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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Road nightmare
- dawn (2nd Dec 2019 13:13:12)

Rangerovers parked on the main road just up from the COOP causing absolute chaos.
We need this main thoroughfare to be yellowlined.
Two problems
1 the stupidly long delay on the way out when driving to the station
2. The kamikaze drivers running the gauntlet and driving at you ‘head on’ on the return journey.

This road shouldn’t be permitted to be so clogged up like this. Park somewhere else and WALK or park in your own drive or ask a neighbour with an empty drive if you can use theirs

Re: Road nightmare
- Penny Williamson (2nd Dec 2019 14:06:59)

Absolutely agree with Dawn - nightmare and an accident waiting to happen.

Re: Road nightmare
- Life Time Resident (2nd Dec 2019 17:01:57)

Dawn and Penny . Penny you say on the speeding traffic thread that you agree with D no speeding traffic because of volume and parked cars . Which I agree more parked cars slower traffic (traffic calming). Dawn sorry you get held up in the Headley Road it’s not a main road none of the six roads into the square are main roads.If you need to access the station along the Headley Road just allow more time at peak times. Liphook needs to allow more on street parking to deter unnecessary traffic ie school traffic . traffic passing through to Haslemere. traffic accessing the A3 from Bordon .I really don’t know why the schools don’t do more to encourage parents to walk to school.

Re: Road nightmare
- Derek (2nd Dec 2019 19:34:33)

What is the problem with people travelling through the village to get to Haslemere and the A3? We don't all own Liphook it's a village, it's public. Move your cars, allow traffic to get through with ease and don't be so stuck up.

Re: Road nightmare
- Gr (2nd Dec 2019 21:44:23)

At least when the A3 ran through Liphook the traffic was slower
People need to slow down and show some consideration for other road users

Re: Road nightmare
- D (3rd Dec 2019 02:38:08)

What does Lifetime Resident mean when he/she says none of the roads going into the square are main roads?

Re: Road nightmare
- gr (3rd Dec 2019 07:01:07)

I think they mean they are all B roads not A roads

The square is just a pinch point for all roads we really need a link road south station road to longmoor road

Re: Road nightmare
- k (3rd Dec 2019 10:37:56)

Maybe as previously suggested may be an idea especially with increasing traffic volumes to perhaps stagger open closing times for schools in the area - may serve to lessen the load all at once?

Re: Road nightmare
- Penny Williamson (3rd Dec 2019 13:59:51)

Life Time Resident Neither D or I mentioned parked cars in our posts. I said that more traffic slows cars down but nothing about parked cars. The cars parked Headley Road are a road hazard and dangerous - there should be double yellow lines all the way on that stretch of road to join the double yellow lines that are already in place on the approach to The Square. Similarly the line of cars parked on the Portsmouth Road coming up to Station Road (mainly used by commuters) is dangerous for car users. The line is so long that it is difficult to safely pull out and pass. To those who say that two cars can pass safely that depends of the size of the cars and whether the oncoming cars are driving far over enough on their side of the road.

Re: Road nightmare
- CL (4th Dec 2019 07:20:46)

Lifelong resident

Your comment that schools should do more to encourage parents to walk their children to school is definitely not a fair judgement of the Infant and Junior schools.

I am a parent of an Infant School child and we are constantly being encouraged/reminded to walk our children to school and park cars considerately.

Re: Road nightmare
- D (4th Dec 2019 08:37:25)

Lifetime resident, avoid the square at peak times? So I'll either be an hour late for work or an hour early for work waiting for the gates to open. Hardly a realistic solution but thankyou for your suggestion anyway.

Re: Road nightmare
- Jack (4th Dec 2019 08:53:44)

Staggering school opening and closing times would be totally impractical for parents with a child at three different schools.

Re: Road nightmare
- GR (4th Dec 2019 11:31:00)

Always walked to school in my day and thats when A3 ran through the village

Re: Road nightmare
- D (4th Dec 2019 15:53:44)

Me too, GR. When I started school there wasn't even the pedestrian crossings. Traffic in Liphook is better than it used to be, who remembers when Longmoor Road t-junctioned with Headley Road outside the Anchor Annex and then t-junctioned onto the A3. Then you had cars queing for petrol outside the Anchor Garage tailing back onto the A3 as well. No one moaned in those days but then the world was ran by the Greatest Generation who had most to complain about but didn't. We don't know we're born these days.

Re: Road nightmare
- Grant (9th Dec 2019 15:20:59)

Staggering school times already exists.
All the private schools start earlier and finish later than state schools.
If labour had their way can you imagine the carnage.
Plus the private schools are considerate enough to have longer holidays to free up the airports.

Re: Road nightmare
- Jack (9th Dec 2019 18:04:52)

D, I think people did complain about Liphook's traffic when you were young. The Liphook bypass was first proposed in the 1960's to alleviate the problem (it was opened, of course, in 1992).

Road deaths nationally have fallen by 80% since the peak in 1966, for many reasons. Parents driving their children to school is undoubtedly annoying for residents, but the trend (and it happens everywhere) will be a factor there, as have the pedestrian crossings for those that are close enough to walk.

Things are different from how they were back in the old days. Back then there were police patrols and lollipop ladies and while children were vulnerable to attacks then, we are much more aware of it now and totally intolerant of it, thank goodness. Parents just don't believe it is safe for a young child to walk unlit roads from Passfield, Griggs Green, Hollycombe etc. In many homes both parents have to work, ruling out a leisurely long walk to school.

Nostalgia has a way of rose-tinting the past and it is very much in fashion right now - as a country, we need to wean ourselves off it. Learn lessons from the past, not try and live in it.

If the Infant/Junior school opened the Avenue-end of their field to cars, it would be a help. It's is a shame that some of the land now being built-upon on in Longmoor Road could not have been acquired for an official school car park or drop-off zone, with walking patrols to take children to the door. It could have been a sweetener for the developers. Liphook is getting bigger but the infrastructure is not.

GR - Can you explain how Liphook's traffic problem's will be worse if Labour win on Thursday? I'm struggling with that one (not that I'm Labour, or Tory for that matter, I just don't understand the comment).

Re: Road nightmare
- Grant (9th Dec 2019 20:38:55)

One of labours ideas, abolish private schools?????
Therefore all those kids that board, start and finish school later will be on the road at the same time.

Re: Road nightmare
- Gr (9th Dec 2019 22:55:12)

Where did i mention labour?

Re: Road nightmare
- Jack (10th Dec 2019 08:19:16)

Sorry GR, I confused you with Grant.

So Grant, don't vote Labour because if they nationalise (not abolish) private schools, the school hours might change and Liphook will be gridlocked. Seems a bit tenuous to me.

Anyway, voting Labour won't make a difference here anyway, it just splits the Lib Dem opposition to the Tories. That's for another thread though.

Re: Road nightmare
- Penny Williamson (10th Dec 2019 11:38:30)

@D I agree with some of your post but not all. I think sane, balanced people have always been totally intolerant of attacks on children – the difference between now and then is the fact that now we have the Internet so much more is known and it is in our faces the whole time. I am not saying that this is a good or a bad thing, it just makes a difference to peoples’ awareness.
With regard to parents driving children to school it is not only annoying for the residents, it is also bad for the environment and it is this generation that are blaming the older generation for not doing more about global warming – “do as I say and not as I do” springs to mind. I understand and totally agree that some parents have to drive their children to school for whatever reason, but what happened to “car sharing” which is what I did when my children were at school. All too often you see one child in a huge, gas guzzling, environmentally unfriendly tank.
It is true that in many families both parents have a job, but I take issue with the “have to” when applied to all. Of course there are cases when both parents have to take a job to pay for necessities and make “ends meet”, but that does not apply to everyone. I am sorry to hark back to the past but in this case it is relevant. The majority of the present generation, adults and children alike, have far, far more than what is now referred to as the “older generation” had. Iphones (children as young as 4 have them) all the gizmos, holidays abroad, designer clothes – I could go on and on – there is nothing wrong with that, but I do not class these things as necessities. I am not criticising just making the observation. There is nothing wrong with both parents working to give themselves and their children the “good things” in life – but don’t say “they have to”. It is a choice.
I agree that nostalgia has a way of rose-tinting the past, but I think adults and children were happier and healthier in those days – there was no obesity for a start and that is now the biggest killer of all outranking smoking. Yes, we should learn lessons from the past, but the point is we don’t.

Re: Road nightmare
- dawn (10th Dec 2019 12:16:13)

this post is not about speeding cars or political parties
it is about cars parked on the main road.

I don't care if it is an A road or a B road - it is the main road into Liphook - so it is a main road.
Choosing to block an entire carriageway with your Chelsea tractors causes absolute misery.
It is totally unacceptable for the main road into the village to be blocked like this - it should have double yellow lines.
No one minds leaving a bit early in the rush hour - but random but uncommon parking is not something that we would ever have pre-knowledge of so how can we know which day to allow an extra half an hour because some numpties have blocked the road?

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