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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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EHDC public consultation
- Editor (8th Aug 2019 @ 12:10:06)

If Liphook’s character is special to you, now is your chance to get involved!

A public consultation run by East Hampshire District Council will give you the chance to show how important Liphook’s character and unique quality is to you.

EHDC is renewing its Character and Appraisal Management Plan, a document that outlines the importance of Liphook and offers guidance on how to protect and enhance it.

The consultation draft of this document is available for public review online at and in hard copy at the Liphook Millennium Centre (2 Ontario Way, Liphook). The consultation will run until 20 September 2019.

The council is inviting all residents who have an interest in the historical background, buildings, distinct features and landscape of the village to read through the document and suggest any changes or additions.

Cllr Angela Glass, Portfolio Holder for Planning at EHDC, said: “This is a great opportunity for the residents and businesses of Liphook to have their say on the future of their village.

“The document is extremely important as it sets out an action plan, backed by recommendations and guidance, for the management, preservation and enhancement of this beautiful village.”

Liphook is a conservation area, which is an area of special historical or architectural character worthy of protection.

The village was initially designated as a conservation area in 1977 and enlarged in 1992.

The boundary of Liphook as a conservation area is also being reviewed and revised as part of the updated plan.

It has been recognised that boundaries were often previously drawn too tightly or loosely, therefore it is important to amend the boundary so that only buildings that contribute to the character of the conservation area are included.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- Eric Benson (8th Aug 2019 @ 16:36:29)

To be read with the proposal for an extra 600 houses over and above those already suggested in the EHDC draft local plan...

Consultaiton closes 'after 8 weeks' on 20th September, you have 6 weeks left to reply.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- K (9th Aug 2019 @ 14:03:48)

Copy of post on "600 homes for Liphook" as relevant for both subjects.

I would of thought the best thing EHDC could do would be to help reduce the traffic and pollution in the centre of this conservation area, rather than to allocate possible housing sites in the village that will actually increase the traffic and pollution.

I also note that EHDC are suggesting changing the designation of Radford Park and our other conservation area the River Wey.

This might sound innocuous but it could have a major impact on the Park, changing it from a multi use area for the whole of our community with natural habitats for wildlife. It will also enable the allocated housing sites in the draft local plan to be developed without any open space.
This will mean the developers are able to circumnavigate planning regulations and make even more millions from their sites, cramming them full of homes with no open space for residents to use.

This shouldn't be allowed and Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council, who own Radford Park, will make the decision on this very soon.

Anyone who feels this must not happen would be advised to let BLPC know your thought ASAP and tell them to reject this suggestion.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- helen (9th Aug 2019 @ 15:02:31)

K could you point me to where you found the information about changing the designation of the River Wey Conservation area? the current consultation does not mention this?

Re: EHDC public consultation
- K (9th Aug 2019 @ 16:18:07)

Yes that's the problem. It appears to be a little bit hidden for some reason?????

It was mentioned in the Liphook Herald a few weeks ago and it was also an agenda item on the BLPC website for the council meeting on 24th June, where I saw the details.

Link here:

I've done a little bit of research and believe it will be the wrong thing to do and will have a negative impact on Radford Park and the village overall.


The council had been asked by EHDC to consider whether it wished Radford Park to be considered as a possible SANG in principle. The letter from EHDC and a map of the site were considered. There were some concerns about a possible link between agreeing a SANG and a particular development. The Chair stated that the council should only consider the designation and not link it to developments. She also confirmed that the council would have the final decision about any proposals that were put forward. The possibility of developing Radford Park with the council’s own resources or grant funding were also possibilities. Several councillors had recently visited the site and walked the area in question. The area is a natural wildlife area and not necessarily suitable for significant access improvements.

It was proposed that the council state it was “interested” in designating Radford Park a SANG. The proposal was unanimously agreed.

All felt that more information was needed. The council would also reserve a right to withdraw from the process at any time.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- Helen (9th Aug 2019 @ 17:57:49)

Thanks for that but the River Wey conservation area is not just Radford park if that is going out for consultation please show me where to comment.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- Anon (9th Aug 2019 @ 20:27:32)

What does SANG mean?

Re: EHDC public consultation
- K (10th Aug 2019 @ 08:18:26)

Apologies my post was slightly incorrect, it should have read "I also note that EHDC are suggesting changing the designation of Radford Park IN our other conservation area the River Wey".
You need to comment to BLPC who will make the decision on this change. There is no public consultation on this, which I feel is wrong. BLPC should ask the people of Liphook whether they want this change. I for one don't as I believe it will have a negative impact on the Park and the future of the village as a whole.

SANG stands for Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace. It is a planning requirement for all new developments within a certain distance of a protected area to provide a SANG to mitigate against the negative effects the development will have on those protected areas.
Liphook is surrounded by protected areas so all new developments have to provide a SANG (just like the new SANG provided for the Lowsley Farm development).
Search for it online and see what comes up.

I believe the developers shouldn't be allowed to hijack our existing Park to enable them to line their own pockets and make millions from their land.
EHDC shouldn't be suggesting this to BLPC, very wrong and unethical.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- Helen (10th Aug 2019 @ 11:04:36)

Thanks for the explanation it seems a bit silly to have a stretch of local water not protected by being conservation land as it will then set a precedent for all developers. The conservation status to me appears to be a protection

Re: EHDC public consultation
- oldie (10th Aug 2019 @ 13:26:17)

K, yes it would be a travesty if what you're saying is that there's a law that requires big new developments to provide the local community a suitable alternative greenspace to compensate for their big housing estate built on greenspace(govt. finally admitting that all these big new housing estate are damaging the community?), yet it seems they can simply rename an existing park as a SANG and say 'look we've provided you with a SANG' when we all know in reality, they have provided you with a big fat nothing new!

OK so the developers might put in a new path or a fenced off area for wildlife or something but it's not a new greenspace however much they try to say it is!

I hope this loophole is closed down.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- John (10th Aug 2019 @ 22:45:36)

The developers should give away or purchase new land for the purpose of a sang not re designate an already green space

Re: EHDC public consultation
- K (11th Aug 2019 @ 08:46:33)

If anyone feels as I do please let BLPC know.
A quick email to the council stating your opinion may help them understand the feelings you have for our Park.
Contact details are under Parish Council on the left.

Email address:

Re: EHDC public consultation
- helen (11th Aug 2019 @ 10:57:40)

When is this being voted on by the Parish Council?

Re: EHDC public consultation
- K (12th Aug 2019 @ 18:17:08)

At this moment there is no information on a vote taking place, in fact there is no information readily available from BLPC at all, including any timescale on when the decision will be taken.

I'm sure they won't keep it quiet, and will ask for the communities views, but just in case they don't I suggest people make their thoughts known ASAP.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- Editor (13th Aug 2019 @ 17:11:13)

As requested - bump

Re: EHDC public consultation
- Life time resident (14th Aug 2019 @ 21:22:48)

To designate Radford Park as a sang is totally wrong. The only reason E H D C want to do this is so that they can push forward the chicken farm development and the Headley Road development and any other development that cannot support a Sangs within a 5 mile radius. Radford Park belongs to us the community not developers. Developers by law must supply open spaces on their development not high jack our park. Please everyone write to our parish council and stop this travesty.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- M (15th Aug 2019 @ 11:59:16)

Well said live time resident this must not go ahead.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- Liphook Newbie (15th Aug 2019 @ 13:16:53)

I have written to the council with the following ..... sorry, it’s rather long .....

“My limited understanding of a SANG is as follows :-

The need for SANGs was not created as a way to enhance the profitability of housing development companies.
SANGs exist as part of an EU directive, now included in the Birds Directive 1979 to prevent damage to an existing Special Protection Area (SPA) designated to protect certain wildlife, especially birds. These Directives state that residential development within 400m of an SPA will not be permitted and any proposed development within 400m to 5km has to provide recreational space within the land to be developed, or assign an alternative recreational space (a SANG) appropriate for the number of dwellings.
A SANG has a defined capacity, calculated by area, which determines how many dwellings can be built to utilise that capacity. Therefore developers cannot use a single SANG for endless builds.
A SANG is intended to support smaller developments where the provision of recreational space on the same land makes the development financially unviable.
It is the responsibility of the developer to meet the requirements of an Avoidance Strategy (to avoid using their own land as recreational space) and their options are :-
Buy into an existing SANG
Contribute to the upgrading of an existing SANG (I assume this is the current option for Radford Park)
Provide a new (bespoke) SANG themselves
In order to designate an area as a SANG, there are certain requirements to be met including (but not limited to) :-
The provision of adequate parking to reflect the anticipated use and reflect visitor catchment
Safe access path to the SANG from any proposed development
It should encompass a circular walk of 2.3 to 2.5km
Paths must be well maintained and unsurfaced
The SANG should mitigate any potential use of the SPA it seeks to protect
Assuming my understanding above is correct, I would ask the following questions of you :-

Where is the SPA that any new SANG would intend to protect?
Should Radford Park be considered for designation as a SANG, what is the calculated number of dwelling/residents that this would support?
Has the existing visitor numbers to Radford Park been taken into account within the calculation of “2”?
Are the routes from any planned development to Radford Park suitable, and do they already exist?
Are there any other SANGs within our area that have, or could be made to have, suitable capacity instead of using Radford Park?
Does any existing classification/designation of Radford Park prevent its potential classification as a SANG?
What will happen to Radford Park in order to fulfil the SANG requirements such as Car Parking, Circular Walks, additional Pathways etc?
Who will undertake and fund the maintenance requirements of Radford Park as a SANG.
Would Radford Park actually mitigate the impact on the SPA it is designated to protect?
Regarding a housing developer wanting to use the capacity of a SANG,
What calculation is made to come to a financial contribution?
Are applications for using a SANG’s capacity limited to small developments where provision of their own recreational space becomes unviable, or would applications be accepted from large developments even if they had the space to create their own recreational area?
Assuming Radford Park gets its SANG classification, does the work required to provision car parks, pathways etc have to be completed before any capacity is allocated to a developer and contributions received? If so, who would fund this work?
What are the council’s perceived benefits to the village of making Radford Park a SANG?
If we turn down the request to make Radford Park a SANG, what are the downsides to the village?

My bottom line is that there is something quite perverse that Radford Park, with all of its charm, tranquility, history, and diversity of wildlife that provides such a fantastic amenity to the village, should be put in jeopardy and an attempt to protect another area and provide housing developers with an easy way out to providing their own recreational spaces?
Surely, if developers really want to maximise their building capacity on a site, then THEY should separately or jointly provide a separate area out of the land currently designated for development within the Liphook area. That way, they carry a much more proportional impact and in the process, may turn an existing piece of inaccessible land into an additional amenity for the village.”

Re: EHDC public consultation
- M (15th Aug 2019 @ 16:35:20)

Liphook newbie can we have you on our council you are just the person.

Re: EHDC public consultation
- K (15th Aug 2019 @ 17:18:40)

Liphook Newbie well said.

The developers of the proposed sites in the EHDC Draft Local Plan in Liphook should provide their own open spaces (SANGS) and not be allowed to hijack Radford Park for their own profit.

Radford Park should be kept as a community facility controlled and maintained by BLPC using existing funding, and also the Community Infrastructure Levy money that BLPC will receive anyway from any new development in the village.

Liphook needs more new open space with the expected new housing coming it's way, and the developers should find their own areas to provide it.

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