just walking across the road without looking and could not be seen due to these vehicles.

Re: Residents parking
- VicWayRes (10th Jun 2021 13:38:03)

Actually Victoria Way isn’t adopted by the council and residents pay a fee to a private company who maintain the road etc. The company is called Trinity if anyone is interested so it’s not the residents “trying it on” the road is residents only parking.

Re: Residents parking
- steve miller (10th Jun 2021 16:42:35)

Oldie. Sadly HCC have not recommended any relief roads for Liphook.
During the Lowsley Farm planning saga they commissioned a study by W S Atkins into 5 possible options but this was really just a way of kicking the traffic issues associated with the planning application into the long grass.
Predictably the outcome from the Atkins study was vague and inconclusive and HCC have never committed to pursuing any of the options.

Re: Residents parking
- JH (10th Jun 2021 16:47:56)

Nice try, VicWayRes.

Look at the link given above. Victoria Way is an unclassified, metalled road adopted by the local authority.

So it's a public place, with parking available for all. Doesn't mean you can park inconsiderately or illegally.

If you live there, which your name implies, you surely know that the statement you made is - well, shall we say - misleading.

Re: Residents parking
- David (10th Jun 2021 17:58:39)

Headley Road is a nightmare; the problem has actually moved up the road now, there is regularly a white Mercedes that parks just up from The Avenue right in the road, caused a right old tailback the other day, just so inconsiderate. Think they have just moved in, hopefully they will learn (after a few clipped wings mirrors)

Re: Residents parking
- B (10th Jun 2021 20:53:51)

Looking at Trinity Estates website (if this is the company VicWayRes is talking about), it looks like they manage the communal areas - like the verges and possibly street lighting. It doesn't look like they look after the roads as a private venture.
I imagine this means that the service charge residents pay to Trinity is not related to upkeep of roads which, as the link says, falls under the council remit.
But residents should get a breakdown annually of what their service charge has been spent on. Are there any residents with that breakdown who could clarify at all?

Re: Residents parking
- Joe (10th Jun 2021 22:47:51)

Sorry victoria resident, the local authority would never paint double yellow lines within a private estate. Why would they.?
It is a given that only residents park there with a huge sign up at the entrance saying Private Road, which there is not.

Re: Residents parking
- A (11th Jun 2021 09:10:23)


Perfectly legal for the white Merc to be parked where it is- no yellow lines or other parking restrictions. In fact having cars parked along Headley Rd is the best traffic calming option we have. Too many clowns hurtling down and too many accidents on the zebra crossing that you all seem to ignore. If the council won't install calming measures its up to the residents to do something.

Re: Residents parking
- David (11th Jun 2021 12:15:24)

@ A - perfectly legal to smoke a hundred fags a day but not sensible and pretty inconsiderate to others

Re: Residents parking
- A (11th Jun 2021 13:47:03)

@ David,

you smoke your hundred fags a day and let people park outside their own houses on a B road that impatient- maybe nicotine withdrawal symptoms- drivers want to race up and down without any concern for other road users or pedestrians trying to cross to get to school.

Puff Puff D

Re: Residents parking
- Oldie (11th Jun 2021 17:08:42)

Steve Miller you are quite correct HCC only suggested the ring roads they were never going to build them. These roads were sprung on the planning committee on the night I and a great many liphook people in attendance were taking by surprise also the planning committee. They took a very long time discussing it many of the committee wanted to postpone voting on it but the chairman would not have it . He wanted to push it through but several members said there should not be a brick laid until the land for the road was identified. The road should have been paid for by wimpys they have built 63 houses at Canada way with no outlay on infrastructure. What is it 300 - 400 houses at oak park very little outlay on infrastructure for liphook . All the money they pay into the community chest at EHDC never gets spent in liphook.These suggest ring roads were supposed to be paid for by developers when they put in plans for houses.Ironically the only developers to say they will put in a road is Northcote developers and Bohunt but of course they want a lot of houses. But surely it’s better than nothing that we got from all the other developers. The way EHDC conducted the planning meeting was diabolical.EHDC let Liphook down at every point.

Re: Residents parking
- joe (12th Jun 2021 13:33:43)

Oldie, what developers promise is not always to be trusted. Also HCC did not recommend any particular route for a bypass. The report pointed out advantages and disadvantages of 5 possible routes. No where in the report did it suggest any bypass would be forthcoming in the near future. They pointed out that the SDNPA would be unlikely to allow a bypass through the Park area, it is going against their principles of planning, which is everything is Landscape led.
Over the years you have posted on this website about the bypass issue, and cannot accept that the SDNPA decide what is allowed on Bohunt Manor land not EHDC.

Re: Residents parking
- Oldie (12th Jun 2021 17:51:39)

Yes Joe I have posted a number of times about Liphook because having lived here all my life I have seen the terrible mistakes that have been made. I did say they were only suggested routes by HCC but that in its self meant they agreed that liphook needed some sort of ring road system. As for building in the NATIONAL Park you can build in the park if it benefits the community it’s going on all over the country. The government are looking into the problem of the park boundaries splitting communities in two there was not enough thought put into where the boundaries were put. National Park s are good but they need to be more in tune with communities as in liphook they are destroying our conservation square which they should be protecting by splitting our Parrish in two.I no I’m old but I’ve seen it all . You only have to see EHDC backing the Chicken Farm which they said in the first place was definitely not a good place to build it will only cause more traffic through the square. EHDC need to listen to the majority of the community. Fight the National parks to re- position the boundaries so that our Parrish can be as one again either all in or all out makes sense.

Re: Residents parking
- steve miller (12th Jun 2021 19:44:34)

This thread is getting increasingly off topic but, for what it's worth I suspect that development of the Bohunt Manor/Foley manor land might be rather closer than most people expect.
As I understand the latest government proposals for changes to the planning system, proposed developments are likely to receive approval in principle unless they lie in 'protected areas'. It would seem that being in the national park will not automatically infer this status and it is difficult to see why that particular collection of fields would merit protection from development on any other grounds.

Re: Residents parking
- Oldie (12th Jun 2021 22:33:23)

Thank you Mr Miller a sane comment. I only wish our councils would do the same.

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