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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Easing traffic in village centre
- Richard Hartland (28th Jan 2019 @ 21:42:57)

Much of the congestion in the village is caused by traffic coming from the Passfield direction trying to access the A3. There is a simple answer to this , a north bound entrance and a south bound exit for the A3 at the Headley road bridge. This should be a lot less expensive and much more efficient than some of the schemes already suggested.

With all the building going on in Bordon there will be an ever increasing amount of traffic coming from this direction.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Richard (29th Jan 2019 @ 07:14:32)

(From another Richard)

Sounds a good idea, and likely cheaper thna the £27m for the relieve road in Whitehill/Bordon!

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- liz (29th Jan 2019 @ 11:43:53)

Surely the Bordon traffic will join the A3 at the existing Longmoor junction. Even cheaper!

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Jimmy (29th Jan 2019 @ 19:24:15)

The reason there is no slip road at this point is that there was not enough traffic coming from bordon at the time so to cut costs it was never put in

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Adrian (30th Jan 2019 @ 08:10:38)

I agree that we need some ideas to ease congestion in the square but your idea has several problems.
Firstly I don't believe that anyone in Bordon would come through liphook to join the A3 as other posters have said they would join at longmoor. Also there is a housing estate right next to the bridge.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- K (30th Jan 2019 @ 10:17:51)

Just to say the Atkins report suggests that the peak time traffic congestion is primarily local residents travelling from one side of the village to the other (mainly for the infants and junior school, hence why there's no congestion when the schools are off and the congestion is mainly around school drop off and pick up times).
A multi million pound junction with the A3 will have no real benefit. Some form of East-West relief road may help but that appears some way off and unlikely to appear.
For the size of our village I think we did very well getting two junctions off the A3 in the first place, and I don't believe there was ever a plan for one on the Headley Road.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Me (30th Jan 2019 @ 11:28:59)

I would definitely travel to Liphook from Whitehill to join the A3 northbound, just saying....

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Greg (30th Jan 2019 @ 12:27:38)

There is a much simpler and cost effective way of proving your assumption, just make the turnings in Passfield and Standford , those joining the B3004 no right turns.

If your observation is correct then the traffic will cease to exist, everyone complains about these junctions and how dangerous they are. I am aware this would be really inconvenient for local residents in these two areas.

I also can’t see a reason why anyone from Bordon would travel through the village to get to the A3, from my observations , they come along Headley road and go down Tower Road avoiding the centre.

Just my 2Cts ..


Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- helen (30th Jan 2019 @ 12:48:32)

If the schools staggered their drop off times traffic problems would be be
better. If I travel through the square at school holiday time there is no problem, why not try the simplest solution to ease traffic?

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Stevie Mac (30th Jan 2019 @ 13:47:48)

As mentioned by K, "the Atkins report suggests that the peak time traffic congestion is primarily local residents travelling from one side of the village to the other (mainly for the infants and junior school, hence why there's no congestion when the schools are off and the congestion is mainly around school drop off and pick up times)."

There are too many local parents who decide to drive their children to school rather than walk. IMO any parent living within a 1.5 mile radius of the infants and junior school should walk. I accept that there may be exceptions to this for people living towards Passfield as this stretch of road does include non paved areas.

For parents coming from this direction is park-and-ride a solution?

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- J (30th Jan 2019 @ 14:03:57)

If they're coming from the Passfield direction then surely they won't need to go through the Square anyway and shouldn't add to the roundabout congestion?

When our little one is old enough for school, we're certainly planning on walking (from the station end of Liphook) rather than battle the traffic!

Re: Easing traffic in village centrep
- Sarah (1st Feb 2019 @ 08:31:53)

It seams that the town centre is at its worst at school drop off & pick up & mainly from the sheer numbers of school children walking & using the crossings. Perhaps a bridge or tunnel would help alleviate that. It’s the cars that have to keep stopping to let them cross that causes the tailbacks.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Lincoln Filene (1st Feb 2019 @ 09:28:37)

I agree with Sarah - let's tunnel under the roads of Liphook to ease congestion next to the Anchor. On second thoughts, we could, of course, use the teleport

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- K (1st Feb 2019 @ 09:52:21)

Surely we want to promote our children walking to school, not hinder their progress and make it less convenient by restricting their ability to cross the road.
A tunnel or bridge in the Square isn't a feasible option (I took the suggestion as tongue in cheek) but we should actually make it easier, safer and more convenient for all to walk to the schools.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- RMC (1st Feb 2019 @ 09:56:57)

.....or a lollipop person to regulate the school kids on the crossing, groups rather than one at a time.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Peter (1st Feb 2019 @ 12:05:18)

I have often wondered why, when we have now solved the Hindhead problem, is Haslemere traffic still signposted through Liphook from the A3. I appreciate it would not change the routes that locals take but it may make a small difference and small differences can add up to a grater whole.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- R (1st Feb 2019 @ 12:33:28)

The traffic though the square will get worse and worse as Bordon houses come on line .The traffic coming in on the Headley Road has increased enormously since the houses have been started. Bramshott lanes are being destroyed by traffic cutting through to access the A3 .The Avenue is like a main road again to access the A3 and the schools .The only thing to sort this is for the powers to be to take their heads out of the sand and but in ring roads . The suggested ring roads by HCC 4&5 Headley Road to Longmoor Road and Longmoor Road to Portsmouth Road . Then an enormous amount of traffic would not have to come any were near the square.But ha ho no one wants to look 20 years ahead

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- A (1st Feb 2019 @ 12:56:54)

R - Interesting comments and I do agree with some of your suggestions. However, the point about looking 20 years into the future is a very interesting one indeed. I have read theories that suggest that we will no longer own private vehicles in this sort of timeframe but will summon an autonomous, electric vehicle, possibly using an app, that will arrive within minutes and take us on the journey we require to make. The autonomous nature of these vehicles would mean less congestion (fewer accidents, less idiotic driving!) and so the need for these extra roads might go away. Even if we still own our own vehicles, they are likely to be autonomous regardless and congestion should be massively reduced.

Look at how fast battery and robotic technology is evolving. It really would not be a surprise that the need for additional roads now goes away in the next generation. Who knows?

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- R (3rd Feb 2019 @ 14:34:43)

A Yes you may be right but we will still need roads for these cars going on. But i doubt this will happen in 20 years. Because 11000 houses by 2030 EHDC say we have to have - time is running out.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Russ Ellis (3rd Feb 2019 @ 15:27:34)

Peter. Yes you are spot on .I have been working on this for four years. With the help of our MP Damian Hinds and our County Councillor Flossie Mitchell.

We have been given the run around by English Highways and HCC highways. Surrey County Council are OK with a change. It turns out after a great many emails from Damian Hinds secretary and two videos of both routes from me showing it is much quicker to go Hindhead way and safer as it is an A Road from Hindhead to Haslemere. It was Hampshire Highways responsibility’ They were supposed to have included it in there last traffic survey in 2017 . But as that has been buried very deep some where because it was so daming Liphook was at capacity in the square in the survey before the last one .

So it would be good if as many people as possible send Emails to HCC Highways and Flossie Mitchell to press the point

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Rölli (4th Feb 2019 @ 10:13:02)

R - can you clarify please - 11000 new houses in Liphook by 2030 or in the whole of the EHDC area?

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- R (4th Feb 2019 @ 15:29:14)

Rolls In the Liphook Herald couple of weeks ago.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Rölli (4th Feb 2019 @ 16:04:25)

R - didn't get the Herald a few weeks ago so help me please...Whole of EHDC or just Liphook for 11000 new houses?

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- J (4th Feb 2019 @ 16:06:10)

Do many people bother looking at road signs to work out how to get to places these days if they're unfamiliar with the area? Surely they just bung their destination into the satnav and let it decide on their route? So whether Haslemere is signed through Liphook or not I should think is largely irrelevant nowadays!

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Jen (4th Feb 2019 @ 16:14:38)

Changing the zebra crossing in The Square to a pelican crossing would go some way to easing the congestion during the school arrival and departure times.

As it is, children tend to meander along in twos and threes, or on their own, and cross as soon as they reach the crossing. That results in an almost constant trickle of children crossing.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Rölli (4th Feb 2019 @ 17:03:24)

Jen - spot on - simple, cheap and effective solution one would suspect. Certainly worth a go before any of the more extreme (expensive) ideas

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Keith Birch (4th Feb 2019 @ 19:28:17)

Battery technology and autonomous vehicles are minor adjustments in future travel. The key is location of houses, key destination schools, train stations, shops and the time constraints like start and end of school.
With more houses building away from public transport (like Bordon) then road traffic is bound to increase through the village.
What is often forgotten is the A3 past through the centre of the village, which is no longer causing slow moving traffic, and then the schools had smaller populations.

The situation is of our own making, and no plans to address the increase, so we get frustrated people.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Julian (4th Feb 2019 @ 19:58:20)

Not one mention of cycle routes to ease congestion.

My children would love to cycle to school but the B3004 is just to dangerous, or rather the drivers on it are!

It seems that cycle routes have been overlooked, even in the "eco town" and linking up surrounding areas.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- oldie (4th Feb 2019 @ 22:23:08)

Agree with Julian, it's not just the B3004 which is very dangerous for children/ parents to cycle on but who on earth could let their children cycle up the Avenue or Tower Road, Longmoor Road, Haslemere Road, Midhurst Road etc etc in rush hour?

I think with a bit of design and money safe cycle routes could be incorporated into many of those roads (ie Haslemere and Longmoor) to link the schools up with the village and existing (very few) cycle paths in Liphook such as Fletchers Fields, the Firs, Victoria way.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- R (6th Feb 2019 @ 21:50:28)

Rolli I cannot remember all of it but it was head lines .May I suggest you contact EHDC and get it from the horses mouth then you could let us all know.All the suggestions on this thread are all valid but it doesn’t alter the fact that we ar going to have an enormous increase in traffic over the next few years whith all the houses in Liphook and the surrounding areas .Bordon .Milland .Liss ect ect and Liphook being the centre for access to the A3 .Six roads converging on the square it does not bear thinking about .I think we should all go along to the NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN meeting on the 15 and 16 of FEBRUARY I think a lot of your ideas are already on it but you need to back them up when this plan is implemented the EHDC have to take.notice of it because it what the community wanted.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Alan (11th Feb 2019 @ 16:16:11)

I don't reckon that there is a simple answer to solving traffic flow through the village as it's a significant cross roads and at critical times of the day it will always be busy. But the hassle in the village when Bohunt turns out at 3.30 could be helped.

From about 3.35 pm there is a queue of vehicles at the pedestrian crossing by the Royal Anchor where there is almost a continuous flow of pupils. At best, one or two cars get to pass before the next human stream and that's why everything backs up.

It's good that there is somewhere safe to cross. It's good that pupils use this crossing. It's also good that motorists stop, as they should. If someone was there to manage the flow of people in blocks (as with the controlled lights outside the school) then it's highly likely that traffic flow would improve.

The trouble is that someone would have to pay for that for half an hour each day in the afternoon.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Rölli (11th Feb 2019 @ 16:58:18)

R - it turns out the 11000 is for the whole of EHDC area!

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Russ ellis (15th Feb 2019 @ 11:13:37)

Please all of you attend the neighbourhood plan meetings today and tomorrow and put forward all of your thoughts about traffic through the square it is very important to get the views of as many people as possible.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- liz (15th Feb 2019 @ 14:50:21)

What time is the exhibition open tomorrow by the way?

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Elizabeth (16th Feb 2019 @ 15:29:13)

Seems like a lollipop person would be the cheapest and quickest solution for the time being allowing blocks of students across at a time and then a few cars across etc.

It's been mentioned higher up but seems like an easy solution for now.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Russ Ellis (16th Feb 2019 @ 17:08:53)

You are probably right Elizabeth but why should Liphook always have second best.We have five crossings and only two are not controlled they sold us short when they put the one in the square and the very dangerous one in Headley Road for two schools in the Avenue.Why where these not controlled as well if it had been Petersfield or Alton or Bordon it would have been done properly Liphook is always at the bottom of the pile.No relief roads around our square although they gave us five options years ago.Some times I think EHDC and HCC have no idea where Liphook is .

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- Vics (17th Feb 2019 @ 06:49:45)

I can't imagine the potential increase in commuters from Bordon and the new builds in Liphook will help. The two nearest train stations being Liphook or Liss and associated parking issues will only exacerbate the issue.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- John (17th Feb 2019 @ 11:49:22)

No one wants to pay for a new relief road. The traffic issues can be sorted out fairly cheaply with the help of the schools.

More roads = more houses to pay for the roads

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- older oldie (17th Feb 2019 @ 13:25:54)

Jonh Get our head out the sand we have to fill our quota of houses come what may which is going up every year.HCC identified the Bohunt and northcote land for a link toad .Thel land owners agreed but the wanted houses to pay for it normal practice .So our quota of houses could give Liphook something we desperately need as for your comment about sorting the traffic whith the schools cloud cookoo land.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- oldie (17th Feb 2019 @ 15:16:01)

Don't forget that when the ancient Bohunt Manor land was owned by Sir and Lady Holman they recreated the beautiful gardens, lake and watermeadows and when Lady Holman died she donated the manor to the WWF Fund hoping they would hold in posterity as a wildlife sanctuary for Liphook.

Sadly the WWF went on to sell the land to developers and it seems Lady Holman hadn't anticipated that or she might have added a clause to her will!

I'm not sure that a link road from Longmoor Road to Portsmouth Road will solve many of the square's problems, although it would help, but at the cost no doubt of yet another high density housing estate blighting the centre of the village, only this one will be right in your face!

Anyway it's a moot point if the National Park won't allow development, shame because it's now in limbo. neither a wildlife sanctuary, nor a housing estate/ link road, just a potential asset in someone's business plan (are they in Lichtenstein I heard?) nothing much being done with this lovely piece of land.

Re: Easing traffic in village centre
- john (17th Feb 2019 @ 15:40:05)

Think you are mistaken,HCC have never "wanted that land for a relief road" They do not want to pay for a road. They have not said our traffic is awful, they have said the cheapest place for a relief road would be between Haslemere Road and London Road near the library.

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