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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Inwood stoves
- Paul (14th Jan 2020  16:40:13)

I noticed some bad feedback about Inwood stoves in Liphook and wanted to share my experience.
We had a flue fitted by them and the first time we lit the wood burner what seemed like melted sealant ran down our walls.
After that it leaked when it rained.
When I complained the man on the phone told me to stop crying like a baby and hung up.
I got someone more professional to sort it out as I felt I didn’t want them round anymore anyway.
Good luck if you are thinking of using them.

Re: Inwood stoves
- Contemplating a Woodburner (14th Jan 2020  17:48:41)

Who was more professional ?
Advice would be helpful

Re: Inwood stoves
- sarah (14th Jan 2020  18:21:50)

Well I have never used Inwood Stoves, but they have good reviews on Google.
If you have a complaint there are better ways of dealing with it, I would write or email them and if they are not willing or able to resolve your problem, small claims court it great!

Re: Inwood stoves
- John (15th Jan 2020  00:44:53)

The google reviews are mostly negative, then 2 valid looking good reviews followed by a suspicious amount of 5 star reviews on the same day from people whom haven’t reviewed anything else ever.

From what I see if you use them and it goes well then great, but if it does not go well then your in the s***, hardly a 5 star affair, it’s more hit or miss and average really.

Also don’t bother with the “go down and speak to you themselves like” it’s clear that’s not worked.

Re: Inwood stoves
- liz (15th Jan 2020  08:23:00)

We used Inwood Stoves to fit a new fire surround, which for various reasons was not entirely straightforward. I would give them 5 stars and also say that after much looking around beforehand their price was competitive.

Re: Inwood stoves
- helen (15th Jan 2020  20:47:08)

They fitted a wood burning stove for us. Absolutely fine service and would use them again.

Re: Inwood stoves
- Chris (16th Jan 2020  09:20:04)

Paul, you are not alone, worst ever experience, amazing that they are still in business?

Re: Inwood stoves
- Paul (16th Jan 2020  12:14:00)

The people I got to sort out the bad installation of my flue were focus in four marks. Nice helpful people with a much better attitude.

Re: Inwood stoves
- Paul (16th Jan 2020  12:16:06)

Thanks for the idea as well. I must leave a google review for inwood. They don’t deserve to be trading.

Re: Inwood stoves
- liz (16th Jan 2020  12:48:11)

Contemplating a Woodburner

I would go and see them if I were you. They have been around a very long time so they must be doing something right. The general views I have heard are "good but expensive" - but as I mentioned I found their prices competitive.

Re: Inwood stoves
- Paul (16th Jan 2020  13:30:57)

Have you worked for them for long liz? Haha. You sound like one of their fake google reviews.

Re: Inwood stoves
- liz (16th Jan 2020  16:47:15)

That seems to be the general trend on this thread - any positive news and you are a fake!

Re: Inwood stoves
- Ian (16th Jan 2020  18:26:43)

Paul, you sound like a competitor being malicious! Any proof? Or just nasty unfounded hearsay/libel.

Re: Inwood stoves
- Bubbles (16th Jan 2020  20:25:39)

They did work for us and we had to ask for HETAS check as the installation was found to be unsafe
Sadly we never received our money back so went to Focus Stoves in Four Marks who resolved all the problems.
We thoroughly recommend Focus Stoves.

Re: Inwood stoves
- Helen (16th Jan 2020  23:40:14)

Perhaps as they are expensive they do not need many customers before they are in profit. It is shocking they do not give guarentees on work which is so important to get right.

Re: Inwood stoves
- liz (17th Jan 2020  08:17:05)


That does not sound like a durable business model. Also, as I mentioned, for the work we wanted the price was competitive. (And just to satisfy the trolls, I do not work for Inwood Stoves my comments are genuine)

Re: Inwood stoves
- Helen (17th Jan 2020  19:07:20)

If there is an incorrect installation it is dangerous, carbon monoxide poisoning? If mechanics working on cars can offer warrenties etc then why shouldn't they?

Re: Inwood stoves
- P Brighton (21st Jan 2020  15:04:16)

They are supposed to give certificates for installations. This is something I found out after I got focus to sort out their mess. That information was not given by them and no certification was offered by them.

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