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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- paul (8th Oct 2019 12:13:29)

Hi, There so many posters for this worldwide environmental campaign around Liphook. Is there are protest planned locally?

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- PeterW (8th Oct 2019 15:19:04)

So are they expanding their theatre of operations and putting a pink boat in the middle of the square and putting up tent?

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Rob (8th Oct 2019 15:37:15)

I hope not!
I'll be removing them if I get a chance.
Their campaign is more to do with hard left politics than the environment. If they were protesting in India, Russia and China too I might have more time for the tofu eating crustys.
China is increasing it's CO2 emissions every year by more than the UK's entire emissions!
The Chinese government is busy building over 300 coal fired power plants around the world as part of their Belt and Road initiative. Meanwhile we are busy closing ours and replacing thermal generation with expensive wind and solar power that is subsidised by every person on their electricity bill.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Pete (8th Oct 2019 16:49:40)

Rob- Please don't embarrass yourself with your lack of knowledge. extinction rebellion protest is underway in India, Russia also albeit small due to the overbearing autocratic state and China being communist should by your reckoning have the biggest protests of all being so left wing. As for your tofu eating crustys comment sounds to me like your a Boris fan as its almost verbatim.
Try looking at the coverage and you will soon see people from all walks of life.
It matters not what other countries are doing, take the moral high ground and lead by example. If it turns out were too late and the damage we have already done is too great at least we tried.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- paul (8th Oct 2019 18:10:54)

Please don't have negative comments about this very important issue. Our grand children will have to live through our poor environment. Must be the biggest challenge of our lives!

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Elizabeth (8th Oct 2019 19:01:08)

What absolute rubbish! Hard left?? Sweeping generalisation there, oh dear

I hope there is something locally

The amount of rubbish/ inorganic waste burned

Disappearing ecosystems


Illegal dumping


Should have you concerned for starters

All school children should be involved in this as a field trip!

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Ha Ha (9th Oct 2019 09:07:13)

Bet you all change your tune if they block The Square.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Blueprint (9th Oct 2019 09:56:53)

The rest of the world may understandably continue rushing headlong for growth (it's their right to have the luxuries we once created).

But if we're serious, not just talking it up, in the UK we need to plant forests, not housing estates. Ban unnecessary travel especially air travel (and travel in general), cut back on treats, control population growth (a country needs on average 5 acres of land per person to be self-sufficient) (with the exception of refugees genuinely fleeing economically failing countries such as France), ban luxury goods, especially if made of plastic or imported, bathe no more than once a week, stop wearing synthetic man-made fibres (plastic) (men have a lot to answer for), ban the use of concrete (one of the worst polluters) except for projects of national importance, stock less variety of foods in shops (and be grateful for what you get), in fact one central government run multipurpose shop per area would suffice, allocate wealth so most people don't have a bigger house than strictly necessary or more wealth than needed (the state should apportion this, with exceptions made for people genuinely fleeing economically failing countries etc), all should work for government credits, exchangeable in government shops, regulate tv, banning any dissenting, dangerous views, (except for the people's broadcasts providing instructions on good citizenship), teach the people to till the communal fields to create food for the communal shops (this should be done from school age), ban all cars except the people's tractor (made by the people on the people's farms), with the exception, of course, limousines for the party members as they will be doing all of this for us.

Most people will happily get behind this once it's explained to them through a megaphone, whilst blocking town centres during rush hour.

The ones who resist and continue to bathe more than once a week are just selfish and will no doubt be in the minority and should be ignored.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Rob (9th Oct 2019 10:06:01)

So how do we reduce to net zero emissions without going back to the medieval era in 5 years and a couple of months? It isn't possible! The children you're all so queued about will starve!
One of their slogans is "Burn capitalism not petrol"... Sounds pretty far left to me, doesn't it to you?

The government has already committed to swingeing cuts to CO2 emissions, faster than most think sensible. It is going to cost millions of pounds. Meanwhile China, India and many other countries are increasing their emissions rapidly.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- k (9th Oct 2019 10:13:20)

Maybe another way to protest against yet more land being lost to housing?

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Rob (9th Oct 2019 16:29:05)

The housing, the emissions etc are all a symptom of overpopulation.
The biggest problem is that there are too many people on the planet.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- paul (9th Oct 2019 17:19:49)

I don't know why we have to make this life-changing issue "political"? I understand governments are decision makers. But every citizen on planet earth is responsible for the future. We can all make a difference for our future generations existence in our world.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- paul (9th Oct 2019 17:50:32)

When I was at school over fifty years ago, we were taught that we could live on another planet in the future, or under our oceans...still waiting.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Dollypops (9th Oct 2019 18:26:42)

Do eco-warriors carry mobile phones? Would they work if not charged by electricity or, as toxic, batteries? (not enough sun in this particular country for solar). How do they transport themselves to their various venues?

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Alan (9th Oct 2019 19:06:08)

Extinction Rebellion mocked for 'trying to hide' diesel generator in protest camp ....

Says it all really !

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Phelim (12th Oct 2019 11:08:22)

It is obvious that those who think that the Extinction Rebellion is not anarchist/hard left have not done their research. Former Counter-terrorism chief Richard Walton has investigated Extinction Rebellion and states that it should be treated as an extremist anarchist group intent on “revolution” aimed at achieving a breakdown of the state and democracy. One of this groups stated aims is “to build structure, community and test prototypes in preparation for the coming structural collapse of the regimes of western ‘democracies’ — now seen as inevitable due to stored-up crisis. Thus preparing a foundation to transform society and resist fascism/other extremes. This includes creating Rising from the Wreckage – a citizens’ assembly based on sortition [random selection]”

They are, as in Greta Thunberg, lying about the so-called Global Warning crisis. On the day Thunberg addressed the UN a letter was delivered with the signatures of over 500 leading climate scientists, geologists who stated that the man made global warming crisis was without proper scientific foundation. Some of these scientists are actually part of the UN's meteorological body and/or the World Meteorological Association and other bodies. Here are just four of the names of people

Christopher Landsea, a former chairman of the American Meteorological Society’s Committee on Tropical Meteorology and Tropical Cyclones and an IPCC author, who discovered that the IPCC was telling lies about the relationship between climate change and hurricanes;
Zbigniew Jaworowski, former chairman of the UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, who says the IPCC’s ice-core research is wrong and that therefore it has “based its global warming hypothesis on arbitrary assumptions and these assumptions, it is now clear, are false”.
Dr. William J.R. Alexander, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Civil and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Pretoria in South Africa and a former member of the United Nations Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural Disasters, who has written: “I believe that global warming is the biggest scientific scam ever. There is no evidence to prove that the current climate variations are not a natural cycle.”
Gerhard Gerlich, of the Institute of Mathematical Physics at the Technical University Carolo-Wilhelmina in Braunschweig in Germany, and Dr. Ralf D. Tscheuschner, who co-authored a devastating paper in 2007 entitled Falsification of the Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within the Frame of Physics. This stated that there was no scientific basis to anthropogenic global warming theory whatsoever.

Here are some links if people want to get the facts Extinction Rebellion, Thunberg and the school strikers, Greenpeace and other eco-groups are at best ignoring or at worst deliberately hiding from people:

[A]" target=new>

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Pete (14th Oct 2019 16:22:52)

Ha Ha - No I would congratulate them.

Rob - Think of it as haggling Government says 20 years protesters say 5 years eventually a consensus is reached.

Alan - Don't believe everything you read in the press. Note in the picture the generator in question is nowhere near the camp and has no cables attached.

Phelim- Try copy and pasting this link into your search engine you may find it quite enlightening.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- R (14th Oct 2019 17:14:09)

If the Extinction Rebellion protesters aren't political why were there people holding "Out with the Tories" at the demonstration?
Surely if the demonstrations are about climate change the idea is to inform the present parliament, and that includes all the opposition parties too, that a change is needed. Saying "Out with the Tories" does nothing to improve the environment.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Greengrass (17th Oct 2019 19:58:57)

Seriously why are protestors focusing on disrupting normal daily life for the average Jo. Protest of course if you wish but do it where it means something, try a coal fired power station or a bottled water company.

I have been a supporter of environmental groups for over 40 years, I don't eat meat, i recycle, I shop local, I am very environmentally conscious. I don't need some nob head stopping me getting to work where I make a living to sustain my environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Protest of course but get a grip, many of us were caring for the environment before you were born, you are trashing all the groundwork that was placed before you. If you want the change then be the change.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Jen (17th Oct 2019 20:59:33)

I agree with Rob. The problem is that there are too many people. The most environmentally friendly thing that any of us can do is to stop breeding!

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- SM (18th Oct 2019 12:15:28)


Totally agree with all of us looking after our “BEAUTIFUL PLANET!”

But not by some of the actions from the “Extinction Rebellion “

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Pete (18th Oct 2019 13:11:31)

Greengrass- Although I don't doubt your commitment and applaud your environmental efforts, there are too many people who really don't care and the seriousness of the situation means they need it shoved in their faces. If you were to protest outside a power station or bottling plant nobody would pay the slightest bit of attention. City centers = all over the news. Sad that it has come to this but time is running out.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- D (18th Oct 2019 15:27:38)

"Shoved in their faces"? Didn't someone try that in London yesterday? You won't garner any support using language like that.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- Pete (18th Oct 2019 16:00:21)

Not looking for support just telling it like it is.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- D (18th Oct 2019 19:23:33)

I wholly support the action taken on the London Underground yesterday. They both deserved it.

Re: Extinction Rebellion posters around village.
- D (19th Oct 2019 14:45:26)

Should we really be promoting an organisation that brainwashes children into skiving off school to lend support to that organisation's demonstrations? Children are at school to learn, not to be used as pawns to promote their teacher's political opinions. This organisation should not be allowed to operate in our schools.

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