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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (3rd Sep 2019 @ 11:17:20)

Dear all i'm will be going to Sainsburys HQ in London tomorrow for an awards ceremony and if I happen to see the CEO i'll be sure to mention the lack of staff empty shelves and of course the green bannannas at Liphook.

Re: Sainsburys
- Anne (3rd Sep 2019 @ 12:02:34)

I spoke to a customer whilst we were both in a very long queue the other day and she said she regularly goes to Alton's Sainsbury's as their shelves are always well stocked and with a better variety. I think I'll have to give it go as Liphook is going further and further downhill.

Re: Sainsburys
- JBS (3rd Sep 2019 @ 13:16:37)

Today there was NO granulated sugar on the shelves in Liphook. There was NONE last Friday.

Customer Services in the store apologised, and said that a delivery was due on Friday 6th September.

I 'phoned the Head Office customer helpline (0800 636262). According to their system, there should have been 619 1Kg bags in the store! They also confirmed that a delivery was due on Friday. Head Office customer services then put me 'on hold', while they checked with the store. The Groceries Manager at Liphook confirmed that there was no sugar in the store, and that they were aware of the problem. AGAIN, I was assured that there would be a delivery on Friday. We can but hope!

Sainsburys Liphook store has experienced an inordinate number of such ordering failures. Is this common to all branches.
Has the central ordering system a 'bug' prone structure?

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (3rd Sep 2019 @ 13:33:36)

I have give up with Sainsbury's in Liphook and now do my weekly shop in either Waitrose in Petersfield or Tesco in Bordon. Ridiculous really but I am fed up with going to a supermarket that has regularly sold out of the basics. Yes, it's a small store and very busy - but you could say the same of Waitrose where shelves are kept fully stocked.

Re: Sainsburys
- Ann (3rd Sep 2019 @ 14:12:25)

We have been down this avenue before - it gets boring!

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (3rd Sep 2019 @ 14:43:59)


If you find it boring I would suggest not reading the threads! I find it astonishing that things have not improved.

Re: Sainsburys
- Ann (3rd Sep 2019 @ 14:51:08)

Liz, a lot of people who use Sainsbury`s in Liphook have no means of transport to go to either Waitrose or Tesco`s so they have to put up with what Sainsbury`s have to offer!

Re: Sainsburys
- B (3rd Sep 2019 @ 15:57:17)

I went in just after 1pm on Sunday and was appalled at the state of the store. Took plenty of photos of empty shelves long queues and no staff. I emailed the H/O but am yet to receive a reply. I wouldn’t bother. Sainsbury’s know there is no local available choice (other than the CO-OP) so they have us all by the unmentionables.

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (3rd Sep 2019 @ 16:35:19)


You are quite right. But if people are 'bored' and don't bother to complain about the situation (and not just on here), it will stay as it is. That said there doesn't seem to be much interest on Sainsbury's part to improve things.

Re: Sainsburys
- Annoyed (3rd Sep 2019 @ 20:07:24)

I'm sorry but why should we have to put up with the terrible state that is Sainsbury's in Liphook? Whilst I appreciate that it is a local shop for some, it is a business and shouldn't just be mediocre. The same lines are constantly empty and despite numerous complaints nothing changes. I have also decided to shop in Tesco or Waitrose.

Re: Sainsburys
- Helen (4th Sep 2019 @ 08:41:19)

I was in a long queue the other day when there was only one till open. I made a comment to the operator that she could probably do with another till being opened and she replied that it wasn’t Sainsbury’s fault that so many new houses has been built and that ‘this is how it’s meant to be’. Bizarre.

Re: Sainsburys
- John (4th Sep 2019 @ 13:40:18)

They are trying to encourage people to shop online. If you have a car try elsewhere.
The poor cashier does not have the means to change the ordering system.

Re: Sainsburys
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (5th Sep 2019 @ 20:14:44)

No luck as the CEO is up in Scotland at the moment.

I think the main problem with the Sainsburys in Liphook is NO competition so they can do what they like. Have empty shelves, insufficient checkouts and of course green bannannas.

Most people do have transport but can't be bothered to go elsewhere.

Re: Sainsburys
- Phil (5th Sep 2019 @ 20:45:35)

What will we do if another 600 houses are built at Chiltley. The empty shelves are already a constant pain.

Re: Sainsburys
- Mike (5th Sep 2019 @ 21:57:25)

I am amazed at the all of the moaning about Sainsburys. Talk about first world problems. It’s the best supermarket around and the quality of the food is superb. Lots of yellow bananas as well if you want them but eat them quick before they overripen.

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (6th Sep 2019 @ 13:47:11)


Just because it is a first world problem does not mean we have to ignore it. It is the ONLY large supermarket in Liphook but looking further afield for comparisons it is by no means the best supermarket around and arguably the worst. I really don't understand why as it does not appear to be due to the local staff who are very helpful. It just seems that those higher up the chain don't care as the problem has been highlighted many times.

I did call in the other day - yet a another leaking chiller - seems to happen all the time-, many empty shelves and day to day items sold out.

Re: Sainsburys
- Rico (6th Sep 2019 @ 15:35:38)

I've never read such drivel and frankly boring content.

This type of consumer complaining is why local shops have fallen to the wayside and large disorganised corporate supermarkets have taken over selling everything and anything - because lazy consumers want cheap convenience.

Do something about it and support local traders.

End of chat.

Re: Sainsburys
- Pete (6th Sep 2019 @ 16:07:41)

That's all very well if you can afford to use local traders, many people can't. As for end of chat who gave you the right to dictate when or how a thread ends.

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (6th Sep 2019 @ 16:07:47)


I'm not sure what is wrong with cheap and convenient - particularly if you are a busy person working hard to feed your family. That said, many people on this site have said they would support a local butcher and greengrocer - if there were any.

There are excellent independent butchers and farm shops should you wish to drive further afield of course, so there must be demand for them.

Re: Sainsburys
- d (6th Sep 2019 @ 18:37:45)

The village had at least 2 butchers and two greengrocers. All were forced to close due to lack of support from locals.

Re: Sainsburys
- Mary W (7th Sep 2019 @ 11:03:28)

Can't imagine why anyone bothers with Sainsburys in Liphook. I gave up on them years ago.

It is simple enough to order online from another chain - I choose what I want the evening before and have it delivered free of charge next day.

Move with the times, get used to doing it, as our parents got used to the telephone and television.

I'm old and would be ashamed to say I couldn't attempt to do something so simple. If anyone needs a little help in ordering online, I would be willing to give a little assistance.

Re: Sainsburys
- Penny Williamson (7th Sep 2019 @ 11:36:32)

Mary W – I think your statement “Move with the times, get used to doing it, as our parents got used to the telephone and television” is little bit patronising and unfair. I am not in the first flush of youth, but still work and am computer literate. The reason I don’t order shopping online is because I want to see what I am buying – my choice I know – but I am not ordering online because I can’t. I personally have never had a problem with Sainsburys and very, very rarely have they been out of stock of something I want to buy. Maybe I have just been lucky.

Re: Sainsburys
- k (9th Sep 2019 @ 10:09:09)

Penny I am glad you are able to get what you want at Sainsbury's, you must be 1 of the few, or maybe you aren't constrained to having to shop in an evening after work or at the weekend - I rarely shop at Sainsbury now which is a shame - I prefer to support local business but the lack of choice, condition of the fresh meat counters - often sat in leaking blood from broken packaging etc put me off a long time ago.

I did however give them a chance on Sunday 8th after returning home from a long journey - needless to say - I shan't return in a hurry - hardly anything to buy empty shelves very little choice - long queues, disgruntled staff - but who can blame them!- only 4 checkouts open.

Yes I would love to have grocers & Butchers near by - but Sainsbury's were the ones that sounded their death knoll & now can't seem to cope with the demand. I have written to Head Office on many occasions before I stopped doing most of my weekly shop there - but to be honest they don't even have the courtesy to acknowledge your time in trying to help them improve there business - let alone get over their apathy to try to improve the situation.

Frankly they don't give a damn about the residents of Liphook so I won't spend much of my hard earned money with them. I too like to choose my own produce & look at what is available - I can recommend Morrisons as an alternative to those that can & are willing to travel.

Re: Sainsburys
- Mandi (9th Sep 2019 @ 13:13:39)

Although i understand it must be a running issue with sainsburys.please can you stop and think about the poor people in bahamas who have lost everything after the hurricane.just a pause for thought.

Re: Sainsburys
- Penny Williamson (9th Sep 2019 @ 14:09:20)

k - I have a full time job and shop after work. I also have shopped at Sainsburys on a Sunday and never had a problem.

Re: Sainsburys
- liz (9th Sep 2019 @ 20:45:44)


Just for the record, the butchers and greengrocers didn't close because of lack of support but because they feared, rightly or wrongly, the likely impact of Sainsbury's.

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