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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Refugee caring
- Jennifer (7th Oct 2019 18:14:21)

I wonder if there is a group around Liphook who befriend refugees? I saw a father with two children in Sainsburys who were obviously new to the UK as their English was poor. I felt that the surroundings were also new to them as the father was slightly nervous. He was very polite. Possibly from the Middle East.
I would be happy and pleased to join a group who care for these people.

Re: Refugee caring
- Richard (7th Oct 2019 20:31:29)

It’s a great idea and I’d be happy to help, we should be making a good example of ourselves and be welcoming and helpful to everyone whom might need help.

Re: Refugee caring
- Regrexit (8th Oct 2019 06:15:54)

Not every foreigner is a refugee. Not every immigrant is a refugee.
Refugees are a minority amongst the immigration masses we have seen so far.

Refugees are genuine escapees from extreme hardship which they had no way to deal with elsewhere. Usually easy to prove. EU and British outposts legally pick up genuine refugees in their countries of origin all the time.

Illegal immigrants having arrived on British soil usually means they must have arrived at another EU country before that. There really is not much critical humanitarian help (shelter, food and security) genuine refugees should seek here and were unable to have in the other EU countries. Our British help goes far beyond critical help (the pull factor).

The pull factor is what compels many immigrants to risk all they own and their very lives for a promise (truthful or otherwise) of a quality of life awaiting them here. Amplifying the pull factors are the NGO's, the media and people trafficers nicely collaborating with one another. Most of the immigrants are "in search of a better life", I'd say an easier life.

I do agree our current national leadership and current national reputation is nothing to be shouting about. Furthermore, climate change is causing ever worsening living conditions, impossible conditions in parts of the world, and if we choose to be loose with our terminology, we can say an increase of "climate refugees" to their millions.

Now we may chose whom we help with our private resources, but we should be very choosy when we use public resources to boost our pull factors. We should also be careful not to misuse terminology.

Good morning.

Re: Refugee caring
- Jennifer (8th Oct 2019 07:34:25)

Refugees or immigrants. It is just a word. My focus was on a father with his two young children who were clearly foreigners and unused to the environment, very polite and seemed out of their comfort zone. How they arrived here was not my concern.
Your reply did not answer my question although it obviously was your opinion and you felt it was important to air it.

Re: Refugee caring
- Gill (8th Oct 2019 07:55:43)

I'm totally with you Jennifer. You may find info through the local churches or food banks perhaps?

Re: Refugee caring
- Keith (8th Oct 2019 12:48:49)

You could try contacting the Rural Refugee Network - I'm not sure if they are active in Liphook but they have certainly helped a Syrian family resettle into Liss.

Their website is

Re: Refugee caring
- Richard (8th Oct 2019 22:02:25)

Read the first few lines of Regrexits post and then quickly ignored it and moved onto the others than dealt with the subject matter of refugees caring.

Refugees, immigrant, people from a different country, whatever... now neighbours, and if they could do with help then we are willing just like all other neighbours without any grouping, definition etc. No requirements needed to discriminate a person in need thank you.

Moving on

Re: Refugee caring
- Jennifer (8th Oct 2019 22:21:17)

Thank you for your advice to get in touch with rural refugeenetwork. I have done so and await a reply. I expect it was the Syrian family whom I saw in Sainsburys

Re: Refugee caring
- D (9th Oct 2019 09:02:33)

I applaud the original OPs sentiments but could the father and children have just been on holiday in the UK?
If they so concerned with their situation, and wished to help, why didn't they just introduce yourself and ask if they needed any help or assistance.
I wonder why the OP seems happy to delegate their wishes onto others to carry out and not be proactive and get suck in themselves immediately?

Re: Refugee caring
- Dawn Hoskins (9th Oct 2019 10:32:43)

I also witnessed a young father struggling to understand both UK currency and what the cashier was asking him in Sainsbury's last weekend.

He was 2 in front of me in the queue [one of the rare ones at which there is an actual person scanning the groceries].

He gave what he thought to be the correct amount and the cashier was curtly repeating the total - which was clearly not what he'd given her. Instead of explaining, or showing, or telling him calmly what extra he needed she just kept curtly repeating the total - which was of no use to him.

Both myself ant the fellow in front of me took coins out of our pocket to make up his difference as it was clear that the cashier was not handling it at all well. The fellow in front beat me to it and paid the difference whilst the young man, [approx 25] was staring confused at his handful of money.

This sort of vulnerability is ripe for exploitation and I fear he is at risk of being targeted by the unscrupulous.

I also think that Sainsbury's should have staff training on vulnerable people and how to treat them with respect. The cashier could have helped him - she chose not to. He had money - just didn't know what she was talking about and was becoming increasingly confused, embarrassed and overwhelmed.

I would very willingly and happily come to an orientation group to help any new people adjust to UK life. It would have to be weekends or evenings.

Re: Refugee caring
- Jennifer (9th Oct 2019 15:49:49)

The man I saw was probably about 40 with two young children - 5-8. He didn't need help at the time otherwise I would most certainly have got 'stuck in'. He probably wasn't a tourist as his trolley was piled high with groceries.
How sad that the cashier in Sainsburys was so unhelpful.
I feel the best way forward is to be part of a group who have experience in this field. Probably every volunteer needs training of some sort.

Re: Refugee caring
- oldie (9th Oct 2019 22:08:57)

Folks, I'm not entirely sure whether we want to be giving out too many more details, however well intentioned, of a man and his children seen shopping plentifully in Liphook who may or may not live here, whose grasp of English currency and language are reported to be somewhat rudimentary (both of which actually make me suspect he may have gone to the same school as me in London), a man who may or may not be a refugee. The gentleman (or gentlemen if you've not all seen same ones by any chance), may of course be something else altogether.

Whilst I'm sure the outpouring of compassion speaks well of people in Liphook, and caveats as to his speculated status have already been fulsomely provided, there does seem to a risk that we're maybe trying to rescue a person, before we even know if he requires rescuing. If he is a refugee, the fact that he's in Liphook probably suggests that he has already been rescued, at least to some extent, depending on your perspective of our little town, some of you may of course disagree!

Of course I may be wrong (again) and you all may well tell me off for having no feelings. You'd all be wrong (I think) because I applaud your wishes to help newcomers to Liphook integrate. So, dear people of Liphook, please excuse my light hearted response and receive it positively, heeding it or not as you choose!

And, I hope you all find work/ volunteering in the field you're passionate about and that this (or these) gentlemen continue to find themselves on the receiving end of Liphook's kindheartedness (if in fact, they need it). All the best, goodnight.

Re: Refugee caring
- liz (11th Oct 2019 09:28:19)

It's such a pity that certain people seem to think that any genuine kind hearted response needs a lecture on the ways of the world. Very condescending.

Re: Refugee caring
- Regrexit (11th Oct 2019 11:42:25)

Se how well the second sentence describes the first:

It's such a pity that certain people seem to think that any genuine kind hearted response needs a lecture on the ways of the world. Very condescending.

Re: Refugee caring
- John (11th Oct 2019 22:39:59)

You can easily tell whom voted for Brexit and whom held immigration as a key to it from this post. They can barely contain themselves from reacting to this post and their reaction tells everyone exactly what kind of persons they are.

They are actually challenging a warm kind and very human idea to help someone whom might need it. And they are challenging it as the purposed recipient isn’t white and English.

Re: Refugee caring
- Resident (12th Oct 2019 08:43:58)

Well John what statement I think the boot is on the other foot.

Re: Refugee caring
- Regrexit (12th Oct 2019 17:47:17)

John is "right" (or is it righteous?) God and any other divinity is behind John, and anyone who dares to express opinion other than his ought to be inhumane and cold. Surely John should know better than reacting to cyber trolls.

Regardless to skin colour, religion or origin; regardless of the Liphook individuals:
The pull factor is what kills so many immigrants, motivates them to take desperate actions into desperate situations away from their homes based on false promises. It supports unscrupulous human traffickers, collaborating with NGO's. It fuels the whole disaster called Immigration Crisis.

Open arms to so-called "refugees" can easily be a warm welcome to fugitives, unless proven otherwise. Think well who you wrap yourself around, allow the authorities to scrutinise appropriately. Our tax contributions cover the basic needs of legitimate refugees. My conscious is clear.

Re: Refugee caring
- john (12th Oct 2019 19:44:51)

Regrexit, the post is about helping someone whom might need help, your replies are saying if they do not qualify as a refugee then your not for helping them.

Try as you might to mask your discrimination, its not working. Same goes for oldie who's statements are black and (white) throughout, a vain attempt to mask his own discrimination by typing sentences with two outcomes and placing the other oddly in brackets... (I have concerns about oldies education) :)

Its fine, the rest of us understand you couldnt help yourself, we know who you are, let us get on with what we have the freedom to do and we will let your hate bounce off us, we know people like you exist... its fine.

PS; keep polutiing this post with yourself, your making a shining example or yourself :)

Re: Refugee caring
- Jennifer (14th Oct 2019 15:58:16)

Thank you to everyone who has supported the idea of helping others in need.

Keith, I have had a response from the Rural Refugee Network who want me to answer their questions. I thank you for that address. It will be an interesting journey for me. Perhaps others might like to do the same?

Re: Refugee caring
- Pete (14th Oct 2019 17:01:00)

Regrexit- I think you need to learn the meaning of condescending. The post from Liz was clearly an opinion whereas your diatribe was trying to educate us all as to how thick we are and how little we understand the ways of the world. Hope you don't find my tone too condescending.

Re: Refugee caring
- D (14th Oct 2019 17:30:04)

Hear hear Pete, what a shame such a caring person's consideration for others has been defiled by someone, who at least, intentionally or not, comes across as a keyboard bashing racist bigot. Nothing personal, Re-eggs-it.

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