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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Radford Park Bridge
- dcb (4th Mar 2019 @ 22:27:22)

So pleased to read that the bridge is due to be finished by mid April - Easter Weekend. Fingers crossed everyone!

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Dawn Hoskins (5th Mar 2019 @ 15:30:47)

All the pathways are looking great now, all revamped, and Nigels bench looks lovely too.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Kay (5th Mar 2019 @ 20:34:02)

I’m not sure which pathways you refer to but I don’t think they have been revamped in the slightest. There are some really awful sections of pathway down Radford. A small section next to the sleeper bridge was done very recently due to the eroding river bank but I cannot see any other recent improvements in the parks pathways. The only nice section is from the private entrance of Bramshott place leading to the carpark. It is a pity the whole of Radford wasn’t done at the same time. It would certainly make the park a lot more wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Dawn Hoskins (5th Mar 2019 @ 21:28:52)

the whole little bridge has been done, the stairs from the car park are in pristine condition, the stairs and stair rails at the back halfway round are also in pristine condition, and the groundsman work tirelessly to keep it looking so nice.
Have you been to the same park as me?

Have you got a spare few million quid you'd like to donate to the council for some sort of alternative?

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Anon2 (6th Mar 2019 @ 06:31:21)

Perhaps they should use some of the £479,204.81 they have stashed away in their coffers! If the Council workers are doing such a great job why do they need a Grounds Manager.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Nellie (6th Mar 2019 @ 09:32:30)

I use the park every day and I can only comment that the paths are eroding and exposing all the hardcore that was put down. This makes it very dangerous for people to walk around especially pathway just past the water sub station. Another observation re cleaning of all steps.... only appeared to have been done after, I for one, pointed out the state of them to the people conducting the survey in the park. I am sure the grounds men work tirelessly to keep our village tidy but it is a shame to see parts of the park not accessible to all.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Kay (6th Mar 2019 @ 10:48:18)

Yes we are talking about the same park. I do agree with you about the tidy set of steps throughout the park but you did not refer to the steps you referred to the pathways and I simply disagreed with you because I believe some parts are awful. I have been walking around the park pretty much everyday for the last 13 years. I’m not that naive, I understand it would cost lots of money to improve the pathways, it was just an expression of my thoughts that it was a pity more couldn’t be done to make it accessible to everyone.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- John (6th Mar 2019 @ 17:23:25)

They are keeping that £479,204.81 stash so they can blow it ALL on the new skatepark to provide a shelter for a few foul mouth druggies... oh and the 7 kids whom actually own a skateboard.

Wait and see, it will be spanked on something stupid just so faces can be put in the paper all handshakes and patting their own backs.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Anon4 (6th Mar 2019 @ 21:15:51)

As regards the ParishCouncil, don’t forget the £400,000. They will be getting from this years rates on top of the half million!!!

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Dizzie-wh (7th Mar 2019 @ 17:51:21)

Seen this post with interest. May I ask if you are referring to the previous "Pooh- sticks" bridge or the other one deeper in the Park???
Anyone got any more news on that replacement or not?????
Really miss that bridge - as I expect the duck race participants are.
Thanks in hope of some news?????

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- dcb (7th Mar 2019 @ 22:33:15)

It's the Pooh sticks bridge! It's been greatly missed for 3 years!

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- John 2 (8th Mar 2019 @ 09:15:14)

Great news that the bridge is being reinstated and that any work in Radford park is being undertaken to make it a place that we can all use. It is one the few green spaces we have left available in our village.

John and Anon2, as far as I am aware, there is no plan to build a new skate park but there is money available via EHDC from developers' contributions for the community to use for new projects. Why not be a bit more proactive and see what you can do to help get some new facilities for the community? The Neighbourhood Plan is continually working on things like this and I'm they'd appreciate input from people who want to improve our community.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Dizzie-wh (9th Mar 2019 @ 17:44:25)

Dear "dcb",

That is Brilliant News !!! Thank you SO much for clarifying.

Have missed it so much for the years it has been missing.

Fingers crossed for completion as planned !!

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Kate (9th Mar 2019 @ 19:38:10)

Building a Skatepark in the current location is NOT HELPING OUR COMMUNITY! The current location is WRONG

Its a hidden drug den full of problems, with the warmer weather coming its going to be full of grass smokers and loud music and bad language.

Plus a skatepark on last costings 4 years ago was about 80k, £80,000,00 for a handful of kids? I make it about £4000 a child with some sort of wheels at maximum use.

Does the football club or indeed ANY other club spend £4000 per child? let alone £100 per child..... no they dont.

Does any child become exposed to drugs at the football club or any other? they dont

Tear the current anti social behavour and drugs den down and dont waste your money on another please.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Pete (12th Mar 2019 @ 12:30:53)

The new skatepark at Bordon would suggest you are wrong about numbers using a decent facility when built and hysterical about drug use. The better the facility the more people will use it, by extension more parents will be around either picking up / dropping off or supervising the littler ones and so by extension again discouraging antisocial behaviour. As for the question does any child etc. Yes is the answer they are exposed in all walks of life and if they are brought up in the correct manner they will either decline or use sensibly with thought for others. Its not about congregation of youth, its not about drug use, its not about alcohol abuse (a perfectly legal drug) it IS about kids being raised to respect other people and behave in a decent manner.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- john (12th Mar 2019 @ 13:51:54)

Kate is not hysterical about drug use. I find that a very emotive term to use ? Drug use is a problem, and children do not neccesarily want a multi age skate park with parents there to supervise the little ones, older ones would not use it.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Pete (12th Mar 2019 @ 16:48:12)

John. I will concede that my language was emotive and possibly overly so but I do think think drug use is used as a blame for everything nowadays. What I was trying to say is antisocial behaviour is not inextricably linked with drug use. There are plenty of louts that dont take illegal drugs and plenty of otherwise law abiding people that do. As far as the skatepark is concerned have a look at the new Bordon one and you will find that on a nice day it is absolutely full of kids of all ages using it quite happily together.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Adrian (12th Mar 2019 @ 17:17:09)

The Liphook Skate Park sounds just fine. Gives
the darling little dears a safe place to play by day while containing the local inbred youth in one place by night. This makes Plod’s job easier and helps drug dealers find their customers.

Re: Radford Park Bridge
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (18th Mar 2019 @ 18:17:21)

For goodness sake if we have this money from developers lets use it for Liphook, we have to put up with the extra traffic etc, we should have some benefits rather than it going to other parts of Hampshire. I think skatepark is an excellent idea and the one at Bordon is a good example.

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