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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Jan (10th Jan 2019 @ 14:41:49)

Anyone got an update on when the Lloyds Bank building will be restored? Noticed some stress/movement monitors mounted across the large crack in two places. Yes, it's a Listed Building, but would have thought something should be happening by now. Sad to see it...

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Adrian (12th Jan 2019 @ 14:41:25)

I was told mid December that all planning permissions were sorted and money had been allocated just waiting to get the builders, I was told January.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Jan (12th Jan 2019 @ 22:36:48)

Thanks. Good to know.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Jay (14th Jan 2019 @ 13:26:52)

Does anyone know the cost of the damage repairs?

It would be satisfying to know that when/if they catch the people responsible that they are ordered to repay the costs personally.

Hopefully saves the insurers recouping losses from everyone else in the "GU30 7" area.


Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Helen (4th Feb 2019 @ 14:45:06)

Now into February. Still nothing seems to be happening. Beginning to wonder if it will ever be done.
Ideas any one?

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Mary W (7th Feb 2019 @ 18:54:24)

Do you remember how long it took to repair those flats at the top of Station Road when that woman drove into the window? It took months.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Jon Doe (11th Feb 2019 @ 12:54:34)

Can I have a bit of a rant?

Liphook village centre is sustained by a handful of heroic small business like Findlays flowers and the bike shop, who are taking on the multiples like Sainsburys, and the on-line giants like Amazon.

Lloyds bank is a key piece in this fragile jigsaw. And the cashpoint machine was always a vital part of the service offered by the bank. And yet still we wait for the cashpoint to be recommissioned after the robbery, which happened many, many months ago.

I gather from here that the delay sits with EHDC? EHDC - the planning authority - who actually exist to help support small business, and to sustain vital, vibrant local communities.

Surely, there must be an officer in EHDC who can cut through the usual local government inertia and say 'I know this is a listed building, but this needs sorting'. Surely someone can do this?

I will probably find work started this morning. Bloody keyboard warriors! :)

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Penny (11th Feb 2019 @ 13:53:55)

Dear Mr Doe

If you think the delay "sits with EHDC" it might be a good idea to contact one your excellent District Councillors - Cllr Angela Glass, Cllr Bill Mouland or Cllr Rebecca Standish. They will certainly help and advise you. Their contact numbers should be on B&LPC and EHDC's web sites.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Adrian (11th Feb 2019 @ 16:46:21)

Why not use a debit card in the shops. Safer than carrying around cash.
If you do need cash then maybe ask for cash back in the supermarket. People need to think ahead and plan what they will do if/ when the last bank closes. The future if not already here is electronic payments by card, smart phone or watch. Banks know this so likely expect more closures and fewer cashpoint machines in future as demand for them falls.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- D (11th Feb 2019 @ 17:31:33)

Lloyds Bank, or rather their agent Donani Design of Bury St Edmunds, were given listed building planning permission, under EHDC planning application reference 26620/024, on 3rd September 2018 to repair the damage after the robbery.
Unfortunately the only people dragging their heels are Lloyds Bank, or rather their Facilities Management Company.

I'd suggest if anyone has concerns they contact Lloyds Bank.

Note: It really is easy to find out this sort of information online, never understand why people are so lazy and just rant on here, rather than find out themselves and speak to the people who can make a difference!

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- JBS (11th Feb 2019 @ 19:02:30)

In December, I enquired at the bank branch about this. I was told that the work should start in March 2019. Their main problem had been with English Heritage!

About two weeks ago there were two men in high visibility jackets, carrying clipboards, clambering up a ladder and over the scaffolding. So, hopefully something might happen soon!

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- helen (11th Feb 2019 @ 22:48:55)

I always use the co op cash point and have never encountered a problem. The Sainsbury' cash point is always out of order.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- (12th Feb 2019 @ 08:28:56)


I think you will find it’s always out of order because it’s run out money. Most people use it as it’s the most convenient one in the centre of the village.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Penny (12th Feb 2019 @ 13:34:43)

I couldn’t agree more D. Some people are only too quick to lay the blame at someone’s door without as you say simply finding out the correct information. It might be laziness or they just want to “bad mouth” somebody, in this case EHDC and/or local government as Mr Doe has done.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- John Doe (12th Feb 2019 @ 22:25:17)


I'm a lazy ranter who bad mouths people....?

Looking back at my post...yeah, I think I stand by what I wrote. I mean - if you can't write posts like this on a community forum, what can you write. :)

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- liz (13th Feb 2019 @ 09:29:44)

John Doe

Very good point. Particularly as it seems that those who spend time getting the "correct answers" don't know either. Some say the fault lies with Lloyds Bank - Lloyds Bank says its English Heritage!

However it seems that works start in March - now we all know thanks to the community forum without individually having to chase it up!

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Penny (13th Feb 2019 @ 13:59:47)

Liz, Why do you think Jon Doe made a good point? He made an inaccurate statement in his post when he said “I gather from here that the delay sits with EHDC? EHDC - the planning authority” I am not quite sure what “here” means because if it means Liphook Talkback I couldn’t see any reference to EHDC being the cause of the delay. In fact Adrian in his post on 12 January said “all planning permissions sorted”. Jon Doe hadn’t done his homework unlike D who posted “Lloyds Bank, or rather their agent Donani Design of Bury St Edmunds, were given listed building planning permission, under EHDC planning application reference 26620/024, on 3rd September 2018 to repair the damage after the robbery. Unfortunately the only people dragging their heels are Lloyds Bank, or rather their Facilities Management Company.” Jon Doe can stand all he likes by what he said but it was inaccurate information and he was quite wrongly blaming EHDC.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- liz (14th Feb 2019 @ 10:04:52)


I was supporting Jon Doe's right to express a view (even if some think it incorrect) on a community forum without being attacked for being lazy etc. Particularly as his view seems to be genuinely in support of local businesses.

Jon may be incorrect but those who seem to see themselves as not lazy seem to have provided different reasons for the delay - so not very convincing!

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- D (14th Feb 2019 @ 11:14:17)

I called "Jon Doe" lazy and stick by my assumption.
It took me about 3 minutes to come up with the information I posted which contradicts "Jon Doe's" post and was factual.
I didn't put down his support of local business's or his reasoning for posting, just the laziness of not checking facts first and just "ranting" about EHDCs supposed incompetence, which turned out to be untrue.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- liz (14th Feb 2019 @ 11:55:46)


You say the delays are due to Lloyds and say that it is factual. However another poster says Lloyds attribute delays to English Heritage -so we are not much the wiser. Mo matter, so long as it is opening soon, that is the main thing.

Re: LLoyds Bank Liphook
- Gr (14th Feb 2019 @ 16:07:40)

Bank staff say week after next work starts

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