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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Childcare before and after nursery?
- Louise (26th Mar 2019 @ 18:21:54)

Hi there,

We were hoping to move from SW London to Liphook once we’ve sold our flat this summer (although after reading about the drugs/hooded boys/traffic we may rethink this), but I can’t see how people make childcare work when they have babies and have no family around.

We would need to get into London and Kingston for work so require childcare 7.30-6 two days a week and would want a nursery like our daughter currently attends. The two nurseries I found though are more like 8:30-4.

Does anybody know of childminders who do early mornings and drop offs at Madhatters (or other nurseries in liphook) and then pick up afterwards? I contacted one childminder who came up on google but they don’t offer this option, and I’m waiting to hear back from others.

Also, if you have any suggestions for where to avoid in terms of parts of liphook then I’m all ears! We are merely considering the move for Bohunt School, access to the A3 (I know it could be chocker in the mornings!), and be closer to family, whilst actually being able to buy a little house which we could never achieve in Richmond.

We look forward to hearing from people and see how active this site is. We’d also welcome any suggestions for ways to meet other families as obviously our NCT lot will be in London. We have been spoilt by many free and affordable baby classes here (our daughter is 20months) and meeting people has been easy especially with social media and mum’s apps. I’m not sure how far reaching that is or if it’s more of a London thing.

Thank you for your time and who knows, we may be meeting some of you this year!

Best wishes


Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Maggie (26th Mar 2019 @ 20:34:13)

Although not Liphook Godalming have child care nurseries with long hours. Major Minor 7am - 7pm. Schools good as well. Nice place to live.ww

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Elly (26th Mar 2019 @ 20:54:45)


The Royal School, just up the A3 has an amazing nursery and you can drop off at 7:30 (it costs a bit more to drop at this time as drop off is normally at 8, they close at 6.)

The staff are excellent, my advice would be to go and look round, and is has many advantages of being attached to a school.

Lots of Liphook is lovely, you will get a feel for it when you look around. It’s more affordable than Haslemere and you can easily access lots of lovely places, such as Chichester, the Witterings etc.

There are mum and baby groups, and you may find you have to go to Liss, Petersfield and Haslemere for some more offerings.

Good luck

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Marian (26th Mar 2019 @ 22:21:58)

I elieve there is a very good nursery at St. Edmunds school on the A3.

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Rm (27th Mar 2019 @ 09:41:32)

As a lifelong Liphook person I wonder if you have thought this through .You say you will be gone from Liphook 7.30 to 6.00 so this means you will only sleep here perhaps weekends to rest.This isn’t the way to move to the country with all the costs with travel and child care one of you could work in liphook or near by and be a family in Liphook and embrace rural life so much better for the children. Just a thought from someone who would not live or work in a city it’s a big move so you must really think about it.

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Louise (27th Mar 2019 @ 19:04:47)

Thank you for your responses.

We know Godalming well but unfortunately it’s out of our budget and not as close to family.

I will look into those other schools with nurseries. Thank you for the suggestions.

As for the previous post, I think you must have missed my comment that it’s “2 days a week” that I work so manageable.

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Natalie (27th Mar 2019 @ 21:08:49)

There is a Busy Bees at Woolmer Hill I think open 7.30-6.30. Easy from Liphook depending which part you are in and then can get straight on the A3 which I did for 4 years.
I grew up in Liphook, went away and came back, it’s not perfect but in general a nice place to live. Schools are great.
There are quite a few baby groups in the village but also plenty of other things within just a few sensory classes, swimming, music classes etc in the surrounding villages.
Liphook mums is a friendly, supportive Facebook group too.

Good luck!

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Louise (1st Apr 2019 @ 19:38:45)

Thanks Natalie. Appreciate your comments. I’ll look up that Facebook group now.

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Anna (13th May 2019 @ 23:24:53)


Did you move to Liphook in the end? I’m also looking to relocate my family there from SE London. Interested to know what you decided to do and how you’re finding it? I’m quite daunted by it all but have found a house we love so trying to sell ours.

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Dawn Hoskins (17th May 2019 @ 11:45:25)

Our next door neighbour does before and after school pickup/drop-offs. Not sure of the age range though.
It's number 5 Arundel Close - maybe drive up for a chat with them - they don't advertise anywhere but seem to be full from word of mouth recommendations

Re: Childcare before and after nursery?
- Fellow commuter (19th May 2019 @ 14:32:19)

Hi Louise,

We did a similar move to you last year.

We've sent our son to the Bright Horizons nursery on College Hill in Haslemere since he was 11 months old as it's extended hours (7am-6:30pm) and doesn't close for school holidays like most of the nurseries attached to the schools are. They also accept young kids.

My commute from SW London to work in Canary Wharf was 55 minutes, crammed onto the train/tube.
My commute is now 90 minutes but I can work/read on the train for 60 minutes.

Now that we're into the routine, we've found living in a such a friendly town with beautiful countryside on our doorstep is worth the logistical "hassle". Plus, we have family nearby which helps when the trains are screwed.

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