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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Paul Robinson (26th Nov 2019 08:32:09)

At last night's Parish Council meeting, during Questions from the Public, I asked what the Parish Council proposed to do about the volume of speeding traffic through the village and the safety of pedestrian crossings in the light of two serious accidents in the space of six weeks.

I was told that there had been an investigative meeting between our County Councillor Floss Mitchell and representatives of Hampshire Highways but no report had been made.

At last month's Parish Council meeting councillors discussed the potentially dangerous crossing in the Midhurst Road adjacent to the Midhurst Road car park and the exits from the Village Surgery and Lloyds Pharmacy car park. No action was taken and no decision was made. Just four days later a Bohunt pupil was knocked down by a car at this junction. Police were in attendance, traffic through the village was in gridlock and the victim was taken away in an ambulance to the Royal Surrey Hospital.

A little later in last night's meeting District Councillors reported that due to a "significant increase" in traffic through the village of Bramshott "Hampshire County Council has assessed the cost of different proposals to put in place traffic calming measures throughout Bramshott. The works would include gateways at the entrance of Church Road, Tunbridge Lane, both North and South, a single gateway in Burgh Hill Road, and white lining in Church Road to give the impression of width reduction, Duck signs, and some other work"

It is assessed that the source of the money to cover the works could in part come from S106 contributions held by EHDC.

Well, that should help sort out the "significant increase" in traffic in Bramshott where, thank goodness, no one has been injured in a road traffic accident, but what about the "substantial increase" in traffic though Liphook. Councillors would do well to remember the old adage 'Things happen in threes'

Paul Robinson

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- liz (27th Nov 2019 09:24:48)

Who on earth thought "white lining in Church Rd to give an impression of width reduction" would be a good use of limited funds. Church Rd is not wide anyway and always reduced by parked cars. (Not a complaint - just a comment!).

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- er (27th Nov 2019 13:30:37)

Maybe it would give the impression that traffic was going slower so everyone would be happy-no? With the new Bordon supertown taking shape and a lot of folk hoping to or already moving in from London on substantial help to buy discounts, they will need better facilities to the A3 northbound and Farnham is too busy already, Longmoor is a backwards step, Liphook is choked, I think Bramshot is getting worried a bit.

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- M (27th Nov 2019 17:02:54)

Strange how Bramshott gets money spent on its roads but Liphook doesn't.
Anything to with local and district councillors living in Bramshott?

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- jdickson (28th Nov 2019 13:11:46)

If Parish or EHDC Councillors are looking here then take note. Liphook is being destroyed by traffic and speeding traffic is ubiquitous and on the increase on all approach roads and through the village centre.

Why have no provisions been made to mitigate for extra traffic from Bordon and the hundreds of house being built in and around Liphook.

Hill House Hill and the Headley road are dangerous and traffic speeds on them are sometimes outrageous but constantly too high. Same goes for the Haslemere Road.

It should be fairly obvious that this would come to a head at some stage.

Deal with this please and make it a priority and don't wait for more headlines to appear that highlight your ineffectual approach to this.

Having you deselected for your inaction in this important area is not beyond the realms of fantasy!

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Richard (29th Nov 2019 00:26:45)

You want a solution to reduce the amount of traffic through Liphook?

Why not try moving the sign on the bypass that tells anyone wanting Haslemere to come off at Liphook down to the Hindhead exit.

That way the Haslemere traffic avoids Liphook completely

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Bush (29th Nov 2019 05:59:12)

Great summary on our local scale.

Nationally, cars and petrol are too cheap, public transport is very poor.
It's taken 40 years to un-kill Hindhead only to pass that ever-growing volume of cars up to Guildford and down our way. Probably not the place to discuss the now not so hidden costs of fossil fuels.

Then add the emerging delivery volumes of traffic who are "allowed" to block traffic to drop off a parcel if they flash the ilegal hazard lights on, drive on verges, gardens and lawns, eroding ancient country lanes.

But politics, national and local, are very short-term. The nanny state is not helping enough. There ought to be other innovative means of controlling traffic or at least mitigate the damage that doesn't depend on politicians. Community efforts? Business initiatives? Personal responsibility?

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Dawn Hoskins (29th Nov 2019 14:30:45)

EHDC have hardly any say as to highways issues - especially not road building and traffic numbers.

About the only thing EHDC can to is issue TRO's when road works or events are happening - like make a road one-way or close a place off. Remember all the road closures that were planned for Velo South 100 mile road race - well, that was Chichester council who decided to hem in thousands of people so that a private enterprise could make money, meaning carers couldn't get to patients and farmers couldn't get to livestock..... Yep - thats an example of a local council issuing a Traffic Regulation Order!

About the only other remit they have is to encourage people to be more 'eco' and wither walk, cycle or take the bus. (Well good luck there)

So, if you are concerned about traffic please don't blame Parish Councillors or District Councillors - instead - get in touch with the actual decision-makers here:

or here:

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Penny Williamson (30th Nov 2019 12:54:45)

I agree with Dawn - stop criticising your local councils and councillors. She has given information on who to contact in her post. I would emphasise that everyone and that means everyone - all road users – motorists, pedestrians, cyclists – need to take much more responsibility for themselves and their own behaviour – I despair of this evergrowing “blame game” and "nanny state".

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- RH (30th Nov 2019 14:17:55)

As I suggested some time ago what is needed is a north bound entry and a south bound exit for the A3 at the Headley road bridge.That would keep traffic out of Liphook centre and Bramshott.

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- D (30th Nov 2019 19:57:07)

I can't say I've had a problem with speeding traffic through Liphook, either as a motorist or a pedestrian. The only problem I have is between eight and nine in the morning when the school run with one child per huge four by four trundles to and from The Avenue bringing every road into the square to a halt. I was walking two miles to school and back from the age of five. No wonder childhood obesity is on the increase. Makes a mockery of these environmentalists who want to ban traffic near schools.

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Resident (1st Dec 2019 00:36:51)

Traffic volume is only going to get worse with the planning permission being sought to develop the land north of Devils Lane. Liphook cannot cope with the volume of traffic as it is (let alone those not knowing how to enter and exit the roundabouts in the proper manner with the little orange flashing lights on their vehicles - which are built in as standard..).. the infrastructure of Liphook needs some serious attention if the Council (EHDC not the local parish) want more “affordable housing” .. there’s no point throwing up more houses on an infrastructure that is not sufficient for the amount of existing traffic or extra traffic this would cause let alone the op’s concerns for speeders which as both a motorist and pedestrian I have witnessed.

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Penny Williamson (2nd Dec 2019 14:10:02)

I agree with D with everything she said. Resident this Thread is not about more traffic through Liphook - it is about the speeding traffic. More traffic will actually slow people down.

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- D (2nd Dec 2019 16:36:37)

Thankyou Penny. Of course, when I was walking merrily to school I had the advantage of going to the school within my catchment area as did all children then (those in State education anyway). The daily school run hour (reminiscent of Mayday parade in Moscow under Brehznev) I assume is an unfortunate consequence of being able to pick and choose where your child is educated these days. Not good for their health neither, we were all skin and bone from walking to school, not like the little fatties you see on back seats with a packet of sweets to keep them quiet (and fat).

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- er (3rd Dec 2019 10:25:22)

Well just goes to prove you can't please everyone, for every rant there is a counter rant (or opinion!), some want more traffic and parked cars to slow down the fast cars, others want ease of movement on the open road (the 20th century dream, sadly no longer viable in 21st century Little Britain) either way, divided we are.

Personally I want more and direct cycle lanes, I think if kids could cycle safely to school they'd be healthier, a few brave spirited ones do risk the mad Longmoor Road at rush hour (not the Headley, Haslemere, Portsmouth or Midhurst Roads though, that would be crazy), but with the narrow roads they either have to cycle (illegally) on pavements or dangerously on the wrong side, so if they live a bit further out they join the car jam hell (or heaven if you prefer it that way).

Solution? None on the horizon but more 'sustainable developments with good transport links and communal areas that will solve all our problems' that aren't, don't and can't!

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- er (3rd Dec 2019 11:27:59)

And I'd just like to add, before anyone thinks I'm blaming any child has cycled on the pavement on a busy road, I'm not and that would be missing the point completely, the ones I've seen did it very slowly and considerately and without any other safe choice, my point is that we as adults should be able to prioritise some of the hundreds of millions our council raises every year, and the hundreds of millions property developers make every year on massively inflated new builds prices, in this greedy society, to putting in some dedicated, safe cycle routes to and from the schools, we seem happy to build on fields for house after house after house, but OMG take away a bit of space for children to cycle safely, we don't seem to have the spare room or money, our priorities and morals go missing! Rant over.

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Anon (12th Dec 2019 08:06:19)

Who recommended and authorised width restrictions on single track roads used by HGV's Tractors and school busses, as a means of traffic calming. Longmoor Road was heavy with Lorries loaded with dirt during construction of the new houses. WR traffic calming measures are utter madness and death traps and should be banned. Many years ago, the writer was unfortunate enough to witness the aftermath of an accident between a 40 ton HGV and a small car full of Old age pensioners, the driver of which appeared to have frozen when it met the HGV head on travelling through such a speed restriction. Why are those in control of the public safety and purse, having to prove that they are fit for purpose and accountable?

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Paul (12th Dec 2019 10:58:39)

I'd rather see a child riding to school carefully (nb - CAREFULLY) on the footpath than risking their life in traffic ….

Re: Speeding Traffic Through Liphook
- Dawn Hoskins (12th Dec 2019 13:26:18)

agreed, footpaths are essential for children to walk or cycle safely. Especially when the roads are dark, dangerously fast, narrow and unlit.
Let's face it, there are not may adult pedestrians walking the pavements so children getting to/from school by cycling on them [considerately] is a better situation all round.

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