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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Liphook crime
- Anon (10th Mar 2019 @ 08:37:48)

A few years back if we said gangs of youth freely do drugs and vandalism in Liphook - it would have seem totally out of place; surely this is an inner city thing, for London to worry about.
Now the village had ACCEPTED gang vandalism, drugs and general asbo as part of the course: Do not be surprised when Liphook "achieves" its home-made violent crime (knives etc.). Continue with this idle tolerance and see where things go at our own peril.

Re: Liphook crime
- Sarah (10th Mar 2019 @ 10:57:10)

Who is idly tolerating it?

I don’t know anyone who is, but not sure what normal people are expected to do with little police presence.

Re: Liphook crime
- oldie (10th Mar 2019 @ 13:15:59)

According to the countries foremost experts in London who are promising to get ontop of their knife crime epidemic soon, (if they can just figure out how to do it without ever upsetting anyone by stopping them), we just need to build more housing estates with affordable homes (starting at a quarter of a million pounds for a 2 bedroom box) and the whole village will be happy, or at least until the Oak Park Estate Crew turn on the Lowsley Farm Possee in the remnants of the skate park.

A few more coffee shops should solve our 'something for the bored youth to do' problem. They won't race their cars up the London Road anymore or smoke weed, honest, because having a latte a three quid a pop is much more fun than squealing your tyres with your mates!

And that will free up the last remaining police officers in Hampshire to go and guard Westminster!

Re: Liphook crime
- Jay (10th Mar 2019 @ 19:46:28)

I wouldn't have said that anyone is tolerating it, but sadly when people with problems are moved into the village, they often bring those problems with them and so it spreads and continues.

I wouldn't fancy challenging someone on drugs whose actions can be totally unpredictable.

Did you have some ideas on how it should be dealt with Anon?

Re: Liphook crime
- wolfie smith (11th Mar 2019 @ 00:02:16)

the vast majority of knife crime is drug related

the deaths are a turf war for control of areas where gangs are selling drugs

it is a a case of one gang member killing an opposing gang member

a couple of years ago there was an angel faced mixed race boy who was stabbed aged 15 in clapham north. i was told by a met officer that the kid was earning 1k a week selling drugs.

so you young hipsters out there. next time you do a bit of coke have a think about what you're buying into

Re: Liphook crime
- Barbara (12th Mar 2019 @ 08:49:13)

I walk passed the green at the back millennium hall last week and a crowd of hooded teens came out as my daughter and I walked past. The cloud of weed that followed them almost knocked us both out. Some dealer is making a lot of money out of them..have they really nothing better to do?They are blatant so obviously no respect for anything/ anyone. Intimidating and rude. A scourge.

Re: Liphook crime
- Concerned resident. (12th Mar 2019 @ 09:16:42)

Yes there's a few of them, normally always the same group of young lads, who hang around Sainsburys and the bus shelter opposite hothousing the bus shelter. Very blatant, and stupid, that's frankly where an occasional foot patrol of a big village bobby type might come in handy not that they will necessarily make any arrests but it might discourage the casual breaking of the law. If it starts at hanging around the bus shelters smoking weed it can soon escalate. I know my niece got caught up with some rather unsavoury characters that led her down a bad path.
I think that village specials would be a good idea if the Police "service" can't be bothered to police our towns and villages maybe they should authorise some of us locals to act as specials in our own community and give us a bit of training to do so.

Re: Liphook crime
- Helen (12th Mar 2019 @ 09:23:23)

If they are not working who is funding this weed habit? Parents or crime?

Re: Liphook crime
- Anon (12th Mar 2019 @ 15:19:19)

For the three messages before me from this morning: I agree with all, now we are talking to the point.

Re: Liphook crime
- Jim (12th Mar 2019 @ 15:34:55)

You're all very good at recognising the problem. Repeatedly. What do you suggest as a solution?

Re: Liphook crime
- Pat (12th Mar 2019 @ 17:54:25)

Drugs being sold in Liphook are being brought in, they are being run on a "county lines" setup with a distant dealer sending some disposable and replaceable foot soldiers to supply Liphook, using some message app for order setup. I doubt liphook has any resident Mr Big.

I say this, as there are many reports of a visiting car with queues lining up at Radford Bridge. I haven’t seen it myself but for those that may have seen this the opportunity for a solution occurred then, whom ever witnessed it needs to record the time, the number plate, character descriptions and then report it to the police. What I actually think might be happening instead is just a moan fall out onto this forum, many reports of the problem, no action, and or some moan about the police not doing anything.

We live here, we have responsibility to police the place as well, and handing information over to the police is helping the police. Am not counter moaning to you but I could probably bring up dozens of comments on this forum about these subject and in the most part, one neighbour will highlight a problem only to be later shot down, examples include the location in the rec that is a constant problem and for those comments to be utterly blasted away by "Oh we where all kids once" and "there is no facilities for them"

I appreciate am just using the keyboard whilst am complaining about other limiting their input to just the keyboard as well, but I know if I see a child taking drugs I have intervened and I know if I see someone dealing/using I will call the police as I have done.

All of us need to intervene and make bad behaviour difficult to do, especially in the hotspots around the village. The more time those up to bad behaviour are challenged in the hotspots the more those spots will return to normal.

Finally, suggesting the "Police can’t be bothered" underlines most of what I have said, I don’t believe for a second the police can’t be bothered, it’s your right to get them bothered about it, and it’s your votes that have lead them to the staffing levels that make you think they can’t be bothered. The only way to beat the bad people is to have more good people against them, so call the police, challenge the bad people, vote for someone who will employ more police etc., act on something as sharing here isn’t doing much

Re: Liphook crime
- Barbara (12th Mar 2019 @ 19:13:39)

Happy to take your advice Jim. What is the solution? Am happy to be a part of it. Should concerned parents/ residents get together and talk it through?

Re: Liphook crime
- Terry (12th Mar 2019 @ 21:20:35)

Might be worth setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme just on a much larger scale???

Re: Liphook crime
- Ian (12th Mar 2019 @ 21:27:50)

There may be dealing at Radford Bridge but I would suggest the back of Sainsbury’s car park a Mr Hoodies prime location by evenings / night. They are not just sat twiddling their knobs in their poor man’s Porsches. They are on social media Apps putting out the word. Then arranging drops and awaiting trackie suit chavs on the sniff.
The area like many has a source of poorly educated low achievers lacking decent morals. So the pickings of the drug dealer maybe rich. Especially if dealers include the more upmarket towns of Bordon and Haslemere on their rounds.

Re: Liphook crime
- Tim (12th Mar 2019 @ 22:08:17)

Also very easy to catch them in the act at the skatepark, only really two ways out, what they like about the place is the lack of people being able to see them. But it’s also a bit of a trap.

I suggest a couple of parents should sneak down to the skatepark when their innocent little ones are known to be there and pop you heads around the corner of the bowling club or library and listen out for the language or sniff the air.

As soon as the warm weather starts it’s rappers paradise of foul music and language all daylight hours and your kids are at it. I suspect a surprise visit and being dragged out by the ears by shocked parents might turn the tides.

Re: Liphook crime
- Jim (13th Mar 2019 @ 13:01:47)

I don't think a vigilante style approach will have a very happy outcome. Parents of teenagers do not pose a scary threat to professional drug dealers. My own children are grown up and gone so I am somewhat out of the loop, but the last thing we want to see is any young person or child getting stabbed if Liphook really has become the drug hub that we are led to believe.

Depending on the age of the young people getting involved, the parents have a duty of care to keep them safe from harm. Talk to your children and build a relationship of trust so that they know they can come to you with issues that are too big for them to handle. If you are worried that your child is getting involved with the drug culture, go into their school and discuss your concerns. The Junior School, Bohunt, TPS, Alton, Godalming, South Downs, RGS, Churchers, Bedales and all the other colleges and schools that the young people and children of Liphook attend need to know that there is a problem in Liphook so that they can talk to their students and look out for the signs. Drug dealers will not care whether they lure private or state school students - they just want the sale. Have you all told the schools of your worries? Their staff should be taught how to be aware of the signs of drug misuse and will know how to alert external authorities to the problem.

Don't just moan about it. It will not go away on its own. I think it is naive to think the market is in Bordon and Haslemere - dealers wouldn't be coming to Liphook if it wasn't worth their while. Like it or not, it involves our children and young people as well!

Can you, hand on heart, say you know where your children are every afternoon and evening, who they are hanging out with and what they are doing? The lure of money, the feelgood factor of being part of a gang can tempt the most unlikely youngsters to make the wrong choices.

Re: Liphook crime
- GT (Liphook Resident) (16th Mar 2019 @ 12:53:56)

I agree with starting a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme as 'moaning' about bad behaviour or crime doesn't resolve the issue. It does mean that someone volunteer to be the single point of contact and take up the mantle to join the Scheme and organise residents to sign-up to participate. (Participation can just be a matter of 'keeping your eyes open') but it is well documented that by simply displaying the 'Neighbourhood Watch Scheme' sticker in your front window can be enough to deter criminals.
The police will supply PCSO's if there is a requirement so reporting crime or bad behaviour to them not only registers the problem but provides them with justification to allocate the resource. It may take a while for them to get approval for the spend but is worth it as Community Officers are brilliant at providing a uniformed presence and working closely with the community.

Re: Liphook crime
- John (16th Mar 2019 @ 13:52:56)

Does neighbour watch intervene or act proactively? My understanding of neighbourhood watch is that an organised bit of curtain movement happens and for the most part it’s just a hightened awareness of the participants property’s and those of their neighbours.

If so it going to have zero effect on the hotspots for anti social or drug behaviour, as the perpetrators will just misbehave away from the homes and gardens of the curtain movements.

Re: Liphook crime
- oldie (16th Mar 2019 @ 15:19:10)

Yes Neighbourhood Watch was a good initiative back in the 1980s, but in this day and age it's become antiquated. The idea that a drug addict looking for an easy steal or street pushers on a thousand pounds a week starting pay are going to worry that Mrs Miggins has a Neighbourhood Watch sticker in her pantry is ridiculous.

It was Mrs May (The Tories) who cut police funding and numbers, Theresa May who notoriously said that there is no direct correlation between police numbers and crime whilst emptying our villages of officers. Meanwhile the numbers of officers guarding Westminster have increased dramatically (to help prevent crime of course).

Theresa May was rebuked by the Head of the Police Federation calling her 'delusional' and stating that policing has been cut to the bone, even Cressida Dick the Met Police Commissioner contradicted her.

I work in London on the frontline meeting a lot of people, the general consensus is that criminals are now more afraid of the vigilante and pseudo police/ civilian patrol groups than they are of being caught by the police.

Take moped crime, there are motorcycle groups using social media out catching motorbike thieves (see HandMuffWarrior on YouTube, yes a ridiculous name that's the level of law enforcement in London) they are doing what the police are failing to. There are vigilante groups operating in all aspects of crime where the people believe or perceive the police are not effective through cuts or pc priorities (ie speech crime)

In many wealthy parts of London if you park up on a pricey public street within minutes a van will pull up and uniformed men will get out and start questioning you. These are not police, but they are wearing uniforms and carrying radios.

In parts of North London many within the jewish community call the Shomrim first if they are being burgled or witness a crime because they (uniformed men) will arrive quicker than the police, detain the suspects and phone the Met. The Met commissioner has thanked them for solving so much crime they otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Their only complaint, please try to make sure your uniforms don't look so much like ours!

The point is that expecting some poor well meaning Liphook dad to go and get involved with dangerous county lines drug outfits and wag his finger at them is really 1970s and best left there. It may have worked back then but I doubt it will have any positive outcome in trying to disrupt the multi million pound annual turnover of the knife wielding Haringey Blood Boys who are now running kids gangs down to the south coast. They may not be sitting in the souped up Fiestas selling the drugs, but they are WATCHING!

So if anyone is thinking of starting a local 'active neighborhood watch' they could do a lot worse than studying the semi professionalism of these existing groups, how they communicate and back each other up in todays Britain!

Re: Liphook crime
- Sam (16th Mar 2019 @ 18:51:09)

Oldie, I think your over sensationalizing it, yes there is big bad people out there but no one has been suggesting direct action and assault on suspected dealers. What is being suggested is take the number plate, take a description and call it in, and keep calling it in.... that's all

Whats also being suggested is when either a concerned resident comes on this forum complaining about the behavior of some of our own Liphook kids/teens that the rest of you dont shot them down.

Finally whats being suggested is if Liphook/teens are up to no good, we should be working together to intervene in that.

Not sure how these basic local, inter neighbor and resident to resident idea's got all special forces and Pablo Escobar

Re: Liphook crime
- oldie (16th Mar 2019 @ 20:14:12)

Sam, ha ha you made me giggle with the Pablo Escobar comment, yes I may sometimes overdo my comments, it's only a bit of banter really over a cup of tea, but there's a lot of truth in there and I stand by my words!

Re: Liphook crime
- S (26th Mar 2019 @ 14:26:03)

These kids aren't gangsters and they hang around in big groups to intimidate the vulnerable, I suggest we find the ring leader and give him a good kicking and watch it his little minions run of. The only way to deal with a bully is give them a taste of their own medicine.

Re: Liphook crime
- G (26th Mar 2019 @ 15:44:49)

Not a bully yourself then S? What a ridiculous idea

Re: Liphook crime
- S (26th Mar 2019 @ 16:29:40)

Actually no I'm not but why should people get away with scaring the older generation and thinking they are big and clever, and it's quite clear the "police" aren't going to anything.

Re: Liphook crime
- Eb (27th Mar 2019 @ 23:25:51)

Saw this on Facebook it was put up by Surrey Police. Not saying this is happening in Liphook but it certainly makes you think, sad times!

Parents and guardians – you may already be aware of this…but are your kids?

We’re seeing more and more instances of children (from as young as 10 and all walks of life) being groomed in to the drug dealing world. It may start with them being offered a £30 voucher or a bit of alcohol – anything to make them feel they owe something.

Soon, they are ‘owned’ by the dealer and are forced to run drugs or they’re threatened with extreme violence. The dealer may even arrange for a mugging of the child while they are transporting the drugs, increasing their fear and obligation to repay for the lost goods.

We need your help to #BreakTheCycle. It’s vital to educate your child about the dangers of drugs, making sure they are aware of how a dealer might try to recruit them, and where they can go for support. A terrified child who has got caught up in it is unlikely to speak up for fear of what will happen to them. Look out for changes in their behaviour that could suggest they are involved in County Lines.

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