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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Tamsin (17th Jun 2019 19:56:28)

Does anyone know what is happening with the cinema development? They quickly demolished the building & cleared the ground but since then nothing has happened? Are we really getting a cinema or was this just to get planning & they have now put in for a change to the development, hence the delay??

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Helen (17th Jun 2019 21:22:50)

i did speculate that the houses would go up first to pay for the planned cinema
i still think that so I would estimate at least a year before it gets started on

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- paul (18th Jun 2019 14:28:45)

Hi, The reason the demolition has stopped is due to a planning application approval.
E.H.D.C. website should have detail.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Bush (18th Jun 2019 15:25:22)

Another viable cinema in Liphook?
Seen the flock of pigs just flew past? Would such a cinema fly in Liphook and without obvious traffic / parking solutions?

A community hub, like a cinema, is a good pretext for developers ogling Liphook and it's lucrative domestic home units market.
To get your planning application: Claim to be building for the community's benefit something that'll never actually be commercially viable; then claim the project as non-viable, then submit your true and original application for home units.
You're quids-in, the community is tricked and stuffed.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Dee (18th Jun 2019 15:38:44)


Heard through the wonderful Liphook grapevine that the soil is contaminated.

It was a garage with underground storage tanks for fuel.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Dave (18th Jun 2019 16:18:37)

You're all wrong!

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Nicky (18th Jun 2019 18:14:55)

This already has well documented support and I’m certain it will arrive eventually and be a roaring success. Dave could you enlighten us to the reason for the delay?

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- John (18th Jun 2019 20:53:18)

Helpful feedback Dave, could you enlighten us all please?

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Grant (18th Jun 2019 22:20:27)

Oh Please let us know?!
We are all waiting to hear what insight you have?
Won't be able to sleep!!!

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Jane (19th Jun 2019 14:13:33)

If you go the EHDC planning website you can view all the associated documents and it looks like there are some amendments to the plan which need further approval before they can proceed. Looks like these are not as exciting as contaminated land but are:

Location of a substation
Changes to rear access/bin store
Location of bin store
An old wall to be demolished due to unstable foundations
An amendment to the auditorium structure

It's just waiting for approval and then presumably the work will recommence.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Mandi (19th Jun 2019 20:28:54)

They have demolished something that has a preservation order on it thats what happened

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Slimetime (14th Nov 2019 05:20:00)

Any news? Their website is still saying "due to open 2019". Not wanting to sound negative but I'm not sure that is achievable.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Simon (14th Nov 2019 10:11:03)

I think the latest update on their various social media platforms a good few weeks ago were along the lines of "we've had some unexpected challenges but we'll get there".

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Liphook millennium centre (14th Nov 2019 18:10:48)

In the meantime, if anyone would like to help we are working towards having more up to date films at the LMC, anyone that would like to help please use the contact us form on our website

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- john (15th Nov 2019 09:23:30)

I have responded on other threads but in order to fund the cinema they are probably building the houses first and then they would have to sell the houses. I would not estimate any cinema there to be up and running
for at least another 18 months and that is a generous estimation!

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Ever the optimist (15th Nov 2019 13:14:57)

What a big assumption John. Where do you grab your facts from? Will you feel embarrassed when you’re proven incorrect?

The cinema is coming. As we have previously been told, there was a discrepancy with the developer, which has now been worked through. I have been informed that there was work going on today on the site.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- John (15th Nov 2019 22:47:57)

I was at the planning prsentation the lady did to the Parish Council, she did say the restaurant and houses would be built first. Even if I am incorrect have you actually entered the site to see what is going on at present? does it really matter when it gets built? they have had permission for a while and others say there is activity there so what does it matter if it is next year or the year after?

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Slimetime (5th Apr 2021 10:57:29)

I'm a relatively patience individual but even mine is wearing a tad thin.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Bob Cocker (5th Apr 2021 13:08:07)

The whole sorry saga is just a complete mess, and a completely unacceptable eyesore right in the heart of the village.
Either the owners of the site are completely delusional that some sort of premium niche cinema concept is ever going to make the numbers add up, or it's just a plot to let the site become such a horrendous eyesore that the council and residents won't object to some cheapo block of high density flats being put up on the site.
I'm thinking it's probably the latter and the whole cinema thing is just a front. I just can't see how the numbers stack up otherwise.
Totally frustrated that the site has been allowed to go to ruin.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Jackie Bond (5th Apr 2021 15:43:00)

From the owners website

January 2021 Update
Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

Well what a year 2020 was and we are pleased to see the back of it, as I am sure you are too.

Way back in March last year I shared some rather good news as everything was set to ramp up a gear. Then less than a fortnight later, we were thrown into our first lockdown.

As you are well aware, the entire cinema and hospitality industry has been shut for most of 2020 and we begin 2021 in now familiar territory. At times lockdown has made progress nigh on impossible and, being honest, there were moments where I feared we might never be able to open the doors of the Liphook cinema. I am sure so many of you will relate to this.

I have seen “actions speak louder than words” posted many times on local forums and in response to some of our social media posts. No doubt this has been driven by the unavoidable lack of work on the site. However, I would like to share with you that behind the scenes, or rather off site, there has been a great deal of work happening to enable us to carry on and open our doors to you. My team and I have dug deep and have now made great progress. A lot of the work was confidential and none of it was particularly ‘newsworthy’, which is why we have not shared more recent updates. Our focus has also been fully on survival.

Survived we have and I now wanted to personally share an update with you.

We have the full confidence of our backers who share the belief that post-pandemic, social experiences will be more valued than ever. We are already seeing this with cinemas that are currently operating overseas. We have also raised further funds to mitigate some of the additional challenges we continue to face, and later this year, we will gain legal ownership of the building that will become the cinema.

With vaccines on the horizon, we now have a road map out of the pandemic and a return to normal – and importantly, a timeframe – allowing us to plot our recovery and move forward.

We will continue to work tirelessly behind the scenes. I appreciate that everyone is exasperated after 2020 and I would like to assure you that at The Living Room Cinema, we are doing everything possible to create a home from home community space for our bright future. Therefore, I would like to ask for your understanding during this time. If the last year has taught me anything, it is that everything happens in its own time, and for a reason. I’ve had to learn to accept that some things are beyond one’s control and the value of resilience, persistence and patience.

Liphook has a wonderful community spirit and it really is my heartfelt ambition to bring a cinema to my home town. I have not given up. I could have done so a million times over but that is not something my team and I would ever do.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- M (5th Apr 2021 17:18:41)

On another post about village centre developments in March I posted this.

Strangely enough I received this email today (signed up for info via their website so in the public domain) and I'm sure in the name of public relations they will be happy for the whole village to know what's happening.

"............. For those of you who don't know us personally and have been privvy to what's going on behind the scenes, you have seen a dilapidated building in the centre of the village fall further into a state of disrepair. And most likely questioned whether the cinema was ever going to happen.
For those people who have known the truth, indeed at times you will have also asked these questions. Time for some answers now, don't you think?
This project has been ongoing for four years. We worked with the owner of the building to obtain planning consent, which was granted two years later. The cinema was to lease the space for 20 years: very few cinemas own their own building.
Circumstances changed and for reasons which I won't go into, this no longer became an option.
We are so committed to building this cinema we decided to do what anyone who has invested heart, body and soul would do to save their business. We decided to raise the money to buy the building and to complete the work ourselves. Then, just as we began our fundraising efforts... Covid hit.
A year later, and we have achieved the impossible. We have raised the money. We are in the process of finalising the plans with the builder, and construction work will start in 4-6 weeks.
Most importantly, without rent to pay we are not going to be vulnerable if we end up in lockdown once again. This cinema is here to stay.
So there you have it. No developer "ruse". It's not going to be turned into houses, or another supermarket. What you do have is an incredibly committed team who have worked tirelessly through a pandemic to keep this dream alive.
For now, pencil the end of 2021 in your diaries to don your finest and head to our opening event. We hope that we have done enough during our planning to ensure that the build goes smoothly and is not affected by Covid, Brexit, or any of the other challenges thrown at us.
So very soon I will be able to talk about exciting things again. Share our plans, our decor, our film choices and menus. Recruit a team, appoint our founder members, order the popcorn, and establish local partnerships..........."

Give a little bit more info for all who are interested.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- James (5th Apr 2021 17:21:38)

They don't even own the building yet?

It's gotta be one good cinema to be waiting for this long.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- passfield resident (5th Apr 2021 17:28:21)

Jackie. You will understand that local residents might be frustrated that your post contains no specific information at all about when progress might be made with the eyesore that people have been seeing for so long. If all goes well, when do you think the cinema might open? Will there be houses first and then a cinema years later?Is the cinema dependent on other developments being finished first? If you can't give more information you will also understand that some people might be doubtful about how the site will progress.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- passfield resident (5th Apr 2021 20:10:21)

Jackie-apologies-I mistook the account you posted for your views-my comments should have been directed to the cinema developers

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Iwik61 (6th Apr 2021 13:50:10)

Just to highlight the alleged new cinema in the bordon development has been put on hold for 5 years and the space they had allocated for this is on planning to be a drive in to be run by the operator that was at longmoor last year.The reason being they can't make it profitable with the spacing between patrons so if they can't make it work I can see how the liphook one may struggle.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Joe (6th Apr 2021 22:50:29)

The Haslemere Hall is due to re open 17th of May, they offer mostly independant films and have a bar etc. The tickets for most films are 6-8 pounds with more to pay for sattelite and live performances. The living room cinema will probably be offering the same films at the same time.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Emma (7th Apr 2021 13:21:18)

Haslemere Hall doesn’t show new release films, they are always way behind showing new films. Whereas TLRC will be showing new release box office films not low budget.

The experience of comfy sofa style arm chairs & cocktails outweighs the awful chairs at Haslemere Hall and the warm white wine.

Each to their own darling!

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Joe (7th Apr 2021 16:18:46)

Are you sure on that Emma? I was at the planning meeting and they said they would not be showing the latest box office releases but mostly British and independant films. Haslemere hall get their releases at the same time as the small cinema in Alton, and they do not only show low budget films. They had the star wars latest release.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- David (9th Apr 2021 20:26:25)

Its not going to open, lets be honest.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- XJ (9th Apr 2021 23:05:45)

Rather like most community amenities they rarely come to fruition and are merely a cover for other development to garner support. Community allotments, cricket pitches, football grounds...

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- John (10th Apr 2021 07:57:57)

So much negativity here for what might still be a great venture. There is an ‘Everyman Cinema’ in Winchester which is similar and makes for a really nice evening out and well worth paying a bit more than going to a Vue or Odeon cinema.

I am still hopeful that this project goes ahead and will be supporting it, as I do other businesses in the village.

Re: Cinema development on Anchor Garage site
- Paul (10th Apr 2021 08:15:22)

The ‘cinema’ had already stalled and the site became an eyesore before the pandemic. The developer has left Liphook with a carbuncle in the centre for several years now. It’s a disgrace.

It’s unlikely to ever be anything other than a block of apartments.

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