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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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goodbye parish council
- peter (24th Jun 2019 @ 17:50:37)

after serving the parish council for 26 years 16 of them as head groundsman I have to day resigned my position with them owing to the fact of changes and lack of loyalty shown to me by them

i woud like to take the opportunity to thank the sporting clubs in liphook - tennis - football for many years of loyal support

I must say a big thank you to the liphook in bloom team who without them liphook would not look so GREAT

also many thanks to the lovely people of liphook for years of pleasure working for you

peter terry soon to be x headgroundsman

Re: goodbye parish council
- David (24th Jun 2019 @ 18:54:13)

Sad to see that you have resigned, you did a tremendous job in the village, your efforts will be missed. If there is going to be a replacement, they will have a huge task to establish the respect you have earned locally. If anyone says there will be “change but no change” I will have my reservations!

Re: goodbye parish council
- joe (24th Jun 2019 @ 19:03:13)

thankyou peter for all your hard work over the years

Re: goodbye parish council
- jaybee (24th Jun 2019 @ 19:55:47)

We have known you for many years, both in your employment for Lloyds Bank and Liphook Parish Council.
We and the people who have worked along side you have all spoken highly of you as a friend and colleague.
I have seen the adverts for a Head Grounds man and thought you were retiring. This appears not to be the case. Liphook will certainly miss you. Good luck for the future .

Re: goodbye parish council
- Dawn Hoskins (25th Jun 2019 @ 12:46:58)

Gosh Peter
That is a terrible shame and a great loss to the village.

I too saw the advert for a Head Groundsman and thought that perhaps you had retired?

If they already had a head groundsman, why were they advertising for another one?

Do you feel pushed out?

It is always an awful position when you feel you have no other option than to give your notice in.

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter (25th Jun 2019 @ 13:19:50)

dawn they are looking for a grounds manager not head groundsman and the wanted me to stay and show him or her what we do al around the village after doing it for 26 years

Re: goodbye parish council
- Dawn Hoskins (25th Jun 2019 @ 13:51:12)

surely a grounds manager - is a head groundsman. It's the same thing?

I'm very confused and feel very sorry that you have felt you had to leave after 26 years. Your team will be devastated I'm sure.

Re: goodbye parish council
- jan (25th Jun 2019 @ 14:21:15)

Thats 25.000 pound us as taxpayer will have to find to pay someone they dont really need

Re: goodbye parish council
- Dave (25th Jun 2019 @ 17:15:14)

I wonder if there is another side to this story.

I have absolutely no connection with the Parish Council but have noticed they get an awful lot of stick on Talkback on a broad rang of topics. Yet, when it comes to election time it seems there are never any new candidates despite so many locals expressing discontent with the job being done. Strange.

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter (25th Jun 2019 @ 19:10:32)

tell me about jan but there safe on my few coppers

Re: goodbye parish council
- mary (25th Jun 2019 @ 21:01:56)

I to woud like to say how shocked I am at hearing peters news I have known him and his team for many years walking my dog in the rec him and his team work so hard to make are village look so neat and tidy all the best peter its their loss

Re: goodbye parish council
- Helen (26th Jun 2019 @ 06:08:08)

Several new councillors when I last looked.

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter (26th Jun 2019 @ 12:48:04)

dawn as you said yes I do feel I have been pushed out your kind words mean a lot to me as I knew you when you were a councillor along with many good ones who over the years have also left thanks again peter

Re: goodbye parish council
- Kev (26th Jun 2019 @ 13:03:34)

It will be a sad day when you do leave mate, you helped make my life a lot easier when I was in charge of the football team, giving us a good surface to train and play on.
This resulted in a couple of groundsman of the year awards and also a runners up too, add that in with the trophies we won as a team at that time and I think you can leave knowing you’ve been pretty good at what you did and also contributed to the local teams success too..
I wish you all the best for the future.

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter (26th Jun 2019 @ 15:10:49)

thank you kev it was a pleasure to do what we did for you and the football club as some one who appreciated the work that went in to it may I wish you all the best in your new roll will pop over and see if your talent is still there

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter (27th Jun 2019 @ 13:18:57)

thankyou for all you replys and best wishes dawn I woud like to say goodbye to you personaly and jane ives I finish on july 25

Re: goodbye parish council
- Dawn Hoskins (27th Jun 2019 @ 16:03:45)

Maybe we should have a 'Meet Pete' in Radford Park

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter (28th Jun 2019 @ 18:12:48)

yes dawn I woud also like to say bye to jane but have not had any response from her

Re: goodbye parish council
- john (7th Jul 2019 @ 17:10:14)

So what is going on with this parish council have they gone mad or somethink are they treating all the staff like this sound really worrying whats going on there ?

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter (8th Jul 2019 @ 17:24:50)

john I am not the first by a long way but I do not wish to name them on here

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter terry (17th Jul 2019 @ 19:59:56)

just to late you know the latest news on this subject I spoke to the head clerk e.o two weeks ago to retract my decision to resign owing to the fact I love my job and liphook and perhaps I acted in the heat of the moment he told me he woud have to speak to hr I then spoke to him on the 16july he told me he had no news to tell me today I received a letter dated 15 july telling me he had received there advice on phoning them myself I was told the decision lies with them he then said I wish to advise you that the COUNCIL does not accept your retraction on speaking to 3 COUNCELERS today they no nothing of the councils decision on this so do no members of the staff liaison team ithought after 26 years they might have had a bit of passion and heart

Re: goodbye parish council
- K.T. (17th Jul 2019 @ 21:43:54)

If I was your employer I would not accept your retraction either after you'd criticised them openly on here. It doesn't do you any favours. Why would you expect them to show loyalty to you when you're not showing any to them? Your latest posting will not help your cause either.

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter terry (18th Jul 2019 @ 04:57:14)

kt I shown them 26 years of loyalty

Re: goodbye parish council
- liz (18th Jul 2019 @ 08:19:53)

I think 26 years of loyal service (and experience) is worth a great deal - particularly as Peter's work appears well regarded in the community.

Re: goodbye parish council
- K.T. (18th Jul 2019 @ 08:45:31)

Except we only have Peter's word for that. I just think it's really wrong for an employee to put stuff on a public forum about their employer knowing full well the employer can't respond.
There are always two sides to every story and we're only seeing one here.
Regardless of whether he was loyal or not over 26 years, or even whether he did a good job or not, posting public criticism straight after you resign and whilst you're still employed, is not appropriate.
Then to post publicly again saying you've changed your mind and they won't allow a retraction, well what would you expect them to do?

Re: goodbye parish council
- liz (18th Jul 2019 @ 10:42:01)


Please see comments from David, Joe, Jaybee, Dawn Hoskins, Mary and Kev. Plus you can add my own observations to that.

Re: goodbye parish council
- peter terry (18th Jul 2019 @ 11:04:10)

thankyou for your kind words kt if that is your name you said you only have my word on my loyalty please read the comments by the football club e.c.t

Re: goodbye parish council
- ian (18th Jul 2019 @ 11:19:25)

Peter, you've gone around this the wrong way mate. Airing gripes about employers on the internet is a major faux pas, nothing good will ever come of it and the only support you will get will be from the barrack room lawyer types which will mean diddly squat when it comes to your relationships with past, present and most significantly, future employers

Re: goodbye parish council
- liz (18th Jul 2019 @ 12:06:19)


It is not ideal - but is only a major issue if people choose to make it so.

Re: goodbye parish council
- Ian (18th Jul 2019 @ 14:02:16)

Liz, in the modern world employers have many tools now to do their research on job applicants and from a dispassionate and detached perspective from someone who does not know either side on this discussion, as an employer reading this I would have reservations about even giving an interview. Harsh maybe but that’s now the world we live in

Re: goodbye parish council
- John (18th Jul 2019 @ 14:52:58)

I may be wrong not knowing exactly but believe the employee in question to be between 65-70 maybe he wants to retire not get another job. Employers are not legally required to accept the retraction of resignation and just length of service will not be enough to make them accept it.

Re: goodbye parish council
- liz (18th Jul 2019 @ 16:14:46)


This is the local Parish Council (representing local people) we are talking about not a major corporate and a local man who seems to have served them well for 26 years. I think a little perspective and humanity is needed.

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