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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Fibre to the Premises
- lac (27th Feb 2020 10:42:17)

We now have a newly elected government which seems to have woken up to the fact that broadband fibre is the basis of tomorrow's economic world. The glossy PR machines will now push stuff to inform how well its all going and how many premises now have fibre to the premises. Sadly, in Liphook, a "rural area", we have taken our usual place at the back of the queue. There are NO current plans for fibre to the premises that I'm aware of. The final few hundred metres from cabinet to premises might as well be a few hundred miles. This area always seems to be at the back of any plan to improve telecom infrastructure. Economically Liphook is part of the South East, one of the biggest economies in the world. I would encourage everyone to start pressurising local MPs, councillors and Openreach, Sky, Virgin etc to get on with fibre to the premises and allow us to be part of the future new economy NOW not in 5 years time.

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- Julian (27th Feb 2020 13:11:16)

Hi Lac et al,

To introduce FTTP into Liphook may not as challenging as it seems. It can be done easily by the community.

I am currently running through the process for the Passfield area (including Conford, Standford and parts of Headley, Hollywater and Whitehill). In the next few days we should have all the information required to ascertain if FTTP is feasible from a cost perspective.

There are government vouchers available towards the cost at £3000 per business and £1500 per household, however they do depend on your current internet speed.

Ideally the cost of FTTP is covered by the voucher scheme however this requires buy-in from a good proportion of the population. Each interested business / household would need to register their interest, including first line of address, postcode, land-line telephone number and current internet speed (up and down).

It's important to note that upgrading to FTTP replaces the aging copper cables with fibre. Its not necessary to change your telecoms / internet provider if you don't want to or are under a termed contract.

To setup such a community project does require volunteers. If you, or anyone is interested in getting involved please let me know. I would be more than happy to assist too.

Please email to register and/or get involved.

Many thanks


Fibre to the Premises
- Damien Blower (14th Mar 2020 13:28:27)

I am the owner of both the business and the building in central Liphook, at 6 The Square. I have just spoken with BT Openreach and they have told me that I can get a free installation of an ethernet connection with 1Gbps to my property. They tell me that the ethernet cable needs to be routed by 7km from Haslemere. Unless I do this, the best I can get even with FTTP is around 60-70Mbp, as there is a bottleneck in the cabinet.

The cost is exactly £50k ex vat to my business on a 5-yr Contract, after a discount voucher of £2,800. I can get it done in 12 weeks, I am seriously considering biting the bullet, as the workflow benefit is enormous for my architectural practice.

If there were more businesses that would be prepared to sign up, then it might be possible may be able to negotiate a bulk discount.If anyone wants to join me, contact me via my wesbite contact page - I am going to drop some flyers around all the businesses in the village in the week and speak with Allianz also.

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- richard (15th Mar 2020 13:10:04)

And being cynical...

The Liphook Exchange is c. 200 metres from The Square.

Open Reach advising that service is only available from Haslemere is a commercial decision on their part not to have enabled the exchange at Liphook for this service.

I suspect the reality is in the background, the 1GB service would be enabled at Liphook, and the service provisioned from the local exchange.

A fibre connection to the premises would then be installed, and terminated...£50k later!

I can appreciate that a business may need the bandwidth, but may I suggest bonding multiple connections together?

There are devices on the market that can enable aggregation of multiple VDSL links, which may alleviate the issue, plus give better redundancy.

I would suggest a chat with a network engineer, who may be able to provide other (less expensive) options

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- D (15th Mar 2020 13:37:34)

Historically Liphook telephone exchange was always connected to Guildford and not Haslemere since it went digital.
Seems a strange thing for Openreach to say a cable has to come from Haslemere when the Fibre Optic cable goes to Guildford?

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- Colin (15th Mar 2020 19:36:29)

You can get 300mb via fibre to premises in liphook already, surely that would be enough. With regards to the 12 weeks ii can only assure you that bt/openreach/contractors they use are not capable of organising anything so think more 12 months!!!

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- Peter (16th Mar 2020 22:15:28)


We have had FTTP since August 2019 here in Bramshott with 330/50Mbps and the fibre goes back to the Liphook exchange. Not sure how many properties served, must be close to 50.

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- Peter (17th Mar 2020 10:11:58)

To D:-

"Historically Liphook telephone exchange was always connected to Guildford and not Haslemere since it went digital.
Seems a strange thing for Openreach to say a cable has to come from Haslemere when the Fibre Optic cable goes to Guildford?"

I have just checked the BT Wholesale/Openreach spreadsheet for Liphook and Passfield, both exchanges link back to Haslemere. Liphook is WBC enabled and therefore you could get a 1Gbps connection from it, but capacity or a network constraint would suggest it has to originate from Haslemere.

To Julian:

Passfield has 2 DSLAMs, one serves 104 premises, the other 17 premises. 2 out of the 4 FTTC cabs couldn't happen because of Wayleaves being refused, hence why 2/3rd of Bramshott (served off the Passfield Exchange) now have new telegraph poles and some ducting and FTTP.

Whitehill and Bordon, according to BT Openreach will get FTTP by March 2021 as part of their Towns and Villages roll out (an extra 227 towns). I would suggest contacting eHampshire (HCC) to see why the Openreach FTTP for Whitehill can't be extended to Passfield.

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- Peter (17th Mar 2020 10:30:23)

Correction re Passfield

Have now found cabinets 2, 3 and 4 - forgot that Conford did get its own cabinet but relocated into the hamlet itself.

Also looking at Haslemere, it is a primary node, separate from Guildford and its parent is the main 1200 exchange network.

Any other Q's let me know.

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- D (17th Mar 2020 17:41:09)

Thanks Peter.
I did say historically, and have to admit it was 20+ years ago when I worked for BT, but I know for definite that Liphook then was a satellite off Guildford and the cable went up the A3 using the old ducts for the PCM links.
Bordon was a satellite connected to the Aldershot main exchange.
Things change and move on quickly in the telecoms business.

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- Julian (19th Mar 2020 12:55:00)

@ Peter - Would you be able to please drop me an email to ?

Many thanks


Re: Fibre to the Premises
- Rob (19th Mar 2020 14:58:47)

I just don't see that it is necessary unless you have a lot of people on one connection. There are 3 of us on an ADSL FTTC connection we get 70+Mbps download and 20 upload. I run a building services company and we we have CAD files pinging back and forth no problem, very different to the old days of dial up or even ISDN! It's plenty fast enough for us.
Where do people get the idea that the copper wires are aging? Copper wires doesn't degrade with use!

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- Davy (30th Jun 2020 14:36:49)

Any updates to this thread? Where do I find cabinet routing maps? We are served from Liphook 10. FTTP is available to nearby newer properties in Bramshott Place retirement village area - cabinet unknown. Existing FTTC Fibre 1 giving max 24Mbps officially, but half that in practice. About 150 flats and houses need to improve broadband speeds. What are the options?

Re: Fibre to the Premises
- liz (30th Jun 2020 18:22:01) ? Absolutely no idea if it helps with what you want but there does seem to be a lot of info on there.

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