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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Bohunt school
- Sarah (13th Feb 2020  20:17:52)

Bohunt is a high achieving school .
At the Moment it seems to be rife with drugs .
Please educate your teenagers .
Bohunt is aware of the situation .
It has affected many students over the years .
Some with no return .
Let’s hope they get their priorities right.
It does not look good for the reputation
Of the school .

Re: Bohunt school
- Bill (13th Feb 2020  22:23:07)

What an absolute ridiculous post. Blame schools, it’s always the schools fault, never ever the parents...

Re: Bohunt school
- Jen (13th Feb 2020  22:34:48)

You’ve no idea what the school does with their students regarding substance abuse education. Whereas, I do. I can reassure you they are doing ALL they can.

Read up about the county lines before you start posting on here and criticising the school. Also, look a bit closer to home. Don’t rely solely on a school to educate, it starts at home and in many cases it’s the home where it’s broken down.

Re: Bohunt school
- MikeT (13th Feb 2020  22:53:20)


You seem to have some sort of grievance with Bohunt as this is your second post on the subject in a couple of weeks. Are you a parent or a student (past or present) at the school? Even worse, are you a teacher or headteacher there??
Many of us have children at Bohunt and this kind of generalised post is extremely unhelpful.
If you have some specific issue, by all means share it with the community but please, please do it AFTER you have done everything you can direct with the school

Re: Bohunt school
- Ian (14th Feb 2020  08:18:26)

I suspect bad parenting is more to blame for youth drug issues than bad schooling.

Re: Bohunt school
- Kay (14th Feb 2020  11:10:51)

Education on drugs is always a good thing whether this comes from the school or parents. Not all drug takers are a product of bad parenting, you can do everything possible to stop your child from doing drugs but the sad reality is each and every young person has their own mind and will make their own choices despite knowing the harm they will be doing to themselves. Bohunt or any other secondary school having pupils taking drugs is not a new thing. I attended Bohunt back in 1995 and knew many teenagers using/experimenting with drugs.

Re: Bohunt school
- blog raider (14th Feb 2020  11:44:36)

Wats u lot talkin bout? All 9 of ma kids gone bohunt and all of dem dun well in life. Two of em got scooters and they only 14 and the overs all liv wid there dads now and always go visit them in jail on da train on there own and the youngest is only 4. Dunno why you slag of bohunt?

Re: Bohunt school
- Penny Williamson (15th Feb 2020  10:26:12)

I agree with MikeT, Sarah appears to have some personal grudge against Bohunt. Bohunt is a very good school and I am sure they are doing their very best to ensure that its pupils are not exposed to or involved with drugs as soon as they are aware. Sarah’s post is at best unhelpful and at worst downright harmful and possibly libellous. I would suggest Sarah in the first instance talks directly to the school to discuss her complaints and grievances. If she has done this and has not received positive results she can always approach the Board of Governors who are responsible for overseeing the management side of a school: strategy, policy, budgeting and staffing. They enable their school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside senior leaders and supporting teachers to provide excellent education to children.

Re: Bohunt school
- JOE (15th Feb 2020  11:11:21)

Penny it is not libel to tell the truth. It would be niave these days to assume that there is no drug taking in such a huge establishment of over 2000 pupils.

Re: Bohunt school
- MA (15th Feb 2020  12:28:46)

Sarah needs to return to school herself with all those full stops!

If she has an issue, she needs to speak to the school herself rather than complaining on social media, or withdraw her children from the school if she dislikes it so much.

Re: Bohunt school
- Penny Williamson (15th Feb 2020  14:56:01)

Joe In my post I said "possibly" libellous. Sarah is implying that Bohunt is a school at fault because they are doing nothing about children taking drugs. Nothing could be further from truth - Bohunt are aware and doing everything they can to prevent this. I repeat that the problem with "problem" children usually starts in the home through lack of good parenting. It is unfair of Sarah or anyone else to put all the blame on schools. This is the second post in which Sarah has made unfounded accusations again Bohunt. She should be ashamed of herself and perhaps look at her own problems closer to home.

Re: Bohunt school
- Dave (15th Feb 2020  18:10:12)

Sarah may well have mental health issues and as a community we should reach out and help her. Her cries for help online should not be ignored, there is clearly a bigger story here, drug taking is probably the tip of the iceberg, confusion over gender and sexuality along with lack of local diversity and a host of other problems are all a factor here, come on Liphook, show The Love

Re: Bohunt school
- Lulu (15th Feb 2020  20:39:17)

I am in my 20's and cannot believe what I'm reading from 'adults' no wonder children these days have issues with online bullying when they have this to learn from. Appalling behaviour , you all should be ashamed.

Re: Bohunt school
- King of Greatham (16th Feb 2020  07:49:03)

I agree with Lulu above.

She makes me want to shout.

Re: Bohunt school
- Ian (16th Feb 2020  09:10:24)

Typical snowflake generation comment from Lulu, anyone who disagrees with you and they get accused of bullying!

Re: Bohunt school
- Chaz and Baz (16th Feb 2020  10:14:31)

Our kids all go to super schools in Bordon and luckily we don’t have these problems here. Shame to hear that Liphook has got so bad. We also notice Sainsbury’s has also gone down hill. Emply shelves and looking tatty.

Re: Bohunt school
- MikeT (17th Feb 2020  10:41:15)

You can never guess where a subject thread will end up- this is what's so entertaining about Liphook Talkback.

Bohunt drugs into Sainsbury's shelves. Did anyone see that one coming?

Re: Bohunt school
- Holly (17th Feb 2020  11:59:29)

Bloody hell guys

You clearly have nothing better to do with your life’s than argue on this bloody thing!!

Way more interesting things in life than to sit on this!

Have a superb Monday :)

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