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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Sarah (11th Aug 2019 @ 10:13:48)

Anyone know what has happened to the kebab van? Not a customer myself and wondered how they got away with it being parked in the lay-by for so long.
Just curious

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Iwik61 (11th Aug 2019 @ 12:40:05)

Maybe they are on holiday ,family bereavement etc.As for getting away with to sell food from a van on the highway they will have a license to vend with the county council. Why assume they are getting away with it!!!

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Judy (11th Aug 2019 @ 13:25:02)

I think they have a permit to trade there within certaon hours

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Kat (11th Aug 2019 @ 20:05:03)

Worry not, they are just having their summer holiday & will return in a week or 2!!

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (11th Aug 2019 @ 20:51:17)

No licence just hygiene certificate. Anyone can get one and not tied to a particular site. It will have to move when they bring in parking restrictions just like what happened in anchor car park. Yellow lines or maximum stay restrictions and bye bye van. Probably better elsewhere with actual toilet facilities.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Lou rolls (12th Aug 2019 @ 00:50:37)

Why do you need toilet facilities at Kabab van?

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Helen (12th Aug 2019 @ 11:22:46)

How do you know they have no street traders licence?

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Carow (12th Aug 2019 @ 14:23:50)

Hope he really is just on holiday. Why are people being so negative? He does a roaring trade in freshly cooked food at reasonable prices, and I use him a few times a month. He has permission to park and trade from there, for which he has to pay, so please will people who know nothing about it stop making irrelevant comments?

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- resident (12th Aug 2019 @ 14:46:13)

Nice not to see discarded polystyrene food containers and half eaten kababs dumped down the road

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (12th Aug 2019 @ 15:36:52)

Nope - no licence. He has no more permission to park or trade from there than any other vehicle / check with ehdc licensing. You or I could start selling hot food if we could show we wash our hands and follow basic health and safety. In fact I could start selling falafel and park outside your house!!! Trading in built up areas/ conservation areas is banned by most counties but East Hampshire don’t want to have to enforce it. There are plenty of places he could park which wouldn’t be adjacent to older people’s gardens and a noisy eyesore until late each night seven days a week.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- liz (12th Aug 2019 @ 16:11:32)

I used to live very near there and the Kebab van was never a problem.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Old resident (12th Aug 2019 @ 19:10:40)

The Kebab van is ok but it should not be in a conservation area . Plus it takes up a parking space all day when it is only allowed to trade 6 to 11 . If he can park elsewhere now why not everyday to give the shops a chance. They pay very high business rates he pays nothing so he should be a little bit more sympathetic . He parks 24/7 should not be allowed. As for rubbish it is very bad all along the Portsmouth Road in fletchers field around the flower beds and seats . He has been asked to clear it up but does not want to know. Not a very neighbourly sort of business.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Terry (12th Aug 2019 @ 20:54:47)

If he pays road tax and his vehicle is insured then it is legally allowed to be parked on the highway.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (12th Aug 2019 @ 22:35:10)

A lot of people have been waiting for someone to say enough is enough. We’re still waiting, there are people who wait until 11.30pm do they can sleep when the generator finally goes off. It’s a blight on the village and undermines other businesses that pay to trade in premises.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Sean Roberts (13th Aug 2019 @ 10:37:49)

Makes me laugh how people can hear a generator but can't hear agricultural vehicle pulling out a cash machine. And as for the rubbish, it's not the vans fault people decide dump it along the road and in Fletchers Field.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Carow (13th Aug 2019 @ 10:54:42)

Well I hope he comes back. I live very close, so it is very convenient, and you can hardly hear the generator when you are standing beside it, so can't see how it is a nuisance to anyone. Also not noticed any excess litter along Portsmouth Road in all the years he has been there.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Mary (13th Aug 2019 @ 12:28:53)

A friend has a caravan he needs to move from his front garden for a few months. Do you think it would be okay to park it next to the kebab van? I didn't realise you could leave things you can tow in an ordinary space. If would certainly free up his garden for a bit.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Resident (13th Aug 2019 @ 12:31:04)

He should go back to the shop in london road fed up with rubbish blown into drive way and left along the road food dumped on the pavement
Glad hes gone and so are the residents of portsmouth road

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Sean Roberts (13th Aug 2019 @ 13:40:25)

To Resident - I believe you will find that the kebab van had / has nothing to do with the shop on London Road, unfortunately as I said previously the litter is really his issue, when people walk home and discard as they see fit.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- liz (13th Aug 2019 @ 13:58:59)


If you can serve a decent kebab and are willing to do so I'm sure you would be welcome!

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- k (13th Aug 2019 @ 15:17:27)

It's more taking up Parking in the lay- by all day seven days a week I object to ( Do you have to pay business rates when you have an unofficial full time pitch? ) - but I do feel sorry for those that live near by it must be unpleasant with all the food smells

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (13th Aug 2019 @ 15:22:48)

There’s a consultation at the moment about the liphook square conservation area and what we think is important to keep and safeguard. Personally I’m going to be saying it should be a protected space where the heritage and environment is more important than people having easy access to their favourite kebabs of an evening. There’s places where it would still be convenient but not slap bang in the middle of our village conservation area. And those people who say they’re not bovvered, you live out of sight and out of earshot. There’s lots of elderly people and disabled people who are inconvenienced, intimidated and kept awake. But who cares as long as you can get a double portion of cheesy chips at 11pm.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- liz (13th Aug 2019 @ 16:00:21)


As I have said I used to live very close by and the kebab van and it was never a problem although admittedly things may have changed. That road is very noisy anyway apart from the early hours and the van is not open then. Anyone noise sensitive would have their windows on the road side firmly shut anyway!

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (13th Aug 2019 @ 16:40:24)

It’s not noisy now no van. In fact it’s blissfully quiet. The road gets busy at school run times but quiet mostly as you can now see if you choose to visit the lay-by in question after 5pm. 500 yards away doesn’t count as living nearby.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (13th Aug 2019 @ 16:43:42)

Can you repost EHDC public consultation thread?

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Rob (13th Aug 2019 @ 20:19:10)

Cant beat a good ole kebab after a night at the boozer

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- liz (14th Aug 2019 @ 08:18:18)


I lived next to that road (not 500 yards away!) for over 18 years - I know exactly what the traffic is like, when it's busy and when its not. It's certainly not quiet after 5pm!

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (14th Aug 2019 @ 09:09:30)

Walk past the lay-by after 5pm and enjoy the litter free peace and quiet with no hot grease smells, revving engines or shouting drunk people. Bliss.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- liz (14th Aug 2019 @ 16:16:16)

Can't here the noise over the traffic!

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Old resident (14th Aug 2019 @ 21:37:05)

As said in previous post it’s the van parked there 24/7 that is the problem.Plus there IS a VERY big Problem with smell and Litter ok you can blame the people who use the van but it is still the van that is causing the problem. Perhaps it would be better if he had a proper shop the same as all the other food outlets that would solve all the problems and everyone would be happy.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (15th Aug 2019 @ 13:02:31)

The layby is now parked up with shoppers and people using the facilities in liphook during the day. That lay-by is neededfir shoppers and visitors. It shouldn’t be a permanent site for a van - propped up on bricks to make it level.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- d (15th Aug 2019 @ 15:00:13)

It's probably being used as an extension of station parking. As an alternative to parking on the roadside further along towards Station Road. I've just come back from the village and didn't notice dozens of people trying to get into the "shops"..

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Rita (16th Aug 2019 @ 13:42:55)

I live on the Portsmouth road have lived on it for 24 years. The kebab van has never been a problem. I live less than 2 mins away from it. Don't hear the generator. Even with the windows open. Traffic is more noisy than any thing else. More dog poo than litter.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- A.R (16th Aug 2019 @ 15:25:18)

Seems Dave is not a fan of kebabs. To be honest there are not many residential properties by the van so where does Dave live. He might be the grumbly old man I know lives close by and he is a miserable so and so. Wont say where but he has been rude to me too.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Rob (16th Aug 2019 @ 23:01:37)

The generator is incredibly quiet, and has a shroud to reduce the noise further.

I assume those complaining of litter will blame Sainsbury's too; as there's a lot more of their packaging strewn about the place?

The man is making a legal living and catering to a market for people who want the occasional kebab.

Leave him alone.

There's plenty of things that irritate me, but I have to live with it. That's life.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (17th Aug 2019 @ 00:00:23)

If you live past the post office it isn’t surprising you can’t hear the kebab van. It’s a convenient stroll to pick up your kebab. That doesn’t make you an expert on whether people living in the conservation area are being affected. There are houses behind those stone walls, often metres away from you revving your engines or having a laugh with your friends as you wait in the queue. The road now is almost deserted after 5pm and the lay-by is quiet. It’s great. Anyone can see for themselves - they don’t have to take it from me or others posting on this site. Check it out for yourselves. Right now we seem to be living in a society where the mouthiest people try and force their fake version of reality down our throats and the rule breakers reign supreme. kebab vans with gas generators plying their trade until nearly midnight shouldn’t be in residential neighbourhoods and conservation areas.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Helen (17th Aug 2019 @ 14:13:07)

Dave he is not there illegally so what can you possibly do about it? I have lots of things in my neighbourhood I dislike but can do nothing about just move if you do not want any noise?

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Rita 7 (17th Aug 2019 @ 18:24:43)

Yes Dave I do live just next door to the sorting office, . No noise. I really don't know what you are moaning about . I am not sure where you live in the' conservation area'. (But thank goodness you don't live near me ) Yes it is a ' convenient stroll ' when I do feel like having some chips or a burger. But just get on with your life and stop bloody moaning about things you can't control.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Kate (18th Aug 2019 @ 13:42:20)


What I love most about your statement "Right now we seem to be living in a society where the mouthiest people try and force their fake version of reality down our throats" is that you have been banging on the about the Conservation area in every post when actually the Kebab van IS NOT IN THE CONSERVATION AREA therefore its actually Dave whom is forcing his version of fake reality down our throats.

The lines on the conservation area actually stops to the north of the van at the surgery and runs along the eastern side of Portsmouth road (opposite the van) so that the layby itself actually OUTSIDE THE CONSERVATION AREA AND DAVE HAS BEEN SPREADING FAKE NEWS SINCE THE BEGINNING!

Facts are freely available on the east hants website searching for conservation area pdf and map. The layby is clearly outside in both the original and recent boundary changes.

So Dave… take your FAKE NEWS . . . and shove it mate

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- John (18th Aug 2019 @ 18:12:30)

Ha! Well spotted Kate, the location of the kebab van is indeed outside the conservation zone, the bus stop is the limit but anything down from that is not in the zone at all.

Awaiting Dave’s apology for making false or indeed fake claims :) perhaps this isn’t the only thing Dave has made up.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Dave (18th Aug 2019 @ 20:30:35)

Sigh. The van may be on bricks five metres from the line but it has a real and continuing impact on the conservation area. It undermines the ‘intimacy’ and ‘unique character’ of its surroundings. But this is only one of the reasons why it’s a bad idea as I have pointed out. There’s no fake news here but glad to see your taking tips from Donald Trump- accusing people of peddling fake news is a ruse to crush debate. Roll on parking restrictions I say.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- John (19th Aug 2019 @ 14:19:12)

The intimacy and unique character of the bus stop, this really is the best thing I have heard so far!

I'm quite partial to some cheesy chips, I promise that I shall purchase and eat them very quietly should the kebab van return at some point.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Richard (19th Aug 2019 @ 19:31:26)

Just sticking in my two-penny worth.

Just a thought, but I notice that there are no complaints about other food establishments in Liphook - you know, the ones with buildings and premises.

My view is that Daves issue is not with the fact of the generator, it's the fact it's a mobile unit and he feels it out of keeping with his view of what Liphook is - or should be.

Furthermore, unless you live within the vicinity of the kebab van you would actually live nearer to either the Chinese takeaways in Midhurst Road, or the Green Dragon, Royal Anchor and Indian restaurant of The Square, or the Fish and Chip shop and the Chinese Restaurant in Station Road.

But, as I say, all brick buildings, not mobile vans.

So you aren't complaining about them.

J'accuse of snobbishness Dave.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Rita (20th Aug 2019 @ 07:04:40)

I am sure Dave will be at home and content with the new cinema, because that will attract a better sort of person, more in keeping with the 'conservation area.' 😁😁😁

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- k (20th Aug 2019 @ 09:43:54)

Really do feel this thread has degenerated in to a personal attack on Dave - please - you may or not agree with the kebab Van - but don't go attacking other posters - we are all entitled to an opinion. May be Mr Editor it's time this thread was closed.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Sean Roberts (20th Aug 2019 @ 11:22:20)

In response to 'K', people aren't attacking 'Dave' are they. They are simply pointing out comments that are not factual, I think we all respect people have opinions, but maybe people should get their facts correct before making such statements.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- David (20th Aug 2019 @ 22:44:20)

Good news Dave.

The van is due back around to 27th. Happy eating everyone. I for on will be at the van very soon.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Richard (21st Aug 2019 @ 10:45:38)

I am looking forward to its return too

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- David (21st Aug 2019 @ 19:23:20)

Omg omg omg.

David it's back.

Just seen it pull up.

Happy days.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- liz (22nd Aug 2019 @ 11:36:50)

I supported the kebab van but I think everyone is being a bit mean to Dave. He is entitled to his opinion without being mocked, as are we all.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Tracy (22nd Aug 2019 @ 12:20:10)

Yay!!! Kebab Van is back, Happy Days.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Ann (22nd Aug 2019 @ 22:54:39)

Liz and K,

I do think your being a tad one sided here, it’s not like the person your defending acted entirely without getting others backs up by saying they were mouthy, fake, alike Trump and spoke with the lingo of bovvered etc.
I don’t see anything personal here, but if your going to suggest others facts aren’t in order then you had best make sure your own are otherwise it’s going to garner the reaction it did.
Quite a lot of Daves concerns should be taken seriously, it’s just a pity he mucked it up by firing out statements like it’s slap bang in the middle when actually it’s not.
It’s no one else’s fault he undermined himself, nor that he got called out on it.
Come back Dave, it’s a minor slip but it’s not something that means your excluded from the discussion.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- liz (23rd Aug 2019 @ 09:17:25)


I think what you are trying to say is that because Dave's facts are wrong he deserves all he gets and we should all expect to be get the same response if we do likewise. I'm trembling in my boots! Dave thought the van was in the conservation area, it wasn't. So what. It makes no difference as to whether the van should or should not be there or not

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Gr (23rd Aug 2019 @ 11:57:30)

It should not be parked there 24/7 other people need the spaces
Needs a time limit in the lay by it should not be a permanent car park

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Helen (23rd Aug 2019 @ 17:23:40)

It is a lay by without yellow lines not a designated car park. I presumed it was for the school buses if anything and larger vehicles. What is the urgent need other people have there?

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Mary (25th Aug 2019 @ 11:52:16)

I appreciate that a kebab van with flashing coloured lights is not a thing of beauty, especially as you detour through a still rather charming village square.

However, I am mainly bemused by the fact that you can, apparently, park semi permanently in a layby that I Imagined was intended for short stops for people visiting local businesses.

Does a trading licence confer a gift of the site? The validity of the parking might have been tested by a few local people leaving their cars to fill the layby before the van returned. Does the operator have the right, through his licence, to have the other users evicted?

And can my acquaintance park his caravan there during the winter months when it is out of use.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Helen (25th Aug 2019 @ 15:19:57)

I have heard the van does not stay there overnight. I imagine that people would not
want to leave a vehicle there overnight.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- M (25th Aug 2019 @ 17:14:05)

Helen it’s there 24/7 that is the big problem. I notice that Petersfield have food vans in their square but they cannot stay 24/7 so he should store his van elsewhere and only park in lay by 6 to 11 his working hours. This is what upsets the community but he seems not to care about other people as long as he can trade without paying taxes.

Re: Portsmouth Road Kebab van
- Terry (25th Aug 2019 @ 17:49:40)

Who is it upsetting? Cause it sure ain't me. So what if he parks there 24/7 or not, it doesn't affect you a van parked up or is really that big of a deal? Have you called the Police on him?

You: Police please
999: what's happening
You: this van is parked and it's causing me alarm and distress

Get over it, it's another business for Liphook more revenue for Liphook support local businesses not push them Dow.

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