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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Eco Friendly Christmas
- Dawn Hoskins (30th Nov 2019 17:03:05)

Our extended family have all vowed to have [as far as possible] a recyclable Christmas this year.

No unnecessary plastics
Plain Christmas wrapping paper that can be recycled and washi tape that can be recycled. [did you know that normal Christmas wrapping paper cannot be recycled at all]
No Christmas cards with any sort of glitter on them or any high gloss cards as this prevents them from being recycled.

I know there was a thread on here recently about being environmentally aware, but I've lost it now.

Unfortunately, places like Sainsbury's (and the other supermarkets) are simply not on board with reducing their plastics and this year have significantly increased the amount of plastic they use in packaging. Even something as simple as a solid shampoo bar is not to be seen, let alone a bamboo toothbrush or a beeswax sandwich wrapper. Such simple things these massive retailers could do - but just don't.

If you are looking for ideas to replace the plastics in your home this is a good site. Please post below any other good websites or independent sellers that you know of.

Have a happy 'green' Christmas

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- Resident (1st Dec 2019 00:54:10)

Bees wax sandwich wrappers can be purchased from a lovely lady within Liphook who makes them - keeping it local and supporting local businesses (and the environment).

Shampoo bars can be purchased online (if you shop online) and do come in hessian packaging from some distributors. Bamboo toothbrushes also can be purchased online.

Unfortunately (whilst I do not support over use of plastics) Sainsburys in Liphook are not responsible for the items stocked on their shelves- they are told what is to be displayed like most other stores. The staff probably don’t have a say and you’d probably have to make Head Office aware of what you would like changed in store - but these changes would probably depend on store turnover and profitability of said items.

Brilliant idea re eco friendly Christmas - I wish you and your family a happy festive time :)

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- Helen (2nd Dec 2019 09:12:06)

I have a friend who is making a succesful business in Alton from recycled fabric
she makes leggings and swimwear etc she is selling on etsy I will try and post a link if people are intetested.

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- Kathy Marsh Crafts (2nd Dec 2019 10:15:17)

Block shampoo etc can also be purchased at the Liphook Artisan Fair next Dec 14th I have tried it from a fellow stall order - good product.

Some - Admittedly not all of my Christmas tree decorations are eco friendly Wet & needle felted Tree decorations made of 100% wool - cinnamon sticks etc - I am thinking of new ideas already for next year - I will be at Bordon Christmas Fair 7th December - 10 -2pm Forest Community Centre if you want to come along & have a look!

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- Dawn Hoskins (5th Dec 2019 11:20:30)

If you know anywhere that sells large sheets of plain paper please let me know.

I had considered doing the 'rent a Christmas Tree' thing this year, but have read loads of reports that the majority of them don't survive the replanting and repotting.

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- helen (5th Dec 2019 14:21:48)

I think the post office sell the brown parcel paper? would that do? or an art shop might sell large sheets of plain paper.

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- Dawn Hoskins (5th Dec 2019 20:57:41)

The parcel paper is really thick, I'm hoping to find some thinner paper that is more 'wrappable'
I'm sure it is out there somewhere.
I will resort to newspaper tied with ribbons otherwise - but also think that this will look quite nice.

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- Wendy (6th Dec 2019 08:39:16)

Dawn, how about trying baking paper (similar to greaseproof paper) - it`s not thick and should fold easy. Good luck.

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- AA (6th Dec 2019 09:06:27)

Depends who you're buying for but we tend to reuse gift bags a lot and I know you can buy fabric wrapping bags or simply use fabric. But you would want to fabric back to reuse or it may just be worse!

Re: Eco Friendly Christmas
- Brains (12th Dec 2019 15:44:15)

One of the most eco friendly things you can do is re-use your current Christmas decorations for years and years and years, regardless of what they're made of, rather than updating them every few years or so. Chucking away plastic ones and replacing them with eco-friendly ones would be to massively miss the point here!

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