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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Bin collection day change
- Editor (6th Sep 2019 09:20:06)

It would appear that our collection day will be moving from Tuesday to Wednesday from the 30th September.

So Wednesday 2nd October will be a black bin (recycling) collection.

The new environmental services contract will begin on Monday 30 September 2019.

It will include:

Street cleaning
Public conveniences
Grounds maintenance

Bin calendars are now being printed and will be sent to residents in the next couple of weeks, ahead of the start of the contract.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Simon (6th Sep 2019 10:23:28)

Thanks for the heads-up Ed

Re: Bin collection day change
- Editor (30th Sep 2019 18:08:19)

The bin crews from Norse South East went out for the first day of the new East Hampshire District Council contract this morning.

Many of the crew members have transferred from Biffa and know their way around the district, but we do have some new drivers and loaders, who will need a bit of time to get used to their rounds.

We're doing everything we can to minimise disruption for our residents.

If your bin was meant to be collected today but wasn’t, please report it as missed through your MyEHDC account.

Please leave your bin out until it is collected.

If you haven’t got your new calendar, you can find it by searching for your address here:
Please do your bit by making sure you put your bin out by 7am on the right day.

Find out more about our bin collections here:

Re: Bin collection day change
- Neil (30th Sep 2019 21:51:02)

What’s really annoying is that on the old schedule tomorrow was recycling and glass, on the new one it’s just recycling, so another 2 weeks to wait for glass making it 6 weeks since the last collection. Pardon the pun but, rubbish.

Re: Bin collection day change
- k (1st Oct 2019 09:17:18)

You could always drop your excess glass bottles round at the recycle bins at Sainsburys.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Neil (1st Oct 2019 13:11:04)

I am quite aware of that but this is a service we pay for through our Council Tax and is supposed to be once a month, which clearly in this instance it isn't.

Sure they are changing contractors but surely its not that difficult to start with the correct collection in sequence!

Re: Bin collection day change
- JD (2nd Oct 2019 10:31:11)

Anyone know when the garden waste will be collected? The leaflet says we should be hearing from them separately - but I haven't received anything and there's nothing on the website either.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Zoe (2nd Oct 2019 11:37:34)

Brown bin from 9th so as before goes out with green bin.

Re: Bin collection day change
- liz (3rd Oct 2019 10:03:33)

Tuesday was our recycling bin (only) collection day. They have also been round to collect the glass recycling boxes - must've been a very easy day for them because no-one had put their boxes out as no-one knew about it!
(The collection wasn't scheduled on either the old or the new timetables).

My other half happened to spot them just in time (he thought) but they turned round at the end of the road and just drove past him at speed. Great service!

Re: Bin collection day change
- Helen G (3rd Oct 2019 22:18:41)

Hopefully they will get it together tomorrow, day 3 of bin out... still no collection far end of Headley rd. Missing mega efficiency of Biffa.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Diana (4th Oct 2019 11:12:39)

Wednesday collection, bins along the road still out. Gave up trying to get an answer on the phone after 10 mins.

Re: Bin collection day change
- AK (4th Oct 2019 11:44:20)

The bins were coerced at the village End of Headley road
But they were much earlier than usual

Re: Bin collection day change
- H (4th Nov 2019 10:11:18)

Terrible system. Bins have not been emptied on the 'allocated' day since this new contract began at the beginning of October. Have called EHDC 11 times (very long wait to speak to a human) and still cannot get the issue resolved. Leaving our details on the automated service does nothing either. Week after week the bins are not emptied.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Richard (4th Nov 2019 12:28:40)

Drop a note to Bill Mouland, he is one of our councillors, and has a portfolio of waste I believe...

Re: Bin collection day change
- H (4th Nov 2019 13:25:42)

Thank you Richard. I will contact Bill Mouland, as I seem to be getting no where with EHDC.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Rachel (5th Nov 2019 17:52:06)

I have Assisted collection with a big A sticker on my bin. This means that because I am disabled, my bins are collected and returned to their correct spot by the bin men.
Last week I returned home to find my bin in the bushes opposite my house and someone else 's bin blocking my doorway!
Yes I have phoned to complain.

Re: Bin collection day change
- JBS (6th Nov 2019 11:04:49)

I have noticed, that since the contractor changing, the timings of the various collections have been more inconsistent. I hope that when the new operators have had a few more weeks doing the job, the times become more regular.

Re: Bin collection day change
- H (6th Nov 2019 13:07:19)

It would be nice if the new contractors emptied the bins, as per the EHDC bin collection calendar. They have consistently missed the bin every week since the beginning of October!

Re: Bin collection day change
- er (6th Nov 2019 14:01:15)

Some folk seem unhappy so just thought I'd add my experience.

Last week having breakfast just before, my day off, ok actually working from home, not exactly same thing, really, so still in pj's looking out of window, bin lorry outside, omg I haven't put bin out yet, charged outside semi dressed, cardigan half on, but decent, still had fluffy bedsocks on, ran round side of house to garden, got bin and dragged down road as they were driving away, shouting yahoo!, they saw me and stopped, young guy rushed back and took my bin, really helpful, emptied and returned it to my house, I said you don't usually come this early it's usually after 12, he explained they have been getting used to new round, just about got timings right now, this should be around the regular time, little bedding in but now on top of it. Today arrived just after 9am so all good here, give them a chance they seem ok, put bin clearly on edge of your property, preferably night before, I've learned my lesson, next to pavement, not actually on pavement though, can't see why they'd miss it they seem to be doing their best.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Katie (6th Nov 2019 16:20:41)

Our bins haven’t been taken again for the third time since the new contractors.

Re: Bin collection day change
- GT (6th Nov 2019 17:26:35)

No problems here either. Prompt, polite and as per calendar

Re: Bin collection day change
- Rachel (6th Nov 2019 18:37:03)

Blasted bin left willy nilly again :-(

Re: Bin collection day change
- Paul Robinson (7th Nov 2019 07:43:43)

According to the East Hants District Council official calendar the brown bins (garden waste) were due for collection this week in the Headley Road on Wednesday 6th November.

The brown bins were not collected and are still out on the pavement awaiting collection.

Paul Robinson

Re: Bin collection day change
- Mary W (7th Nov 2019 17:15:36)

The bin clearing has been absolutely fantastic in Station Road area since the new contractors have been in charge. Previous guys were always missing us.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Diane (7th Nov 2019 17:33:28)

The bins in our road are all still sitting waiting for collection should have been Wednesday. The second time this has happened. I managed to get through to someone at the council after 15 min wait last time and they came and collected will wait and see what happens this time.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Paul Robinson (7th Nov 2019 18:56:46)

Brown bins now collected from Headley Road, a day late.

Paul Robinson

Re: Bin collection day change
- H (8th Nov 2019 07:27:01)

I have been putting the bin out every Tuesday (early evening), ready to be collected on Wednesday. The bin can clearly be seen at the end of our driveway. Doing their best - the new system is a shambles.

Re: Bin collection day change
- liz (8th Nov 2019 07:46:20)

Our collection day is Wednesday. Bins still not collected.

Re: Bin collection day change
- Diane (8th Nov 2019 12:56:57)

Emailed council last night Had 2 reply. One said keep bins out. The other said you will have to wait for the next collection day. Tried to phone and was 9th in the queue so I gave up. Will leave the bin out and keep adding to it

Re: Bin collection day change
- Katie (8th Nov 2019 17:05:08)

I reported our bins as missed yesterday morning and told to leave them out.

Still no collection.

I was told last time that they will collect on a Saturday (they didn’t and I had to phone again on Monday)

So fed up!

Re: Bin collection day change
- h (9th Nov 2019 07:47:46)

You can expect a long wait if you telephone EHDC. My longest wait was 25 minutes, when I was number 20 in the queue. I was constantly told to keep my bins out and that they would be collected. Empty promises, just a shame it was not empty bins!

Re: Bin collection day change
- Diane (9th Nov 2019 16:23:21)

Guess what the bin fairies came last night and emptied the bins all along the road. Interesting to see what happens next week..

Re: Bin collection day change
- Katie (9th Nov 2019 21:32:18)

I reported it online and they finally picked them up this morning. Woohoo!!

Re: Bin collection day change
- A. (10th Nov 2019 07:57:05)

Brown bin collection early Saturday morning without anyone being told. This will probably mean everyone will now leave their bins out 24/7 making the streets an eyesore. Still, they have a brand new lorry to drive around in and by not letting anyone know what day they will collect, they have less bins to empty. What a farce.

Re: Bin collection day change
- liz (11th Nov 2019 09:26:47)

Our bin was eventually collected on Saturday morning having been out since Wednesday. The person we spoke to at EHDC told us that the operators do not have enough people to complete the rounds on time. Not very encouraging!

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