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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Emma (14th Feb 2020 15:08:49)


I have just moved from Petersfield and I am looking to pay something online but the courier is Hermes.

We had problem with the hermes delivery in Petersfield, is there any issues with Liphook before I order the item!

Thank you.

Re: Hermes
- Diane (14th Feb 2020 16:11:48)

Our Hermes girl is good.No problems

Re: Hermes
- Dee (14th Feb 2020 16:47:17)


Barbara is our Hermes driver in the Haslemere Road, she goes above and beyond

Welcome to Liphook


Re: Hermes
- Elaine Knox (14th Feb 2020 19:15:42)

I’m very happy with the Hermes deliveries we get just off the London Road.

Re: Hermes
- L (14th Feb 2020 21:00:48)

Well my experience of hermes is not good - the last delivery was supposed to be one that needed a signature. The parcel was left outside my front door with not so much as a knock at the door, and I most certainly did not sign for it...

Re: Hermes
- Rachel (14th Feb 2020 22:18:16)

Don't get me started !
Constantly leave parcels outside where anyone can nick them as my door opens onto a public car park!
Barbara is the exception and if it's her then it's ok but anyone else just dumps it!
I will try to avoid buying from sellers that use Hermes.

Re: Hermes
- John (15th Feb 2020 01:27:33)

Both L and Rachel in their own words validate that each received their own deliveries yet both are annoyed ????

Re: Hermes
- L (15th Feb 2020 08:02:10)

Yes, John, because it was pure luck that we received our parcels - and in my case, the driver clearly forged a signature because they didn't get one from anyone inside my house! Do you think that is acceptable, let alone a decent service???

Re: Hermes
- M (15th Feb 2020 18:39:02)

Our Hermes lady is great, can't fault her.

Re: Hermes
- N (19th Feb 2020 16:34:30)

Well no idea whats going with Hermes at the moment

I know of several parcels for me and other people stuck in limbo supposedly going from local depot out to courier and then back to local depot.

Been going on over a week now.

Re: Hermes
- John (19th Feb 2020 19:09:37)

L, you pay peanuts and expect royal service, everything your said “could” be valid if you failed to receive your package.

But you received it, yet your booing about it.

You paid cheap you got cheap so be quiet, you haven’t bought a red carpet service so stop acting like it’s what your entitled too

Re: Hermes
- Kat (19th Feb 2020 20:23:16)

I’ve heard that the normal 2 lovely ladies have quit so it’ll be someone different from now on. I had a delivery which was also a few days late, I didn’t think to ask if the guy who delivered it if he is our new courier.

Re: Hermes
- L (20th Feb 2020 01:47:48)

Oh dear, John. Having a bad day? The OP asked for opinions/experiences of Hermes and I am simply giving MY opinion and experience. For your information (and I do not really have to justify myself to you), I paid extra for next day delivery. I didn't choose Hermes as the delivery provider, and I certainly would not choose Hermes if I was ever given the option to choose who delivers the goods that I have purchased. Are you the delivery driver who dumped my parcel and literally ran, forging a signature as you did so? It feels like you are taking things far too personally if it isn't... Chill out!

Re: Hermes
- JOE (20th Feb 2020 08:31:18)

I too have had problems with Hermes 2 or more packages never delivered. Had to get refunds. I now try click and collect instead.

Re: Hermes
- pete (20th Feb 2020 23:32:57)

Yet but L, we have real names and I agree with John, u did get your package, you could chill a bit

Re: Hermes
- L (21st Feb 2020 08:04:32)

Really not sure what has happened to this Hermes thread. Welcome to Liphook, Emma and as Joe quite rightly pointed out, if I were you I would look at using Click and Collect. Xx

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